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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makes You Want to Move to Alabama and NOW! - Dale Peterson for Ag Commish: Quite possibly the best political ad ever

At Least my Congressman Is Trying to Do Something!

From my Rep. Congressman Randy Forbes, " An effort by Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) to prevent the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the United States was blocked by Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee during a markup of the annual defense policy bill....Forbes’ amendment would prohibit the use of funds to transfer individuals detained at Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay to any federal department or agency, or any military facility in the United States."

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oink Oink Oink and the Financial Overhaul Bill

From McClatchy:

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., wants the government to finish building the 700-mile fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., wants to end the health insurance industry's antitrust protection. West Virginia's two senators want help with mine and oil rig safety....They all want to add these things to the financial regulatory overhaul bill that's moving through the Senate, even though their ideas have little or nothing to do with oversight of financial markets.

Read Here:Senators load financial overhaul with irrelevancies | McClatchy

I'll Give the House Credit, They Sure Have Their Priorities Straight

From Politico:

While most of Washington was focused on Tuesday's election results, the House was busy doing something else: Passing a resolution about beer...House Resolution 1297, sponsored by Rep. Betsy Markey, supports "the goals and ideals of American Craft Beer Week."..."We've got quite a number of microbreweries and entrepreneurs that are creating jobs, and we wanted to celebrate that this is a craft," Markey told POLITICO.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Exemption Class: Why Woody Allen Would Say Something so Stupid

To quote Woody Allen, "It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Why would this normally sane actor (insert tongue in cheek) say such an idiotic thing about a country that is the last great bastion of democracy?Simple, he is under the impression that he obviously would be exempted from any oppressive rules, laws or loss of freedoms usually associated with the various dictators that litter human history…..he feels he is part of the “exemption class” (also see past posts about the new “ruling class” since they are quite similar.)
The problem with the “exemption class” is that due to their wealth, power or celebrity, they feel that no one would have the audacity to apply the trappings of a dictatorship to them personally. Since the “exemption class” have such a distain for the general populous they tend to feel they know what is best for the commoners (to borrow euphemism)and tend to view the general population as a “them” that have been put on the planet to worship the “exemption class” as some demigods hanging on every word, on any topic whether it actually makes sense or not. They come up with all sorts of ignorant rantings (please see about quote) like we should be happy to pay more taxes, Che Guevara was a “nice” Marxist or socialism is a great way to run a country because everyone is the same and happy. All these theories and believes stem from the fact that those spewing them are not afraid that they will have to live by them.
A person that makes 5 million to appear in a movie has no concept of the money they have received after a certain point when they have bought all the toys of wealth over and over again; it just becomes a number with a lot of zeros. They have no connection to the meaning OF money itself since they have to do nothing to get the things it buys (assistants do that for them) or have the risk of the basic needs not being met… you see this in the films all the time where a mechanic lives in a stylish loft on the Upper East Side of Manhattan….they have no idea what real Americans make, what they can afford and why this country is the best hope for us all to turn our life around and live the American dream no matter our current situation and that no other form of government offers that. That bucks the here are few stories of a person living in a dictatorship or Communist country bucking the odds and rising out of poverty to build a company, become a Senator (or President) , Doctor or Missionary….in these countries a select few dictate who becomes these things.

Similarly to Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, the “Exemption Class”, think believe that the government should take care of those less fortunate and that they should have no personal investment in helping others so they would rather pay more taxes on an amount of money they have no concept of then to actually just stretch out a personal hand to help……which leads be to the most controversial statement a conservative could ever utter…….Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism work better than Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism……..for those that don’t have to live under the rules of Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism. For the rest of us, Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism is the best way to break the chains of the chaste system to forge a life and pursuit of happiness....more on this later since this can be applied to people from Woody Allen to the rich guy down the street since egos dictate we all THINK we'll be exempted when the "you-know-what" hits the fan...but enough from me, the read more of Woody Allen's great insight to the awesomeness that would be a Obama Dictatorship, Woo Hoo...

More of Woody’s musings here:

The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too….The one-time-father-now-husband-of-his-daughter tells the Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia that the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief could accomplish a whole lot more from his White House if he didn't have so many disorderly, annoying people objecting, distracting and criticizing him all the time….Such social messiness has been known to occur in functioning democracies, even cinematic ones, although less often on celebrity-strewn movie sets under the direction of a dictatorial director…."It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly," Allen is quoted as saying....Allen is also said to have said: I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him

Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rubio Gets It!

