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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Being a Conservative in a Post Conservative World – part I

As we social and financial conservatives begin to wake from our stupor, move on from the re-election of the most liberal President in American history, from Thanksgiving and the madness of black Friday and head towards Christmas we need to pause from our optimism and a future out where we fit in increasingly unconservative country and political apparatus.

As conservative, most of us tend to live on the optimistic side of life that lends us to believe in people as their ability to be self-reliant with the ability to rise to the occasion to do what is right for their country. Capitalism, small central government and taxes, faith in God and country, sound economic policies are all central tenants of conservatism and are optimistic ideals at their heart because we feel that we needn’t rely on the government or theirs for our prosperity but we can accomplish our “pursuit of happiness” and American dream with the help of the creator and the support of our family and hard work. That is why this past election has hit the conservative movement so hard but it can cause conservatives to become cynical. Tired and ready to throw in the towel on their core beliefs…and this is where the true defeat would take place because the balance will have truly shifted if conservative abandon their fight to show that these ideas, conservative ideas, are what is needed to correct the ship of American exceptionalism that has made us the world power and the beacon of freedom to those people oppressed and victimized by tyranny.

With 4 million evangelical Christians ( along with undocumented conservatives) staying home from the polls because their candidate of choice was not picked in the Republican primary we move dangerously close to a socialist/communist government that has never, in the history of those philosophies from Stalin to Castro promoted God, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, So, those that did not vote in protest or “lack of enthusiasm” have indirectly helped strengthen the very government the profess to oppose...except it and own it with no getting out of free card or “don’t blame me I didn’t vote for him mantras since by not voting for the opposition of the current regime you did vote for the winner.

Those of you that did vote and c=voted for the Republican candidate are not off the hook either since we need to figure out why those around us did not vote the way we did and did we all do what we could to influence, persuade and cajole those voters that were on the fence are did we just hang with our conservative homies and bask in the glow that we all thought Obama was going to loose this time because know one in their right mind would vote for him again….word to the wise, they did and we lost. The conservative movement and the Republican party needs to start actually reaching out to ALL Americans because it is documented that we as a country live our lives more closely to the ideals of conservatism than we do liberalism, progressives or socialism, all races, creeds and colors. Why are we not able to reach out to all the people of this country and explain to them that they need to vote as they live? It's a lack of effort and the feeling that we are above explaining ourselves in a practical and sensible way so all of the American people understand how the liberal movement and Democratic part has changed, what conservatism actually is and why they need to vote as things are now and not as they once were in this country. Finally, we as conservatives needs a positive campaign of what we are FOR and why and leave the negative “NO” campaigns to the other guys since we are the movement of optimism and believe in the American citizen we need to start showing this all the time not just during elections. Conservatives need to band together and promote the American we all live and the one that with sustain itself as the home of the brave and land of the free for many years to come.

Next Part II - What do we need to do next – create viable candidates.