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Friday, April 24, 2009

BREAKING....Door to Door Neighborhood Canvassing effort for Bob McDonnell for Governor starts this weekend all over Virginia

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Tomorrow is Saturday, April 25, 2009, and it marks day one of the door to door effort to elect Bob McDonnell as our next Conservative Governor. Pick one of the below locations and show up at 10:00 a.m. to join in.

We are the grassroots renaissance to take back the Commonwealth. We are the resistance. We are spreading the message of Bob McDonnell for Governor on the streets starting tomorrow.

Put down the remote, put away the lawnmower, skip the baseball game. Do what you have to do, but show up. Do you call yourself a grassroots conservative who wants limited Government? Show up tomorrow at one of the below locations and prove it.


Chesterfield County: Meeting location: , Hardees, 13736 Hull St., Middlothian, Point of Contact: Camm Tyler,

Chesterfield County: Meeting location, Joe's Inn, 2616 Buford Rd, Richmond, Point of Contact: Jennifer Aulgur/ Julie Coggsdale,

Colonial Heights City: Meeting location, Delegate Cox Office, 250 B East Ellerslie, Colonial Heights, VA 23834 Point of Contact Lindsay Fisher

Henrico County: Meeting location, Panera Bread-Virginia Center Commons, 9960 Brook Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059 Point of Contact: Annie Celotto,

Henrico County: Meeting location, Del. John O'Bannon Campaign HQ, 8501 Mayland Dr. St 107, Richmond, VA 23294 Point of Contact: Archer McGiffin,

Hanover County: Meeting location, Cold Harbor Elementary School, 6740 Cold Harbor Rd., Mechanicsville, VA 23111 Point of Contact: Lee Mitchell

Hanover County: Meeting location, Kings Charter Clubhouse, 9407 Kings Charter Drive, Mechanicsville, VA 23116 Point of Contact: Mary Douglas Rice

New Kent County: Meeting location, McDonald's, At Rt. 60 and I-64 Intersection, Quinton, VA 23141 Point of Contact: Debbie Gingras/ Julie Coggsdale,

Loudoun County: Meeting location, Seldens Landing Elementary School, 43345 Coton Commons Drive, Leesburg, Point of Contact: Mary Ann Cannon

Loudoun County: Meeting location, Tom Seemam's Home, 752 Vanderbilt Terrace, Leesburg, Point of Contact: Mary Ann Cannon

Prince William County: Meeting location, Antietam Elementary School, 12000 Antietam Rd., Woodbridge, VA 22192 Point of Contact: : Adam Zubowsky,

Fairfax County: Meeting location, Cub Run Elementary School, 5301 Sully Station Dr., Centreville, Point of Contact: Tim Edson,

Fairfax County: Meeting location, Giant Grocery Store, 359 Maple Avenue East, Vienna, Point of Contact: : Darius Bearacat,

Fairfax County: Meeting location, Fairfax County Republican Committee HQ, 4246 Chain Bridge Rd., Fairfax, Point of Contact: Adam Zubowsky,

Virginia Beach City: Meeting location, Crowne Plaza, 4453 Bonney Road, Virginia Beach, Point of Contact: Erika Fischer,

Newport News City: Meeting location, Point Plaza, 950 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News, Point of Contact: Erika Fischer,

Portsmouth City: Meeting location, BB&T Bank, 5515 Portsmouth Blvd, Portsmouth, Point of Contact: Erika Fischer,

Chesapeake City: Meeting location, Chesapeake Republican HQ, 124 S. Battlefield Blvd., Chesapeake, VA 23322 Point of Contact: O.T Holton,

Chesapeake City: Meeting location, 2813 E. Meadow Wood Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23321
Point of Contact: Will McCraw,

Lynchburg City: Meeting location, Public Library, 2315 Memorial Ave., Lynchburg, Point of Contact: Trixie Averil,

Montgomery County: Meeting location, 1210 S. Jefferson Forest Ln., Blacksburg, VA 24060
POC: Trixie Averil,

Isle of Wight County: Meeting location: 3036 Nike Park Road, Carrollton, VAPOC: Rick Morris,

All walks will begin at 10am.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chesterfield BOS adopts budget, doesn't raise realestate tax rate

Opting to keep the county's real estate tax rate at 95 cents per $100 of assessed value, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors yesterday unanimously adopted a $1.23 billion operating budget for fiscal 2010....The tax rate will mean a slight decrease in real estate taxes -- $2,131 for the average homeowner based on this year's assessments, which determined the average home value to be $224,286....But the budget represents the first decline in years for the county and the largest revenue loss on record with a more than $53 million shortfall (about 4 percent) from the current year.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Rusty McGuire's fundraising beats opponents in 55th District GOP nomination contest

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Rusty McGuire Fundraising Outpaces Opponents in 55th District

- McGuire has 3x more donors and an advantage in fundraising -

- Closest Opponent Shows 48% of campaign war chest is loans -

Mechanicsville, VA- Rusty McGuire, the only prosecutor and Iraq War veteran in the Republican primary for the 55th House of Delegates seat, announced today that his campaign had raised more money and had three times as many donors as both of his opponents.

“We made a decision early on to run a grassroots, issues based campaign,” said Rusty McGuire. “We are truly excited by the amount of support we have received from across Hanover.”

