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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sanitation workers selfishly slowed down the cleanup -


Selfish Sanitation Department bosses from the snow-slammed outer boroughs ordered their drivers to snarl the blizzard cleanup to protest budget cuts -- a disastrous move that turned streets into a minefield for emergency-services vehicles, The Post has learned.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in Review: Top 12 Political Surprises of 2010

From Politics Daily:

Massachusetts miracle: Republican state Sen. Scott Brown wins the U.S. Senate seat held for 47 years by liberal lion Ted Kennedy. State Attorney General Martha Coakley, Brown's lackluster Democratic opponent, is not the only victim of the year's first "shellacking." President Barack Obama and his party are stunned by the loss of their 60-vote super majority, and their ambitious health care agenda is thrown into doubt. Democrats eventually summon the will and parliamentary tactics to pass their health bill anyway, and Brown, his eye on a 2012 race in a liberal state, forges a path as a Senate moderate....Tectonic plate shift: In a preview of the tea party movement's clout and what's in store for the GOP establishment, Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, a three-term incumbent Republican, places third at a state party nominating convention. It is an abrupt and shocking end to his career. The first- and second-place finishers go on to a primary that is won by a tea party-driven candidate, Mike Lee. Bennett later describes conservative votes he took "looking down the barrel of the convention," and says his work on the Troubled Asset Relief Program was instrumental to his defeat.....Above and beyond foot-in-mouth: Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, calls Afghanistan a war of Obama's "choosing" and says there's no way to win a land war there. Republicans are astonished not just by Steele's factual inaccuracy (George W. Bush started the war in 2001 after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks), but also by the way he casually undercuts his party's core position in support of the war. Coming after a series of other gaffes and missteps, it prompts (yet another round of) calls for his resignation. Steele does not heed them, but will likely lose his job in a party election in January....Tea party capstone: Christine O'Donnell defeats nine-term Rep. Mike Castle in Delaware's Republican Senate primary, capping a string of improbable tea party victories from Florida to Alaska. GOP voters overlook O'Donnell's history of financial problems, odd statements and lost elections in their zeal to oust the moderate Castle.
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Biggest conservative names bidding goodbye to CPAC

From World Net Daily:

Two of the nation's premier moral issues organizations, the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, are refusing to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference in February because a homosexual activist group, GOProud, has been invited..."We've been very involved in CPAC for over a decade and have managed a couple of popular sessions. However, we will no longer be involved with CPAC because of the organization's financial mismanagement and movement away from conservative principles," said Tom McClusky, senior vice president for FRC Action...."CWA has decided not to participate in part because of GOProud," CWA President Penny Nance told WND....FRC and CWA join the American Principles Project, American Values, Capital Research Center, the Center for Military Readiness, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage in withdrawing from CPAC. In November, APP organized a boycott of CPAC over the participation of GOProud.
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Just 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet, Most Fear Regulation Would Promote Political Agenda


American voters believe free market competition will protect Internet users more than government regulation and fear that regulation will be used to push a political agenda. ...The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 21% of Likely U.S. Voters want the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the Internet as it does radio and television. Fifty-four percent (54%) are opposed to such regulation, and 25% are not sure.

Top Chinese blogger shuts down country's first pvt magazine

From the Economic Times:

China's first private magazine, which was launched by famous blogger Han Han in a bid to break monopoly of the tightly-controlled official media, has shut down apparently after its printing was blocked by authorities...."Han Han magazine dies", read the front page headline of the state-run 'Global Times' daily....It said that the magazine named 'Party' was shut after it was bogged down by a host of procedural problems, leading it to seek clearance for each of its page by officials. ...."The magazine bore an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) instead of an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), meaning it was regarded as technically being a book, and therefore needed to undergo government inspection before every new issue was published," the report said....China's General Administration of Press and Publication did not respond to a Global Times inquiry on the issue

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Contemporary Conservative Editorial: What Tuesday Taught Us - We, the Constituents Matter in this Country and not the Politicians?

With a day to look back on Tuesday’s election, what does a net gain in the House of 60 seats and a net gain of 6 seats in the Senate (four short of the sweep I unsuccessfully predicted) tell us about the message the American voter/Constituent was sending Washington? We’re suffering due to the economy and you are not doing enough to help us? This wasn’t the change we voted for in 2008? This is a referendum on the last two years of the Obama administration and the last four years of a Democrat controlled Congress?
The American electorate tired of being ignored by the emerging “ruling class” in D.C. who has a recent history and predisposition to look down on all of the electorate, regardless of the viewpoint, and think they know best for us all, like a nanny to another child who think to know better than the parents on how to raise their child. We have also learned that spending your way out of a deficit is both foolish, ineffective and can lead to lasting effects on those that create jobs for those suffering. Finally, that the apathy of American more concerned with their daily struggles, will revolt and be spurned to action if they : 1.) Feel ignored, 2). Are waking up the fact that we need a government that has sound conservative fiscal policies that help guide them to be great stewards of our tax dollars and 3.) That the government trying to control the U.S. economy never works as well as getting out of the way and letting the market course correct itself for the betterment of us all.
All those things listed above (and many more) played a part in this historic mid-term election but the biggest contributor to this shift is that people were tired of being (or feeling) ignored by those they had put into office and that those elected officials enacted policies that the voters neither wanted nor thought a priority. When President Obama, said during his campaign that he would create a more transparent government, put bills on the internet for everyone to read and voice their opinion on (to their representative before a vote) and bring a change to Washington of inclusion for the disenfranchised, the populace believed him and voted accordingly. These voters ignored the more radical parts of his agenda, forgot that the House and Senate was also controlled by his party and basically thought him above partisan politics which he had no history of ever doing in the past. When it became apparent that his administration would not or could not fulfill on those promises and that the legislature that Congress was enacting, and the Obama administration was endorsing, was not what the majority of the Americans wanted and that they were going to do it anyway a shift finally happened that was the beginning of the avalanche that culminated in Tuesday monumental House of Representatives shift in power.
The mistake that was made that will haunt this administration up and through the 2012; when given a mandate by the voters make sure you 1.) Understand what that mandate is and 2.) Stick to it and don’t wonder of the path, 3.) Make sure you have pulse checks to make sure those disenfranchised voters that supported you are not becoming disenfranchised with you and 4.) Do not propose laws and bills that back it appear that YOU, personally, know better than the American population, since we’re a fiery bunch in this country and we take our freedoms as birthrights no matter what our word-view.
What’s ahead? Once again the American people voted for change and the change will be a move to the center for the President, a gridlocked Senate, a powerful House as a potential foible to the President and people sticking to what they said they’d do once put in office?
Everyone that won on Tuesday, Democrat or Republican, should have one thing on their minds as they fly into Dulles or Reagan Airports or drive into the District across the bridge for their first session in the next Congress and that is that the American public only gave the Obama’s change two years before they had have enough so this new Congress will have 8months at the most to show the American people that they are listening to them, doing something substantial about it and are working for their constituent’s interest and not their own. Because in the end, as Tuesday’s election proves, it is the constituents that matter in this country and not the politician since they represent us and we can vote them out at anytime we please.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

From WaPo: Five myths about Sarah Palin

Not a huge Palin fan, but this is a great article:

1. Palin cost McCain the 2008 election.

She didn't. CNN's 2008 national exit poll, for example, asked voters whether Palin was a factor when they stepped into the voting booth. Those who said yes broke for McCain 56 percent to 43 percent.

