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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bill Bolling CARPET BOMBS Patrick Muldoon's campaign with masterful show of grassroots support

Posted by MAXIMUS

Incumbent Lt. Governor Bill Bolling just started carpet bombing Patrick Muldoon's misguided candidacy to challenge him for the Republican nomination for the office of Lt. Governor. In a press release sent out yesterday, Bolling indicates he has locked down the support of the conservative grassroots movement and elected officals throughout the state. The carpet bombing of Patrick Muldoon's misguided candidacy has begun, to wit:


November 28, 2008

RICHMOND – Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling released an overwhelming list of Republican elected officials and party leaders who have agreed to lend their support to his 2009 re-election campaign.

The list includes every Republican member of Virginia's congressional delegation, more than 70 Republican members of the General Assembly and almost every member of the Republican Party's State Central Committee.

The list also includes more than 100 of the Republican Party's county/city committee chairs, along with such party luminaries as former Senator George Allen, former Governor Jim Gilmore, former Lieutenant Governor John Hager and former Attorney General and 2005 gubernatorial nominee Jerry Kilgore.

Perhaps most significantly, the list also includes current Attorney General and 2009 gubernatorial nominee Bob McDonnell and all three of the Republican candidates currently seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General, including Senator Ken Cuccinelli, former United States Attorney John Brownlee and former Arlington County School Board Chairman Dave Foster.

"I am very pleased by the pledges of support that my re-election campaign has gained from Republican party leaders and activists all across Virginia," Bolling said. "Their friendship, confidence and support mean a great deal to me, and their willingness to stand by my side at this early stage shows the broad strength of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2009."

McDonnell also added his public support to Bolling's re-election campaign and encouraged fellow Republicans to line up early behind Bolling's candidacy. "Bill Bolling has been an outstanding Lieutenant Governor. For the past three years we have worked side by side to support our conservative values and find positive solutions to the challenges facing our state," McDonnell said. "I need Bill Bolling as my running made and partner in state government for the next four years. I encourage you to give Bill your support."

Bolling was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2005 after serving for ten years in the Virginia State Senate. In a year that favored Democrats, Bolling received more votes than any other statewide Republican candidate.

Throughout his service in state government, Bolling has been recognized as one of Virginia's most effective and consistent conservative leaders. Bolling has championed the cause of keeping government small and focused on its core responsibilities and reducing excessive government spending and regulation. He has also opposed every attempt by Democrat Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to raise taxes in Virginia.

Bolling is also regarded as a social conservative. He is pro-life, having received a 100% pro-family rating from the Family Foundation. He supports the Second Amendment having received an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and the endorsement of the NRA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League in 2005. Bolling was also campaigned across Virginia in support of the Marriage Amendment in 2006, and raised thousands of dollars to run radio ads encouraging the amendment's passage.

Bolling has also shown the ability to work on a bi-partisan basis to get things done in Richmond. He has been one of the General Assembly's leading voices on health care and natural resource issues. In 2007, Bolling kicked off his 100 Ideas For The Future Of Virginia initiative, through which he has challenged the Republican Party to get back to being a party of issues and ideas and offering a positive vision for the future of Virginia that focuses on the issue family's care most about.

To learn more about Lieutenant Governor Bolling, please visit his web site at

To volunteer to lend your support to Lieutenant Governor Bolling's re-election campaign, please click here.


State and Congressional Leaders

The Honorable Robert McDonnell, Attorney General and 2009 GOP Gubernatorial Nominee

The Honorable George Allen, Former Governor and Senator
The Honorable Jim Gilmore, Former Governor
The Honorable John Hager, Former Lieutenant Governor and Former RPV Chairman
The Honorable Jerry Kilgore, Former Attorney General and 2005 Gubernatorial Nominee

Congressman Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip, 111th Congress
Congressman Tom Davis, III
Congresswoman Thelma Drake
Congressman Randy Forbes
Congressman Virgil Goode
Congressman Bob Goodlatte
Congressman Rob Wittman
Congressman Frank Wolf

John Brownlee, Candidate for Attorney General
Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, Candidate for Attorney General
David Foster, Candidate for Attorney General

State Senate

Senator Thomas Norment, Jr., Senate Minority Leader
Senator Steve Newman, Senate Republican Caucus Chair
Senator Ken Stolle, Republican Leader Pro Tempore
Senator Walter Stosch, Republican Leader Emeritus
Senator Ken Cuccinelli
Senator Emmett Hanger
Senator Robert Hurt
Senator Steve Martin
Senator Ryan McDougle
Senator Mark Obenshain
Senator Fred Quayle
Senator Frank Ruff
Senator Ralph Smith
Senator Richard Stuart
Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel
Senator Frank Wagner
Senator William Wampler
Senator John Watkins

House of Delegates

Speaker William Howell
Majority Leader Morgan Griffith
Delegate Kirk Cox, House Republican Whip
Delegate Sam Nixon, Jr., House Republican Caucus Chair
Delegate Dave Albo
Delegate Clay Athey
Delegate Rob Bell
Delegate Kathy Byron
Delegate Bill Carrico
Delegate Ben Cline
Delegate Mark Cole
Delegate John Cosgrove
Delegate William Fralin
Delegate Tom Gear
Delegate Todd Gilbert
Delegate Phil Hamilton
Delegate Frank Hargrove, Sr.
Delegate Clarke Hogan
Delegate Tim Hugo
Delegate Sal Iaquinto
Delegate Riley Ingram
Delegate Bill Janis
Delegate Chris Jones
Delegate Terry Kilgore
Delegate Steven Landes
Delegate Scott Lingamfelter
Delegate Matt Lohr
Delegate Manoli Loupassi
Delegate Danny Marshall
Delegate Jimmie Massie
Delegate Joe May
Delegate Don Merricks
Delegate Jackson Miller
Delegate Harvey Morgan
Delegate Dave Nutter
Delegate John O'Bannon
Delegate Glenn Oder
Delegate Bobby Orrock, Sr.
Delegate Chris Peace
Delegate Brenda Pogge
Delegate Charles Poindexter
Delegate Bob Purkey
Delegate Chris Saxman
Delegate Edward Scott
Delegate Beverly Sherwood
Delegate Terrie Suit
Delegate Robert Tata
Delegate Lee Ware
Delegate Tommy Wright

State Central Committee Members

Morton Blackwell, National Committeeman
Kathy Terry, National Committeewoman
Michael Thomas, First Vice Chairman
Polly Campbell, Secretary
Rick Neel, Treasurer
Walter Curt, Finance Chairman
Juanita Balenger, Eastern Vice Chairwoman
Kevin Gentry, Eastern Vice Chairman
Trixie Averill, Western Vice Chairwoman
James Hale, Western Vice Chairman
Tom Foley, 1st District Chairman
Gary C. Byler, 2nd District Activist
Mike Wade, 3rd District Chairman
Jack Wilson, 4th District Chairman
Tucker Watkins, 5th District Chairman
Fred Anderson, 6th District Chairman
Linwood Cobb, III, 7th District Chairman
Michael Ginsberg, 8th District Chairman
Michelle Jenkins, 9th District Chairman
James Rich, 10th District Chairman
Becky Stoeckel, 11th District Chairman
Michael Lowe, 1st District Rep.
John Van Hoy, 1st District Rep.
James Bowden, 1st District Rep.
Carol Dawson, 1st District Rep.
Allen Webb, 1st District Rep.
David O'Kelley, 2nd District Rep.
Chuck Smith, 2nd District Rep.
Roger Miles, 2nd District Rep.
Shirley Darnauer, 2nd District Rep.
Ken Golden, 2nd District Rep.
Bryan Meals, 3rd District Rep.
Christopher Woodfin, 3rd District Rep.
Cortland Putbrese, 3rd District Rep.
William Flanagan, 4th District Rep.
Irene Hurst, 4th District Rep.
Linas Kojelis, 4th District Rep.
Robert Wheeler, 4th District Rep.
Chris Shores, 5th District Rep.
Gene Smith, 5th District Rep.
Rachel Shoenewald, 5th District Rep.
Edward W. Early, 5th District Rep.
Mickey Mixon, 6th District Rep.
Matthew Braud, 6th District Rep.
Lynn Mitchell, 6th District Rep.
Wendell Walker, 6th District Rep.
Kristi Way, 7th District Rep.
Marie Quinn, 7th District Rep.
Edward Fuhr, 7th District Rep.
Brian Plum, 7th District Rep.
David Fuller, 7th District Rep.
Vellie Dietrich-Hall, 8th District Rep.
Michael Giere, 8th District Rep.
Mark Kelly, 8th District Rep.
John Kilgore, 9th District Rep.
Jerry Lester, 9th District Rep.
Judi Lynch, 9th District Rep.
Howard Lind, 10th District Rep.
Mary Gail Swenson, 10th District Rep.
Keith Damon, 11th District Rep.
Patsy Drain, 11th District Rep.
Rick Hendrix, 11th District Rep.
Michael Rumberg, 11th District Rep.
Lori-Ann Miller, Young Republican Federation of Virginia President
Neil Miller, Young Republican Federation of Virginia Rep.
Andrew Vehorn, Young Republican Federation of Virginia Rep.
Sam Bradshaw, College Republican Federation of Virginia Rep.
Adam Erby, College Republican Federation of Virginia Rep.
Angie Hall
Carol Ford
Ed Gillespie, Former Republican Party of Virginia and Republican National Committee Chairman
Don Huffman, Former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman
Kate Obenshain, Former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman
Gary Thomson, Former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman

Unit Chairs

Timothy Raynor, Accomack
Christian Schoenewald, Albemarle
Chris Marston, Alexandria
Loren Newman, Jr., Alleghany/Covington/Clifton Forge
Mary Alice Williams, Amelia
Stephen Witham, Amherst
Evans Thomas, Appomattox
Mark Kelly, Arlington
Bill Shirley, Augusta
Kevin Corwin, Bedford County / City
Joyce Kistner, Bristol
Elaine Cogsdale, Brunswick
Jerry Lester, Buchanan
Gene Smith, Campbell
Jeff Sili, Caroline
Carolyn Honeycutt, Carroll
Patricia Meyers, Charles City
Anthony Pascuita, Jr., Charlotte
Donald Williams, Chesterfield
Hon. John Wood, Colonial Heights
Don Bishop, Craig
John Coates, Culpeper
Susan McCammon, Dinwiddie
Carla Cash Harris, Emporia / Greensville
Blake Slusser, Essex
Jim Kaplan, Fairfax City
Jim Hyland, Fairfax County
James P. Fisher, Fauquier
Gene Bishop, Floyd
Doug Johnson, Fluvanna
Teresa Preston, Franklin City / Southampton County
Bill Stanley, Franklin County
Bob Seale, Frederick County
B.J. Huff, Fredericksburg
John Walsh, Gloucester
Ben Slone, Goochland
Dawn Cox, Grayson
Gary Lowe, Greene
Pat Barksdale, Halifax
Kyle Adams, Hampton
Angela Kelly-Wiecek, Hanover
Kerri Wilson, Harrisonburg
Mike Wade, Henrico
Don Lawson, Henry
David Kiser, Highland
Phil Justice, Hopewell
Rick Batten, James City
William Rilee, King & Queen
John Hubbard, King William
Joan Blackstone, Lancaster
Damie Carter, Lee
Robert James, Jr., Lexington / Rockbridge / Buena Vista
Pat Mullins, Louisa
Adam Erby, Lunenburg
Mark Peake, Lynchburg
John Tucker, Madison
Tony Kostelecky, Manassas
William Wren, Manassas Park
Timothy Halpin, Martinsville
Michael Lowe, Mathews
Tim Boyle, Mecklenburg
Lee Davis, Middlesex
Patty Manthe, Montgomery
Jane Ladd, New Kent
Steve Groce, Newport News
Pam Brown, Norfolk
Colin Cowling, Northampton
Jeanne Kling, Northumberland
Ronald Chipper, Nottoway
Doug Rogers, Orange
Charles Butler, Jr., Page
Elizabeth Stanley, Patrick
Linas Kojelis, Petersburg
Tom Arthur, Pittsylvania
John Anderson, Poquoson
Bryan Meals, Portsmouth
Ray Kramer, Powhatan
John Marsden, Prince Edward
Daniel Robinson, Prince George
Lyle Beefelt, Prince William
Beckie Cox, Pulaski
Mark Armentrout, Radford
Cortland Putbrese, Richmond City
Debbie Harper, Richmond County
Adam Boitnott, Roanoke City
Graham Leonard, III, Roanoke County
Michael Meredith, Rockingham
Gregory Habeeb, Salem
John Kilgore, Sr., Scott
Michael Monahan, Shenandoah
Adam Tolbert, Smyth
Bryce Reeves, Spotsylvania
Susan Stimpson, Stafford
Stephen Trent, Suffolk
Earl Hall, Surry
Aaron Roberts, Tazewell
Kenny Golden, Virginia Beach
Lisa Mauck, Warren
Patty Denton, Washington
Chris Darden, Waynesboro
Robert Fountain, Westmoreland
Richard Hill, Williamsburg
Patricia Jackson, Winchester
Ben Boggs, Wise
Aubrey O'Quinn, Wythe
Doug Meade, York

Saturday, November 29, 2008

HEAT WAVE? First commercial cargo delivery made via Northwest Passage

Posted by MAXIMUS

I DECLARE A BLOG WAR ON CANADA! Not really, but today while we are talking smack about our socialist Northern neighbors, you should also know that the fabled Northwest Passage is now officially open for business. Link here:

So what?

For centuries, sea goers and global shipping tycoons have lusted after open sea lanes in the Northwest Passage. It's so cold up there that these viable sea lanes have always been frozen over--not usable until now. The Passage links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through the venous waterways of the Canadian Arctic. For ships ferrying goods to market, travelling through the Passage from Asia to North America (or vice-versa) actually cuts off thousands of miles of travel. The opening of the Passage has the strong potential to bring goods to market quicker and for cheaper cost. We all know how America is addicted to Communist made Chinese goods (look under your Christmas Tree this year), so this could have the net effect of even more "Roll Back" prices at Wal-Mart.

This means the roll out price of next years 60" Vizio brand LCD HDTV goes down to $1,900.00 instead of $1,950.00. Oh Dear Leader, we are humbled and grateful that the Communists have found yet another way to save us money on next years Christmas purchases! If we turned that into a prayer and actually said it in China, we could have the added bonus of going to jail. Ain't globalization grand! Anybody for Free Trade with Free People?

Is Congress voting to Bail Out Canada?

Posted by MAXIMUS

The laughable bail out of the U.S. Auto Industry isn't so funny when you consider that the Canadian Government and the Canadian Auto Workers Union are also lining up at the trough to slop down some American taxpayer dollars. Link here:

The U.S. Auto industry is gone. They can remake themselves by getting out of Detroit, relocating in RIGHT TO WORK STATES such as Virginia or Tennessee or Texas or Alabama. They can declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and tear up the Union Contracts and start over from fresh. Can't be done? Volkswagon, Nissan, Daimler, Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda seem to make it work.

Soon, the only car models the U.S. Auto Industry will be making are Volga's and Lada's--the old standbys of the former Soviet Auto Industry. I never knew Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were automotive engineers who dabble in foreign affairs to bail out the economies and failing industries of foreign nations like Canada at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. Folks, this is insane. Change is here. Please contact your Congressman and ask them to vote against the American/Canadian Automotive bail out plan.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tim Kaine calls Terry McAuliffe a Public Servant?

Posted by MAXIMUS

In today's Richmond Times Dispatch, Governor Tim Kaine called Terry McAuliffe a "public servant." What? How exactly is McAuliffe a PUBLIC servant? A servant of the Democratic Party--yes, but McAuliffe a PUBLIC servant? NO!

What office has Terry McAuliffe ever held? What public policy has Terry McAuliffe ever crafted or cradled from infancy to legislation to successful passage into law?

With this statement, Governor Kaine is clearly going out of his way to give cover to McAuliffe's bid to secure the Democratic nomination for Governor. Kaine is seeking to legitimize McAuliffe's standing among the Democratic base by equating McAuliffe's non service to the verifiable record of PUBLIC service that Creigh Deeds and Brian Moran have legitimately earned.

Is there an excess of riches in the Virginia Democratic Party? With McAuliffe's entry into the race for Governor, this is the understatement of the year. Money talks. McAuliffe doles it out like crack, Tim Kaine deals it to Virginia Democrats who are in turn expected to shoot it up. The Virginia Democratic Party's Gubernatorial nomination is truly up for sale. This is change we can believe in.

Mortgage Crisis, Bailouts, Bankruptcies, Bad economy but don't worry Hollywood and Vanity Fair will still be holding their Oscar night bash.....

...whew! I was worried that the a-listers wouldn't get their "goody" bags worth tens of thousands this year when most are hurting with layoffs and piles of bills unpaid this Christmas season.....these people are sooooo clueless. From Vanity

Vanity Fair will hold its annual Oscar Night party at the Sunset Tower Hotel on February 22, 2009, it was announced today by editor Graydon Carter...“The party will be a much more intimate affair than in years past; we’re going to scale back the guest list considerably,” Carter says. “We’ll celebrate Hollywood’s big night the way we did when we first threw the party 15 years ago—it will be a cozier, more understated event. And one with familiar decor—given the current economy, and our dedication to the green movement, we will be recycling many of the elements of years past. We also look forward to working with Jeff Klein, who owns the Sunset Tower (and is my partner in another venture), in making next year’s Oscar party a memorable one.”

Also, should a magazine that has seen shrinking sales and subscriptions really be spending money on a party?

Read Here:

I'm getting a cold war feeling once again.