McGuire out-raised both of his opponents for the first quarter of 2009 with $27,571 from 154 donors. In contrast to McGuire, his opponents had 47 and 43 donors apiece. McGuire’s closest opponent in fundraising also reported that 48% of his campaign war chest is a loan from himself.

“The strength of a campaign can be seen in yard signs, volunteers, hard work and, yes, fundraising,” said McGuire campaign manager Adam Ward. “By every single one of these standards we are finding support throughout the district and outpacing our opponents to win in June.”

Below is a breakdown of the fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2009:


$13,782 39 donors over $100
$7,204 107 donors under $100
$6,405 5 in kind over $100
$180 3 in kind under $100

$27,571 total donated

$5,200 personal loan to campaign


$25,900 33 donors over $100
$1,100 14 donors under $100
$0 in kind over $100
$0 in kind under $100
$2 Miscellaneous Receipts

$27,002 total donated

$25,000 personal loan to campaign


$3,560 9 donors over $100
$1,100 18 donors under $100
$9,051 11 in kind over $100
$216 5 in kind under $100

$13,927 total donated

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Hill Briefing - Obama's non-textbook liberalism

Obama's non-textbook liberalism

The Hill's A.B. Stoddard answers questions about President Obama's handle on the financial situation and what are some of his more conservative policies.

McDonnell beats McAuliffe at yesterday's Shad Planking

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From Intel reports....

1. Bob McDonnell had lapel stickers on over 60% of the folks that actually attended the Shad Planking.

2. Terry McAuliffe had his staffers (on leave from their Unions) out intimidating folks from 10 pm on Tuesday night through to 4 am on Wednesday morning. McAuliffe had ten roving patrols of sedans and SUV's--each vehicle had three or four New Englanders riding inside. McAuliffe did not use Virginia talent for his sign deployment efforts in the wee hours of the morning of April 15, 2009. McAuliffe imports his staff like he imports his cheese. McAuliffe's sign folks had D.C. license plates, Massachusetts license plates, and Maryland license plates.

3. On private properties leading into the Shad Plank venue, McDonnell won the sign war hands down. Median strips don't vote, property owners do.

4. McAuliffe did win the sign war. However, McDonnell won the lapel sticker war. McDonnell had his lapel stickers on close to 60% of the folks who were inside of the Shad Planking. Signs don't vote, people do. Heck, John Bowerbank and Jody Wagner had more lapel stickers on attendees that Terry McAuliffe did. Delegate Brian Moran is beating McAuliffe in the polls right now for the Democratic nomination by two percentage points and Moran didn't even participate in the sign war at the Shad Planking.

5. Final Analysis: Gaging from the McAuliffe performance from yesterday, voters don't know McAuliffe and they don't want to get to know him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does the 10th Amendment still Apply?

Watch me, I'm RADICAL!!

I'm concerned with concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty ...... I'm RADICAL!!! Watch as they keep adding extreme and quite frankly wrong ideas to those previously stated to great a BIG tent of what a right wing extremist is to scare conservatives from speaking out.....speaking out against our government IS protected by the constitution hurting people and threats are's a long leap from a conservative viewpoint to terroristic action, especially for a group that actually holds the US Constitution as the basis of their views.... From the World Net Daily:

A newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty and singles out returning war veterans as particular threats....The report, titled "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," dated April 7, states that "threats from white supremacist and violent anti-government groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts."...However, the document, first reported by talk-radio host and WND columnist Roger Hedgecock, goes on to suggest worsening economic woes, potential new legislative restrictions on firearms and "the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks."

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"If we cannot [reach the] Somali coast, we will kill the infidel." Pirates or Islamic Terrorists???

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Why is the Mainstream Media and President Obama calling Islamic Terrorists "Pirates" instead of Islamic Terrorists?

Why has the Obama Administration declared an end to the use of the phrase "Global War on Terrorism" when that is exactly what we are currently enmeshed in?

To define the "Terrorist" Pirate menace in proper context of the Global War on Terrorism, here is the money quote from one of the [now deceased] Somali Islamic Terrorists that was holding the Maersk Captain hostage on the lifeboat (from open source communications released by the Washington Post today:

"If we cannot [reach the] Somali coast, we will kill the infidel." Does anything more need to be said? We are STILL IN A GLOBAL WAR ON TERRORISM, despite the best efforts of the White House, President Obama, and the American Main stream Media to re-phrase this as a "minimal police action to confront criminal pirates" Link here:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chinese government actually sold bonds heavily in January

From the NY Times:

Reversing its role as the world’s fastest-growing buyer of United States Treasuries and other foreign bonds, the Chinese government actually sold bonds heavily in January and February before resuming purchases in March, according to data released during the weekend by China’s central bank....Cutting Back China’s foreign reserves grew in the first quarter of this year at the slowest pace in nearly eight years, edging up $7.7 billion, compared with a record increase of $153.9 billion in the same quarter last year....China has lent vast sums to the United States — roughly two-thirds of the central bank’s $1.95 trillion in foreign reserves are believed to be in American securities. But the Chinese government now finances a dwindling percentage of new American mortgages and government borrowing....In the last two months, Premier Wen Jiabao and other Chinese officials have expressed growing nervousness about their country’s huge exposure to America’s financial well-being.....Chinese reserves fell a record $32.6 billion in January and $1.4 billion more in February before rising $41.7 billion in March, according to figures released by the People’s Bank over the weekend. A resumption of growth in China’s reserves in March suggests, however, that confidence in that country may be reviving, and capital flight could be slowing.

