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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

income Tax Revenue would need to increase by 144 percent to cover the overspending

In 2010, the federal government collected about $2.2 trillion in total tax revenue. Income taxes accounted for $900 billion of collections, or about 40 percent of all tax receipts. The federal government spent around $3.5 trillion, with the resulting deficit of $1.3 trillion made possible by borrowing....If Congress, rather than borrowing or cutting spending, raised income taxes by the $1.3 trillion necessary to pay for 2010 deficit spending, it would need to more than double income tax collections. In fact, income tax revenue would need to increase by 144 percent to cover the overspending.....For a family of four earning $50,000 that takes the standard deduction, its current tax bill of $766 would increase by almost $4,000. A similar family of four that earned $75,000 a year would see its tax liability of $4,500 increase by over $9,000 a year. If the same family earned $100,000, it would pay more than $15,600 above the $8,800 it actually paid in 2010....The top rate in this scenario would be 85 percent. A top rate at that level would grind economic activity to a halt. Businesses would stop investing and creating new jobs because the tax-diminished returns would not be worth the risk. Many workers would cut back the hours they spend on the job. The end result would be a poorer nation with a bleaker future....

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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Brief Commentary - Jamie Radtke will win Virginia

Some say it’s a David and Goliath type battle as Jamie Radtke takes on George Allen for the Senate Republican nomination (and probably Kaine in the election) and that is why Mrs. Radtke has a better chance of winning than most pundits think because we all like underdogs and are fed up with Goliaths. With a solid aim at the giants that will be in this race (two ex-governor’s on both sides of the aisle,) Radtke can pull off the upset and move Virginia politics to a genuine conservative side and change the landscape for potential new “would-be” candidates for future races with a victory by staying on message and mobilizing her Tea Party base. With solid Tea party “street cred” behind her, Mrs. Radtke will be able to both attack the Democrats and the old guard Republican machine in Virginia, at the same time, tapping into the national discontent, as well as, those within the GOP party that are tired of the same retread candidates that the established GOP seems unable or unwilling to let go. When most people say that we should throw all the bums out in D.C. and fill Congress with newbies, few actually mean we should send people to Capitol Hill that have no political experience. What we need in D.C. rather, are smart, common sense people with fresh and convicted ideas that will move the country forward in the image that they hold dear and fight with conviction and backbone to make those ideals policy. Jaime Radtke is no novice to politics having worked for the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, American Management Systems consulting to the Virginia Department of Taxation, VCAP and her own campaign consulting company Sovereign Consulting but she is a new public voice in the muddy waters of RINOS versus conservatives versus liberal versus socialist etc. Having heard Jaime speak several times and briefly talking with her on others, one thing is very clear, Jamie is a person of conviction who is speaking from her briefs and not from what is politically expedient at the time to get elected. In a nutshell, Jaime is uniquely placed as a political insiders and outsider simultaneously and if played right can be swept into office as a new fresh candidate without needing to “ramp up” to be effective as a freshman Senator; which is a good thing in what will be an arduous 2012 Senator session. Jaime gained traction when she became the President of Richmond Tea Party and Chairwoman of the Federation of Virginia Tea Party Patriots. The core principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, and virtue and accountability has rung true to many Americans and Virginians and was the driving force of the Tea Party movement during the runaway spending and historic deficits over the last several years and Mrs. Radtke has been at the forefront of that movement for several years now at the grassroots level where campaigns are won and also on the national scene.
If Jaime Radtke sticks to her pledges to: Oppose raising the federal debt ceiling, ending the massive federal deficits, reforming entitlement and more fair tax structure her platform will resonate with Virginians across the board and she will have a shot to come out of this year’s elections as Virginia’s newest Senator. The key for her victory is to use her platform as a way to help all Virginians experience a better, more secure future through solid conservative ideals and following through with campaign promises and stump speech assurances (something retread candidates and career politicians never seem to do.) Mrs. Radtke cannot get mixed up in the status quo of incremental change seen as radical but radical policies that will be seen as revolutionary. It’s a simple formula but one that must be adhered too, Jaime Radtke needs to bee who she is and let the voters know that she’s not like other candidates, she’s a new, smart, common sense person with fresh and convicted ideas that will move the country forward to a more secure and prosperous future than we are experiencing now….this is a quick commentary, more to come.