Russia is again trying to flex its muscle by showing solidarity with Chavez and moving warship into Venezuelan ports. Although it is true that the Russian fleet is not of the same power as the cold war Soviet fleet, I think it is a mistake by the U.S. State Department to take this aggressive stance and the allegiance of those countries that traditionally have been opposed to U.S. democracy lightly....if China,for instance, publicly gets involved with Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and the like...the jokes the U.S. State Department are telling stop being funny. From the AP:

Russian warships sailed into port in Venezuela on Tuesday in a show of strength as Moscow seeks to counter U.S. influence in Latin America. Russia's first such deployment in the Caribbean since the Cold War is timed to coincide with President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Venezuela, the first ever by a Russian president.....Russian sailors dressed in black-and-white uniforms lined up along the bow of the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko as it docked in La Guaira, near Caracas, and Venezuelan troops greeted them with cannons in a 21-gun salute. Two support vessels also docked, and the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, Russia's largest navy ship, anchored offshore.....Chavez, basking in the support of a powerful ally and traditional U.S. rival, wants Russian help to build a nuclear reactor, invest in oil and natural gas projects and bolster his leftist opposition to U.S. influence in the region.....He also wants weapons - Venezuela has bought more than $4 billion in Russian arms, including Sukhoi fighter jets, helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles, and more deals for Russian tanks or other weaponry may be discussed after Medvedev arrives Wednesday......Russia's ambitions in Latin America, however, may be checked by global events. Both Venezuela and Russia are feeling the pinch of slumping oil prices, and their ability to be major benefactors for like-minded leaders is in doubt given the pressures of the world's financial crisis.....The deployment of the naval squadron is widely seen as a demonstration of Kremlin anger over the U.S. decision to send warships to deliver aid to Georgia after its battles with Russia, and over U.S. plans for a European missile-defense system.....But U.S. officials mocked the show of force....."Are they accompanied by tugboats this time?" U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack joked to reporters in Washington. He noted that Russia's navy is but a shadow of its Soviet-era fleet...."I don't think there's any question about ... who the region looks to in terms of political, economic, diplomatic and as well as military power," McCormack said. "If the Venezuelans and the Russians want to have, you know, a military exercise, that's fine. But we'll obviously be watching it very closely."....When Russia sent two strategic bombers to Venezuela in September, some drew comparisons to the Soviet Union's deployments to Cuba during the Cold War....But both countries have shown signs of trying to engage President-elect Barack Obama, and Chavez told reporters that it's ludicrous to invoke the Cold War to describe these naval exercises....."It's not a provocation. It's an exchange between two free countries," Chavez said Monday night....

Read Here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What is the Office of the President elect? Stop campaigning for Gosh sakes you won...

It's all about image, my friends, and since that is all the President elect has going for him, oh, and all the past Clinton appointees he has in his admionistration (You know, the same Clinton administration people he railed against in the primaries)...we'll be seeing this pseudo Presidential posturing a lot up until Jan.20th before he takes office....when he'll have to actually provide results instead of just ideas. From Fox

President-elect Barack Obama is looking very presidential these days. When he makes an announcement, he is ringed by American flags and stands behind a lectern that has a very presidential-looking placard announcing "The Office of the President-Elect." .....But the props are merely that. Under the Constitution, there is no such thing as the Office of the President-elect. Technically, Obama will not even become the president-elect until the Electoral College convenes after the second Wednesday in December and elects him based on the results of the Nov. 4 general election, as stated in the Constitution......So what is Obama's executive authority in the weeks leading to Jan.20?...In the 11 weeks between Election Day and Inauguration Day, the next president must ensure a smooth transition by selecting political appointees to manage key agencies and offices within the Executive Branch, and by creating the policies that will define the new administration -- all while respecting the authority held by the current president.....The Presidential Transition Act -- created in 1963 and amended in 2000 -- establishes formal provisions for the transition period by outlining training and other assistance that the president-elect and his team of advisers can receive as they prepare to assume office......The amended bill -- co-sponsored by lawmakers including former Sen. Fred Thompson, Sen. Joe Lieberman, and Sen. Dick Durbin -- calls for the "training and orientation of high-level presidential appointees," among other things, as well as more efficient background checks to ensure individuals are properly vetted and confirmed for office......"New administrations face a series of hurdles they must overcome to accomplish this essential task before they can begin to govern," Lieberman told Congress in 1999 while arguing in favor of the amended legislation.....The original bill also allowed the president-elect and vice president-elect certain "services and facilities," like suitable office space to conduct transition operations, public funds to pay their staff's salaries and money to transport workers to and from Washington.....Obama has employed over 500 staffers to assist in his transition operations -- working from a nondescript office building in downtown Washington and from locations in his hometown of Chicago.....His transition team has received a budget of $12 million -- $5.2 million of which was allocated by Congress, and the rest from private donations of under $5,000.....As president-elect, Obama is also given the same highly classified intelligence briefings that President Bush receives on a daily basis. And Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden get full Secret Service protection, which Obama also received during the Democratic primaries and general election campaign.......But the "Office of the President-Elect," while critical in building the future government, has no official power -- which Obama himself acknowledged during his victory speech in Chicago on Election Night.

Read Here:

Let the stimulus socialistic BONANZA commence!

Wether it's a bailout or stimulus package, the incoming administration will continue and drastically increase the failed economic policies of the Pelosi/Reid and Bush administrations. By bailing failed businesses that continue to pay their executices big bonuses for running their companies into the ground and giving stimulus chaks to those that don't contribute to the US econmy by not paying taxes or creating new jobs, businesses or products we are only bankrupting ourselves even further. We need to fail before we can succeed and prolonging the "appearance" of a good economy does not make a good economy. The simple act of letting these businesses go go bankrupt and fail, tighting the credit given to all and making people live within their means is the only way we can salvage our ecenomic outlook. China could perform a run on the American stock exchange right now and in essence perform a Hostile takeove of this country, if the dollar was even worth half of it's value again the Yuan (current excahnge (1 US dollar = 7.5 yuan RMB) Latest Stimulus (of many more coming) from the new admnistration:

President-elect Barack Obama promised on Monday to jolt the faltering U.S. economy with a costly stimulus package next year and introduced the team that will help him navigate the global financial crisis.....Obama, who warned again that the economy would likely get worse before it got better, declined to put a price tag on the two-year stimulus proposal which other Democrats have estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars......Financial markets fell as traders lamented Obama's refusal to specify a figure. The president-elect also indicated he had not decided whether to roll back President George W. Bush's 2001 tax cuts for the wealthy early or simply allow them to expire at the end of 2010 as scheduled.....Obama said his team was already working on the details of a package to save or create 2.5 million jobs and urged the next Congress to act on it immediately in early January......"We have to make sure that the stimulus is significant enough that it really gives a jolt to the economy," he said, describing its price only as costly....."I want to see it enacted right away. It is going to be of a size and scope that is necessary to get this economy back on track.".....Obama had harsh words for the struggling U.S. auto industry, acknowledging he did not want the sector to fail but criticizing company executives for failing to present a clear recovery plan when they testified before Congress last week......Obama, who takes over from Bush on January 20, confirmed his economic team at the news conference.......Timothy Geithner, 47, president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, will become Treasury secretary, and Lawrence Summers, 53, a former Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton, will be director of the National Economic Council.....They did not speak at the event, which Vice President-elect Joe Biden also attended......Obama said the country would see a substantial budget deficit next year, which he described as "bigger than we've seen in a very long time."...."American taxpayers are understandably concerned, if we already have a big deficit, and now we're added an additional stimulus, how are we going to pay for all that?" he said....."The right answer is that we have to first focus on getting the economy back on track.".....Obama said he would discuss steps toward a "sustainable and responsible budget scenario" at a news conference on Tuesday at which he is expected to announce further members of his economic team.

Read Here:

Don't dress up for Thanksgiving, it's demeaning?

Fron the LA Times:

For decades, Claremont kindergartners have celebrated Thanksgiving by dressing up as pilgrims and Native Americans and sharing a feast. But on Tuesday, when the youngsters meet for their turkey and songs, they won't be wearing their hand-made bonnets, headdresses and fringed vests.....Parents in this quiet university town are sharply divided over what these construction-paper symbols represent: A simple child's depiction of the traditional (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside their differences to give thanks over a shared meal? Or a cartoonish stereotype that would never be allowed of other racial, ethnic or religious groups?...."It's demeaning," Michelle Raheja, the mother of a kindergartner at Condit Elementary School, wrote to her daughter's teacher. "I'm sure you can appreciate the inappropriateness of asking children to dress up like slaves (and kind slave masters), or Jews (and friendly Nazis), or members of any other racial minority group who has struggled in our nation's history."....Raheja, whose mother is a Seneca, wrote the letter upon hearing of a four-decade district tradition, where kindergartners at Condit and Mountain View elementary schools take annual turns dressing up and visiting the other school for a Thanksgiving feast. This year, the Mountain View children would have dressed as Native Americans and walked to Condit, whose students would have dressed as Pilgrims......Raheja, an English professor at UC Riverside who specializes in Native American literature, said she met with teachers and administrators in hopes that the district could hold a public forum to discuss alternatives that celebrate thankfulness without "dehumanizing" her daughter's ancestry......"There is nothing to be served by dressing up as a racist stereotype," she said. ....Last week, rumors began to circulate on both campuses that the district was planning to cancel the event, and infuriated parents argued over the matter at a heated school board meeting Thursday. District Supt. David Cash announced at the end of the meeting that the two schools had tentatively decided to hold the event without the costumes, and sent a memo to parents Friday confirming the decision.

Read your history the Pilgrims and the indians had a peace treaty that worked well, it was only years later that issues occurred. If we are celebrating that meal than dressing up shows that all races and creeds can work together in celebration, not the opposite. We should all dress up for Thanksgiving as Pilgrims and Indians to show that we're more a like than different...