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Patrick Muldoon's New Campaign Photo

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Taking a break from the campaign trail, Patrick Muldoon is pictured above readying himself for the upcoming Virginia GOP convention where he plans on seeking the nomination for Lt. Governor.

Based on the new campaign photo, several inquiries were made about the premature greying of Muldoon's coat. In response, campaign spokesperson Dian Fossey (author of Gorillas in the Mist) said that focus group testing revealed that when Muldoon shows his natural hue, he projects a sense of gravitas, experience, and intellect onto his campaign. Fossey forthrightly acknowledged that until today, these elements seemed to be missing from her candidate.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

President Obama kills the Captain Crunch Pirates

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This is the international incident that Vice President Joe Biden promised us last year on the campaign trail. Nobody believed smokin' Joe--we couldn't see this day coming. The international community is testing our President! Somkin' Joe was right all along.

The vicious Captain Crunch Pirates of Somalia tested the will of President Obama and lost (thanks to the Navy Seals). Four or five days into the incident, President Obama acted decisively and ordered the execution of the Captain Crunch Pirates! Great first step in an international incident! This proves the Obama Administration didn't act on Contingency Plan "A" from his friends at the ACLU---to swap the captive Skipper for a gallon of milk, a bowl, and four spoons. Aye Matie!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

BREAKING...Northern Virginia Business Groups dump on "local" Democratic candidates for Governor Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran

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In the fight over increasing taxes on NOVA Businesses to fund the expansion of the welfare state, the NOVA business organizations listed below have turned their back in disgust on "local" NOVA Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran. These NOVA business groups are the ones closest to Moran and McAuliffe--and they know them best and REJECT their high tax liberalism. These business groups agree with Republican Bob McDonnell that businesses should grow jobs instead of cutting existing jobs to fund the expansion of unemployment insurance benefits like Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe want to do.

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Greater Washington Board of Trade

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce

Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce

Link here:

Virginia Businesses Agree that BOB's FOR JOBS!!!

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In light of Bob McDonnell's opposition to making the Virginia Business Community pay for the expansion of the social welfare state while Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, and Creigh Deeds want to increase taxes on Virginia businesses who struggle to employ people during tough economic times, the Virginia Business Groups listed below all agree on one thing, that being:

BOB's for JOBS!!!

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Appomattox County Chamber of Commerce
Associated Builders & Contractors – Virginia Chapter
Associated General Contractors of Virginia
Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce
Chase City Chamber of Commerce
Emporia Greensville Chamber of Commerce
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Greater Washington Board of Trade
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce
Home Building Association of Richmond
Home Builders Association of Virginia
Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce
Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce
National Federation of Independent Business
Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce
Professional Insurance Agents Association
Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging
Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Forest Products Association
Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Virginia Manufacturers Association
Virginia Motorcoach Association
Virginia Motorcycle Dealers Association
Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Pest Management Association
Virginia Petroleum Convenience & Grocery Association
Virginia Poultry Federation
Virginia Retail Federation
Virginia Retail Merchants Association
Virginia Trucking Association
Virginia West Business & Legislative Coalition
Virginia Wholesalers & Distributors Association

Link here:

DIVORCE....the Virginia Business Community walks out on ALL Democratic candidates for Governor

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Madonna leaves Guy Ritchie. Brittany leaves Kevin Federline. Nicole Kidman leaves Tom Cruise. The Virginia Business Community leaves the Democratic Party. Some people 'marry up" in their lifetimes and some "marry down." There comes a seminal moment that reveals a divide that just can't be mended.

The unholy alliance, or marriage, between the Virginia Business Community and the candidates of the Democratic Party is over. The Democrats married up and now the Virginia Business Community has wizened up and is leaving the marriage with the Virginia Democratic Party based on fraudulent representations from the candidates of the self described pro-business Democratic Party. The Virginia Dems married up and Virginia Business Community married down. It's over now.

EXHIBIT ONE from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce in opposition to Governor Tim Kaine's, Terry McAuliffe's, Brian Moran's, and Creigh Deeds' support of EXPANDING the social welfare state through their support of expanding unemployment benefit programs on SB 1495 is listed below in it's entirety:


The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the federal "stimulus package") contains many provisions affecting the unemployment insurance (UI) program. This package contains a number of provisions designed to increase unemployment benefit payments and provide "incentives" for states to EXPAND the number of individuals who qualify for unemployment compensation.

The "incentives" provision transfers $7 billion in FUTA funds (federal taxes paid by employers) to state accounts if states enact or already have certain state UI laws in place. Of this amount, the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) estimates that Virginia could receive approximately $187.5 million if all the conditions are met.

To qualify for these "incentive" payments, a state must have an alternate base period which would entitle it to one-third of its share. Virginia enacted this provision in 2003, therefore, it is already eligible to receive $62.5 million.