Bakeer for Matoaca Supervisor

Al-Mateen, 52, is a pediatrician and neonatologist. He currently works at Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, but that will end next month. He also owns Swift Creek Pediatrics on the St. Francis Medical Center campus. In 2000 he moved from Brandermill to Woodlake....

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Radtke calls for Allen to state budget position

‘A one-word answer will suffice’...U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke is calling on her opponent in the Republican primary George Allen to make his position clear on the current compromise budget position

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Mitt Romney forms presidential exploratory committee

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Chesterfield County Republican Committee · 12107 Gordon School Road · Richmond, VA 23236 ·
For Immediate Release: Media Contact: Jerry L. Baldwin
Saturday, April 2, 2011 (804) 640-7838
CHESTERFIELD, VA—The Chesterfield County Republican Committee’s (CCRC) announced
today that they are joining the debate over the Senate Democrats’ Redistricting Plan, also
referred to as “The Howell Plan”. The CCRC’s Executive Committee believes that the proposed
bill, sponsored by Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax), redraws Virginia’s legislative and
congressional boundaries in a method that severely diminishes the ability of Chesterfield’s
Senators to represent the interests and needs of the County in the Virginia State Senate.
As currently proposed, the Howell Plan severely reduces the Chesterfield portion of the 11th
Senatorial District, while spreading the District across seven localities in rural Southside
Virginia. Likewise, the 10th District will now reach into rural areas far north and west of
Chesterfield. A third district – the 8th District – is being established with portions of Chesterfield,
Richmond and Henrico County, while also removing citizens from their current Senate Districts.
Finally, the urban-based 16th District would grow into to more areas of Chesterfield.
On April 2, 2011, the CCRC’s Executive Committee adopted a resolution requesting the Senate
of Virginia to reconsider the “Howell Plan” and realign the Senate Districts in Chesterfield to
primarily serve the interests of the 316,000 citizens of the County.
“It does not serve our citizens, our families and our business owners to be placed in ruraldominated
Districts with communities that have so little in common with Chesterfield,” noted
Chairman Donald C. Williams. He continued, “Our 316,00 citizens deserve to be represented by
Senators who are primarily dedicated to Chesterfield’s interests.”
Additionally, in the event that the Senate does not redistrict Chesterfield in a manner that will
best represent the citizens of the county, the Executive Committee requested that Governor
McDonnell exercise his Gubernatorial authority and Veto any bill that includes the currently
proposed Senate District realignment.
Chesterfield County Republican Committee
12107 Gordon School Road
Richmond, VA 23236
Donald Williams, Chairman

Monday, February 7, 2011

Does Virginia have the staff to ensure that uranium is mined safely in the state?

From The Times Dispatch:

Does Virginia have the staff to ensure that uranium is mined safely in the state?....The question arose today during a downtown Richmond meeting of a panel studying the safety of the mining of uranium, a radioactive material that fuels nuclear power plants....State officials requested the study because a company called Virginia Uranium Inc. wants to mine uranium in Pittsylvania County in south-central Virginia....Robert Burnley, a former director of the state Department of Environmental Quality, said Virginia doesn't have the staff or money to properly oversee the mining...."Our concern is that the regulation of this won't be as strong as it should be because of budgetary restraints," Burnley said outside the meeting room....Burnley is working as a consultant for the Southern Environmental Law Center, an environmental group. ...To properly oversee the mining, the state would probably have to spend millions on staff, training and equipment, Burnley said....The uranium mine would be subject to state and federal regulations....Speaking to the study panel, current DEQ Director David Paylor said, "No agency head worth his salt would tell you he has enough people... But I can tell you we do our job, and we set priorities."

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Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers"

Obama: Corporate Profits "Have To Be Shared By American Workers"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rep. Cantor on 'Special Report'

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