Read Here:,0,1458033.story

Monday, November 24, 2008

Name that Conservative Quote

In a effort to educate those on the conservative movement of the Past, Present and Future I'm starting a new segment today called "Name that Conservative Quote" How it works is that I will post a quote and you'll tell me who said it....easy enough, so here we go:

There never was an age of conformity quite like this one, or a camaraderie quite like the Liberals'. Drop a little itching powder in Jimmy Wechsler's bath and before he has scratched himself for the third time, Arthur Schlesinger will have denounced you in a dozen books and speeches, Archibald MacLeish will have written ten heroic cantos about our age of terror, Harper's will have published them, and everyone in sight will have been nominated for a Freedom Award. Conservatives in this country — at least those who have not made their peace with the New Deal, and there is a serious question of whether there are others — are non-licensed nonconformists; and this is a dangerous business in a Liberal world, as every editor of this magazine can readily show by pointing to his scars.

"Christian" Obama has more imprtant things to do


President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month, a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors.....On the three Sundays since his election, Obama has instead used his free time to get in workouts at a Chicago gym....Asked about the president-elect's decision to not attend church, a transition aide noted that the Obamas valued their faith experience in Chicago but were concerned about the impact their large retinue may have on other parishioners....."Because they have a great deal of respect for places of worship, they do not want to draw unwelcome or inappropriate attention to a church not used to the attention their attendance would draw," said the aide......Both President-elect George W. Bush and President-elect Bill Clinton managed to attend church in the weeks after they were elected.....In November of 1992, Clinton went to services in Little Rock, Ark., on the three weekends following his election, taking pre-church jogs on the first two and attending on the third weekend a Catholic Mass with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, with whom he was trying to smooth over lingering campaign tensions.....In the weeks after the contested 2000 election, Bush regularly attended services at Tarrytown United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, and Al Gore was frequently photographed arriving at and leaving church in Virginia.....On his first day as president-elect, following weeks of Florida recounts and court hearings, Bush went to church with his wife, Laura. They attended an invite-only prayer service on Thursday, Dec. 14, at Tarrytown United Methodist Church. About 300 people attended, including top campaign staff and visiting clergy. During the service, the Rev. Mark Craig, senior pastor at Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, told Bush, "You have been chosen by God to lead the people.".....Obama was an infrequent churchgoer on the campaign trail, though he did make a series of appearances in the pews and pulpits of South Carolina churches ahead of that heavily religious state's primary....The issue of where he worships is, of course, fraught. For about two decades, Obama and his family attended Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. But, with the public disclosure earlier this year of incendiary sermons at Trinity by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama and his wife, Michelle, in June resigned their membership in the large South Side congregation.

Read Here:

Liberal Tollerance, Liberal Fascism

This will be happening more and more as the Clinton II/Obama Administration takes power...whether it is the so called "Fairness Doctrine" or the outright silencing of opposing viewpoints...From One News Now:

No trial has occurred so far in a Philadelphia free-speech case....The incident in question happened during an election night party in Philadelphia for Barack Obama, when a young man showed up wearing a McCain-Palin T-shirt. A video shows he was roughed up a bit, handcuffed, and jailed. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel says there is a constitutional right to freedom of expression that this man was denied...."What I am afraid of is that there are some people who want to simply silence your views," he explains. "They talk about tolerance. They talk about, in fact, that they want to have everyone be tolerant toward one another, but in reality you find it's only a left-leaning liberal view that they're talking about."...Staver was asked if police could legitimately make an arrest if they feared for the man's safety or if a riot might occur. "Well, certainly if a riot did take place, then the police can intervene and protect this man, but they can't arrest somebody simply because they think his viewpoints will cause someone else to respond," he contends. "There is no such thing as a heckler's veto."..The unidentified suspect was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct, although neither charge has been proven.

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Court defining Religous Liberty

College is suppose to be a place where the exchange of ideas flows freely but usually fails that ideal by iron fisted fascists in the cloak of liberalism. I find it unsettling that the court is now being asked to define freedom of speech and freedom of religous practice but rarely is asked to outlaw free speach when it come to ideas in opposition to Christianity. From One News Now:

The so-called "free-speech code" of Yuba Community College District is under federal court scrutiny......California student, Ryan Dozier, decided to spend some time on campus sharing his faith and handing out tracts to fellow students, generating conversations about Christianity. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Heather Hacker comments on the situation...."A campus police officer came over and told him that if he continued to do so without a permit that he would be possibly expelled or arrested, and so Ryan stopped immediately," she explains....Hacker says Dozier thought the case was closed, but he was apparently mistaken. "Three weeks later he got a certified letter from the president of the college stating that his actions were the subject of a campus crime report," she adds. "Last time I checked, sharing your faith on a public college campus was not a crime." ...but the letter informed him he could face expulsion if he shared his faith on campus again. ADF filed suit, and a federal judge has ordered the college to suspend enforcement of its highly restricted free speech policies until the lawsuit is resolved

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The Killing of the Inconvenient

From One News Now: The case of an Italian woman is reminiscent of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who was starved and dehydrated to reports Eluana Englaro, now 37 years old, has been in a so-called "vegetative state" for nearly 17 years following a car accident in 1992. Englaro's father went to Italy's top court and recently received permission to remove his daughter's feeding tubes and let her die....Bobby Schindler of the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation tells OneNewsNow that Englaro's plight brings back painful memories of his sister. "This young girl [Englaro] is not dying," he notes. "She has a brain injury that has caused her to be dependent on others for her care, but the only thing she is needing to stay alive is basic care -- food and water -- which was exactly what was needed to keep Terri alive."....In the case in Italy, medical personnel have refused to turn off the equipment and euthanize Englaro. "They have refused to do what they believe is inherently wrong and evil, and I give them credit for standing for what they believe in by refusing to remove food and water from this young girl," Schindler contends.....Society, according to Schindler, needs to respect life from conception to natural death. "I think what is happening here is that we have become so comfortable from so many years of taking human life that we don't even look at things like this as being wrong anymore -- and that's what frightens me," he concludes.

Starving someone to death should never be an option

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Jeff Frederick's former supporters start attacking him

Posted by MAXIMUS

J-FRED'S own supporters are attacking him and are admitting buyers remorse. Link here for the story:

Is J-FRED on a death crawl downward like the stock market, or is he poised for a comeback like Brittany Spears? J-FRED promised a lot and has delivered on nothing. Accountability comes along with being a competent conservative. If J-FRED was the Captain of a sinking ship in the middle of 30 feet sea swells, J-FRED would be:

1). Throwing the children out of the life boat to make room for himself;

2). Manning the aft starboard gunwales taking shots at the children who got away on the lifeboat;

3). Standing valiantly on the bridge, preparing to calm the seas with his bare hands.

J-FRED's time of choosing has come.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brian Moran has more than a Potty Mouth

Posted by MAXIMUS

This was brought to my attention by an admirer of Creigh Deeds .... What's going on when the ACLU and Senator Larry Craig gather together in a bathroom stall? A policy meeting for Brian Moran for Governor

Roanoke’s Wasena Park [Summer 1999]: Although it had been traditional there to use the "indecency" arrested in that sting were charged with soliciting the felonies of the "crimes against nature" statute, which is a felony itself. Ten of the men netted in that sting pleaded guilty for conditional sentences in order to challenge the law in court (see PlanetOut News of June 10, 1999). In November, a three-judge panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals quite brusquely rejected their claim, in essence denying they had any standing to challenge the law. That court announced January 22 that its full bench will not review that decision, in part because the three judges had been unanimous. The men’s attorney Sam Garrison said he’ll file an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, but that court is by no means bound to take it up. "A new strategy to tackle the Crimes Against Nature law. In addition to sodomy law reform bills in the House and Senate, proposed respectively by [Delegate Brian] Moran and Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria), Arlington Del. Karen Darner (D) has filed a bill to reduce the penalty for sodomy to a misdemeanor." Link here:

"I think the public policy of the Commonwealth should not criminalize behavior between consenting individuals" ---Brian Moran link here:

Delegate Brian Moran (D-Alexandria), the sponsor of the Virginia bill to decriminalize oral and anal sex acts between consenting adults was rejected by the state House Courts of Justice Committee on January 19, 2001, by a vote of 13 to 9. Solicitation to commit sodomy is a charge commonly brought by police against men cruising other men for sex in public places. Virginia. Del. Brian Moran (D-Alexandria) said, "We have to continue to work on those issues. Well keep bringing them up." Link Here:

Will Virginian's support Brian Moran for Governor when he supports lessening criminal penalties for participants of gay bathroom sex parties in public parks? Do your children use these bathrooms?