Before Palin's selection, remember, McCain suffered from an enthusiasm gap. Republicans were reluctant to vote for the senator from Arizona because of his reputation as a maverick who'd countered his party on taxes, immigration, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and "cap and trade" climate legislation. But Palin's conservative record in Alaska and antiabortion advocacy changed the Republican mood. With her by his side, McCain's fundraising and support from conservatives improved. It wasn't enough to beat Barack Obama -- but McCain probably would have lost the presidency by a greater margin if he had, say, selected independent Sen. Joe Lieberman as his running mate, further alienating the GOP base.

Yes, it's possible that Palin's conservatism and uneven performance on the campaign trail shifted some voters to Obama's column. But even if Obama picked up some anti-Palin votes, he surely didn't need them: The economy was in recession, Wall Street was in meltdown, and the incumbent Republican president was incredibly unpopular. In the end, it's impossible to know how McCain would have performed if he hadn't selected Palin -- politics does not allow for control experiments.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Facebook: Criticizing gays no longer allowed, but hoping for Limbaugh’s slow death OK | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

As most of you know I'm not really a big fan of talk radio in general(both right and left for the record) since, like pop psychology radio and T.V. shows, it tends to simplify issue down to one-liners and sound bites for the purpose of expediency instead of tackling the issue with the detail and thought it requires..... but hypocrisy is hypocrisy. If there is a thing called hate speech (or hate crimes) then hateful speech (as in a crime defined by the PC police, not as in mean)of all kinds should be included not just those we agree (or disagree) with…

At the end of last week Facebook announced that it had allied with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to remove what it considers anti-gay references from the social networking site....language is created equal, apparently. Among Facebook’s many online communities are groups such as, “I Hate Rush Limbaugh,” “I Can’t Wait For Rush Limbaugh to Die,” and “Rush Limbaugh Should Die Slowly.” Hateful? Yes. Threatening? Sure. So why are these groups still on Facebook?...Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes did his best to explain why language criticizing homosexuality is hateful and will be censored, while calls for Rush Limbaugh’s slow death are legitimate and allowed. “Direct statements of hate against particular communities violate our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and are removed when reported to us,” Noyes wrote. “However, groups that express an opinion on a state, institution, or set of beliefs — even if that opinion is outrageous or offensive to some — do not by themselves violate our policies. When a group created to express an opinion devolves into hate speech, we will remove the hateful comments and may even remove the group itself.”

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rival blasts Barney Frank’s swanky free jet ride

Not a good decision on Frank's part..especially given the public's view of politicians in general as well as the economy...

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, immersed in one of the toughest political fights of his career, took a free private jet to the Virgin Islands courtesy of a Maine congresswoman’s billionaire fiance — whose received a $200 million federal bailout, the Herald has learned.Frank, who’s facing feisty Republican challenger Sean Bielat, flew to the tropical paradise for a vacation in 2009 on a $25 million jet owned by Paloma Partners honcho S. Donald Sussman, the fiance of U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine). Paloma Securities — a subsidiary of Sussman’s Greenwich, Conn.-based hedge fund — received $200 million in 2009 as part of the $180 billion federal bailout of troubled insurance giant AIG, records show

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Campaign Ads

Campaign Ads that make me smile...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Obama and Pelosi try to find silver lining on jobs numbers as GOP attacks | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

“The trendline in private sector job growth is moving in the right direction,” Obama said during a visit to a manufacturing plant in Bladensburg, Maryland....“That’s the sad news that they really think they’re doing a good job, when there is not one person at the White House who has ever been on a private sector payroll, much less operated a lemonade stand,” Chao said on Fox News....The jobs report released Friday showed that 159,000 government jobs were lost, with 77,000 of those being temporary Census workers.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations

Perceptions about the state of black-white relations in America have fallen dramatically since the summer of 2009. But voters are still more optimistic about that relationship than they are about relations between whites and Hispanics and between blacks and Hispanics
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Donald! Bad Duck, very Baaaaad Duck

While visiting Epcot Center in Florida, a Pennsylvania woman alleges that a Disney employee dressed as Donald Duck grabbed her breast and molested her after she sought an autograph.....After the alleged groping, Donald Duck made gestures--apparently with his snowy white hands—“indicating he had done something wrong,” according to a lawsuit filed last month by April Magolon. The Upper Darby woman, 27, was visiting Epcot with her children and fiancĂ© in May 2008 when the incident reportedly occurred.

Read Here:

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September

Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, increased to 10.1% in September -- up sharply from 9.3% in August and 8.9% in July. Much of this increase came during the second half of the month -- the unemployment rate was 9.4% in mid-September -- and therefore is unlikely to be picked up in the government's unemployment report on Friday.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CRAAAAAZY!!! Shockdeo Video: 'I would be the first to want to put a pillow over [a baby's] face

Virginia Ironside the columnist and celebrated agony aunt of The Independent newspaper has caused outrage this morning by saying that she, like all "good mothers", would put a pillow over the head of her baby if it was suffering from a disability and would have a poor quality of life.

I'm not a Witch.....LOL!

Gotta love an Ad that starts, "I'm not a witch..." Christine O'Donnell comes across very well in this ad a a "regular" person trying to serve her community...nicely done

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Endorsement Time at The Contemporary Conservative - Part II

...And we're BACK! with Districts 6-11….Since we're just one month (and a couple days) way from November 2nd, Election Day, it is time for The Contemporary Conservative to let everyone know 1.) who we endorse in this crucial election and also who we think will win (since we endorse them we KNOW that they will win.) Here is the list of endorsements for the races in Virginia:

District 06
Bob Goodlatte - Bob Goodlatte came to the United States House of Representatives in 1993, bringing with him valuable knowledge and working experience of one of the largest and most diverse Congressional Districts in Virginia… While in Congress, his leadership abilities earned him a seat on the House Judiciary Committee, where he currently serves as the Vice Ranking Member. He also serves on the Courts and Competition Policy Subcommittee and the Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security Subcommittee. Bob's work on the Judiciary Committee aids many of his legislative priorities including ending the Immigration Visa Lottery, cracking down on spammers, curbing illegal Internet gambling, stemming the abuse of frivolous class action lawsuits, and reducing wasteful government spending by requiring a federal Balanced Budget Amendment….In 2003, Bob was named Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, the first from Virginia since 1947. In that role he promoted healthy forest initiatives, and worked to provide programs to rural Americans who are in need of a stable farm economy, while providing for the safest, most abundant and affordable food supply in the world. He now serves as the Ranking Member on the Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Energy and Research….Bob serves as Chairman of the House Republican High Technology Working Group; Co-Chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus; and is a member of the Republican Policy Committee

District 07
Eric Cantor – The consummate leader and the best chance for both Conservatism and Republicanism to right the ship that has been lost at the progressive, big government, nanny-sate sea. Eric Cantor is the only candidate, at this time, to vote for in the 7th. This “young gun” is a driving force in Congress and will champion the reforms and initiatives, once in the majority, that are needed to curb the current economic challenges we face. Eric Cantor is one of the architects behind the “Pledge to America” a great foundational document that will usher in the policies we need and bring back the America that is the guiding light of democracy and prosperity to the world. If you live in the 7th district, it is important to make sure you vote, get friends and neighbors to vote and work for the Cantor campaign so that we Virginians have a stake in the leadership of our future as we battle the progressive movement and President to bring the government back to the people.