In order to receive the remaining two-thirds of the funding, or approximately $125 million, the General Assembly must EXPAND our state UI law by passing at least two of the following four provisions:

1. It must provide benefits to former part-time workers who seek part-time work;

2. It must provide additional benefits (up to 26 weeks) to individuals who have exhausted their regular benefits but are enrolled in a state-approved training program or in a job training program. This benefit must prepare the individual for entry into a "high-demand" occupation;

3. It must provide benefits for voluntary separations from work for "compelling family reasons." These reasons must include domestic violence, illness or disability of an immediate family member, and the need to accompany a spouse to a place from where it is impractical to commute and due to a change in the location of the spouse’s employment (i.e., the popular trailing spouse provision);

4. It must provide dependents allowances to UI recipients with children.
During the 2009 General Assembly Session, no bills were introduced or passed that would qualify Virginia for the additional $125 million.

So, here we are…

The Governor will ask you to vote on receiving the remaining $125 million when you return on April 8. Of the four choices on the menu above, he will ask you to EXPAND our law to provide benefits – for the first time - to part time workers seeking part time work and those in job training. Here’s why that is a concern to those listed below.

• In order to receive the remaining $125 million in employer money, you are being asked to EXPAND permanently Virginia’s UI laws for a temporary benefit. When the FUTA monies run out, and they will, Virginia employers will be left to foot the bill. That’s not a good trade off.

• Some have argued in recent days that the two laws can be EXPANDED until the federal stimulus dollars run out and then we can just return to normal. That has some appeal, except it likely won’t happen. Here’s why. Federal guidelines inform states applying for these funds that their "applications should only be made under provisions of state laws that are currently in effect as permanent and not subject to discontinuation. This means that the provision is not subject to any condition – such as an expiration date, the balance in the state’s unemployment fund, or a legislative appropriation – that might prevent the provision from becoming effective, or that might suspend, discontinue, or nullify it." People will disagree over exactly what this all means, but while it’s being sorted out we need to just recognize that once benefit EXPANSIONS are enacted on a "permanent" basis in "good faith", the likelihood that they ever will be repealed is practically zero. If Congress had intended that the condition of distribution of these funds could be temporary and subject to discontinuation, it would have said so. It did not.

• Additionally, the effect of these two provisions, individually and cumulatively, is not well known at this time, but eventually they will increase Virginia’s taxes on jobs and employers and further deplete the state’s UI trust fund. We know now – for example - that even without these law changes, the state’s trust fund solvency level will dip to 38.5% this June and to 20% by June 2010, and by next year, Virginia will start borrowing money – lots of it - from the federal government to pay existing – not EXPANDED - benefits. We also know now that the average state tax on jobs – even without these law changes – will go from $98 per job this year to $159 per job next year and to $199 per job in 2012. These changes will not help this situation when the federal monies run out nor will it help now to create jobs.

• Some also argue that Virginia’s tax on jobs of $98 per year is too low - when compared to other states in the region – and we have room to "grow". North Carolina’s tax on jobs, for example, is $342 per year. South Carolina’s tax on jobs is $148 per year. They may even offer better benefits. And they’re already borrowing from the federal government to pay current benefits – not EXPANDED benefits. By February, for example, North Carolina had borrowed over $60 million; South Carolina almost $133 million. Virginia has borrowed nothing – yet - but that will change next year.

• A better, business preferred solution that has been used in the past would have been a significant distribution of employer paid FUTA funds to state unemployment trust funds - with no federal strings attached - to bolster the solvency of state unemployment trust funds and to pay benefits to those currently out of work. This approach was suggested as the stimulus package was assembled – and rejected.

• We recognize that these are difficult times for all, but we need to remain focused and honor our fiscal commitment to those who are currently unemployed, even if that means we have to borrow money to do it. EXPANDING benefit debates can wait until another day, perhaps until January when we’ll have 60 days to discuss their impacts. We therefore urge you to reject the Governor’s amendments to SB 1495. Link here:

BREAKING....Virginia Businesses Stand with McDonnell and AGAINST Tim Kaine, Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, and Creigh Deeds

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The anti-business, job killing Democratic Party in Virginia has shown their true colors in voting to increase taxes in an unsuccessful attempt to expand benefits to the do nothing, make nothing, want everything clients of the social welfare state. This jackbooted CABAL includes Governor Tim Kaine, and Democratic Gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, and Senator Creigh Deeds.

What Virginia Businesses Groups stand in support of Republican Bob McDonnell in opposining social welfare benefits by not raising taxes to fund an extension in unemployment benefits through the rejection of Governor Tim Kaine's amendments to SB 1495?

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Appomattox County Chamber of Commerce
Associated Builders & Contractors – Virginia Chapter
Associated General Contractors of Virginia
Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce
Chase City Chamber of Commerce
Emporia Greensville Chamber of Commerce
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Greater Washington Board of Trade
Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce
Home Building Association of Richmond
Home Builders Association of Virginia
Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce
Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce
National Federation of Independent Business
Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce
Professional Insurance Agents Association
Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging
Virginia Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Forest Products Association
Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association
Virginia Manufacturers Association
Virginia Motorcoach Association
Virginia Motorcycle Dealers Association
Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Virginia Pest Management Association
Virginia Petroleum Convenience & Grocery Association
Virginia Poultry Federation
Virginia Retail Federation
Virginia Retail Merchants Association
Virginia Trucking Association
Virginia West Business & Legislative Coalition
Virginia Wholesalers & Distributors Association

Link here:

Bob McDonnell stands firm against Tim Kaine's plan to increase taxes on Virginia Businesses

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Small businesses are the backbone of the Virginia economy and of the national economy. Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell stood against Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds, and the Virginia Democratic Controlled State Senate in opposing an anti-business bill that could have become law.