During the 2000 legislative session of the Virginia Genaral Assembly, State Senator Creigh Deeds, Delegate Brian Moran's opponent for the Democratic nomination for Governor, "voted twice—once in committee and once on the House floor—against killing Virginia’s "crimes against nature" statute (section 18.2-361).....Defenders of the law claim enforcement is restricted to the nuisance of sex in parks." link here:

Brian Moran has a powerful ally on his side in support of his position (aside from Senator Larry Craig).'s the ACLU, link here:
Net Net for Moran?: "What happens in the public restroom, stays in the public restroom."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yes, Al Gore is still alive and is STILL talking about global warming (on a day, no less, that I'm Freezing my @$# off)

Does anyone even listen to this guy any longer the science of man made global warming is crumbling faster than Al's credibility (what's his carbon footprint again) Al Gore has gotten more mieage out of the words "may have caused" than any public figure in history....from the lame side of the street Al Gore brings the Mayans into the mix from Al's Journal:
Looking Back to Look Forward November 19, 2008 : 3:04 PMA new study suggests the Mayan civilization might have collapsed due to environmental disasters:..."'These models suggest that as ecosystems were destroyed by mismanagement or were transformed by global climatic shifts, the depletion of agricultural and wild foods eventually contributed to the failure of the Maya sociopolitical system,' writes environmental archaeologist Kitty Emery of the Florida Museum of Natural History in the current Human Ecology journal." ...As we move towards solving the climate crisis, we need to remember the consequences to civilizations that refused to take environmental concerns seriously....If you haven’t read already read it, take a look at Jared Diamond’s book, Collapse.

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Romney on Detroit; It may go unnoticed but this is one of the most poignant articles of our time (on what path we go down to try and save our country)

Mitt Romney's OP/ED on Detroit may go unnoticed by the masses but this is one of the most poignant articles of our time and a battle cry for letting the powers of Free-Enterprise reign and sorting out the chips as they fall and carrying on. When we continue to bailout (or attempt to bail out) mismanaged companies, it only leads to further mismanagement and the tax payers paying for it (both in higher taxes and higher prices for the goods being bailed out) in a multitude of ways. America cannot afford to save people from themselves and their bad decisions....I feel for people that lost on a risky stock investment, risky mortgage scheme or other loses due to their bad decision or inherent in the risk of the investment itself but trying to prolong those loses but temporarily throwing money at the problem doesn't teach the person anything and keeps the mechanism of those risky loses afloat so others can come along and repeat the same touching a flame teaches us not to do it again because it hurts so do risky investing and living outside our means (and failing) teaches us to take head that debt will always be a bad thing and should be minimized as much as possible and a slow and steady approach to investing for the future has more rewards that a quick risky investment...always has been that way and always will be that way. I worked for several start-up companies that went belly up during the dot com bubble and no one ever asked the governement for help...whether due to lack of funding, poor management or competition we pulled ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and went on to build better companies elsewhere.Buyer beware should be the mantra for one to live by...From the New York Times:

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt Published: November 18, 2008
IF General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed....Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course — the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.....I love cars, American cars. I was born in Detroit, the son of an auto chief executive. In 1954, my dad, George Romney, was tapped to run American Motors when its president suddenly died. The company itself was on life support — banks were threatening to deal it a death blow. The stock collapsed. I watched Dad work to turn the company around — and years later at business school, they were still talking about it. From the lessons of that turnaround, and from my own experiences, I have several prescriptions for Detroit’s automakers. ...First, their huge disadvantage in costs relative to foreign brands must be eliminated. That means new labor agreements to align pay and benefits to match those of workers at competitors like BMW, Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Furthermore, retiree benefits must be reduced so that the total burden per auto for domestic makers is not higher than that of foreign producers......That extra burden is estimated to be more than $2,000 per car. Think what that means: Ford, for example, needs to cut $2,000 worth of features and quality out of its Taurus to compete with Toyota’s Avalon. Of course the Avalon feels like a better product — it has $2,000 more put into it. Considering this disadvantage, Detroit has done a remarkable job of designing and engineering its cars. But if this cost penalty persists, any bailout will only delay the inevitable.....Second, management as is must go. New faces should be recruited from unrelated industries — from companies widely respected for excellence in marketing, innovation, creativity and labor relations. ....The new management must work with labor leaders to see that the enmity between labor and management comes to an end. This division is a holdover from the early years of the last century, when unions brought workers job security and better wages and benefits. But as Walter Reuther, the former head of the United Automobile Workers, said to my father, “Getting more and more pay for less and less work is a dead-end street.” .....You don’t have to look far for industries with unions that went down that road. Companies in the 21st century cannot perpetuate the destructive labor relations of the 20th. This will mean a new direction for the U.A.W., profit sharing or stock grants to all employees and a change in Big Three management culture.....The need for collaboration will mean accepting sanity in salaries and perks. At American Motors, my dad cut his pay and that of his executive team, he bought stock in the company, and he went out to factories to talk to workers directly. Get rid of the planes, the executive dining rooms — all the symbols that breed resentment among the hundreds of thousands who will also be sacrificing to keep the companies afloat.....Investments must be made for the future. No more focus on quarterly earnings or the kind of short-term stock appreciation that means quick riches for executives with options. Manage with an eye on cash flow, balance sheets and long-term appreciation. Invest in truly competitive products and innovative technologies — especially fuel-saving designs — that may not arrive for years. Starving research and development is like eating the seed corn.....Just as important to the future of American carmakers is the sales force. When sales are down, you don’t want to lose the only people who can get them to grow. So don’t fire the best dealers, and don’t crush them with new financial or performance demands they can’t meet......It is not wrong to ask for government help, but the automakers should come up with a win-win proposition. I believe the federal government should invest substantially more in basic research — on new energy sources, fuel-economy technology, materials science and the like — that will ultimately benefit the automotive industry, along with many others. I believe Washington should raise energy research spending to $20 billion a year, from the $4 billion that is spent today. The research could be done at universities, at research labs and even through public-private collaboration. The federal government should also rectify the imbedded tax penalties that favor foreign carmakers....But don’t ask Washington to give shareholders and bondholders a free pass — they bet on management and they lost.

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Iran has enough material for a bomb, does this signal the begiining of the end of Israel

From The Jerusalem Times is an analysis of the Iranian threat to Israel no that they claim to have enough raw material for an atom bomb:

According to an article published Thursday in the New York Times, "Iran has now produced roughly enough nuclear material to make, with added purification, a single atom bomb, according to nuclear experts." ...."The figures detailing Iran's progress were contained in a routine update on Wednesday from the International Atomic Energy Agency, which has been conducting inspections of the country's main nuclear plant at Natanz. The report concluded that as of early this month, Iran had made 630 kilograms, or about 1,390 pounds, of low-enriched uranium." ...One must not forget that the enriched uranium is low grade. For now, it can be used for nuclear power plants. However, it can be further refined into higher grade uranium. To do that, enrichment facilities at Natanz would have to go through major visible reconfigurations. For example, all the piping infrastructure will have to be redone. This would make it very difficult for Iran to hide from the IAEA inspectors....An Iranian flag flutters next to a missile prior to the test fire by Iranian armed forces....Unless, that is, there are secret facilities where the low enriched uranium is purified, away from the eyes and knowledge of the IAEA. And this is very possible. ...So where do we go from here?...With Russia and China refusing to back further sanctions, all that remains diplomatically is for incoming President Barack Obama to try and use direct negotiations. Unless there is a miracle and the Russians and Chinese join in, there is little else that can be done diplomatically. ...This is why it's so important that the talks between the two sides succeed, for Israel's sake too. A negotiated settlement would be the best solution for Jerusalem. Not only because Israel has concerns about Iran's nuclear program. Also, because a US rapprochement with Iran in such a scenario, and the confidence building, could help find a solution over disputes in Lebanon and Gaza. ....If talks fail, the US could also take unilateral sanctions, the most powerful of which could be sanctions against the Iranian Central Bank (Bank Markazi). With oil prices falling, and reports that Iran will face a $60 billion budget deficit next year, this may force Ayatollah Khamenei to take negotiations seriously. ....One can not also help but notice that such reports help those who want a military solution. This may not be around the corner; however, it is there. Even when Obama enters office.

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The Contemporary Conservative - What is a Contemporary Conservative? Revisited

This is a repost from 10/27/07 about what a contemporary conservative is as defined within the context of this blog.....although the blog has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year and couple of months (since the relaunch here in Virgina) with the addition of three other contributors and growing loyal readership, it's always good to keep in mind periodically what the intent here is.....Jody

From 10/27/07 post The Contemporary Conservative - What is a Contemporary Conservative?

Con•tem•po•rar•y Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kuh n-tem-puh-rer-ee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, noun, plural -rar•ies.
1. Existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time: Newton's discovery of the calculus was contemporary with that of Leibniz.
2. of the present time; modern

1. A political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes
2. A political philosophy or attitude emphasizing respect for traditional institutions, distrust of government activism, and opposition to sudden change in the established order.