District 08
J. Patrick Murray - Patrick Murray is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 24-years of active service. Patrick spent over a decade in numerous postings abroad, including tours in Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia and Russia. Serving around the World afforded him an up-close perspective of what it is like to live in places that do not enjoy the blessings of liberty. He does not take our freedoms for granted and knows first-hand that “freedom isn’t free.”… After commanding tank units for seven years, Patrick went on to become a Foreign Area Officer in the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has extensive operational, analytical and policy experience. A Russian speaker, Patrick has worked in various bilateral and multilateral international relations venues, foreign policy, political military affairs, arms control and military-to-military relations. He has been a Military AttachĂ© and has served in our embassies in Russia, Belarus, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and Kosovo. In 2007 during the “surge,” Patrick deployed to Baghdad with the Joint Forces Command where he served as part of the Multi National Forces Iraq. His final tour of duty was at the United Nations in New York as a member of the U.S. Military Staff Committee.

District 09
Morgan Griffith - House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith has been a member of the Virginia House of Delegates since 1994. He represents the 8th District, which is comprised of the City of Salem and portions of Roanoke County…One of the most influential members of the Virginia General Assembly, Morgan’s colleagues elected him House Majority Leader in 2000. He is the first Republican in Virginia history to hold that position. He is a member of the House Courts of Justice and Militia, Police and Public Safety Committees, and serves as Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee. He is also a member of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission and serves as Chairman of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council…..In Richmond, Morgan has been one of the General Assembly’s most effective members, writing and passing landmark legislation that keeps Virginians safer from violent crime, holds down taxes, protects our constitutional freedoms, and makes Virginia the best place to live, work, run a business and raise a family. Morgan has led the fight to crack down on sexual offenders who prey on children, established Virginia’s cable television competition laws to hold down rates for consumers, stood up to big spenders in Richmond who have tried to raise taxes, and defended your Second Amendment rights, earning him “A” ratings from the National Rifle Association for every term he has served in office.

District 10
Frank R. Wolf - Congressman Wolf has represented Virginia's 10th District since 1981. The 10th District is comprised of the counties of Clarke, Loudoun, Frederick and Warren, the cities of Manassas, Manassas Park and Winchester, and parts of the counties of Fairfax, Fauquier and Prince William…Congressman Wolf is Virginia’s most senior member of the House and is commonly referred to as the “Dean” of the delegation. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee and is the co-chairman of the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission…Congressman Wolf has been widely – and repeatedly – recognized for his tireless efforts to improve our region's transportation system. Fighting gridlock always will be a top priority. He knows everyone wants to spend less time sitting in traffic and more time with their family and friends.…Congressman Wolf is the author of the legislation that created the Iraq Study Group – also known as the Baker-Hamilton Commission – and is presently pushing legislation to establish a blue ribbon panel aimed at reforming our nation’s tax and entitlement systems. ..Recognizing the need to preserve the Shenandoah Valley’s distinct Civil War heritage and expand tourism, Congressman Wolf introduced legislation establishing the “Shenandoah National Battlefields Historic District Commission.”...Congressman Wolf also has a long record of speaking out for the persecuted around the world and is considered one the leading crusaders in Congress for human rights. He has traveled the world to call attention to human rights abuses and religious persecution around the globe…Congressman Wolf was born in 1939 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

District 11
Keith S. Fimian - Keith S. Fimian is Chairman and Founder of U.S. Inspect, LLC, the nation’s largest provider of residential and commercial property inspection services. Headquartered in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, U.S. Inspect is the dominant inspection services company in the United States, producing more than 150,000 inspection reports annually. The Company employs field and office personnel across the country and manages a network of thousands of independent contractors. Keith is also a patent holder….Prior to founding the Company, Keith worked for seven years with the international accounting firm KPMG. A former certified public accountant, Keith received his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he earned a full four year athletic scholarship and captained the football team….Keith is President of the Washington DC-based Youth Leadership Foundation, a supplemental academic and character formation program serving disadvantaged youth in our nation’s capital.

Endorsement Time at The Contemporary Conservative Part I

Since we're just one month (and a couple days) away from November 2nd, Election Day, it is time for The Contemporary Conservative to let everyone know 1.) who we endorse in this crucial election and also who we think will win (since we endorse them we KNOW that they will win so tat answers that.) Here is the list of endorsements for the races in Virginia:

District 01
Rob Wittman - For over 20 years, Rob has served in several levels of government, from Town Council to United States Congress. Rob won his first campaign for public office in 1986 when he was elected to the Montross Town Council, where he served for 10 years, four of them as Mayor. In 1995, Rob was elected to the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors and was elected its Chairman in 2003. In 2005, voters in the 99th Legislative District elected Rob to the Virginia House of Delegates, where he served until he was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2007…..In the U.S. Congress, Rob has quickly earned a reputation for being a district-first Congressman and is very engaged in the goings-on of the district. He drives home from Washington to Montross every night when Congress is in session to stay in touch with his constituents.

District 02
Scott Rigell - Scott Rigell, 50, is a lifelong Republican, community leader and business owner from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The founder and Chairman of Freedom Automotive in Virginia Beach, Scott and his wife Teri own automobile dealerships in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake which employ more than 240 people. He is a past president of the Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association…Scott grew up in a middle-class family in Titusville, Florida. He served his country in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, rising to the rank of Sergeant before an honorable discharge after six years. Scott earned his B.B.A. from Mercer University and his M.B.A. from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

District 03
Chuck Smith - A former Marine and U.S. Navy JAG Officer (Retired), Chuck is married with five children. He has lived in Virginia for the last three decades, in Roanoke, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. While in Roanoke, Chuck served on the Board of Directors of the Roanoke Bar Association. He is active in his community, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Campus East Community Association. From the projects of Greensboro to the streets of Philadelphia, from the training grounds of Parris Island to the courtrooms of Virginia, Chuck Smith has been an ardent defender of American values. His campaign focus, Principle above Politics, reflects his continuing sense of duty, and his determination to bring honest representation to the people of Virginia.

District 04
J. Randy Forbes - A class act, ardent defender of the Conservative Ideal and my Congressman… Part of Forbes' legacy is etched in stone on Capitol Hill. When the expansive $621 million Capitol Visitor Center was about to open in late 2008, Forbes and other caucus members protested that the motto "In God We Trust" and the Pledge of Allegiance were not included. Within a year, the motto was carved into a large stone beam above the center's main hall and the pledge was etched in a wall nearby.

District 05
Robert Hurt - First elected as a member of the Chatham Town Council, Robert Hurt was elected to that post with 82% of the vote. As a member of the Virginia General Assembly, State Senator Robert Hurt currently represents over 170,000 constituents within the 5th Congressional District and has represented nearly 1/3 of the 5th during his time in the legislature. He served three terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, elected and re-elected with at least 62% of the vote. In his first term in the State Senate, Robert was elected with 75% of the vote….As a member of the Virginia Legislature, Robert has cast thousands of votes including voting against at least two dozen tax increases. He has voted time and again against attempts from Democrats to raise taxes. Robert has also voted consistently against increased state spending and bloated budgets. He was one of only a handful of General Assembly members to vote against the last two Virginia Budgets, which were relying on too much spending.

More to come (districts 6-11)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Franken commits another gaffe while presiding over Senate - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Franken suffered another embarrassing moment Wednesday morning when he mistakenly recognized Sen. Tom Udall as the “senator from Utah.”

Read Here:Franken commits another gaffe while presiding over Senate - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Dems barely get votes to adjourn after floor speech - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

House Democrats barely won a 210-209 vote to adjourn the House without extending the Bush tax cuts....Thirty-nine House Democrats voted against adjournment after Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) urged opposition to the motion in a floor speech that said it would be irresponsible for Congress to leave without providing certainty on the tax issue

Read Here:Boehner surprise: Dems barely get votes to adjourn after floor speech - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

Obliterating a generation

Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, the Democratic Party is facing the biggest defeat in midterm elections in the past 110 years, perhaps surpassing the modern record of a 74-seat gain set in 1922. They will also lose control of the Senate....Republicans are now leading in 54 Democratic House districts. In 19 more, the incumbent congressman is under 50 percent and his GOP challenger is within five points. That makes 73 seats where victory is within easy grasp for the Republican Party. The only reason the list is not longer is that there are 160 Democratic House districts that were considered so strongly blue that there is no recent polling available.

Read Here:Obliterating a generation -

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Political Races around VA - 7rh Congressional District Tea Party Candidate Floyd Bayne

I would be remiss in reporting on Conservativism in Virginia if I left out the Tea Party/Independent candidates And we have a formable one in the 7th district, Floyd Bayne. Floyd's Conservative "street cred" should never be in question and he has the 7th District constinuency's best interest at heart in this run for the 7th ditrict seat...never underestimate a passionate candidate with a passionate following in this political environment.

My advice to Floyd (as all candidates know, my blog, my advice) stop talking so much about Eric Cantor and talk more about what he is goiung to do that is DIFFERENT than Cantor.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bailout Indeed - Chrysler UAW workers drinking, smoking weed on the job

Political Races around VA - 7rh Congressional District Eric "Young Guns" Cantor

From :

Many months ago, as indications of a Republican sweep in 2010 first materialized, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-7th) suggested that opposition to the administration’s statist agenda would translate into significant GOP gains. In a conversation with the Editorial Board, he added that if his party was to govern effectively it would need to offer a coherent program to the American people. The publication of Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders does much of that. In the book, Cantor (whose wife Diana serves on the board of Media General, the newspaper’s corporate parent) joins fellow GOP Reps. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Kevin McCarthy of California in outlining a Republican vision.
Young Gun Eric Cantor urges Congress to listen to the American people and vote against the Democrat health care overhaul bill......

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CAIR tries to squash criticism of agenda through intimidation and lawfare, critics say | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant.
The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in
America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,” San Ramon Valley Herald reporter Lisa
wrote when summarizing the message of Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) founder Omar Ahmad to a
Muslim audience in 1998...But if yours is an Islamist organization, operating as a mainstream advocacy
group in a country that has not accepted Allah as supreme, how do you remain
relevant and keep Islam on a pedestal? Answer: sue, coerce, and intimidate those
who say or write things damaging to the image of the faith and its followers.
Read more Here: CAIR tries to squash criticism of agenda through intimidation and lawfare, critics say The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Political Races arounf VA - Randy Forbes 4th District

...and now my Congressman Randy Forbes ...

Political Races around VA - 9th Congressional District Morgan Griffith

House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith has been a member of the Virginia House of Delegates since 1994. He represents the 8th District, which is comprised of the City of Salem and portions of Roanoke County....A graduate of Salem’s Andrew Lewis High School, Morgan is an honors graduate of Emory & Henry College. After completing his studies at Washington and Lee University School of Law, Morgan returned to the Roanoke area to practice law. Today, he is a partner in Albo and Oblon, one of Virginia’s fastest growing law firms with offices in many areas of the Commonwealth....One of the most influential members of the Virginia General Assembly, Morgan’s colleagues elected him House Majority Leader in 2000. He is the first Republican in Virginia history to hold that position. He is a member of the House Courts of Justice and Militia, Police and Public Safety Committees, and serves as Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee. He is also a member of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission and serves as Chairman of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council.

Boucher needs to go!! - Obama loves Boucher, we conservatives not so much

Political Races around VA - Scott Rigell 2nd district

Scott Rigell, 50, is a lifelong Republican, community leader and business owner from Virginia Beach, Virginia. The founder and Chairman of Freedom Automotive in Virginia Beach, Scott and his wife Teri own automobile dealerships in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake which employ more than 240 people. He is a past president of the Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association.
Scott grew up in a middle-class family in Titusville, Florida. He served his country in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, rising to the rank of Sergeant before an honorable discharge after six years. Scott earned his B.B.A. from Mercer University and his M.B.A. from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

Matthews Scolds Obama: 'Stop Saying Cutting Taxes Is Giving People Money - It`s Their Money!'

Krauthammer: Obama Either "Delusional" Or "Supremely Cynical"

Dr. Charles Krauthammer: "Well, if that's what you get when you get a group of
handpicked members of an audience, I can imagine if you had a random selection
of the audience. It would have been rather more raucous, but clearly it was not
something that helped him."

Read Here RealClearPolitics - Video - Krauthammer: Obama Either "Delusional" Or "Supremely Cynical"

Friday, September 10, 2010

U.S. shifts approach to deporting illegal immigrants

From USA Today: 

The Obama administration is changing the federal immigration enforcement strategy in ways that reduce the threat of deportation for millions of illegal immigrants, even as states such as Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio and Texas are pushing to accelerate deportations.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lefty magazine promotes teachers’ guides, claims schools aren’t providing a liberal viewpoint | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

A spokesman for the magazine told The Daily Caller that the magazine wants to
ensure students are exposed to liberal thinking, citing what he said was a
tendency for classes to exclude progressive ideas and viewpoints

Read Here: Lefty magazine promotes teachers’ guides, claims schools aren’t providing a liberal viewpoint The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

GOP Youngguns, the GOPs future and 'W'

Stating that we conservatives loved everything "W" did is plan wrong and if towing the party line means saying we did than we have a problem....changing the GOP for the better means taking a look at the past...what worked and what didn't and not just relying on the opposition to fail and then instituting the Status Quo... of retread candidates and retread Ideas. We need to move America forward with real substantive conservative principles starting with the economy, spending and job creation.....From ther Telegraph:

The Young Guns book recognises "high profile ethics lapses" and "an
inability to rein in spending or even slow the growth of government" led to a
breakdown in trust in the party. ..."The fact is, we had our chance, and we blew
it," wrote co-author Eric Cantor, the party's chief whip....The Young Guns
programme run by Mr Cantor and his colleagues and co-authors Kevin McCarthy and
Paul Ryan is designed to find new, reliable conservative candidates

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sabato's crystal ball predicts GOP to Take House, Maybe Senate in 2010 Election

Love him or hate him  few in the nation have been able to predict the political climate better than Larry Sabato head of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics....From Larry Sabato's Crystal ball prediction:

2010 was always going to be a Republican year, in the midterm tradition. It has simply been a question of degree. Several scenarios were possible, depending in large measure on whether, or how quickly, the deeply troubled American economy recovered from the Great Recession. Had Democratic hopes on economic revitalization materialized, it is easy to see how the party could have used its superior financial resources, combined with the tendency of Republicans in some districts and states to nominate ideological fringe candidates, to keep losses to the low 30s in the House and a handful in the Senate….Obama’s job approval ratings have drifted down well below 50% in most surveys. The generic ballot that asks likely voters whether they will cast ballots for Democrats or Republicans this year has moved increasingly in the GOP direction. While far less important, other controversies such as the mosque debate and immigration policy have made the climate worse for Democrats. Republican voters are raring to vote, their energy fueled by anti-Obama passion and concern over debt, spending, taxes, health care, and the size of government. Democrats are much less enthusiastic by almost every measure, and the Democratic base’s turnout will lag. Plus, Democrats have won over 50 House seats in 2006 and 2008, many of them in Republican territory, so their exposure to any sort of GOP wave is high…. Republicans have a good chance to win the House by picking up as many as 47 seats, net…. This is a “net” number since the GOP will probably lose several of its own congressional districts in Delaware, Hawaii, and Louisiana. This estimate, which may be raised or lowered by Election Day, is based on a careful district-by-district analysis, plus electoral modeling based on trends in President Obama’s Gallup job approval rating and the Democratic-versus-Republican congressional generic ballot (discussed later in this essay). If anything, we have been conservative in estimating the probable GOP House gains, if the election were being held today......

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The Medicare Bureaucracy: Ready To Disrupt Seniors’ Drug Coverage

From the Foundry, “

If you like your health care plan you can keep it.” This was a mantra from President Obama throughout the health care debate. The President also promised that his health care overhaul would not affect seniors’ benefits...But, despite all the promises, a new report from Avalere Health shows that, in addition to the upheaval caused by Obamacare, the Medicare bureaucracy is taking administrative steps to change the Medicare drug program that will have adverse impact on seniors’ choices. Millions of seniors will have to switch their prescription drug plans due to changes within Medicare. Avalere is a private research firm founded by a former budget official from the Clinton Administration....Its analysis shows that more than 3 million seniors—roughly 20 percent of those enrolled in stand-alone drug plans—won’t be able to keep their current plan. According to the AP’s Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, some of seniors’ drug plans will be eliminated as “Medicare tries to winnow  down duplicative and confusing coverage, in order to offer consumers more meaningful choices.”

Read More Here:’-drug-coverage/

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is America only for white people? by Joseph Phillips

Great Article by Joseph Phillips:

The essential element that my friend and the black leftists have missed is that what binds us together as Americans is not shared blood, race, ethnicity, or tribe; it is the unshakable belief in certain universal principles. The American experience is not attached to men who were flawed, but is instead fixed to ideas that remain flawless. The institutions and symbols of America are reflective of the revolutionary idea that all men are the property of God, created with an equal right to life, liberty, private property, and the free pursuit of bettering their station in life. Martin Luther King, Jr., put it more succinctly: “The American dream reminds us…that every man is an heir of the legacy of dignity and worth

Joseph Phillips - Joseph is perhaps best known for the role of Lt. Martin Kendall, Lisa Bonet’s husband, on the hit series The Cosby Show. He was also a three time NAACP Image Award Nominee for his portrayal of Attorney Justus Ward on the Daytime Drama General Hospital. For two seasons he appeared as Mayor Morgan Douglas on the CBS series The District, recurred as Marcus Johnson on the hit CBS series Without A Trace and most recently appeared as JT Morse on the Fox Series, Vanished.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Boomergeddon!

Currently reading a fascinating book from my friend Jim Bacon, Boomergeddon, which chronicles the looming retirement crisis caused by runaway spending on government programs and entitlements; mounting federal budget deficits; the coming global capital shortage; the debt burden that will cannibalize the entire federal government; and the inevitable disintegration of America’s retirement safety net. If you want to know what you need to do, how you need to do it and the cause of the pending crisis at hand for the baby-boomer generation that is hitting retirement in masse, please buy this book today, Boomergeddon is not about painting a rosy picture, it’s about telling you the facts so you can act before your retirement dreams fades away into a nightmare you both don’t want to experience or haven’t planned to endure. Jim has seen the future and it looks like Boomergeddon for those that are not prepared for the pending economic downturn during their retirement years. Once I have completed reading a this book a second time, I'll post a full review of this and how I think this also effects Gen X in profound ways since we are the generation, along with our children, that will need to pick up the bill for what's to come as the BabyBoomers start to retire in droves...more to come on how Boomergeddon will turn into the Apocalypse for GenX.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site -

Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site -

"President Obama delivered a strong defense on Friday night of a proposed Muslim community center and mosque near ground zero in Manhattan, using a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan to proclaim that “as a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” ...After weeks of avoiding the high-profile battle over the center — his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said last week that the president did not want to “get involved in local decision-making” — Mr. Obama stepped squarely into the thorny debate."

Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama's nutrition initiative -

Dems may use food stamp money to pay for Michelle Obama's nutrition initiative -

"Democrats who reluctantly slashed a food stamp program to fund a state aid bill may have to do so again to pay for a top priority of first lady Michelle Obama....The House will soon consider an $8 billion child nutrition bill that’s at the center of the first lady’s “Let’s Move” initiative. Before leaving for the summer recess, the Senate passed a smaller version of the legislation that is paid for by trimming the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps."

Friday, August 13, 2010

The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

Read 1-9 at the below link but number 10 iInforms the rest though...

10. Obama doesn’t believe in American greatness

Barack Obama has made it clear that he doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, and has made apologising for his country into an art form. In a speech to the United Nations last September he stated that “no one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold.” It is difficult to see how a US president who holds these views and does not even accept America’s greatness in history can actually lead the world’s only superpower with force and conviction.

There is a distinctly Titanic-like feel to the Obama presidency and it’s not hard to see why. The most left-wing president in modern American history has tried to force a highly interventionist, government-driven agenda that runs counter to the principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, and limited government that have made the United States the greatest power in the world, and the freest nation on earth.

This, combined with weak leadership both at home and abroad against the backdrop of tremendous economic uncertainty in an increasingly dangerous world, has contributed to a spectacular political collapse for a president once thought to be invincible. America at its core remains a deeply conservative nation, which cherishes its traditions and founding principles. President Obama is increasingly out of step with the American people, by advancing policies that undermine the United States as a global power, while undercutting America’s deep-seated love for freedom.

Read Here: The stunning decline of Barack Obama: 10 key reasons why the Obama presidency is in meltdown

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Man Killed At Anti-Violence Event

A man attending a block party as part of the National Night Out anti-crime initiative was shot and killed in Paterson, N.J....Police say 39-year-old Robert Godfrey was shot in the head while arguing with another man Tuesday....It happened in front of a crowd just before midnight at 74 Godwin Ave...Paterson Police on Wednesday were searching for Marlon Rochester. The 30-year-old has been charged with Godfrey's murder and weapons offenses....Lt. Ron Humphrey says witnesses saw the two men arguing loudly when Rochester pulled a gun and shot Godfrey once in the head.

Man Killed At Anti-Violence Event

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monkeys on cocaine.- The 100 worst stimulus projects and pork projects

Monkeys on cocaine. New windows for a closed visitor center. Modern dance as a tool for software development....A report to be released Tuesday by conservative Republican Sens. Tom Coburn and John McCain cited these and 97 other projects as leading examples of misguided or wasteful spending under the Obama administration’s $862 billion economic stimulus bill.

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Democrats and Progressives frustrated over Obama’s Afghanistan policy | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

An increased sense of frustration over the war in Afghanistan appears to be building among Capitol Hill Democrats — creating a force some suggest could have political consequences for President Obama, who has drastically increased troop levels in Afghanistan since his inauguration while reducing them in Iraq...Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last week, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell said it was reasonable to predict that an anti-war Democrat could pose a primary challenge to Obama in 2012 if the war in Afghanistan is not drawn down quickly enough...“[A primary challenge] is really possible,” Rendell said Tuesday. “It depends on how far [the war] deteriorates

Read Here:Democrats and Progressives frustrated over Obama’s Afghanistan policy | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Monday, August 2, 2010

Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds - Washington Times

Illegal immigrant who killed nun in accident was released by feds - Washington Times:

"The man suspected of drunken driving and killing a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday....The man, Carlos Montano, a county resident, had been arrested by police twice before on drunk-driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions county police reported him to federal authorities.
'We have determined that he is in the country illegally. He has been arrested by Prince William County Police in the past,' said Officer Jonathan Perok, a police spokesman, who said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was notified at the time of one of those arrests."

Virginia Attorney General Rules Police Can Check Immigration Status -

Virginia Attorney General Rules Police Can Check Immigration Status: "In a decision that could lay the groundwork for an Arizona-style immigration policy, Virginia's attorney general said state law enforcement officers are allowed to check the immigration status of anyone 'stopped or arrested.'
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli issued the legal opinion Friday extending that authority to Virginia police in response to an inquiry over whether his state could mirror the policies passed into law in Arizona."

Not this guy AGAIN!

Pete Stark's latest controversial statement about the Federal Government having the power to do what it wants to us 'little people'!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Education Secretary calls for 12-hour school days, longer school years

From the Daily Caller: If Education Secretary Arne Duncan has his way, kids would be spending a lot more time at school — and a three-month summer would be a thing of the past...Duncan joked with attendees at a luncheon at the National Press Club Tuesday in Washington that he would like schools to stay open 13 months out of the year. Then he told the audience of over 100 that he seriously supports longer school hours...“In all seriousness, I think schools should be open 12, 13, 14 hours a day, seven days a week, 11-12 months of the year,” Duncan said. “This is not just more of the same. There would be a whole variety of after-school programs. Obviously academics would be at the heart of that. But you top it off with dancing, art, drama, music, yearbook, robotics, activities for older siblings and parents, ESL classes.”

Read more:

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Dems Commit Blunder as they launch effort to equate GOP with far right Tea Party candidates

Dems Commit Blunder as they launch effort to equate GOP with far right Tea Party candidates as they do not get that the voting base supports the Tea Party movement in principle and voters will see the Tea party as David and the DEMS as Goliath. I think this effort will actually bolster the Tea Party movement and Power com November this year, next year and 2012…..if the Tea Party can stay cohesive and not fracture under the pressure they will now receive. From the Daily Caller:

Democrats have said they are running against George W. Bush this fall, or at least his policies. But on Wednesday, they’ll announce that they’re really running against the Tea Party....Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine will argue at a morning news conference that “the positions espoused by the Tea Party [are] the governing platform of the Republican party,” according to a DNC official who relayed details of the rollout ahead of time to The Daily Caller....Kaine’s tack is a swipe at House Republicans for not offering more specifics of how they would govern if they retake the House. But it’s also an attempt to force the GOP to own proposals by Rep. Paul Ryan — the Wisconsin Republican who is one of the few Republican lawmakers to propose a sweeping plan to tackle entitlements — combined with an effort to taint the GOP with some of the more radical positions taken by a few insurgent Republican candidates, notably Rand Paul and Sharron Angle, the GOP nominees for Senate in Kentucky and Nevada....“The Tea Party is now the most potent force in Republican politics,” the DNC official said. “While GOP leaders are still promising to hold town halls and online forums to develop a contract of their own, it’s already clear what that agenda will be based on what self-professed Tea Party adherents have said they stand for and the Republican adoption of the Tea Party.”

Read Here:Dems launch effort to equate GOP with far right Tea Party candidates | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Anti-Immigrant Group Calls for 'Safe Passage' of Illegals Out of U.S.

An anti-immigration group is calling on the Obama administration to ensure a smooth exit for illegal immigrants who are trying to leave the U.S. due to the weak economy and Arizona's strict new immigration law....Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is urging U.S. citizens to pressure the White House and the Homeland Security Department to establish "safe departure" border checkpoints along the U.S. border for illegal immigrants so they can leave

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Defense can't account for $8.7 billion

The Defense Department is unable to account for $8.7 billion of the $9.1 billion in Development Fund for Iraq monies in received for reconstruction in Iraq. This according to a study published today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction...."This situation occurred because most DoD organizations receiving DFI (Development Fund for Iraq) funds did not establish the required Department of the Treasury accounts and no DoD organization was designated as the executive agent for managing the use of DFI funds," the report states...The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) finds that only one Defense organization actually set up the accounts required by the Treasury...."The breakdown in controls left the funds vulnerable to inappropriate uses and undetected loss," SIGIR says...The study recommends that the Secretary of Defense create new accounting and reporting procedures to avoid such mistakes in the future. It also recommends designating an executive agent to oversee progress, establishing measurable milestones, and determining whether any DoD organizations are still holding DFI funds.

Read Here:Federal News Radio 1500 AM: SIGIR: Defense can't account for $8.7 billion

Monday, July 26, 2010

Augusta State University to student: Accept homosexuality or leave school | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

An Augusta State University counseling student has filed a lawsuit against her school claiming it violated her First Amendment rights when it told her to change her traditionalist Christian views on homosexuality or get out...The Alliance Defense Fund filed suit Wednesday on behalf of Jennifer Keeton, 24, seeking to stop the school from expelling her from her master’s degree program....“They made a cascading series of presumptions about the kind of a counselor she would be and have consequently … tried to force her to change her beliefs,” David French, the ADF attorney representing Keeton in the case, told The Daily Caller. “It’s symbolic of an educational system that has lost its way.”...The suit alleges the university retaliated against Keeton for stating her belief that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and not a “state of being,” and that gender is not a social construct subject to individual change. According to the suit, the school wants her to undergo a “thought reform” program intended to change her religious beliefs. She faces expulsion unless she complies, and the suit seeks to block the university from throwing her out for noncompliance.

Read more:

Read Here: Augusta State University to student: Accept homosexuality or leave school | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, explains why he decided to publish thousands of secret US military files on the war in Afghanistan

Where did the Stimulus Money Go?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


From Daily Caller:

In the hours after Sen. John McCain announced his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the last presidential race, members of an online forum called Journolist struggled to make sense of the pick. Many of them were liberal reporters, and in some cases their comments reflected a journalist’s instinct to figure out the meaning of a story....But in many other exchanges, the Journolisters clearly had another, more partisan goal in mind: to formulate the most effective talking points in order to defeat Palin and McCain and help elect Barack Obama president. The tone was more campaign headquarters than newsroom....The conversation began with a debate over how best to attack Sarah Palin. “Honestly, this pick reeks of desperation,” wrote Michael Cohen of the New America Foundation in the minutes after the news became public. “How can anyone logically argue that Sarah Pallin [sic], a one-term governor of Alaska, is qualified to be President of the United States? Train wreck, thy name is Sarah Pallin.”...Not a wise argument, responded Jonathan Stein, a reporter for Mother Jones. If McCain were asked about Palin’s inexperience, he could simply point to then candidate Barack Obama’s similarly thin resume. “Q: Sen. McCain, given Gov. Palin’s paltry experience, how is she qualified to be commander in chief?,” Stein asked hypothetically. “A: Well, she has much experience as the Democratic nominee.”

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Liberals analyze their Obama 'despair'

From Politico:

For many liberals, this is the summer of their discontent....Already disappointed with President Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on campaign promises, they now contemplate a slowing economic recovery and a good chance of Republican gains in November — two developments that could make enacting Obama’s agenda even more difficult

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Joe Biden sees Iraq success for President Obama

From Politico:

BAGHDAD — Vice President Joe Biden said after a three-day trip to Baghdad that the American people will see President Barack Obama’s Iraq policy as a success when the “combat mission” ends on schedule Aug. 31. Biden said the administration “will be able to point to it and say, ‘We told you what we’re going to do, and we did it.’” ...“I think America wins,” Biden told POLITICO in an end-of-trip interview at the ambassador’s residence in the sprawling U.S. Embassy complex. “I sound corny, but I think America gets credit here in the region. And I think everybody gets credit, from George Bush to [President Obama].

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dems refuse compromise to extend unemployment benefits then go on vacation

From the Washington Examiner:

Congress adjourns this week for the July Fourth recess without having passed a bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits to 1.3 million people who started losing them this month....Democrats have been painting Republicans as unsympathetic to the long-term unemployed who will be unable to collect benefits, but Democratic leaders have rejected several offers by the GOP to vote for the bill if at least some of it is paid for..."My concern is that the Democrats are more interested in having this issue to demagogue for political gamesmanship than they are in simply passing the benefits extension," said Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, who offered a deal that was rejected by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama disappoints even lowered expectations

From Thw Washington Examiner: The second phase of the great American disillusionment with Barack Obama is complete....The president fell to Earth a year ago after his stratospheric rise because Americans came to see that he was like other politicians....But there was some solace to be taken for disenchanted voters from the fact that the largely unknown man thrust into the Oval Office by his graceful ways and an amazing concatenation of events was more or less like the other ambitious people with elastic relationships with the truth who seek high office...The fall came when Obama proved to be rankly partisan and surprisingly graceless when dealing with his opponents....As he famously told Republicans who asked why people who don't pay income taxes were to get income tax refunds under his stimulus plan: "I won."...And so it went for the start of his term. Obama and his band of egghead pirates swashbuckled through Washington like a think tank empowered with letters of marque. Companies were seized, the government printed money so fast that it seemed we might run out of green ink and the government operated in a perpetual crisis mode.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DEMS block Republicans from Visiting Oil Spill

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) wanted to fly 10 lawmakers down to the Gulf of Mexico to see the damage caused by BP’s gigantic oil spill first hand...House Democrats said no...Scalise’s trip was rejected for a variety of bureaucratic and logistical reasons, but it has also opened a new vein of partisan squabbling over who should be allowed to arrange a trip to view the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill...Republicans want to be able to take trips using their office spending allowance. But Democrats have heard from the Department of Homeland Security, which has asked that Congress organize trips through committees of jurisdiction, to avoid having to cater to a ton of individual lawmakers in a disaster zone, Democratic aides say. GOP leaders say they’ve heard nothing of this.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Are unions impeding oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico? | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

From Daily Caller:

President Obama is impeding clean-up efforts in the Gulf by kowtowing to unions and members of the American maritime industry, critics have charged in recent days. At issue is the president’s refusal to waive the Jones Act, a century-old law that effectively bars foreign-owned ships from moving between U.S. ports, a necessary component of participating in the cleanup effort.

Read Here:Are unions impeding oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico? | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Entertainment

From the Canada Free Press:

The same hypocrite who says our energy costs must “necessarily skyrocket” to fund his political ambition, is giving Marie Antoinette a run for her money when it comes to spending national treasure on personal luxuries. ...While much of the country is struggling to pay their bills, the President and First Lady are partying like rock royalty. The collection of talent that has made the pilgrimage to the White House to entertain Obama and friends is nothing less than amazing: Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennet, Paul Simon, Marc Anthony, Herbie Hancock, Martina McBride, Queen Latifah, The Foo Fighters, Faith Hill, and recently foot-in-mouth Paul McCartney to name a few

Read Here: Obama Wastes Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Entertainment

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Makes You Want to Move to Alabama and NOW! - Dale Peterson for Ag Commish: Quite possibly the best political ad ever

At Least my Congressman Is Trying to Do Something!

From my Rep. Congressman Randy Forbes, " An effort by Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04) to prevent the transfer of detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the United States was blocked by Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee during a markup of the annual defense policy bill....Forbes’ amendment would prohibit the use of funds to transfer individuals detained at Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay to any federal department or agency, or any military facility in the United States."

Read more Here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oink Oink Oink and the Financial Overhaul Bill

From McClatchy:

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., wants the government to finish building the 700-mile fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., wants to end the health insurance industry's antitrust protection. West Virginia's two senators want help with mine and oil rig safety....They all want to add these things to the financial regulatory overhaul bill that's moving through the Senate, even though their ideas have little or nothing to do with oversight of financial markets.

Read Here:Senators load financial overhaul with irrelevancies | McClatchy

I'll Give the House Credit, They Sure Have Their Priorities Straight

From Politico:

While most of Washington was focused on Tuesday's election results, the House was busy doing something else: Passing a resolution about beer...House Resolution 1297, sponsored by Rep. Betsy Markey, supports "the goals and ideals of American Craft Beer Week."..."We've got quite a number of microbreweries and entrepreneurs that are creating jobs, and we wanted to celebrate that this is a craft," Markey told POLITICO.

Read Here:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Exemption Class: Why Woody Allen Would Say Something so Stupid

To quote Woody Allen, "It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Why would this normally sane actor (insert tongue in cheek) say such an idiotic thing about a country that is the last great bastion of democracy?Simple, he is under the impression that he obviously would be exempted from any oppressive rules, laws or loss of freedoms usually associated with the various dictators that litter human history…..he feels he is part of the “exemption class” (also see past posts about the new “ruling class” since they are quite similar.)
The problem with the “exemption class” is that due to their wealth, power or celebrity, they feel that no one would have the audacity to apply the trappings of a dictatorship to them personally. Since the “exemption class” have such a distain for the general populous they tend to feel they know what is best for the commoners (to borrow euphemism)and tend to view the general population as a “them” that have been put on the planet to worship the “exemption class” as some demigods hanging on every word, on any topic whether it actually makes sense or not. They come up with all sorts of ignorant rantings (please see about quote) like we should be happy to pay more taxes, Che Guevara was a “nice” Marxist or socialism is a great way to run a country because everyone is the same and happy. All these theories and believes stem from the fact that those spewing them are not afraid that they will have to live by them.
A person that makes 5 million to appear in a movie has no concept of the money they have received after a certain point when they have bought all the toys of wealth over and over again; it just becomes a number with a lot of zeros. They have no connection to the meaning OF money itself since they have to do nothing to get the things it buys (assistants do that for them) or have the risk of the basic needs not being met… you see this in the films all the time where a mechanic lives in a stylish loft on the Upper East Side of Manhattan….they have no idea what real Americans make, what they can afford and why this country is the best hope for us all to turn our life around and live the American dream no matter our current situation and that no other form of government offers that. That bucks the here are few stories of a person living in a dictatorship or Communist country bucking the odds and rising out of poverty to build a company, become a Senator (or President) , Doctor or Missionary….in these countries a select few dictate who becomes these things.

Similarly to Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, the “Exemption Class”, think believe that the government should take care of those less fortunate and that they should have no personal investment in helping others so they would rather pay more taxes on an amount of money they have no concept of then to actually just stretch out a personal hand to help……which leads be to the most controversial statement a conservative could ever utter…….Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism work better than Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism……..for those that don’t have to live under the rules of Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism. For the rest of us, Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism is the best way to break the chains of the chaste system to forge a life and pursuit of happiness....more on this later since this can be applied to people from Woody Allen to the rich guy down the street since egos dictate we all THINK we'll be exempted when the "you-know-what" hits the fan...but enough from me, the read more of Woody Allen's great insight to the awesomeness that would be a Obama Dictatorship, Woo Hoo...

More of Woody’s musings here:

The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too….The one-time-father-now-husband-of-his-daughter tells the Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia that the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief could accomplish a whole lot more from his White House if he didn't have so many disorderly, annoying people objecting, distracting and criticizing him all the time….Such social messiness has been known to occur in functioning democracies, even cinematic ones, although less often on celebrity-strewn movie sets under the direction of a dictatorial director…."It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly," Allen is quoted as saying....Allen is also said to have said: I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him

Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rubio Gets It!

From the AP:

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio told an anti-gay marriage group Saturday the country is relying too much on the government, in part because of a breakdown of family and faith values over the last 50 years...."You know what the fastest growing religion in America is? Statism. The growing reliance on government," Rubio said. "Every time a problem emerges, increasingly the reaction in American society is 'Well what can government do about it?'" America became the greatest country because of its strong society where people did not sit back and wait for government to act, he said. "They did it themselves," Rubio said....Rubio, a lock for the GOP nomination now that Gov. Charlie Crist has decided to run as an independent, spent the day reinforcing conservative values, capped with a speech before the group that led the effort to put a gay marriage ban in the state constitution.

Read more here:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

May 13, 2010

Contact: Stacey Johnson
Phone: (804) 225-4260
E-mail: Stacey.Johnson@Governor.Virginia.Gov

For First Time in Two Years, Virginia Posts Consecutive Months of Revenue Growth

Governor McDonnell Announces April General Fund Revenue Collections Increase by .4%; March Collections Increased by 3%

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that Virginia has posted back to back months of revenue growth, marking the first time in two years the Commonwealth has achieved this result. The last time Virginia had back to back increases in monthly revenue collection was March-April 2008. April 2010 revenue collections outpaced April 2009 by .4%. March 2010 revenue collections outpaced March 2009 by 3%. Corporate income tax posted a strong gain in April, +38.7%, and collections of sales and use taxes saw the highest monthly growth, +7.3%, since May 2008, excluding the one-time surge in sales tax collections in December 2009 that resulted from Virginia’s tax amnesty program.

Speaking about the April revenue numbers, Governor McDonnell remarked, “Although the increase in total revenue is modest, two consecutive months of growth represents a significant improvement in the trend for general fund revenue collections. Today’s news can be seen as a small indicator that some positive developments are taking place in our overall economy. However, we have a long way to go before we emerge from one of the deepest and most persistent economic downturns in our history. Unemployment is far too high, and Virginians are struggling to make ends meet, provide for their families and manage their businesses. We will continue to focus on putting in place pro-growth policies that encourage job creation and help get Virginia’s economy firmly back on track.”

The April revenue numbers are available at this link:

Hold Fire, Earn a Medal

From the Navy Times:

U.S. troops in Afghanistan could soon be awarded a medal for not doing something, a precedent-setting award that would be given for “courageous restraint” for holding fire to save civilian lives....The proposal is now circulating in the Kabul headquarters of the International Security Assistance Force, a command spokesman confirmed Tuesday....“The idea is consistent with our approach,” explained Air Force Lt. Col. Tadd Sholtis. “Our young men and women display remarkable courage every day, including situations where they refrain from using lethal force, even at risk to themselves, in order to prevent possible harm to civilians. In some situations our forces face in Afghanistan, that restraint is an act of discipline and courage not much different than those seen in combat actions.”

FroRead More here:Hold+fire%2C+earn+a+medal

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David Horowitz had a chilling exchange with a member of the MSA » ‘For It’: Muslim Student in San Diego Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust

CNBC’s Rick Santelli Rips Key Democrat For Ignoring Fannie/Freddie Reform

From House Republican Leader John Boehner's Leader Alert: Democrats still don’t get it, and they refuse to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government mortgage companies that sparked the meltdown by giving high-risk loans to people who couldn’t afford it. Standing up for American taxpayers, CNBC’s on-air editor, Rick Santelli teed off on Rep. Paul Kanjorski’s (D-PA) claim that Democrats’ couldn’t reform Fannie & Freddie in their financial regulation bill because it was “too complicated,” asking: “It’s too complicated? You think taxpayers that go to work to pay the money you are subsidizing, it will end up a half a trillion, do you think they think complicated is an excuse?”
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mosque to Be Built Near Ground Zero

CBO: Health overhaul law potentially costs $115B more

From the AP and the CBO:

Congressional budget referees say President Barack Obama's new health care law could potentially add another $115 billion over 10 years to government health care spending....If Congress approves all the additional spending, that would push the 10-year cost of the overhaul above $1 trillion—an unofficial limit the Obama administration set early on....The Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday the added spending includes $10 billion to $20 billion in administrative costs to federal agencies carrying out the law, as well as $34 billion for community health centers and $39 billion for American Indian health care

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Who is Tim Bridgewater? Bad news for Romney. - The Hill's Pundits Blog

From The Hill:

Say what you like about Mexicans in Arizona, legal or not, but they are hard working there and everyplace else they go. And if they didn’t go there the work wouldn’t get done. In 1994 I wrote a long article about the migrant workers in the tobacco fields of Yadkin County, North Carolina, where a few dozen Mexicans were cutting tobacco. I asked their Catholic padre how many of them were illegal. “All of them,” he said. I brought it up to the governor and the wealthiest Democrat in the state — both of whom had cut tobacco when they were kids — and they were shocked. Shocked! But not the farmers. They’d been exclusively using Mexican labor for almost 20 years....They are to the Southwest and the West what the Irish were to New York and Boston 150 years ago. They do the work. They in the near generations will inherit the culture, just as the Irish did Boston. And so will the Mormons. The ride of this most astonishing American life force from Vermont to Utah is not yet over. In fact, it is just advancing. Both these people awaken together as the West awakens.

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Democrats poised to move measures with high price tags -

From The Hill:

Congress faces a crush of votes on big-ticket items before the Memorial Day recess, setting up a debate on deficits less than six months before the November elections....Democratic leaders are looking in the next three weeks to send President Barack Obama a slew of measures that cost more than $200 billion, including a multiyear extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of expiring tax provisions and Medicare doctor payments totaling $180 billion and a $33 billion Afghanistan war supplemental bill

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Exclusive: Roxann Robinson Wins GOP Canvass for GA 27th District Special Election

The official results of the GOP Canvass, held today,for the General Assembly 27th District shows Roxann Robinson as the clear winner....

Roxann Robinson - 1008
Sherman Litton - 219
Brian Sullivan - 210
Jason King - 105

Sunday, May 9, 2010

GOP 27th District Republican Party Canvass to be held on Monday, May 10, 2010 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The 27th District Republican Party Canvass shall be held on Monday, May 10, 2010 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The purpose of the Canvass shall be to nominate a Republican candidate for the June 15, 2010 Special Election.

The Party Canvass will be conducted in three voting locations as follow:

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Bird, Beulah, Meadowbrook, Falling Creek, Chippenham, Southside, Five Forks and Gates shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:Meadowbrook High School - 4901 Cogbill Road Richmond, VA 23234

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: Providence, LaPrade, Jacobs, St. Lukes, Crenshaw and Genito shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass: Manchester Middle School - 7401 Hull Street Road Richmond, VA 23235

Voters who normally vote in the following Precincts: South Manchester, Spring Run, Deer Run, Birkdale and Cosby shall vote at the following location in this Party Canvass:Swift Creek Baptist Church - 7511 North Spring Run Road Midlothian, VA 23112