Just yesterday, Governor Kaine sought passage of a bill to add $125 million in federal stimulus money to the Virginia budget to provide additional unemployment benefits to thousands of jobless Virginians.

Why did McDonnell oppose this? Simple, because this bill was in reality a federally imposed unfunded mandate to extend Virginia unemployment benefits. What would have been the negative effect if this was passed? Tim Kaine sought to increase the tax rates that Virginia employers pay into the state portion of the uninsured funding order to "match and receive" the federal dollars. The $125 million in federal dollars required a match from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Businesses in our Commonwealth balked and were incensed that Kaine and the Democrats would increase taxes during these harsh times when small businesses are struggling to make payroll to keep the employees they have. Kaine's extension of unemployment benefits is an anti-business bill that would have cost jobs in Virginia. Tim Kaine proved he was anti business today. The DNC Chairman's would be successors--Terry McAuliffe, Brian Moran, and Creigh Deeds--proved they are anti business today because they all supported the tax increase that would have cost Virginians jobs.


Democrats want to expand the social welfare state by increasing taxes on businesses to fund human dependency programs in an effort to expand government largess for an indefinite period of time instead of working with businesses to cut taxes so that businesses can have the chance to grow while KEEPING existing employees on the payrolls during challenging economic times.

In opposing this Democratic bill, Bob McDonnell has drawn a line in the sand against the jackbooted, anti-business, ever expanding social welfare state. It's spelled C-O-N-S-E-R-V-A-T-I-S-M.

Patrick Muldoon--The Inconsistent Conservative Candidate for Lt. Gov.

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Patrick Muldoon's campaign is selectively inconsistent at worst and just plain old hypocritical at best. Who is Patrick Muldoon? The title of inconsistent conservative fits best. Why?
First, Muldoon attacks Bill Bolling over accepting Barr Pharmaceutical donations with this missive:

Muldoon Criticizes Bolling’s Funding Sources
For Immediate Release
January 15, 2009
Contact: 1-804-317-4997

Alexandria, VA - Patrick Muldoon today questioned donations accepted by his GOP opponent’s campaign.

“Bill Bolling has funded his political races, including this Lt. Governor’s race, with almost $40,000 from Barr Laboratories, the maker of the morning after abortion pill. He has also accepted $6,000 from manufacturer of Gardasil,” said Steve Waters, Muldoon’s spokesperson. Merck, the HPV vaccine’s manufacturer, donated heavily to Virginia legislators. In 2007, the General Assembly mandated that all Virginia school girls over the age of eleven receive the vaccine.

“Bolling continued to solicit funds from the Barr Labs even after the company’s involvement in the abortion industry drew controversy in the recent campaign’s of Jim Gilmore and George Allen,” said Waters. “Bolling raised even more funds from Merck for the National Republican Lt. Governor’s Association,” continued Waters. “The Republican Lt. Governor’s Association later made mandating Merck’s vaccine a legislative priority. Conservatives believe that health decisions for children should be made by caring parents. I suspect they will not look kindly on Bolling soliciting this money, Waters commented.”

“I was disappointed to learn of this questionable funding” said Muldoon. “I hope Lt. Governor Bolling will immediately return these funds and demonstrate his commitment to the basic GOP principles of limited government and the protection of innocent human life.”

Muldoon kicked off fund raising for his Lt Governor’s campaign after the 1st of January. “I have been greatly encouraged by the response I have received since beginning active fund raising,” said Muldoon. “I am even more heartened by the energetic response of grassroots activists to my campaign. It is apparent that Republicans across the Commonwealth are ready to wage a vigorous and victorious battle in our statewide races.”

Muldoon supporters had previously set up Muldoon Victory PAC to fund the effort to obtain ballot access for Muldoon at the Republican Convention. Muldoon’s PAC was largely self funded, and will report receipts of $26,620. “I refused to solicit funds from family, friends and activists until we successfully made it on the ballot for the convention” said Muldoon,” “We were very pleased to meet all RPV filing requirements,” continued Muldoon.

Muldoon surprised much of the party establishment by qualifying for the GOP nomination contest. “The state party had set unusually high filing requirements this year,” noted Waters.
“I strongly believe that the Republican Party needs a vigorous debate about the direction of this Commonwealth. In these difficult economic times, ordinary Virginians are cutting their budgets. We need to do the same. I fear a coronation by the Party elites will not lead to such a discussion,” said Muldoon.