What is a contemporary conservative?
This is a question that each one of us should ask ourselves each morning in this ever changing world that seems to be quickly spiraling out of control.
The contemporary conservative is a person born post baby boom that grew up with various liberal ideas thrust upon them as stated fact in the media, public schools, government policy and the like. The contemporary conservative didn’t necessarily grow up with the conservative mindset, but came to it through study, observation and meditation on what is right in the long run for all people. The Contemporary Conservative was skeptical and rejected short sighted, easy “feel good” policies that only serve to boost the egos of those who propose them and not help those people in need. We contemporary conservatives tend to be pragmatic educated thinkers that see that the “common-sense” approach inherent in the principles of lower-taxes, managed spending, strong defense, securing the borders, strong local government are the most efficient ways to achieve what every American wants, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. We do not think that it is the job of the federal government is to take care of each citizen from cradle to grave…we are self reliant and expect others to be so as well. With that being said, most contemporary conservatives understand that we should help those less fortunate and are not against programs that accomplish this in an effective way. Through acts of kindness, efficiently run government programs, and donations to those non-profit groups that do so much to help those around us we can assist those less fortunate but only if it gives them a hand up and not a hand out. The “Absolutes” in today’s society and strict ideological rhetoric don’t always work and can hinder progress on solving issues we all face. We, the contemporary conservative, believe the important work is to ensure that the solution implemented is fair, cost efficient and not duplicated else where no matter where it comes from.
We are first and foremost fiscal conservatives and all political ideology stems from this believe. Although we may be of a particular faith this may not be the driving force in our political viewpoints though God is always in our hearts, minds and souls.
The contemporary conservative understands that every program the government enacts is funded by our tax dollars and that the government should be more careful stewards of our money since they are representing their constituents with every vote they cast.
Contemporary conservatives view themselves as conservatives in the everlasting tradition of the Founding Fathers who put forth a set of political ideas, Republicanisms, which all groups, even today’s extreme liberals, have made use of and not other more confusing terms as libertarian, right-wing, Republican or paleoconservatism.
I believe that the contemporary conservative is not inherently linked to any one political party, although I can’t fathom ever voting for a democrat politician, but to a philosophy summed up so eloquently by Edmund Burke ...“[I]t is to the property of the citizen, and not to the demands of the creditor of the state, that the first and original faith of civil society is pledged. The claim of the citizen is prior in time, paramount in title, superior in equity. The fortunes of individuals, whether possessed by acquisition or by descent or in virtue of a participation in the goods of some community, were no part of the creditor's security, expressed or implied...[T]he public, whether represented by a monarch or by a senate, can pledge nothing but the public estate; and it can have no public estate except in what it derives from a just and proportioned imposition upon the citizens at large”

Finally, we contemporary conservative have grown up with these false notions: that the 60’s were the only great time for social change in the US (not true, social change should be the USA’s middle name), that all corporations are run by lying, cheating, money hungry crooks (most are honest, that the free enterprise system only help a few select individuals, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer (the average income has risen for all Americans, that unions help workers, evolution is a fact (it’s a theory), that global warming is caused by humans and not a, that teachers are under paid, that the press only reports the facts, and that the government can tell us how best to live our lives (when in fact they work for us.) Any other myths you can think of? These myths and many more will be refuted, debated in a civil manner and put to rest on this blog.

-Jody L. Wilcox-

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Belief in God will only be challenged more in the coming years so be prepared to stand up for Jesus when challenged

Militant Atheists
An organization of 11 atheist and "freethinker" groups is spending $5,000 to put 'Don't Believe in God? - You are not alone" on 11 billboards in Denver and Colorado Springs. Across the country, Washington, D.C., buses are carrying a similar message: 'Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake." The American Humanist Association unveiled the $40,000 ad campaign last Tuesday. And last month, the British Humanist Association launched a similar campaign on London buses with the message: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." These folks are unwittingly preparing the way for The Atheist Bible, which comes out January 2009.

The Atheist Bible, if you're an Atheist why do you need a bible?'s like a vegetarian eating a tofu burger..if you denounce something why so you want to replicate it in another form to have a faux version of the thing you denounce in the first place...makes no sense.

Monday, November 17, 2008

RPV Update

For those of you that don't get the updatesFrom the Chairman's Update (Congrats on the Daughter and prayers go out to her recovery):

Chairman's Update

Point of Personal Privilege: It's another girl...

... well, you may have already known that, but I'm very pleased to let you know that Isabel Mary Frederick has arrived, and now, is finally home.

Izzy was born at 1:20am on Tuesday, November 11th. She was 8 pounds, 0.8 ounces, and 19.75 inches long.

Things since then, however, haven't been all together smooth. Within hours of her birth, she was rushed into the NICU due to some complications. Days and many tests later, the doctors figured out the problem, and are now treating it. While she's not in the clear yet (we will be returning to the hospital today for some follow-up tests, and will be visiting the doctor tomorrow), PRAISE GOD, we were able to bring her home last night.

Aside from the expected emotions, mom is doing great. Big sister Gracie and dad are doing well, and we're all very grateful for the miracle and blessing of life.

Thanks to so many of you for all of your prayers, love, support, friendship, and well wishes. We look forward to seeing you soon and introducing you our latest beautiful gift from God.

Click these links for photos: Amy and Izzy getting ready to come home. 1.5 days old.

2009 Starts Now!

Congratulations to Attorney General Bob McDonnell for being the only person to file as a candidate for Governor at the 2009 Virginia Republican Convention, where we will nominate our candidates for statewide office. Having an outstanding conservative leader like Bob heading our ticket next fall is a great way to kick-off our 2009 campaigns, which, incidentally, started when the polls closed the night of November 4th.

For 17 years, Bob McDonnell has been fighting for the people of Virginia and working for solutions to the challenges our Commonwealth is facing. In the coming weeks and months we'll be outlining his leadership and accomplishments as a 20-year veteran of our armed forces; a leader in the House of Delegates; a father of five (with his eldest daughter having served our nation in Iraq); and as Attorney General. Needless to say, when even Democrats grudgingly acknowledge how effective he has been, there's no doubt our Party has found the right man for the job.

Down ballot contests will be settled at the late May convention. And while the outcome of those races are yet to be determined, there is one thing that will be certain -- Virginia Republicans will field an outstanding team.

But we also must unite, and come together as a Party. We have a lot of work do to, and we must have a sense of urgency about that work. The clock is ticking, and whether it is our statewide candidates, or the great opportunity we have to expand our majority in the House of Delegates, we have to be focused about the work that is ahead of us.

Our opponents have already moved on from 2008 and are at work on 2009. We must do the same. RPV already has our targets in sight -- to protect our Members, as well as to shrink the House Democratic caucus. But we can't do it without your help -- and we don't have a moment to lose.

And then Then There Were Three

As the Republican nomination for Governor is virtually decided, things are just getting cooking on the other side of the aisle. Despite the fact that Democrat legislators Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds have been jockeying for over a year to woo activists and win their Party's gubernatorial nomination (by promising new and higher taxes), it wasn't enough to convince one power broker that maybe this stew could use a pinch of salt.

Former Democrat National Committee Chairman and Clinton fundraiser Terry McAuliffe has surveyed the field and found the current candidates a tad lacking. McAuliffe has set up an exploratory committee and will tour Virginia to compare the condition of the putting greens around the state to those near his mansion in McLean. Let's just kill any suspense right now by saying we look for him to run an "outsider" campaign.

Okay, so we kid him a little. But one to has to find at least a little humor in the fact that the self-appointed Party of the middle class needs to be rescued by yet another candidate worth tens of millions of dollars. And, it's not as if at any time in recent memory a debate on some key issue in Virginia politics was interrupted by the words, "but what does Terry McAuliffe think?" For the better part of two decades McAuliffe's biggest tie to Virginia has been parking his Escalade at Dulles and Reagan International while flying around the country and collecting millions to elect the biggest liberals possible to Washington and elsewhere.

But both Democrats and Republicans make a mistake to take him lightly. This is a man who once wrestled an 8-foot alligator for a $15,000 campaign contribution for Jimmy Carter (which alone should disqualify him now that I think about it). Yet he is a shrewd and seasoned political veteran, whose decision to boost the Kaine campaign with $5 million from DNC coffers proved pivotal in the '05 elections. McAuliffe also served as the Finance Director for Clinton-Gore '96, and though Virginia may not have a lot of Buddhist Temples, bringing in gobs of campaign cash -- from whatever source he can get away with -- is his specialty. Heck, he can find money almost as fast as Al Franken can find new votes.

Republicans can actually thank McAuliffe for helping put the kibosh on the tired old Democrat strategy of tagging Republicans with the "corporate greed" label back during the 2002 Congressional elections (though they have trotted it out several times since), when it came to light that he was himself the recipient of an $18 million windfall from bankrupt Global Crossing, Inc., leaving thousands of shareholders with nothing. It was too difficult even for the sanctimonious Democrats to bash the GOP as stealing from the cookie jar when their own DNC Chairman was sporting a very public milk moustache.

This race will be a lot more interesting with McAuliffe in it, and we welcome him to the contest of ideas. Let's just see if he knows Norton from Norfolk and how to pronounce "Botetourt".

Hollywood Leading the Way

What would we average Americans do without Hollywood performers to help lead us with the big decisions in our lives? Whether it is saving the environment with a tireless campaign run from leer jets, or standing up for the rights of al-Qaeda combatants -- is there no limit to the wisdom they offer?

Turns out there is. Actor Tim Robbins (husband to the Nancy Pelosi of Hollywood, Susan Sarandon) needed a little leading himself on Election Day: turns out, he couldn't find his own polling place. No matter, despite showing up at the wrong poll he simply got a Court order and was allowed to cast his ballot at the wrong location.

In a related story, later that day Robbins got a court order to force Arby's to accept a coupon from Wendy's.

Did Paulson Lie or just not tell the truth to Congress?

Quotes of the day from Senator Inhofe,."You don't stimulate the economy by giving away more money,''...amen brother. From Tulsa World:

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe said Saturday that Congress was not told the truth about the bailout of the nation's financial system and should take back what is left of the $700 billion "blank check'' it gave the Bush administration. ..."It is just outrageous that the American people don't know that Congress doesn't know how much money he (Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson) has given away to anyone,'' the Oklahoma Republican told the Tulsa World. ..."It could be to his friends. It could be to anybody else. We don't know. There is no way of knowing.''....Inhofe's comments, unusually pointed even for a senator known for being blunt, come on the heels of Paulson's shift in how he thinks the bailout funds should be spent....Last week the Treasury secretary announced he was abandoning his plan to free up the nation's credit system by buying up toxic assets from troubled financial institutions. Instead, Paulson wants to take a more direct action on the consumer credit front......"He was able to get this authority from Congress predicated on what he was going to do, and then he didn't do it,'' Inhofe said...."So, that's enough reason right there.'' ....Inhofe recalled earlier comments opposing Paulson's plan because the administration's point man did not have answers for a number of questions. He also recalled questioning the rush to get the bailout passed...."I have learned a long time ago. When they come up and say this has to be done and has to be done immediately, there is no other way of doing it, you have to sit back and take a deep breath and nine times out of 10 they are not telling the truth,'' he said. ....And this is one of those nine times.''....Inhofe has laid out his legislative plans for this week on the bailout package in a letter to his Senate colleagues. .....He wants to freeze what is left of the initial $350 billion — reportedly $60 billion, but Inhofe concedes he does not know for sure. ....Then he wants a provision requiring an affirmative vote by Congress before Paulson can get his hands on the second $350 billion of bailout money. ....Current law lays out a scenario where President Bush submits a plan on the second half of the funding. ....Lawmakers have 15 days to disapprove it, but Inhofe questions that wording. ..."Congress abdicated its constitutional responsibility by signing a truly blank check over to the Treasury Secretary,'' he wrote. ..."However, the lame duck session of Congress offers us a tremendous opportunity to change course. We should take it.'' .....In the interview, the senator said his plans can provide "redemption'' for those senators who supported Paulson. ...Inhofe's plan appears to be a long shot at this point. Senators originally approved the bailout plan by a 74-25 vote. ...He does not know how much support he has among his Republican colleagues, and he concedes Democratic leaders could block it....Bush also could veto it if it were to make it out of Congress. ....Neither Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office nor the Treasury Department commented...Reid, D-Nev., wants to use the upcoming lame duck session to push economic issues such as extending unemployment benefits and aid to the nation's ailing auto industry....Inhofe opposes both....."You don't stimulate the economy by giving away more money,'' he said. .....In response to concerns expressed by some that allowing even one of the big automakers to fail would be too much of an economic hit for the nation, Inhofe said reality must be accepted...."If we keep on nursing a broken system, then we can't expect to have a different result come later on,'' he said....."I just think we have to draw the line someplace, and the time is here.''

Read Here:

Seeing the Forrest through the Trees

KARL ROVE's 10 steps to finding 'A Way Out of the Wilderness':

1. Avoid mindless opposition.. ...
2. Be as comfortable talking about health care and education as national security and taxes. ...
3. Winning the war on terror is a matter of national survival. ...
4. Republicans must regain ground among critical voting groups. Voters ages 18–29 voted Democratic by a 2-to-1 margin. A market-oriented 'green' agenda that's true to our principles would help win them back. Hispanics dropped from 44 percent Republican in 2004 to 31 percent in 2008. The GOP won't be a majority party if it cedes the young or Hispanics to Democrats. Republicans must find a way to support secure borders, a guest-worker program and comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens citizenship, grows our economy and keeps America a welcoming nation. ... While the GOP's strength is in the suburbs, exurbs and small towns, it cannot surrender urban America, especially if it wants to win states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio and regain strength in New England.
5. For now, our party's face is our congressional leadership. ... Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner must put on center stage their most persuasive, compelling members: Richard Burr and Jon Kyl in the Senate, and Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Mike Pence, Cathy McMorris, Peter Roskam and Kevin McCarthy in the House, for example. ...
6. Good candidates are essential. ...
7. Let every 2012 presidential prospect run free; there is no need to throttle anyone's candidacy. ... Gov. Sarah Palin will be held to a higher standard than she was during her nine-week vice presidential campaign; voters want to see if she can improve her game. She's smart, but it's unclear she can attract to Alaska advisers who will make her into a durable player on the national scene. Regardless, a consensus about who should be our next standard bearer should develop organically, not be forced by public intellectuals intent on smashing a candidacy this instant, as some are with Palin. ...
8. Anyone interested in 2012 must help in 2010. ...
9. Culture matters. Suggestions that we abandon social conservatism, including our pro-life agenda, should be ignored.
10. The GOP must master new media. ... [P]olitical fortunes can change quickly. In 1992, Bill Clinton stood atop the political world; in 1994, he stood defeated after Republicans took control of the House. We can't count on a replay of 1994, but we can take steps that will make 2010 a good year.'

Saturday's Summit - A Statement of Principles

Talk, Talk, Talk..Pledging to do things but doing nothing tangible...From the Washington Times:

'World leaders at Saturday's global economic summit in Washington agreed on a statement of principles and actions aimed at halting the worldwide economic downturn and improving investment and banking oversight, with the Bush administration saying it had laid down a marker for the defense of free markets as the plans move forward. The general list of commitments included a call for coordinated stimulus spending within each country, better regulation of banks and complex investment products that avoids 'overregulation,' more inclusion of emerging economies in global governance, and a need to avoid protectionism. 'I don't think we could have predicted how productive this meeting was going to be,' President Bush said. '

Withdrawal of Iraq by Dec. 31, 2011

From Reuters:

'Iraq's cabinet approved a pact on Sunday that will let U.S. forces remain in the country until 2011, setting a final date to end a U.S. military presence that began with the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein. The pact, agreed after nearly a year of gruelling negotiations with Washington, must still be approved by the Iraqi parliament, but Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said he expects that to happen before the end of the month. ...'The agreement will govern the presence of U.S. forces beyond the end of this year and is now officially called the pact 'on the withdrawal of U.S. troops', a sign of how Iraq's government has grown more confident over months of talks. 'The total withdrawal will be completed by Dec. 31, 2011. This is not governed by circumstances on the ground. This date is specific and final,' Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told reporters.'

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brian Moran has a Larry Craig Problem

Posted by MAXIMUS

This was brought to my attention by an admirer of Creigh Deeds for Governor.... What happens when you lock Brian Moran, the ACLU, and Senator Larry Craig in a bathroom stall? A noxious mix of elected officials and advocacy groups who support lessening the criminal penalties on "alternative" sex in public restrooms.

Roanoke’s Wasena Park [Summer 1999]: Although it had been traditional there to use the "indecency" arrested in that sting were charged with soliciting the felonies of the "crimes against nature" statute, which is a felony itself. Ten of the men netted in that sting pleaded guilty for conditional sentences in order to challenge the law in court (see PlanetOut News of June 10, 1999). In November, a three-judge panel of the Virginia Court of Appeals quite brusquely rejected their claim, in essence denying they had any standing to challenge the law. That court announced January 22 that its full bench will not review that decision, in part because the three judges had been unanimous. The men’s attorney Sam Garrison said he’ll file an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, but that court is by no means bound to take it up.

"A new strategy to tackle the Crimes Against Nature law. In addition to sodomy law reform bills in the House and Senate, proposed respectively by [Delegate Brian] Moran and Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-Alexandria), Arlington Del. Karen Darner (D) has filed a bill to reduce the penalty for sodomy to a misdemeanor." Link here:

"I think the public policy of the Commonwealth should not criminalize behavior between consenting individuals" ---Brian Moran
link here:

Delegate Brian Moran (D-Alexandria), the sponsor of the Virginia bill to decriminalize oral and anal sex acts between consenting adults was rejected by the state House Courts of Justice Committee on January 19, 2001, by a vote of 13 to 9.

Solicitation to commit sodomy is a charge commonly brought by police against men cruising other men for sex in public places. Virginia. Del. Brian Moran (D-Alexandria) said, "We have to continue to work on those issues. Well keep bringing them up." Link Here:

Will Virginian's support Brian Moran for Governor when he supports lessening criminal penalties for participants of gay bathroom sex parties in public parks? Do your children use these bathrooms?

During the 2000 legislative session of the Virginia Genaral Assembly, State Senator Creigh Deeds, Delegate Brian Moran's opponent for the Democratic nomination for Governor, "voted twice—once in committee and once on the House floor—against killing Virginia’s "crimes against nature" statute (section 18.2-361).....Defenders of the law claim enforcement is restricted to the nuisance of sex in parks." link here:

Brian Moran has a powerful ally on his side in support of position (aside from Senator Larry Craig). It's the ACLU, link here:

Moran's position on the issue: "What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom." What courage from a Gubernatorial Aspirant in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What Conservatives Are Saying about the Congressional Bailout(S)

Posted by MAXIMUS

Things are spiriling out of control when it comes to the handouts that the Congress and President Bush are doling out to PRIVATE INDUSTRY in America. How would a real American respond to this situation?

You know the names of those who presently comprise the Virginia Congressional Delegation. However, Rob Whitman, Thelma Drake, Bobby Scott, J. Randy Forbes, Bob Goodlatte, Virgil Goode, Eric Cantor, Jim Moran, Rick Boucher, Frank Wolf, Tom Davis, Senator Jim Webb, Senator John Warner, Senator-elect Mark Warner and Rep-Elect Gelnn Nye, (possible) Rep-Elect Tom Perriello, and Rep. Elect Gerry Connolly should take great caution in listening to the wisdom of those who saw the future of our present day Government. Herewith are lessons:

"When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." -- Ben Franklin

"I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ``needed'' before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents ``interests,'' I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can." -- Barry Goldwater

"When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators." -- P.J. O'Rourke

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." -- Thomas Jefferson (think big labor unions in Detroit who want to be bailed out by the taxpayers simply because they build an inferior product that is no longer selling)

"Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters." -- Daniel Webster

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." -- Thomas Sowell

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be... if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed." -- Thomas Jefferson

"We both alike know that in the discussion of human affairs the question of justice only enters where there is equal power to enforce it, and that the powerful exact what they can, and the weak grant what they must." -- Thucydides

Friday, November 14, 2008

Throwing Away our Children - Mother Rushes to Abandon Children Before Law Changes in Nebraska....

Crazy Times - Mother Rushes to Abandon Children Before Law Changes in Nebraska. From the AP:

The mother was running out of more than patience when she abandoned her 18-year-old daughter at a hospital over the weekend under Nebraska's safe-haven law. She was also running out of time: She knew that state lawmakers would soon meet in a special session to amend the ill-fated law so that it would apply to newborns only....."Where am I going to get help if they change the law?" said the mother, who lives in Lincoln and asked to not be identified by name to protect her adopted child.....To the state's surprise and embarrassment, more than half of the 33 children legally abandoned under the safe-haven law since it took effect in mid-July have been teenagers.....But state officials may have inadvertently made things worse with their hesitant response to the problem: The number of drop-offs has almost tripled to about three a week since Gov. Dave Heineman announced on Oct. 29 that lawmakers would rewrite the law.....With legislators set to convene on Friday, weary parents like the Lincoln mother have been racing to drop off their children while they still can....On Thursday, authorities searched for a 17-year-old girl who fled an Omaha hospital as her mother tried to abandon her. Her 14-year-old brother was taken into state custody, health officials said.....Child welfare experts said the late deluge of drop-offs was probably inevitable. After all, they said, some date had to be picked to begin changing the law......But some of them said lawmakers and the governor missed chances to change the law early because they underestimated the number of desperate families looking for help. Heineman called the special session only after a spate of five drop-offs in eight days......Reluctance to pull senators away from their jobs and election campaigns, along with the estimated $70,000 to $80,000 cost of a special session, were among the reasons Heineman's office cited in holding off on calling a special session sooner....."I think there was a fair amount of denial on the part of legislators that it would snowball," said Karen Authier, executive director of the Nebraska Children's Home Society.....The safe-haven law was intended to save "Dumpster babies" by allowing desperate young mothers to abandon their newborns at a hospital without fear of prosecution. But lawmakers could not agree on an age limit, and the law as passed uses only the word "child."....All states have safe-haven laws, but in every state but Nebraska, the law applies to infants only.....Authier said her group and others had warned senators after the law passed early this year that there could be problems, but the lawmakers did not believe it....."It wasn't like talking to a stone wall," Authier said. "It was just that people who aren't in the business of dealing with families, they aren't aware how desperate some of these families are."...Sure enough, 20 teenagers - six 17-year-olds, two 16-year-olds, six 15-year-olds, three 14-year-olds, three 13-year-olds - have been abandoned, along with eight children who were 11 or 12. Five of the children dropped off have been from out of state....The Lincoln mother who dropped off her 18-year-old daughter said she was repeatedly turned down when she sought help from police, state social services authorities and the girl's school. The woman said her daughter had been diagnosed with a mental illness when she was 12 and had deep psychological scars from childhood abuse and from being left alone with her dead biological mother for a week....The woman said she felt she had no choice but to leave her daughter at the hospital after a recent flurry of assault, stealing, sleeping around and cutting school...."I thought she would get help" through the safe-haven law, the mother said....However, state authorities refused to take the young woman into custody, saying Nebraska law regarding juveniles does not let authorities take in anyone older than 17. The woman left with her daughter....Fourteen children in all have been left at three hospitals operated by Alegent Health in the Omaha area....."These are largely families at a point of incredible desperation," said Wayne Sensor, chief executive of Alegent Health. "They aren't bad parents or bad kids. They simply don't know what services are available out there."

So they just throw their children away? Incredible...

Read Here:

Letters containing a suspicious white powder were sent Thursday to Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City

More crazy activists doing crazy things to protest religous belief and support of Prop 8 in California. The powder proved non toxic but it is just a matter of time before some whacko sends the real deal. From the AP: Letters containing a suspicious white powder were sent Thursday to Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City that were the sites of protests against the church's support of California's gay marriage ban.....The temple in the Westwood area of Los Angeles was evacuated before a hazardous materials crew determined the envelope's contents were not toxic, said FBI spokesman Jason Pack.....The temple in downtown Salt Lake City, where the church is based, received a similar envelope containing a white powder that spilled onto a clerk's hand......The room was decontaminated and the envelope taken by the FBI for testing. The clerk showed no signs of illness, but the scare shut down a building at Temple Square for more than an hour, said Scott Freitag, a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Fire Department.....None of the writing on the envelope was threatening, and the church received no calls or messages related to the package, Freitag said......Protests in recent days have targeted the Mormon church, which encouraged its members to fight the recently passed amendment banning gay marriage in California.....Authorities are looking into several theories on who sent the letters and why, Pack said.....Anthrax mailed as a white powder to Washington lawmakers and media outlets killed five people and sickened 17 just weeks after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Periodic hoaxes modeled on the anthrax mailings have popped up since then but usually prove harmless.

Read Here:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Did TERRY McAULIFFE violate the Media Guidelines of Mother's Against Drunk Driving?

Posted by MAXIMUS

Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) seeks to promote keeping children alive and safe.

What would MADD think of Terry McAuliffe swigging Rum on National television during prime time child viewing hours?

MADD issues the following set of standards to guide the...,promotion of all beverage alcohol products and authorizes MADD entities to identify and bring to public attention examples of advertising, promotions, or other marketing activities that violate these standards.

MADD Standard #4.) & #5.) discourages "on-camera consumption...[using] celebrities..."
Link here:

Watch Terry inappropriately drink on national television and decide for yourself if this potential Gubernatorial candidate violated MADD's Media Standards:

What will Obama do with the White House political office

Will it stay or will it go...From Politico:

It was a standard applause line on the campaign trail: Barack Obama condemned the “perpetual campaign” that has consumed Washington, contending that the slash-and-burn politics practiced by the Bush White House had gotten in the way of governing. .....But President-elect Obama has been virtually silent on bipartisan calls in recent months to eliminate the White House office that has been described as the nerve center of the sprawling political operations headed up by Bush adviser Karl Rove. And the fate of that office will be just one of the questions Obama will have to answer in explaining how his mammoth and skilled campaign operation can be transformed into an administration that traffics in a different kind of politics at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ...John McCain pledged in September to abolish the White House Office of Political Affairs as president. House Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) followed up with a report last month recommending its elimination. And Craig Holman, a lobbyist with the government watchdog group Public Citizen, said Wednesday that it “must be dismantled.” ...“I would be startled if he kept it and I would be very critical of an Obama administration that kept a political office,” Holman said. “I could not imagine this office being structured in a way that would be in the public’s interest.” ...Transition aides declined to comment Wednesday on Obama’s plans for the office. ...But the president-elect has given no indication that he will eliminate the political shop, which has detractors and defenders in both parties. When McCain told CBS’s “60 Minutes” that he would move the political operations into the Republican National Committee, saying “we’ve gotta have a White House that is without politics,” the Obama campaign declined to agree with McCain’s suggestion. .....Obama’s decision on the political office is an early test of how sharply the president-elect plans to turn away from the practices of his predecessor. The Republican National Committee has spent the last week counting the ways in which it sees Obama sending mixed messages on his commitment to end the so-called permanent campaign in Washington. ...Republicans point to two early hires, Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff and David Axelrod as a senior advisor. Emanuel, while praised by some for outreach to Republicans, was an architect of the Democratic House takeover in 2006 and has never been mistaken for a shrinking violet when it comes to partisan rhetoric. ...Axelrod served as a mastermind behind Obama’s four-year rise from Illinois state senator to president-elect, prompting some Republicans to compare him with Rove when it comes to the influence both enjoyed with newly elected presidents. ...Obama is still deciding what to do with the campaign’s list of 3 million contributors and 10 million supporters, who gave email addresses, donated money or participated in social networking tools on Obama’s website. ...The network could be harnessed as a grassroots lobbying force that powers Obama’s policy ideas in the same way it propelled his candidacy past establishment figures from both parties. Technology experts say Obama could roll the list into a freestanding political organization with an eye on the 2012 election or hand it over to the Democratic National Committee. ....At the same time, the transition operation is collecting email addresses through its website,, giving the president-elect the potential to go directly to his base to mobilize support. The new site is already generating traffic comparable to the campaign site, underscoring Obama’s ability to transfer his popularity around the web, former Blue State Digital Strategist Kevin Thurman wrote Tuesday on

Read Here: