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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Contemporary Conservative Editorial: What Tuesday Taught Us - We, the Constituents Matter in this Country and not the Politicians?

With a day to look back on Tuesday’s election, what does a net gain in the House of 60 seats and a net gain of 6 seats in the Senate (four short of the sweep I unsuccessfully predicted) tell us about the message the American voter/Constituent was sending Washington? We’re suffering due to the economy and you are not doing enough to help us? This wasn’t the change we voted for in 2008? This is a referendum on the last two years of the Obama administration and the last four years of a Democrat controlled Congress?
The American electorate tired of being ignored by the emerging “ruling class” in D.C. who has a recent history and predisposition to look down on all of the electorate, regardless of the viewpoint, and think they know best for us all, like a nanny to another child who think to know better than the parents on how to raise their child. We have also learned that spending your way out of a deficit is both foolish, ineffective and can lead to lasting effects on those that create jobs for those suffering. Finally, that the apathy of American more concerned with their daily struggles, will revolt and be spurned to action if they : 1.) Feel ignored, 2). Are waking up the fact that we need a government that has sound conservative fiscal policies that help guide them to be great stewards of our tax dollars and 3.) That the government trying to control the U.S. economy never works as well as getting out of the way and letting the market course correct itself for the betterment of us all.
All those things listed above (and many more) played a part in this historic mid-term election but the biggest contributor to this shift is that people were tired of being (or feeling) ignored by those they had put into office and that those elected officials enacted policies that the voters neither wanted nor thought a priority. When President Obama, said during his campaign that he would create a more transparent government, put bills on the internet for everyone to read and voice their opinion on (to their representative before a vote) and bring a change to Washington of inclusion for the disenfranchised, the populace believed him and voted accordingly. These voters ignored the more radical parts of his agenda, forgot that the House and Senate was also controlled by his party and basically thought him above partisan politics which he had no history of ever doing in the past. When it became apparent that his administration would not or could not fulfill on those promises and that the legislature that Congress was enacting, and the Obama administration was endorsing, was not what the majority of the Americans wanted and that they were going to do it anyway a shift finally happened that was the beginning of the avalanche that culminated in Tuesday monumental House of Representatives shift in power.
The mistake that was made that will haunt this administration up and through the 2012; when given a mandate by the voters make sure you 1.) Understand what that mandate is and 2.) Stick to it and don’t wonder of the path, 3.) Make sure you have pulse checks to make sure those disenfranchised voters that supported you are not becoming disenfranchised with you and 4.) Do not propose laws and bills that back it appear that YOU, personally, know better than the American population, since we’re a fiery bunch in this country and we take our freedoms as birthrights no matter what our word-view.
What’s ahead? Once again the American people voted for change and the change will be a move to the center for the President, a gridlocked Senate, a powerful House as a potential foible to the President and people sticking to what they said they’d do once put in office?
Everyone that won on Tuesday, Democrat or Republican, should have one thing on their minds as they fly into Dulles or Reagan Airports or drive into the District across the bridge for their first session in the next Congress and that is that the American public only gave the Obama’s change two years before they had have enough so this new Congress will have 8months at the most to show the American people that they are listening to them, doing something substantial about it and are working for their constituent’s interest and not their own. Because in the end, as Tuesday’s election proves, it is the constituents that matter in this country and not the politician since they represent us and we can vote them out at anytime we please.