Link here:

Okay, the above statement stands on its own. However, when given the opportunity to criticize former RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick for taking donations from Barr Pharmaceuticals, Patrick Muldoon takes a pass. Why the hypocrisy? For the last 3 and 1/2 years, Barr Pharmaceuticals has donated $400 to Jeff Frederick, Link here:

Muldoon says and does nothing on Frederick's acceptance of this money while castigating Bolling for it. However, Muldoon does manage to criticize the removal of Jeff Frederick from the position of RPV Chairman, to wit:

Muldoon Statement on RPV Leadership
For Immediate Release
Contact: 1-703-509-1730

Patrick Muldoon, candidate for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, said today: “The ham-handed way a relative few in the Republican Party have gone about their attempt to remove the chairman of the State Party has damaged the Party’s position and that of all of its candidates for public office this year. Without consulting the rank-and-file of the Party that elected Frederick to office less than a year ago, these few have presented charges that, to many Party members, appear to be a pretext. At a minimum, Frederick deserves an independent investigation to determine if the charges have substance. If the actual motivation is to replace Frederick with a moderate Republican who is more in agreement with the few who want to compromise the Party’s principles in the mistaken view that such a compromise will enhance the prospects for electoral success this fall, those who are behind this removal effort should make their case openly so that the issue can be determined where it should be — at the May 29-30 State Convention.”
link here:

This much is clear: Patrick Muldoon loves him some J-FRED even though Frederick accepts money from pro-abortion drug manufacturers. Concurrently, Patrick Muldoon just can't stand Bill Bolling for taking the same donations. Why the hypocrisy from Camp Muldoon? If Bolling is fit to be hogtied over accepting these contributions, then why not Frederick?

In this episode, Patrick Muldoon has proven himself to be an inconsistent conservative. How long until Patrick Muldoon dumps his support of Jeff Frederick for taking Barr Pharmaceutical money?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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Now that Jeff Frederick has taken approximately $400 in donations from the abortion industry, specifically Barr Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the Morning After Pill, let's listen to Delegate Bob Marshall as he destroys Jeff Frederick's financial Sugar Daddy:


Posted by MAXIMUS

Jeff Frederick, former RPV Chairman, received support from the Abortion Industry via acceptance of a $400 worth of donations from Barr Pharmaceuticals--THE MANUFACTURER OF THE MORNING AFTER PILL. Incredible, for the past 3 1/2 years, Jeff Frederick has knowingly taken money from the maker of human pesticide.

Imagine that. An alleged "pro-life" legislator takes money from a pro abortion drug manufacturer whose biggest supporters include Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and Pro-Choice America. This reason alone disqualifies Jeff Frederick from being considered this May for the position of RPV Chairman. Link here:

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We won't get fooled again. Jeff Frederick thinks he can take Pro-Choice money while he AGAIN runs for the post of RPV Chairman? Below is a story on one of Frederick's biggest financial sugar daddies:

Morning After Pill Sales Signal Success
Over-The-Counter Demand High, Despite Controversy
NEW YORK (AP) ― August 22, 2007

The morning-after pill, marketed by Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. as Plan B, was the focus of bitter debate for three years. In the year since it was approved for over-the-counter sales, the morning-after pill has become a huge commercial success for its manufacturer, but its popularity and solid safety record haven't deterred critics from seeking to overturn the milestone ruling. The pill, marketed by Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. as Plan B, was the focus of bitter debate for three years. After repeated delays, the Food and Drug Administration declared on Aug. 24, 2006 that customers 18 and older should be able to buy it in pharmacies without a prescription.Barr began distributing the over-the-counter version last November, and all national pharmacy chains now stock it. The company projects that sales of Plan B will total about $80 million for 2007, almost double the total for 2006 and up eightfold from 2004, when Barr acquired the product as a prescription-only drug."Overall, we've been very pleased with the acceptance," said Barr spokeswoman Carol Cox. "The product may not be for everyone — but if you find yourself in a position to need it, absolutely it should be available."Despite the booming sales, and evidence that the pill is safe if properly used, critics remain active.A coalition of conservative groups, including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington seeking to reverse the FDA ruling. The groups contend that the FDA acted unwisely under political pressure and lacked authority to approve the same drug for both over-the-counter and prescription-only distribution based on the user's age."Barr may be making a healthy profit, but women are paying the price," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, who believes Plan B is less effective that its backers assert.Barr says Plan B, a high dose of a drug found in many regular birth-control pills, can lower the risk of pregnancy by up to 89 percent if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.Since the FDA ruling, there have been extensive efforts by advocacy groups and some politicians to ensure widespread availability of Plan B._Several states have enacted laws to improve rape survivors' access to the medication in hospital emergency rooms; a similar bill has been introduced in Congress._Also in Congress, supporters of Plan B have introduced legislation to ensure that women serving in the U.S. military overseas have access to the pills at their bases. The measure's backers say servicewomen and military doctors often can't obtain the medication when it's needed._Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America and their allies have campaigned to educate women about Plan B and pressure national pharmacy chains to make it readily available. Overall, activists are pleased with the chains' response, but they say women continue to encounter pharmacies which refuse to stock Plan B and individual employees who, for reasons of conscience, refuse to sell it."Many women still don't know it's available," said NARAL's president, Nancy Keenan. "There's a lot of education that needs to be done."During three years of FDA deliberations over Plan B, many claims were made about it. Supporters said it would reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions; opponents said it would fuel teenage promiscuity because girls under 18 could obtain it from an older person — male or female — buying it over-the-counter on their behalf.Thus far, there have been several studies casting doubt on all these claims — although activists of varying views say there is a shortage of authoritative research. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, believes Plan B will contribute to a measurable drop in unintended pregnancies once accurate information about it spreads widely among American women."We're talking about very mainstream health care here," Richards said. "And yet there is a fringe group of folks in this country who seem determined to prevent women from getting emergency contraception."Some critics — including Roman Catholic leaders — consider the pill tantamount to abortion, although Barr says it has no effect on women who are already pregnant. Catholic bishops in Connecticut protested in May when the state legislature passed a bill requiring all hospitals, including Catholic facilities, to offer Plan B to rape victims Deirdre McQuade, planning director for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, also expressed concern about pharmacy employees, saying they should have the right to refuse to sell Plan B for reasons of conscience. Some states have passed laws to protect this right of refusal. "Pregnancy is not a disease," McQuade said. "There is no absolute duty to dispense a non-therapeutic drug, but there is a basic civil right of conscience." Link here:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Delegate Frederick responds to his ousting

Although we've been an outspoken critic of Jeff Fredrick on this blog, I think fair is fair (as we did with his response to the charges leveled against him) and have posted his repsonse to the vote to oust him as Chair of the RPV.

Dear Fellow Virginia Republican:

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, fifty-seven members of the State Central Committee voted on Saturday to remove me as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Their decision effectively overturned the result of the thousands of Republican grassroots activists and volunteers who elected me at the 2008 Virginia Republican Convention.

The difference in the outcome hinged on a favorable proxy vote for me, who was disqualified by the Committee. Had this gentleman – an active Republican who drove all the way from Bath County to attend this meeting – been allowed to cast his vote, I would be Chairman today.

As I told the press corps after the vote, I’m certainly disappointed, yet I remain optimistic.

I ran for Chairman with the hope of changing our Party so we could once again be the majority party in Virginia, achieving real progress for our Commonwealth and our families while remaining true to our principles and values.

Unfortunately, the headwinds against changing course were just too great. Too many are still invested in doing things the old way, giving direction from the top-down instead of building and growing from the bottom-up. When I sought the chairmanship, I promised to put our Party firmly back in your hands – the grassroots of our Party. Of course, that didn’t sit well with long-time Party insiders. Instead of concerning themselves with electing Republicans, they – from the moment my victory was declared last May – focused their efforts on replacing me with someone who would “play ball” with them.

I am disappointed for our Party and our grassroots, since the very same people who have presided over our Party’s decline in Virginia are now back in charge.

Yet, I will not be deterred. I have always said that I am not in this business for me. Philosophically, I fight these fights to further the principles you and I share. Practically, I engage to do all I can to ensure that my daughters have a chance to grow up in the wonderful Virginia in which I had the privilege of growing up.

Amy and I have some decisions to make. Over the next several days, we will be talking amongst ourselves and with close friends, and praying about our next steps. We will fill you in as soon as we make those decisions.

Until then, I want to give my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to those of you who stood by me through these challenging and trying times. It is times like these when you truly learn who your friends are, and I’m humbled by the outpouring of support we have received from every corner of Virginia. You are true friends, and I will never forget all that you sacrificed on behalf of our Party and our principles.

Notwithstanding whatever course we take from here, know that our friendships will endure, and please don’t ever hesitate to let me know how I can repay even just a small measure of the abundant support you all have shown Amy and me.

Our movement to revitalize Republican conservatism in Virginia is far from over. We will be in touch soon.

God Bless,

Jeff Frederick


Authorized & Paid for by Virginia's Future PAC

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodbye (for now) .....and Good Luck

Posted by MAXIMUS

It it over.

The Republican Party of Virginia's State Central Committee voted and expressed an overwhelming majority for change in direction. Chairman Jeff Frederick was removed from Office. Sic semper tyrannis. We move forward from here and regroup. This includes me.

I'll be taking a blogging break for a while. How long of a break I don't know, but I hope to return. May God grant you and your family peace this Easter and peace for our party as the infancy of its return. The mission is done for now--an extended, if not permanent, liberty call awaits. Maybe I go AWOL once I hit the beach, or maybe I return for duty. Whatever.
My mission? For now, complete.

RPV Chair Frederick removed as Chair

In a 57 vote for and 17 vote against, Delegate Jeff Frederick has been removed as Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). The charges were presented at at 11am with each side given 45 minutes to respond. After the charges were presented and responses heard two procedural votes were taken...63 votes were in favor with 13 against (57 were needed for removal.) We now look to a new chairman to revive the party with ethical and strong leadership so we can once again turn Virginia back to being a red state.

Even more GOP Chairs call for Frederick to resign prior to the vote

Posted by MAXIMUS

April 3, 2009

Chairman Jeff Frederick
Republican Party of Virginia
901 East Cary Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Jeff:

As fellow conservative grassroots Republican leaders, we join the Congressional Delegation, our Gubernatorial Nominee, the General Assembly leadership, ¾ of our elected state central representatives and our fellow Republican county chairs in urging you to resign as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

There is much to be done in the coming weeks and months, and we believe this is the right time for new leadership.


Patricia Meyers, Chairman, Charles City County GOP
Chris Marston, Chairman, Alexandria City GOP
John Tucker, Chairman, Madison County GOP
Ben Slone, Chairman, Goochland County GOP
Kyle Adams, Chairman, Hampton City GOP
Doug Rogers, Chairman, Culpeper County GOP
Cortland Putbrese, Chairman, Richmond City GOP
Jane Ladd, Chairman, New Kent County GOP

Friday, April 3, 2009


Posted by MAXIMUS

From the comments section of Willie Deutsch's blog (Willie Deutsch is a Frederick Supporter) comes the below threat from Tim Boyer, a blogger from the 5th Congressional District, against State Central Committee Members who plan on voting Jeff Frederick out of office LINK HERE:

"TIM BOYER said...

The Party Plan does NOT allow for ANY meeting of ANY committee of RPV to be closed to the public (Article VII, section G.).As such, the accusers do not have the authority under the Party Plan to make any rules antithetical to rules already spoken to in the Plan.They are usurping the authority of the Plan to allow them to do their evil deeds under the cover of darkness.We should all be offended and angry that the usurpers actually dare tell us that we do not have the right, given to us in the Plan, to come see them attempt to deny us our right, given to us by the Plan, to elect our own leaders!!
We must make them all pay the ultimate price for this coup against us."
April 3, 2009 11:57 AM

There is a problem here. This has moved past civil discourse. We will not be intimidated by the Kool-Aid drinking supporters of Jim Jones....I mean Jeff Frederick. Unstable man, unstable situation at this point.


Posted by MAXIMUS

Huge Breaking News out of Richmond. This will rock Chairman Jeff Frederick to the core. If you believe in ethics, have faith that the RPV SCC will do the right thing tomorrow and vote out RPV Chairman Jeff Frederick.

Read this statement from a former RPV Staffer who was ordered to make a campaign ad for Amy Frederick for Delegate while this Staffer was still employed by RPV!! This former RPV Staffer, with the initials M.A., was forced to make the below video of Amy during the last week of the 2009 General Assembly session.

This is the statement from the RPV Staffer: "While I was working at RPV, I was instructed from higher ups to direct, shoot and edit Amy Frederick's campaign announcement video. I had originally questioned whether or not this was a conflict of interest seeing that she is the Chairman's wife and she was not officially a candidate or even the nominee, but I was told that she was allowed to utilize RPV's resources and it was non of my concern" ---signed M.A., former RPV Staffer

This action is against the Plan of Organization ("The Plan") for the Republican Party of Virginia. The Plan specifically provides that RPV shall stay out of nomination contests. What's a rule to the Frederick Family? Mearly something to be broken.

Here is the video that RPV Stffer was forced to make for Amy Frederick for Delegate:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did Jeff Frederick enlist RPV Staffers to misrepresent his whereabouts?

Posted by MAXIMUS


----- Original Message -----
From: Jeff Frederick
Cc: Christina McArthur
Sent: Sun Sep 14 11:10:13 2008
Subject: Info/Talking points about my trip

Three things about this trip:

1. It is state-related. I'm going with other legislators (and I am still a
legislator) and has an economic development component to it (this past week, the Governor signed an agreement with Israel on some of this stuff).

2. It is church/religion related for me personally.

3. I am not a paid chairman; I have other jobs.

Don't volunteer to people that I'm gone -- just make like everything is normal, and as always, tell folks that I respond quicker over email.

I don't think many people will know I'm taking this trip, since I will be active on email throughout for at least a few hours each day (likely from about 2-5pm EST), and my phone will work to get calls (although it is very expensive, so I may not answer) and text messages (less expensive). In other words, I'll be almost as plugged in there as I am here in communicating.
If you need a quick answer from me urgently, try to text message me (I'm told that will work).
Lastly, there is emergency contact info in my calendar, which Amy, Kathy, Gerry, and Allison all have access to.


Jeff Frederick "claims" his HOD office in Dumfries is also a Satellite Office for RPV

Posted by MAXIMUS

A picture says what 10,000 words cannot. If Jeff Frederick is making RPV pay for Office space that is co-located in the same building as his Legislative District Office in Dumfries, VA, why doesn't "RPV Satellite Office" or "RPV NOVA Office" appear on the Office Directory in said building? A picture says what 10,000 words cannot.

Jeff Frederick claims that it is okay for him to charge the Republican Party of Virginia ("RPV")rent for a *NOVA SATELLITE OFFICE* because RPV staff uses Frederick's legislative constituent service office space in Dumfries, VA. Let's look to Count 3 of the Bill of Particulars against Frederick for basis of removal and then let's look at Frederick's response.

Charge 3 (of 10) to remove Jeff Frederick:

Unauthorized expenditures of RPV funds for unbudgeted activities without either State Central Committee or Executive Committee consent.

Jeff Frederick's Response to Charge 3:

"While there is no specific allegation in this charge, it has been suggested by more than one Executive Committee member that the Chairman’s procurement of office space in Northern Virginia was a breach of his authority.The Chairman rented space at a rate of $600 per month for an office in Prince William County to serve as a Northern Virginia satellite office for RPV and for his legislative constituent service office. It was his intention to use the office space for himself for donor meetings and for other business to be conducted by RPV’s Northern Virginia Field Director and its Finance Director. For the period beginning 15 October 2008 and ending 15 June 2009, Friends of Jeff Frederick paid $2,400 for its portion of the office and RPV paid $2,400.00 for its portion. All payments were made directly to the landlord.The Party Plan grants the Chairman authority to operate the State Headquarters within the approved budgets for personnel, but makes no other restrictions on the Chairman’s ability to authorize expenditures."

Why is this *man of the grassroots* hiding the accessibility of RPV's supposed NOVA field office by not listing it on the building directory? Does RPV's NOVA field office truly exist?