From the AP:

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio told an anti-gay marriage group Saturday the country is relying too much on the government, in part because of a breakdown of family and faith values over the last 50 years...."You know what the fastest growing religion in America is? Statism. The growing reliance on government," Rubio said. "Every time a problem emerges, increasingly the reaction in American society is 'Well what can government do about it?'" America became the greatest country because of its strong society where people did not sit back and wait for government to act, he said. "They did it themselves," Rubio said....Rubio, a lock for the GOP nomination now that Gov. Charlie Crist has decided to run as an independent, spent the day reinforcing conservative values, capped with a speech before the group that led the effort to put a gay marriage ban in the state constitution.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

May 13, 2010

Contact: Stacey Johnson
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Stacey.Johnson@Governor.Virginia.Gov

For First Time in Two Years, Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

Governor McDonnell Announces April General Fund Revenue Collections Increase by .4%; March Collections Increased by 3%

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that Virginia has posted back to back months of revenue growth, marking the first time in two years the Commonwealth has achieved this result. The last time Virginia had back to back increases in monthly revenue collection was March-April 2008. April 2010 revenue collections outpaced April 2009 by .4%. March 2010 revenue collections outpaced March 2009 by 3%. Corporate income tax posted a strong gain in April, +38.7%, and collections of sales and use taxes saw the highest monthly growth, +7.3%, since May 2008, excluding the one-time surge in sales tax collections in December 2009 that resulted from Virginia’s tax amnesty program.

Speaking about the April revenue numbers, Governor McDonnell remarked, “Although the increase in total revenue is modest, two consecutive months of growth represents a significant improvement in the trend for general fund revenue collections. Today’s news can be seen as a small indicator that some positive developments are taking place in our overall economy. However, we have a long way to go before we emerge from one of the deepest and most persistent economic downturns in our history. Unemployment is far too high, and Virginians are struggling to make ends meet, provide for their families and manage their businesses. We will continue to focus on putting in place pro-growth policies that encourage job creation and help get Virginia’s economy firmly back on track.”

The April revenue numbers are available at this link:

Hold Fire, Earn a Medal

From the Navy Times:

U.S. troops in Afghanistan could soon be awarded a medal for not doing something, a precedent-setting award that would be given for “courageous restraint” for holding fire to save civilian lives....The proposal is now circulating in the Kabul headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force, a command spokesman confirmed Tuesday....“The idea is consistent with our approach,” explained Air Force Lt. Col. Tadd Sholtis. “Our young men and women display remarkable courage every day, including situations where they refrain from using lethal force, even at risk to themselves, in order to prevent possible harm to civilians. In some situations our forces face in Afghanistan, that restraint is an act of discipline and courage not much different than those seen in combat actions.”

FroRead More here:Hold+fire%2C+earn+a+medal

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David Horowitz had a chilling exchange with a member of the MSA » ‘For It’: Muslim Student in San Diego Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust

CNBC’s Rick Santelli Rips Key Democrat For Ignoring Fannie/Freddie Reform

From House Republican Leader John Boehner's Leader Alert: Democrats still don’t get it, and they refuse to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government mortgage companies that sparked the meltdown by giving high-risk loans to people who couldn’t afford it. Standing up for American taxpayers, CNBC’s on-air editor, Rick Santelli teed off on Rep. Paul Kanjorski’s (D-PA) claim that Democrats’ couldn’t reform Fannie & Freddie in their financial regulation bill because it was “too complicated,” asking: “It’s too complicated? You think taxpayers that go to work to pay the money you are subsidizing, it will end up a half a trillion, do you think they think complicated is an excuse?”
Read more Here: CNBC’s Rick Santelli Rips Key Democrat For Ignoring Fannie/Freddie Reform | Republican Leader John Boehner

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mosque to Be Built Near Ground Zero

CBO: Health overhaul law potentially costs $115B more

From the AP and the CBO:

Congressional budget referees say President Barack Obama's new health care law could potentially add another $115 billion over 10 years to government health care spending....If Congress approves all the additional spending, that would push the 10-year cost of the overhaul above $1 trillion—an unofficial limit the Obama administration set early on....The Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday the added spending includes $10 billion to $20 billion in administrative costs to federal agencies carrying out the law, as well as $34 billion for community health centers and $39 billion for American Indian health care

Read Here:Health overhaul law potentially costs $115B more

Who is Tim Bridgewater? Bad news for Romney. - The Hill's Pundits Blog

From The Hill:

Say what you like about Mexicans in Arizona, legal or not, but they are hard working there and everyplace else they go. And if they didn’t go there the work wouldn’t get done. In 1994 I wrote a long article about the migrant workers in the tobacco fields of Yadkin County, North Carolina, where a few dozen Mexicans were cutting tobacco. I asked their Catholic padre how many of them were illegal. “All of them,” he said. I brought it up to the governor and the wealthiest Democrat in the state — both of whom had cut tobacco when they were kids — and they were shocked. Shocked! But not the farmers. They’d been exclusively using Mexican labor for almost 20 years....They are to the Southwest and the West what the Irish were to New York and Boston 150 years ago. They do the work. They in the near generations will inherit the culture, just as the Irish did Boston. And so will the Mormons. The ride of this most astonishing American life force from Vermont to Utah is not yet over. In fact, it is just advancing. Both these people awaken together as the West awakens.

Read Here:Who is Tim Bridgewater? Bad news for Romney. - The Hill's Pundits Blog

Democrats poised to move measures with high price tags -

From The Hill:

Congress faces a crush of votes on big-ticket items before the Memorial Day recess, setting up a debate on deficits less than six months before the November elections....Democratic leaders are looking in the next three weeks to send President Barack Obama a slew of measures that cost more than $200 billion, including a multiyear extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of expiring tax provisions and Medicare doctor payments totaling $180 billion and a $33 billion Afghanistan war supplemental bill

Read Here: Democrats poised to move measures with high price tags -

Monday, May 10, 2010

Exclusive: Roxann Robinson Wins GOP Canvass for GA 27th District Special Election

The official results of the GOP Canvass, held today,for the General Assembly 27th District shows Roxann Robinson as the clear winner....

Roxann Robinson - 1008
Sherman Litton - 219
Brian Sullivan - 210
Jason King - 105

Sunday, May 9, 2010

GOP 27th District Republican Party Canvass to be held on Monday, May 10, 2010 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The 27th District Republican Party Canvass shall be held on Monday, May 10, 2010 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The purpose of the Canvass shall be to nominate a Republican candidate for the June 15, 2010 Special Election.

The Party Canvass will be conducted in three voting locations as follow:

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Bird, Beulah, Meadowbrook, Falling Creek, Chippenham, Southside, Five Forks and Gates shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:Meadowbrook High School - 4901 Cogbill Road Richmond, VA 23234

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Providence, LaPrade, Jacobs, St. Lukes, Crenshaw and Genito shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass: Manchester Middle School - 7401 Hull Street Road Richmond, VA 23235

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: South Manchester, Spring Run, Deer Run, Birkdale and Cosby shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:Swift Creek Baptist Church - 7511 North Spring Run Road Midlothian, VA 23112

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Dangerous Precedent: Senators Lieberman and Brown Introduce Bill to Strip Citizenship from Terrorists

Although this may seem like a great idea and a "no brainer" this bill creates a dangerous precedent for one specific reason: Who defines a terrorist and what constitutes a terrorist act, the government? This is not always as simple as the Time Square bombing case makes it appear and what will the impact be if this bill is expanded to a more “loose” definition to include a “sedition” terrorist or “hate” crime terrorist as definitions of those terms come under attack. Do we want ideology of the party in charge determining citizenship to American, a country formed on the protest and the right to individual liberties? How long before this law is applied to those who speak out, march in the street or write critiques of those in power…..sedition is already a crime (sedition: term of law which refers to overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority as tending toward insurrection against the established order) and has been used by several sources recently to describe the Tea Party Movement, Conservative commentators, Talk radio etc. (and trust me can be used against the liberals when the powers that be change to the opposing view) and can easily be rolled into this bill as terrorists acts that undermine the social and governmental rule of the day….. Just remember for every bit of freedom, the group in charge demands to apply their policies, laws and programs, the opposing party will demand their pound of flesh when they come to power…and this will just leave the citizens powerless with no freedoms of there own. We don't strip citizenship in American from those we despise, disagree with or who are traitors to our country...we in America capture them, deal with them, punish them and prove that terrorism cannot defeat the ideal of democracy and free society.

Read Here:

Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Scott Brown, R-Mass., will introduce a bill to strip Americans of their citizenship if they become involved with foreign terrorist groups…While the legislation would not apply to Faisal Shahzad, who is now under arrest for attempting to detonate a bomb in New York City’s Times Square, Lieberman said the bill was prompted by Shahzad and other Americans who have joined forces with groups that want to harm the United States….“It illustrates again the problem that has been recurring with American citizens becoming part of terrorist organizations,” Lieberman said, adding that the bill would make it easier to question terrorism suspects because they would no longer have the same rights as an American and would not be entitled to remain silent and hire a lawyer…An identical bipartisan House bill is forthcoming and will be introduced by Reps. Jason Altmire, a Democrat, and Charles Dent, a Republican, both of Pennsylvania….Brown said the bill was not partisan or political but rather a measure needed to keep American safe as groups like Al Qaeda work to recruit U.S. citizens to carry out terrorist acts on U.S. soil…Shahzad, for instance, said he trained in a Pakistan terror camp…“As they change the way we do business, we need to adjust the way that we respond,” Brown said.

Read Here More:

Why isn't this Disaster Worth the Coverage?

The Nashville flood disaster is clearly one of the most costly and devastating disasters in recent U.S. history but is barely getting a fraction of the media coverage of Katrina, the failed Times Square bombing or the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast....why?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Wildcard Newcomer to Shake Things Up – Jason King Throws His Hat into the Ring for the Vacant 27th District GA seat

It looks like a crowded field on the GOP side of things (to fill the 27th legislative district seat, in the Virginia House of Delegates, recently vacated by Sam Nixon, as he became the new head of VITA) in the upcoming special election just became even more crowded by one candidate today with addition of Jason King. Although, the TCC will not be endorsing any candidates (taking my time since I actually live in the 66th legislative district for the Virginia House of Delegates) officially until all candidates come to light and are vetted, we will give a synopsis of all their qualifications and thoughts on each as they emerge...and maybe some advice on how they can win……and then endorse.

Jason King has just come on the scene and thrown in his hat to be the next delegate in the 27th district. Jason has been serving with the State Department CIVPOL mission, serving and providing High Risk Environment casualty care for American Law Enforcement Officers spending a total of 4 years in Iraq, working mostly in Baghdad, but also Mosule, Sulaymaniyah, and Tallil, returning home in December of 2009. Jason looks to be running an issue driven campaign (mostly with national issues and not state specific legislative issues although we all know these tend to overlap) and his beliefs, as stated in his Facebook page, seem to be straight down the TCC playbook so to speak: A 2nd Amendment advocate, Pro-life, Fiscal responsibility, tort reform and Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion.

As I did with Sherman Litton, Roxann Robinson and Brian Sullivan here are three things RJaosn has going for him and then one (or two) things he will need to overcome to win this election.
1. Jason’s participation in the Tea party and “patriot” groups in Chesterfield and Richmond will go along way in showing that he is running for office for the right reasons and to represent the people of his district not to pad his ego. This street "cred" should get people excited about this new candidate.
2. As with Roxann, Jason also has the unique ability to triangulate above the other candidates and stay out of the political fray, so to speak, as a fresh faced “newbie” outside of the “business-as-usual” politics that so many distrust now days. Again, I would suggest that Jason, Roxann and Brian lobby for a debate with all candidates so they will be able to distinguish themselves from the front runner, Sherman Litton. By distinguishing themselves as individuals and not a group of “other” candidates, these three can show their unique qualities and why they should win the Canvass on May 10th.
3. Jason is on the right side of the issues (no pun intended…well maybe a little pun) for the country but will need to move the general “big” conservative stances to apply more to local and state problems and legislation to gain ground on the candidates that have been more involved in state politics. The 2nd Amendment, freedom of religion and Pro-life stances are very important but are more “global” issues. Jason needs to start talking about bringing more jobs to Virginia and Chesterfield, Transportation, balancing the state budget and the like to get the voters to elect him to the General Assembly...Once he’s there and runs for Congress or the U.S. Senate then the global issues will come into play more for that campaign than this one...all politics are local as the saying goes.
In Jason’s case the “outsider” view of the candidate is really a great advantage and could go a long way to helping him win the Canvass, which will be his greatest test, in this shortened time frame of a “special” election. Jason needs to work hard to get his name in front of voters prior to the Republican Canvass and special election and should look to established groups (CCRC, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce etc.) as well as the many Tea-Party and patriot groups to get voters to turn out and vote his way. As I’ve stated earlier Roxann’s, Brian’s and Jason’s biggest hurdle will be the Republican Canvass more than the election due the Sherman Litton’s long standing in the community, in a political context.

If Jason can use his platform to get existing voters excited to support a new new candidate as well as new voters to turn out and support him, his late start in this shortened special election timeframe will be negated and Jason has a shot at winning,.
I’ll echo all my posts regarding this special election...if Jason King is the caliber of candidates that the GOP will continue to field (with more to come) as Governor McDonnell begins to raid our County’s talent pool for his administration then the CDC and Independent candidates are going to have a tough time even fielding a candidate let along winning the special election because Jason is a genuine and quality candidate for the 27th district.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Message from Roxann Robinson to the Voters of the 27th District

Dear Neighbor,

As you may know, Delegate Sam Nixon has accepted an appointment to become the Chief Information Officer in Governor McDonnell's administration and is leaving the General Assembly. Sam has served as a reliable conservative voice and leader in the Virginia legislature. I am thankful to Delegate Nixon for his many years of service to our community and wish him the best of luck in his new position in Governor McDonnell's administration.

After Delegate Nixon's resignation, I spoke with many leaders in our community about my pursuing his vacant seat. I was humbled by the overwhelming support encouraging me to run. After much consideration and counsel from my family and friends, I have decided to seek the Republican nomination for the House of Delegates.

I am a self-employed optometrist. Chesterfield has been home to me for 25 years. I have seen our community flourish during those years and have enjoyed the exceptional quality of life we experience in Chesterfield County. I understand the challenges we are currently facing and I will work diligently to preserve our quality of life.

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing businesses - making payroll every two weeks and sticking to a budget, especially in these difficult economic times. I also understand how government red tape, regulations, and taxes are obstacles to business creation and expansion. I believe that creating new jobs and re-invigorating our workforce must be a top priority for the General Assembly.

Like you, I have grown frustrated with the out-of-control spending and mounting deficit in Washington. I was disappointed in the politicians who ignored our voices and passed healthcare reform. I am tired of feeling that our conservative voices are falling on deaf ears.

We need honest and decent people to stand up and work to change our government at every level for the better. We cannot stand by idly any longer and allow politicians to advance their own self-interests at our expense. It was for these reasons that I decided to run for the vacated seat in the 27th House District and be your voice and representative.

I pledge to support balanced budgets through reduced spending, fight for lower taxes, defend the Second Amendment, protect innocent life, and ensure our personal freedoms. I understand we do not face budget deficits because taxes are too low. We face budget deficits because government spending is too high.

As an optometrist, I take great joy in helping my patients improve their vision; however, I have seen firsthand the problems with our healthcare system. The endless bureaucratic red tape only gets in the way of a patient and his or her doctor. These problems will only grow worse because of the President's healthcare reform. To improve our healthcare system, we need free market reforms, not more government regulations. Decisions on healthcare should be between a patient and doctor - not the patient and a government bureaucrat. I will support Governor McDonnell and Attorney General Cuccinelli's efforts to fight national healthcare legislation.

If you share my vision for Chesterfield County, our Commonwealth and our Nation, I ask for your vote in the Republican Party Canvass on May 10, 2010. Please visit my website at to find details on where to vote.

Thank you for your time. I hope I can count on your support on May 10th.


Roxann L. Robinson, O.D., P.C.

Sherman Litton has a Video Message for Voters in the 27th Ditrict

Monday, May 3, 2010

Violence at Immagration Rallies

They said a large group of immigrants' rights supporters followed them to the BART station on Market Street and started punching and kicking them, and calling them names. ..."They said we were racists, and we were against them, and against their town, and against San Francisco," said Parker Wilson with the Bay Area National Anarchists. "What they were saying, they said we need to get out and called us racists, and that we need to go home. And then they just attacked my friends and me." ....Those arrested will likely be charged with felony assault and robbery. In the meantime, the rest of the rally got vocal but not physical. Emotions divided the street in front of city hall at Civic Plaza. There were those who support Arizona's immigration law and those who do not.

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Read Here:

Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill

Of all the sneaky tactics practiced in Washington D.C., this recent action
by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) is one of the most insidious: While no one
was looking, he injected amendment language into the Wall Street Reform and
Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) that would expand the powers of the
FTC (not the FDA, but the FTC) to terrorize nutritional supplement companies by
greatly expanding the power of the FTC to make its own laws that target dietary
supplement companies.This is a little-known secret about the FTC and the
nutritional supplements business: The FTC routinely targets nutritional
supplement companies that are merely telling the truth about their products.
Some companies are threatened by merely linking to published scientific studies
about their products.

Read Here: Health freedom alert: Congressman Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin amendment into Wall Street reform bill

Your Info SOLD to the Highest Bidder - Facebook to Share Your Info for Money

Facebook is now sharing your personal profile information with third parties. For now, it's just a few web sites, like the music site Pandora, and the consumer review site, Yelp....Facebook is automatically sharing that information, without your consent. If you don't want to share, you have to opt out....University of Minnesota law professor and privacy expert Bill McGevern says it's an important line in the sand. And for Facebook, with 600 million users, the stakes are high....“Facebook is trying over and over to get this shared so Facebook becomes the center of the web,” said McGevern....Facebook want to make money by selling user information....Last week, Facebook announced new features designed to unlock more of the data accumulated about its users during its six-year history. The senators said the recent changes by Facebook fundamentally alter the relationship between users and the social networking site. Before the change, users had control over what information they wished to share publicly and what information they wanted to keep private.

Read More Here: