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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 389th Year Birthday to the Virginia General Assembly

Senator Ken Cuccinelli says it best as he wishes the GA a 389th Birthday.....From Senator Cuccinelli:

Well, today is one of those landmark birthdays that ring through history. Though this particular birthday rings fairly quietly at this point. Of course I am referring to the 389th birthday of the Virginia General Assembly, the oldest continuously operating elected body in the Western Hemisphere. July 30, 1619 was the first day of what (as I recall) was then called the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses later became the House of Delegates....Not surprisingly, “the other body,” now known as the Senate, was not then popularly elected. The other body was the Governor’s Council, selected largely (again, I’m working from memory here, so don’t hold me to this 100%) by the Governor. So, Happy Birthday Virginia General Assembly!...Virginia is rich with the founding history of American Democracy. It is unfortunate that that history is reflected upon in the public square so infrequently. Little reference is made to what the founding fathers’ view of any particular proposal might be, though there are some of us that consider such questions. Why consider their view? Well, it serves me as a useful ‘double check’ on the appropriateness of government undertaking or not undertaking any particular act/action/program/expenditure. If James Madison would have said that “government has no business doing that [fill in the blank with what ‘that’ is],” then such a conclusion should serve as a significant weight on the scale AGAINST moving in such a direction,… shouldn’t it? ...Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University’s vaunted Economics Department recently wrote:Federal usurpation goes beyond anything the Constitution's framers would have imagined. James Madison, explaining the constitution, in Federalist Paper 45, said, "The powers delegated … to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, [such] as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce. … The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people." Thomas Jefferson emphasized that the states are not "subordinate" to the national government, but rather the two are “coordinate departments of one simple and integral whole. … The one is the domestic, the other the foreign branch of the same government.” ...Needless to say, their vision finds little resemblance to today’s federal government in particular, but the expansiveness of state government would undoubtedly shock them as well....I am reminded of the time that Democratic Senator Dick Saslaw repeated the position on the floor of the Senate that property rights don’t belong in our constitution. He said that two days in a row. You can see it here. We have strayed far from their vision of limited government at both the state and federal levels of government....One way to express my hope for the Republican Party is that we become the keepers of the founders’ vision – what they aspired for America to be – that legacy that is captured in the most famous sentence of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” ...I believe that “the pursuit of happiness” was used where Locke would have used “property” because Thomas Jefferson recognized that because one could own property in people at that time, i.e., slavery was legal, such a condition was completely irreconcilable with the proposition of liberty. So, to side step the hypocrisy, ‘pursuit of happiness’ was inserted instead. The founders knew that slavery was the flaw in their system and that they couldn’t get rid of it at that time and maintain one united country. So they put it off.

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Are you addicted to the internet? ....then turn off the computer and go read a book.....stop whining that its out of your control.

...Ever heard of free-will and personal responsibility. This addition/syndrome thing is getting out of hand. Since I work primarily in the Computer field I don't really see how you can be addicted to inanimate object, and I'm on the damn thing at least 11 hours a day....isn't an addiction a physiological reaction to a stimulus to your body? I smell a new drug to help those Internet Junkies off that Google sauce coming around the corner anytime now....Anyway from the AP:

The Internet is where we spend more and more of our time. But for a growing number of people, it’s an out-of-control habit instead of a necessary part of life....Internet addiction -- an online-related compulsive behavior that interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones and work -- is a psychological and behavioral problem that is spreading around the world, experts say....Kimberly Young, clinical director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery and author of the book “Caught in the Net,” said that about 5 percent to 10 percent of Americans --15 to 30 million people -- may suffer from Internet addiction. And the problem may be even greater elsewhere. Young said 18 to 30 percent of the populations of China, Korea and Taiwan, where the Internet is even more popular than in the U.S., may be addicted...."I’ve seen a lot of growth in the field of Internet addiction,” said Young. “More research and studies (are) trying to understand it better. … It’s a global problem.”..The main types of Internet addiction are cybersex, online affairs, online gambling, online gaming, compulsive surfing and even eBay addiction, Young added.
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Economy rebounds in second Quarter, still can't please economist

..maybe their projections were wrong, even think of that......From the AP:

Economic growth picked up in the second quarter as tax rebates energized consumers. The rebound followed a treacherous patch where the economy jolted into reverse at the end of 2007....The Commerce Department reported Thursday that gross domestic product, or GDP, increased at an annual rate of 1.9 percent in the April-to-June period. That marked an improvement over the feeble 0.9 percent growth logged in the first quarter of this year and an outright contraction in the economy during the final quarter of last year....Still, the second-quarter rebound wasn't as robust as economists had hoped; they were forecasting growth to clock in at a 2.4 percent pace. The rebound, while welcome, isn't likely to be seen as a signal that the fragile economy is out of the woods. There are fears that as the bracing tonic of the tax rebates fades, the economy could be in for another rough patch later this year.

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USS George Washington captain fired

From Reuters:

The US Navy has fired the captain of the first US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be stationed abroad after a fire onboard hurt dozens of sailors and raised alarm in host Japan. ...The USS George Washington is set to arrive in late September in Yokosuka, a naval hub near Tokyo, despite public protests in the only nation to have suffered nuclear attack. ...The US Navy, releasing details of an investigation, said that a fire in May was caused when people smoked near improperly stored flammable liquids. ...A Navy statement on Wednesday said it was relieving Captain David C. Dykhof as commanding officer due to "a loss of confidence in his ability to command and his failure to meet mission requirements and readiness standards." ...One sailor suffered first- and second-degree burns, while another 37 were treated for minor injuries, the Navy said. ...The carrier needed 70 million dollars in repairs at a dockyard in San Diego, delaying its arrival in Japan, it said

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No happily ever after for subway romance

Poor Guy...From Reuters:

A modern-day love story of a man spotting the girl of his dreams across a New York subway train and tracking her down over the Internet has failed to have a fairytale ending with the relationship over....For Web designer Patrick Moberg, then 21, from Brooklyn, it was love at first sight when he spotted a woman on a Manhattan train last November. But he lost her in the crowd so he set up a website with a sketch to find her -- in a city of 8 million people, it only took Moberg 48 hours to track down the woman, with his phone ringing non-stop and email box overflowing as usually cynical New Yorkers took sympathy on the subway Romeo and joined his hunt....The mysterious brunette was named as Camille Hayton, from Melbourne, Australia, who was working as an intern at the magazine BlackBook and also lived in Brooklyn. One of her friends spotted the sketched picture on the Web site and recognized her....But after finding each other, appearing on TV and getting international press, the couple took their romance out of the public eye, with Moberg closing down the Web site and with both refusing to making any more comments -- until now

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Banning Minarets in Switzerland

From Reuters: Switzerland will hold a referendum on whether to ban building any more minarets in the Alpine country, the government said on Tuesday....A group of politicians from the Swiss People's Party (SVP) and Federal Democratic Union gathered more than 100,000 signatures to support the initiative, saying the minarets threaten law and order....Switzerland has two minarets, in Zurich and Geneva, which would be unaffected by the vote. Neither issues a Moslem call to prayer...."The Federal Chancellery checks of the signature list showed that of the total 114,137 signatures turned in, 113,540 are valid," the government said in a statement....The proposal has to be discussed by parliament before being put to a popular vote and the process could take several years....The SVP previously ran an anti-immigration campaign featuring three white sheep kicking a black sheep off a Swiss flag. The campaign was condemned as racist by rights groups and the United Nations.

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Olympic athletes not only fail drug tests, but also fail gender tests?

The Beijing Olympics just gets starnger and stranger...From the Guardian: For more than a year, officials in Beijing have been designing a special laboratory to determine the sex of any athletes taking part in this year's Olympic games. "Suspected athletes will be evaluated from their external appearances by experts and undergo blood tests to examine their sex hormones

, genes and chromosomes for sex determination," says Professor Tian Qinjie. The tests will not be conducted on every female athlete, but will be required if serious doubts have been raised about an individual competitor - invariably one competing in the women's events. "The aim is to protect fairness at the games while also protecting the rights of people with abnormal sexual development," he says. ...The International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduced sex testing in 1968 at the Olympic games in Mexico City, after the masculine appearance of some competitors, many pumped up by anabolic steroids, had started to raise questions about the gender of athletes in female events. Unsurprisingly, gender-determination tests were seen as degrading, with female competitors having to submit to humiliating and invasive physical examinations by a series of doctors. Later, the IOC decided to use a supposedly more sophisticated genetic test, based on chromosomes. Women usually have two X chromosomes; men an X and a Y chromosome. So, according to the rules of the test, only those athletes with two X chromosomes could be classed as women. However, many geneticists criticised the tests, saying that sex is not as simple as X and Y chromosomes and is not always simple to ascertain.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CIA has evidents that Pakistan spy service is aiding militants on the Afghanistan border

The New York Times reports CIA has evidents that Pakistan spy service is aiding militants on the Afghanistan border From NYT:

'The C.I.A. emissary presented evidence showing that members of the spy service had deepened their ties with some militant groups that were responsible for a surge of violence in Afghanistan, possibly including the suicide bombing this month of the Indian Embassy in Kabul, the officials said. ..'The decision to confront Pakistan with what the officials described as a new C.I.A. assessment of the spy service's activities seemed to be the bluntest American warning to Pakistan since shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks about the ties between the spy service and Islamic militants. ...'The C.I.A. assessment specifically points to links between members of the spy service, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, and the militant network led by Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani, which American officials believe maintains close ties to senior figures of Al Qaeda in Pakistan's tribal areas.'

Buy a Happy meal and watch a gay pride parade…

…sounds like family fun but it isn't. As McDonald’s increases it support of the gay agenda and financial supports gay pride parades (click here to see these incredibly inappropriate pictures of what actually seems to be going on at these events) they have also stepped up their rhetoric to include that it is hateful to even question the homosexual agenda. From American Family Association: McDonald’s says they "stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment," here is what they won’t tell you. McDonald’s helped sponsor the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Want to see what McDonald’s considers worthy of support? …AFA asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture war. The company refused, stating they will continue to support the gay agenda including same-sex marriage. AFA has called for a boycott of McDonald’s restaurants. …McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman told the Washington Post that those (even Christians) who oppose homosexual marriage are motivated by hate, saying that "... hatred has no place in our culture."...This boycott is not about hiring homosexuals or how homosexual employees are treated. It is about McDonald’s choosing to put the full resources of their corporation behind promoting the homosexual agenda….To help promote the gay agenda, McDonald’s paid $20,000 to become an official "organizational ally and corporate partner" of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and secure a seat on the group’s board of directors. The NGLCC lobbies against laws protecting marriage as between a man and a woman.

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Find out how to Boycott McDonalds Here

Bush again urges offshore drilling

From Reuters:

President George W. Bush on Tuesday again called on Congress to pass legislation that would give energy companies access to billions of barrels of oil in U.S. waters where energy exploration is now banned...Speaking to workers at a welding plant in Euclid, Ohio, Bush said gasoline prices are high because global oil supplies are not able to keep up with growing demand in countries like India and China, whose economies are strong and whose citizens are buying more cars...To help bring down fuel prices, Bush said the United States needed to develop more of its oil resources, particularly those located offshore, which Bush said held enough supply to meet current U.S. oil demand for 10 years...."It seems like we ought to be figuring out how to find more oil here in the United States," Bush said....Senate Republicans are pushing to modify a pending Democratic-backed energy speculation bill so it would also expand offshore oil drilling and allow the development of huge oil shale reserves in the West.

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Palestine/Israeli peace stall as SOS Rice tries to work out a plan

From Reuters:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice holds a three-way meeting with the top Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators on Wednesday amid dimming expectations that a comprehensive deal is possible this year...Rice plans to meet separately with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and then sit down with her and former Palestinian Prime Minster Ahmed Qurei for an extended discussion....The talks will be the latest in a series Rice has convened this year but, like the Israeli-Palestinian bilateral negotiations, have yet to produce tangible progress toward ending the six-decade conflict....Beyond the intrinsic difficulty of resolving such controversial issues as the delineation of borders, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem, the effort is further hindered by the political divisions on both sides....Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is under

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Selling the Brooklyn Bridge to raise funds?

Selling everything remotely American in New York, a financial crisi MAY happen...this guy is giving chickenlittle a run for his money...From the NY Post:

Warning of an approaching economic calamity, Gov. Paterson yesterday called an emergency session of the state Legislature - and raised the specter that New York may have to sell off roads, bridges and tunnels to close a massive budget deficit. ...In a rare televised address, the Democratic governor cited "private-public partnerships" involving the sale of state assets - widely condemned by critics as fiscal gimmickry - as one way to stem a tide of red ink brought on by the sagging economy and woes on Wall Street. ..."We can't wait and hope that this problem will resolve itself," Paterson said. "These times call for action, and today I promise you there will be action." ...Profit-tax collections from the state's 16 biggest banks, which were at $173 million in June 2007, fell to $5 million last month, Paterson noted. That's a shocking 97 percent plunge

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President Obama continues his Victory Tour 2008...wait isn't the election in November

Good article in the post about Obama's presumtion....I think this is the beginning of an 97 day fall for Barry..... From the Post:

Barack Obama has long been his party's presumptive nominee. Now he's becoming its presumptuous nominee...Fresh from his presidential-style world tour, during which foreign leaders and American generals lined up to show him affection, Obama settled down to some presidential-style business in Washington yesterday. He ordered up a teleconference with the (current president's) Treasury secretary, granted an audience to the Pakistani prime minister and had his staff arrange for the chairman of the Federal Reserve to give him a briefing. Then, he went up to Capitol Hill to be adored by House Democrats in a presidential-style pep rally....Along the way, he traveled in a bubble more insulating than the actual president's. Traffic was shut down for him as he zoomed about town in a long, presidential-style motorcade, while the public and most of the press were kept in the dark about his activities, which included a fundraiser at the Mayflower where donors paid $10,000 or more to have photos taken with him. His schedule for the day, announced Monday night, would have made Dick Cheney envious:

11:00 a.m.: En route TBA.

12:05 p.m.: En route TBA.

1:45 p.m.: En route TBA.

2:55 p.m.: En route TBA.

5:20 p.m.: En route TBA.

The 5:20 TBA turned out to be his adoration session with lawmakers in the Cannon Caucus Room, where even committee chairmen arrived early, as if for the State of the Union. Capitol Police cleared the halls -- just as they do for the actual president. The Secret Service hustled him in through a side door -- just as they do for the actual president....Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, "This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for," adding: "I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."...As he marches toward Inauguration Day (Election Day is but a milestone on that path), Obama's biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but rather his own hubris....Some say the supremely confident Obama -- nearly 100 days from the election, he pronounces that "the odds of us winning are very good" -- has become a president-in-waiting. But in truth, he doesn't need to wait: He has already amassed the trappings of the office, without those pesky decisions.

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Bailout signed by W

President Bush has signed H.R. 3221, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.... mark today as the day self reliance, a strong hold of American values, has gone by the roadside for good...

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The Voter fraud that was uncovered so far in Virginia may just be the tip of the iceberg

As Delegate Frederick asked AG McDonnell to investigate voter fraud allegations ...sources have made some rather interesting links that may show these cases to be more than just isolated incidents but closer to a consorted effort to derail Republican candidates in the commonwealth and beyond.

From the The Los Angeles Independent Media Center:

When Liberal Non-Profits Exploit: LA Workers Are Fighting For Their Rights
by Erin Rosa Wednesday, May. 31, 2006 at 4:27 AM

Los Angeles, California--In 2002, the Fund for Public Interest Research (FFPIR) closed one of its LA offices. Management gave no reason for the abrupt closure, but employees alleged in an LA Weekly article that the office had been shut down because they filed a petition to organize a union. ...In April of 2006, the Fund closed another city office, almost a year after workers successfully won their own union election through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). That time management told employees it was because of a failure to hire new administration officials, but union members say the company refused to negotiate and even retaliated against them with hiring freezes and bogus terminations....Now there is one organized office remaining in LA, and it’s struggling to exist amid an eight month hiring freeze and claims that the company is outsourcing work and defrauding employees. ...I worked there for [three and a half] years,” says Christian Miller, “which I'm told is a record for the state of California for someone to just be knocking on doors for three and half years. That just doesn't happen often.” Miller is a former employee of the Fund’s “door” office, and one of the workers who spearheaded the two recent union campaigns. ...The Fund for Public Interest Research is a non-profit corporation based in Massachusetts and its business comprises fundraising and canvassing for environmental groups and other liberal causes. According to worker testimonies and the Fund’s own website, clients include Environment California, the Sierra Club, and the Human Rights Campaign. ...In Los Angeles the FFPIR structure consisted of three offices before the recent closure—the “door” office where canvassers are hired to go door to door, the “street” office where canvassers solicit on bustling streets, and the “TOP” (Telephone Outreach Project) office where employees fundraise over the telephone. ...In June of last year the door office unionized with the Teamsters Local 848 union. Following that, the TOP office also unionized with the Teamsters by holding an election in September. The door office has now been closed and the TOP office currently has five employees. The street office was the workplace closed in 2002 and it soon reopened in 2003 with a new staff. It has not taken part in current union activities. ..After the union vote some workers say they experienced unwarranted behavior, and the union claims that even after the workers had voted for representation the Fund refused to negotiate. ...“Every time we get into a bargaining session with The Fund, that’s all they do, [nothing]. They come in, and they’re very polite and they’re very cordial, but at the same time, they’re not agreeing to anything. They are not counter-proposing our proposals,” union representative Emilio Arias said in an interview last February, “once a year is up, the group of employees have a legal right to file a decertification petition to get the union out, especially if we have not reached an agreement.” ...Tiff Petherbridge, a former Field Director at the door office, was fired in July when she didn’t make her canvassing quota for the week. ..“The way it was before, for the year and a half before [Jason Tipton, the new office Director] ever came on to the scene, it was, once you had made core staff, which is after your 3rd of 4th week on staff, is if you miss quota for a week [management] would try to help you out…” Petherbridge says, “and then the second week if you missed quota again they would put you on what’s called an ultimatum, and the ultimatum is if you don’t make quota the next week they have to let you go…with Jason it was 'if you miss quota 3 days in a row I’m going to fire you.'”..After Pehterbridge filed a labor relations complaint Tipton rehired her, but then she was fired again less than a month later. At the time there were no clear written rules at the work place regarding fundraising quotas and policy. The NLRB later found that the Director’s sudden change in policy warranted merit, and that the FFPIR could either take the case to a hearing or settle out of court. The non-profit decided to settle and agreed to terminate workers only after they missed quota for two consecutive weeks....Another LA Weekly article also reported that workers at the TOP office claimed to be receiving sudden pay cuts and reduction in their health care plan. ...“In our calling room the five of us know that our days are numbered…” says Fund employee Marcy Harris when talking about an impending labor board investigation. ...“The NLRB judges are in the process of deciding whether our calling room's three charges have merit—those three charges are one, a hiring freeze that was designed to isolate the five callers and after the year from the union vote decertify the union, two, sending our good calling lists out to other offices [in] Portland, Oregon, and three a fraud charge…a charge in which we say that the [FFPIR] has ‘cooked the books’ to keep from crediting the callers with their return [donations]…in order to get their pay down low enough to shut down the office and thereby decertify the union that way.” ...According to Harris, the NLRB has subpoenaed the Fund’s computer records and the TOP employees have also submitted evidence toward the investigation. ...At the same time, while employees have come out criticizing the FFPIR, former Directors are also making claims about their experiences and the current situation. ..“For a successful organization that openly proclaims itself to be the front line of the progressive movement to be so anti-union boggles the mind and turns the stomach,” Emily DeDakis, a former LA door office Director says, “the original intent to organize the L.A. office was to ensure that benefits already stated in Fund literature were properly doled out.” DeDakis quit the Fund in December of 2004. ...“I once fired my entire office—which was suggested by my regional director—in order to build a new stronger one,” says Cayenne "Aubee" Tupelo, a former Director of the LA street office. “It worked. Shortly after we were the [number one] street office in the country for a couple months.” Tupelo also quit in 2004.

The Fund was founded by a man named Doug Phelps, according to the state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) website. Currently Phelps is on the advisory board to the FFPIR, and “chairman of the Board and CEO of U.S. PIRG, the National Association of State Public Interest Research Groups….” He is president of Telefund, Inc, a business that raises money over the phone for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other charities, and he also chairs the board of Greencorps, an environmental organizer training school.

While the exact working relationship between the PIRGs and the FFPIR is not clear, Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth records confirm that Janet Domenitz, Executive Director of the Massachusetts PIRG, is also VP/Treasurer of the Fund. Poor labor practices have also been reported at Telefund, Inc, Greencorps, and Grassroots Campaigns, Inc by employees. Each workplace is connected to Phelps. ...The Fund for Public Interest Research did not return a request for comment. ...

Other Sources:
Letter from CA Rep. Hilda Solis to the FFPIR (PDF)
NLRB Agreement (PDF)
Mass SOC Records (PDF)
Erin Rosa is a writer living in Denver, Colorado. She used to work for Telefund, Inc.

Doug Phelps' company is running the Virginia Operation and he is a major vendor for the DNC--it seems that his companies have engaged in this pattern in the past when conducting the same operations so are they doing it now?.....developing

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RPV in goods Hands

The new Executive Director of RPV, Allison Coccia spoke last night at the monthly Chesterfield County Republican Committee meeting and let me echo the excitement others have felt by this acquisition from the New York State GOP. From meeting Ms. Coccia last night it is clear that she will be an outstanding addition to Delegate Frederick's new RPV vision and will no doubt lead the state party to accomplish great things this November and for years to come. Executive Director Coccia, laid out a three prong plan of Grassroots, Communication and Fundraising to help invigorate the state party so that they can be a valued resource to Republicans in the state of Virginia. I admit I was skeptical of a change in leadership for the RPV this close to a national election and the even more important statewide elections next year but Delegate Frederick's 100 day plan, more visible responses to the GA and acquiring great talent like Allison Coccia on his Executive Staff shows that by misgivings were in vain, and I truly believe the RPV is now in good hands to accomplish great things in the future for the commonwealth.

You can Party at SanDiego Church but you better not pray


A discrepancy in permits leaves churchgoers east of San Diego with a place to party instead of a place of worship....The use permit for a church in Guatay is for a bar, not for religious services....Churchgoers can meet to drink and listen to music, according to the permit, but they cannot meet to pray, NBC 7/39 reported. ...The church, Guatay Christian Fellowship, is located about 35 miles east of San Diego....It has been operating as a church for 22 years. In 1981, the building was approved for the sale of beer and wine as well as for live entertainment....When the building was rented out for use as a church, the use permit did not change....Each different use requires a separate approval with a study to determine the impact on the community, according to the county....The church's pastor said church members don't have the money to get a different permit

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You have to be kidding me..

...Chinese actress doesn't understand why the world is not happy with China's human rights record...I guess the actress isn't a christian in Beijing or a Tibetan monk since that would change her mind right before they shoot her. From Yahoo News and the AP:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star Zhang Ziyi has told Vogue magazine that she is puzzled by the protests against China's human rights record before the Beijing Olympics. ...Activists have criticized China's rule in Tibet and its alleged failure to do more to help stop mass killings in the Sudanese region of Darfur. Protests marred several international legs of the Olympic torch relay....The actress served as a torch bearer for the Chinese leg of the relay...."I don't see why people are so negative. The games are about friendship," Zhang was quoted as saying in the current issue of Vogue. "I'm Chinese and I'm proud of my country."

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McCain sees doctor ...

From the AP:

Republican Sen. John McCain said Monday he had had a small patch of skin removed from his face and biopsied as part of a regular checkup with his dermatologist...."She said that I was doing fine," McCain, who has survived four bouts with melanoma, or skin cancer, told reporters on a presidential campaign visit to an oil rig. "She took a small little nick from my cheek, as she does regularly, and that will be biopsied just to make sure that everything is fine."...The Arizona senator had the procedure performed near Phoenix during a checkup he undergoes every three months. He sported a small bandage on his upper right cheek on his campaign plane but had removed it by the time he spoke with reporters. A small, dark spot stood out on his face....The campaign also issued a statement from Michael Yardley, chair of public affairs at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., who said the biopsy was ordered "as a precaution" and "is a routine minor procedure."...
The Arizona senator, who suffered severe sun damage from his 5 1/2 years in Vietnamese prison camps, gets an in-depth skin cancer check every few months because of a medical history of dangerous melanomas.
Barrack war injuries happen while playing basketball....I'll take McCain

Kaine high on the Obama VP list...

...only way Obama thinks he can win Virginia? From WAPO:

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has told close associates that he has had "very serious" conversations with Sen. Barack Obama about joining the Democratic presidential ticket and has provided documents to the campaign as it combs through his background, according to several sources close to Kaine....Sens. Evan Bayh (Ind.) and Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.) are also being seriously vetted by the campaign staff, according to sources with knowledge of the process....Obama has revealed little about which way he is leaning. And despite rising anticipation that a decision is imminent, campaign officials said an announcement is likely in mid-August, shortly before the Democratic National Convention. Obama's top aides, David Plouffe and David Axelrod, huddled yesterday in the Washington office of Eric Holder, who along with Caroline Kennedy is vetting potential running mates....Although rumors have circulated about former military leaders and other nontraditional contenders, including Republicans, Obama's pool of prospects is heavy on longtime senators with foreign policy experience. Kaine and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius are the only state leaders believed to be under serious consideration, sources close to Obama said....Democrats who have discussed possible choices with campaign officials and have knowledge of the vetting process said others being considered include Sens. Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) and former senator Sam Nunn (Ga.). Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.) and Democratic Sen. Jack Reed (R.I.) are mentioned as long shots....Aides to Kaine declined to comment about the possibility that Obama might pick him, referring all questions to the senator's campaign. "The governor has been pretty clear from the beginning, when Senator Obama asked him to be a national co-chair, that any conversation he has with the campaign, on any topic, are conversations that he is keeping private," said Delacey Skinner, Kaine's spokeswoman....But several people who have spoken to Kaine said he has talked about the seriousness of the possibility. Each spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing the campaign's desire to keep the process secret. One said Kaine has stressed that there are other top candidates but described his discussions with the campaign as "very serious."...Two other associates said Kaine's staff is providing the background information necessary to allow the campaign to search for potential political land mines. One source said Kaine chief counsel Larry Roberts is coordinating with Obama's team. Roberts could not be reached for comment. Kaine will be in Washington today for his monthly interview on WTOP Radio...Kaine and Obama became friends after they campaigned together during Kaine's 2005 gubernatorial race. Kaine, who like Obama has Kansas roots, has returned the favor, stumping nationwide for the senator from Illinois during the primaries. In recent weeks, Kaine and his staff have been in frequent contact with Obama and his campaign about strategy and operations in Virginia and elsewhere. The governor has said he plans to attend the Democratic convention in Denver with his wife and children.

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The scientific approach to picking a VP. how it sounds

NBC GOP analyst Mike MURPHY on 'Today,' pushing his 'dark horse' choice for Democratic V.P.:

'Senator Dan Akaka of Hawaii,, because I like the bumper sticker Obama/Akaka.'
Good to see Mike has too much time on his hands as a GOP analyst...dude get to work we have to actually get McCain elected.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Chesterfield Chamber sees no reason for new phosphorous runoff

This restriction is rather arbitrary and has no scientific basis to back up that this would do anything but prevent people to build reasonably priced housing in the Upper Swift Creek area. Instituting tougher restricvtions just to fulfill campaign promises is not the way to govern a county when you run on being independent of special interest...Matoaca did not pick the best candidate last November and this is just the first indication of that being true.

From the Chesterfield Observer: The Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce's board of directors has voted unanimously against lowering the amount of phosphorous runoff to .16 pounds per acre per year from new development in the Upper Swift Creek Plan (USCP) area. The board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on lowering the limit next week. ...With 625 members, the chamber is the largest business organization in Chesterfield. ...The current phosphorus standard is .22 pounds for residential properties and .45 pounds for commercial. The .16 standard is considered to be what would occur naturally without any development. ..."There is no valid scientific evidence that more strict phosphorous requirements will have an impact on water quality," said Neal Lappe, the chamber's chairman. "The stricter standard would have a devastating impact on business development." ..."After considering both sides, it was clear that the .16 standard has no scientific support and is both arbitrary and capricious," added former Chairman Sam Kaufman, one of the 11 chamber board members who voted to oppose the measure. "It's an impossible standard to meet and not geared toward any sound environmental policy."...Both the Chesterfield Planning Commission and the county's Environmental Engineering Department also oppose the .16 standard. ...The development community has also been meeting, including private property owners who fear their property rights are being denied. They and the business community believe the tougher standard is being promoted by Matoaca Supervisor Marleen Durfee to fulfill a campaign pledge. In an email, Durfee wrote she has not taken a position yet...."I don't think it's appropriate to shut down all development in the watershed," said Dan Gecker, vice chairman of the board of supervisors

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Teens gone wild!!!! 300 in Mall fight.


As many as 300 people joined a melee that began inside a Raleigh mall and spilled outside the shopping center during the fight, police said Sunday.....Raleigh Police Department spokesman Jim Sughrue said the gang-related brawl began inside Triangle Town Center Mall on Saturday night at about 8 p.m. Off-duty officers working at the mall requested assistance, and Wake County sheriff's deputies N.C. Highway Patrol troopers also responded. Sughrue said a 15-year-old was stabbed during the incident. He was taken to WakeMed and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. A police officer was also injured with a "significant" cut to his knee that he suffered during a chase. He was taken to Duke Raleigh Hospital for treatment and is expected to recover, Sughrue said. ...Authorities said the fight was "gang-related," though Sughrue declined to say why they reached that conclusion. Raleigh police have previously said examples of gang-related activity include actions that would establish a gang's territory, suppress another gang or get revenge.

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New RPV logo improved

I like the "improved" new RPV logo....doesn't look like an anteater any longer ...nice, elephants rule.

Virginia GOP Chairman calls for criminal investigation into mounting evidence of coordinated voter fraud activities

From the RPV:

Virginia GOP Chairman calls for criminal investigation into mounting evidence of coordinated voter fraud activities

Richmond, Virginia (July 28, 2008) – Delegate Jeff Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, this morning called on Governor Kaine and Attorney General McDonnell to open a thorough and rigorous investigation into what appears to be coordinated and widespread voter fraud activities occurring throughout Virginia.

Frederick’s request is in response to a report last week of three individuals in Hampton, Virginia being arrested and charged with voter registration fraud, a Class 5 Felony, as well as reports of fraudulent voter registration forms in Richmond. According to a signed affidavit, a Richmond voter had a fraudulent new registration card submitted to the local registrar. When the victim was notified on Thursday afternoon, the registrar informed her that there were other similar applications submitted in Richmond. (see affidavit)

The individuals in Hampton worked for Community Voters Project – a 3rd party group with ties to Fund for Public Interest and the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG). PIRG, which seems to be a front group for a number of left wing causes, has a documented history of attempting to add fraudulent, phony or duplicative names to the voter registries across the nation.

“It seems nearly every day, I read or hear of some news report about how many new people are being registered to vote in Virginia in anticipation of the Presidential race this year. Getting more citizens involved in the process is great – that’s what democracy is all about. Yet, nothing undermines democracy more than poisoning the process and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections,” said Frederick.

“This is a very serious and troubling trend that we are seeing in Virginia,” he added. “Laws are being broken and Virginians have to wonder if there is a deliberate effort underway to corrupt and affect the outcome of November’s elections. I urge the Governor and Attorney General to take immediate action to investigate these matters.”

Even more troubling, Frederick said, was the opportunity for identity theft when citizens register to vote with these groups, as people must give a correct social security number on the voter registration form.

“People must exercise extreme caution when putting their private information into the hands of a stranger, for obvious reasons. I encourage voters to contact their local registrars and the major credit bureaus to verify that their voter and financial information has not been tampered with.”

Hedge funds may post their worst month in at least five years

From Bloomberg:

Hedge funds may post their worst month in at least five years after bets on financial stocks and crude oil backfired.

Hedge Fund Research Inc.'s Global Hedge Fund Index of more than 55 funds slid 3.2 percent through July 24, heading for the biggest monthly drop since the measure started in 2003.

Wagers on a decline in financial stocks and homebuilders, one of the most popular, soured after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares more than doubled in the six trading days to July 23. Bullish bets on crude oil turned to a loss as oil slid 15 percent from a record $145.29 a barrel on July 3 after doubling in a year.

``You have to believe that everyone had the same trade on,'' said Paul Meader, co-managing director of Corazon Capital Management, a Guernsey, Channel Islands-based manager with about $1.2 billion, mostly invested in hedge funds. ``There will be a lot of people hurting and licking their wounds with a tough July to report to their clients.''

Short selling of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac jumped in the first two weeks of July as the stocks fell on concern that shareholders would be wiped out even if the government bailed out the entities. Instead, the shares doubled in six trading days, catching out investors who shorted the stock, selling borrowed shares in anticipation of buying them back at a cheaper price.

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Obama keeps new social security tax on the downlow

From the AP:

'Barack Obama's bid to place a new Social Security tax on very high incomes is either a bold or foolhardy plan, depending on who critiques it. But its potential impact is almost impossible to gauge because he is providing few details on basic questions such as what the tax rate might be, what types of income would be taxed and how the taxpayers' benefits would be affected.'

Friday, July 25, 2008

Who Knew Norway was a violent place

From the AP:

A group of men wielding knives, machetes and iron bars stormed into a center for asylum-seekers in a nighttime attack that left more than 20 people hurt, police said Friday....Five Chechen immigrants were arrested after the violence late Thursday, which police said may have been sparked by tension between different ethnic groups at the facility....Police spokesman Per Tore Fremstad said many of the injured were Kurds, but added it was not yet clear whether the attack had targeted Kurds specifically....Center director Ole Morten said the men arrested after the attack were not residents of the center....Between 40 and 50 men broke into the Nordbybraaten center, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) south of Oslo, and started attacking its residents, Lyng said....Police said as many as 23 people were injured.

Read Here:,0,2146004.story

Bush, The Real Dark Night?

From the Wall Street Journal:

A cry for help goes out from a city beleaguered by violence and fear: A beam of light flashed into the night sky, the dark symbol of a bat projected onto the surface of the racing clouds . . . Oh, wait a minute. That's not a bat, actually. In fact, when you trace the outline with your finger, it looks kind of like . . . a "W." ...There seems to me no question that the Batman film "The Dark Knight," currently breaking every box office record in history, is at some level a paean of praise to the fortitude and moral courage that has been shown by George W. Bush in this time of terror and war. Like W, Batman is vilified and despised for confronting terrorists in the only terms they understand. Like W, Batman sometimes has to push the boundaries of civil rights to deal with an emergency, certain that he will re-establish those boundaries when the emergency is past....And like W, Batman understands that there is no moral equivalence between a free society -- in which people sometimes make the wrong choices -- and a criminal sect bent on destruction. The former must be cherished even in its moments of folly; the latter must be hounded to the gates of Hell...."The Dark Knight," then, is a conservative movie about the war on terror. And like another such film, last year's "300," "The Dark Knight" is making a fortune depicting the values and necessities that the Bush administration cannot seem to articulate for beans.


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Even death row inmates like Obama

This Obamamania just keeps getting weirder and weirder...From the Clarion-Ledger:

'Before he died Wednesday evening, death row inmate Dale Leo Bishop apologized to his victim's family, thanked America and urged people to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.'

Novak likes Mitt


'The principal reason why former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has climbed to the top of Sen. John McCain's practical wish list for vice president is the possibility that he could bring Michigan's 17 electoral votes to the Republicans for the first time since 1988. Private polls show Romney could make all the difference in Michigan. A McCain-Romney ticket carries the state by a moderately comfortable margin. With any other running mate, McCain loses Michigan.'

The Secret Service needs another $9.5 million to protect Presidential candidates

From the AP:

'The Secret Service has asked for an extra $9.5 million to cover unexpected costs of protecting the presidential candidates during what has turned into an historic year for the agency's campaign security job. Among other things, the extra money would be used for the added costs for the candidates' international travel and a late-in-the-game decision by Barack Obama to accept the Democratic nomination at Denver's Invesco Field at Mile High - an open-air, 76,000-seat stadium - instead of the 20,000-seat Pepsi Center ... 'Obama received Secret Service protection on May 3, 2007 - the earliest the agency has ever stepped in to protect a candidate. ... McCain picked up protection on April 27 of this year. During the 2008 campaign, the agency has protected candidates on about 1,500 trips; and each trip has included three to eight stops. To secure the candidates on these trips, the Secret Service has used about 2,200 magnetometers to screen about 1.5 million people.'

Another sign of the Apocalypse, the French even like Obama

From Politico's Ben SMITH:

'French President Nicolas Sarkozy is offering Obama a warm welcome on the day of their meeting, in an interview with the conservative daily Le Figaro. 'Obama? He's my pal,' the president told Le Figaro. 'Unlike my diplomatic advisers, I never believed in Hillary Clinton's chances. I always said that Obama would be nominated.'

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chesterfield County Republican Committee Updates Site

I updated the CCRC website to get with the times so take a look....still working out the kinks but that par for the course for this old developer.

People only Protest REP Conventions?

Why is this reported let there are never any protests at the DEM Convention? If my history serves me, hasn't there been more violent protest at DEM conventions than at REP conventions? Oh I forgot the press think everyone is a liberal whacko...From the AP:

Borrowing from a European model, Minneapolis and St. Paul police hope to quell any disruptions at this summer's Republican National Convention by exchanging cell phone numbers and offering other olive branches to demonstrators....About 10 police officers _ all schooled in hostage negotiation techniques _ met with Justice Department officials and a handful of community peace workers Wednesday at a police academy in north Minneapolis to review the strategies....The officers, dubbed "dialogue officers" or "free speech liaison officers," have been asked to open communication lines with activist leaders at the convention, which will be held Sept. 1-4 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul....The hope, in part, is that the officers will be able to stay on top of any escalating violence or other problems and alert other officers or peaceful demonstrators...."The whole goal is to try and reach out to groups that are going to protest. We recognize their free speech rights, but the concern on our end is that we don't want anybody to get hurt or have any property damage," said Bill Blake, a Minneapolis officer taking part in the initiative....Blake said officers have been contacting groups they believe are planning to demonstrate. He said he went to a meeting of the Welfare Rights Committee, explained the initiative and handed out his card but was rebuffed...."There's a lot of anger out there," he said.

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New Media War not going GOPs way

Good article in Politico about new media and the GOP, disagree with some of the points (naturally, I always do) but worth the read:

Republicans have no lack of would-be George F. Wills. ...But what they really need are some more Robert D. Novaks. ...The distinction between the two prominent conservative journalists isn't always obvious, but it's nevertheless important to understand: One almost exclusively writes opinion pieces, while the other offers reportage with a point of view. ...The same might be said of the emerging differences between the conservative presence on the Internet and the liberal one: The right is engaged in the business of opining while the left features sites that offer a more reportorial model. ...At first glance, these divergent approaches might not seem consequential. But as the 2008 campaign progresses, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the absence of any websites on the right devoted to reporting—as opposed to just commenting on the news—is proving politically costly to Republicans. ...While conservatives are devoting much of their Internet energy to analysis, their counterparts on the left are taking advantage of the rise of new media to create new institutions devoted to unearthing stories, putting new information into circulation and generally crowding the space traditionally taken by traditional media. And it almost always comes at the expense of GOP politicians. ...While online Republicans chase the allure of punditry and commentary, Democrats and progressives are pursuing old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting, in a fashion reminiscent of 2004. Back then, the Drudge Report and other lesser-known conservative portals played a key role in defining John Kerry and pushing back against criticism of George W. Bush such as when conservative bloggers debunked documents purportedly related to the president’s Air National Guard service.

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Obama would vote against our military


Frederick calls candidate's statements
Richmond, Virginia (July 22, 2008) – Today, Senator Barak Obama, Democratic candidate for President of the United States stated that he would still vote against the military surge in Iraq, even after admitting that the surge was successful.

Delegate Jeff Frederick, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia issued the following statement in response:

"It is incredible that a man who seeks to be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces would oppose a military mission, despite knowing that it would succeed.

The American people need to take a moment and think about this. Notwithstanding the fact that the surge has saved the lives of soldiers and civilians, and despite that it has vastly improved the situation in Iraq, Barack Obama still would oppose it today. Unbelievable.

This is an unprecedented admission by a major party candidate of loyalty to partisan politics above all else; politics above the safety of our troops; and politics above the security of our nation against those that seek to do us and our way of life harm.

With nearly every public statement, Barack Obama exhibits his complete lack of a qualifications and judgment to hold our nation’s highest office, and this most recent comment only reinforces that view."

Read Here:

Surprisingly, Dee Dee Myers says something note

Dee Dee MYERS, to John ROBERTS on CNN's 'American Morning':

'If [McCain] took a trip today, begrudgingly the network anchors now would have to go. ... So far, so far, I think this has been everything and more that the Obama campaign hoped. ... [There's] always a danger for somebody in Obama's position. He's now been built up. What's the next step? We'll see. It's a long campaign.'

Just Now Meeting?

From Bloomberg:

'U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met her North Korean counterpart for the first time in the highest-level discussions since six-nation denuclearization talks began in 2003.

Bush drops opposition to Bailout Bill

From the AP:

'President Bush has dropped his opposition to legislation that aims to calm the chaotic housing market despite his opposition to a $3.9 billion provision, the White House said this morning. Under the bill, the government would help struggling homeowners get new, cheaper loans and would be allowed to offer troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a cash infusion. The House was expected to vote on the bill Wednesday, and it could become law as early as this week.'

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The McCain Surge in Virginia....VETS FOR McCain launches Blog

Posted by MAXIMUS

THE SURGE IS ON IN VIRGINIA by The Virginia Vets for McCain. They just launched their own blog. Click on the below link:

Here is the pertinent data:


START DATE: July 21, 2008

WITHDRAWAL DATE: November 5, 2008

OBJECTIVE: To install a McCain Administration in the WHITE HOUSE at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC for 4 YEARS of STRAIGHT TALK & CHANGE!

ENEMY INTEL REPORT: Barack Obama, an ardent supporter of Don't Ask me what I plan on doing to the military and I won't tell you, is busy practicing the politics of division across the pond. He's acting like the commander in chief in....Berlin?
Here's what I think of that: Ich bin ein Vomitus.
And you thought politics stopped at the waters edge? Not.

The McCain SURGE TEAM has arrived in Virginia. Be scared.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Destroys Obama in show of Veteran Support in Virginia

Posted by MAXIMUS:

Ass whipping. That's what happened yesterday. Pure get down knock dey ass down on dey own skreet ASS WHIPPING.

McCain had over 100 vets show up at his grassroots driven roll out of Virginia Vets for McCain yesterday in Arlington. Then, later in the day, McCain had over 70 Vets show up at his grassroots driven roll out of Vets for McCain in Virginia Beach.

What about Barack Hussein Obama and his one event with Virginia Veterans yesterday? How'd that turn out? Three Veterans and five signs. Sounds more like a burger joint than a political rally.

Virginia Veterans wholeheartedly trust Obama when he says, "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN"
That's why only three vets showed up at his roll out of Virginia Veterans for Obama.

The message from Virginia Vets cto Obama ouldn't be clearer: Get to steppin'

Monday, July 21, 2008

No Veterans in Virginia for Obama??

Posted by MAXIMUS

Gotta wonder. At present, Barrack Hussein Obama is in the Middle East, visiting with the very troops whose mission he does not support. Back here on the political front in ole Virginia, why is it that Obama's campaign can't manage to release a list of combat veterans who support his candidacy for President in our Old Dominion?


McCain Announces Virginia Leadership Team for "VETERANS FOR McCAIN"

Posted by MAXIMUS

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced the Virginia Veterans for McCain, a statewide grassroots organization that will work to bolster John McCain's support within Virginia’s veterans' community. With members from all eleven congressional districts in Virginia, the group's membership spans generations, including veterans from World War II to the combat operations in Iraq.

Virginia’s Veterans for McCain held press conferences today in both Arlington and Virginia Beach to formally announce the organization and endorse Senator John McCain’s candidacy for President of the United States.

In Arlington today, Virginia’s Veterans for McCain Chairman, and former Vietnam POW, Paul Galanti said, “John McCain has the experience, judgment and character to lead this country as Commander-in-Chief. John and I were both POWs, and I know he has an unshakeable character and unwavering dedication to country; always putting country above himself. That is why Virginia’s Veterans are organizing and enthusiastically dedicating our time and effort to helping him win in November. We believe John McCain will be the best Commander-in-Chief that this nation has seen in a generation.”

In Virginia Beach today, Veteran for McCain Vice Admiral Hank Giffin, said, “In the world we live in today, we need a leader like John McCain who has extensive national security and foreign policy experience. He is a leader who will work with our allies to secure a more peaceful world. With John McCain as Commander-in-Chief, we will make substantial progress in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The course Barack Obama advocates would weaken our security and could put peace further out of reach. Our nation will be strengthened with John McCain as President and Commander-in-Chief.”

Senator McCain served for 22 years in the U.S. Navy, including 5 ½ years as a POW, and was commander of the largest attack squadron in the Navy. During his military career, McCain was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and a Distinguished Flying Cross.

Virginia Veterans for McCain Grassroots Leadership Team

Paul Galanti, Chairman
Kathy MacKenzie, State Coordinator
Phil Short, State Coordinator

Virginia Veterans for McCain Area Grassroots Coordinators

First Congressional District Area Coordinators
Cord Sterling, Stafford
Lucian Niemeyer, Gainesville
Robert Hipps, Toano
Susan Hohenberg, Fredericksburg

Second Congressional District Area Coordinators
Ken Golden, Virginia Beach
Dave Winiker, Virginia Beach

Third Congressional District Area Coordinator
Seth Ginther, Richmond

Fourth Congressional District Area Coordinators
Wayne Ozmore, Chester
William Coburn, Carrollton

Fifth Congressional District Area Coordinators
Flint Engleman, Ruckersville
Thomas Grzymala, Keswick

Sixth Congressional District Area Coordinator
Robert James, Lexington

Seventh Congressional District Area Coordinators
Roger Sullivan, Richmond
Karla Boughey, Glen Allen
Jeff Prillaman, Midlothian
David Carroll, Richmond
Rudy Wadle, Manakin-Sabot
Don Kaiserman, Richmond

Eighth Congressional District Area Coordinators
Jerry Lipson, Alexandria
Bill Meierling, Arlington
Dick Thompson, McLean
Jim Davison, Arlington
Steven Primrose, Falls Church

Ninth Congressional District Area Coordinators
Shea Cook, Richlands
Paul Spangler, Bristol

Tenth Congressional District Area Coordinators
Charles McKinney, Ashburn
Shannon Kellogg, Leesburg
Glenn Yarborough, McLean
John Hunter, Arlington

Eleventh Congressional District Area Coordinators
Jim Hyland, Fairfax
Art Narro, Burke
Lex Fleming, Fairfax

Washington, DC District Area Coordinator
John Pickering, Washington, D.C.

Governor Tim Kaine invites State Employees to listen to a BIGOT

Posted by MAXIMUS

Tim Kaine is out of line. He thinks he is above reproach.

Today, Monday, July 21, 2008, Governor Tim Kaine will allow Julian Bond to speak and participate in the unveiling and dedication of the Civil Rights Memorial on the grounds of the Virginia Capital Square. In fact, Governor Kaine has named Julian Bond a Honorary Co-Chairman of the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial. The dedication of a Civil Rights Memorial is to be commended. The participation of Julian Bond at this Official State sanctioned event is to be condemned. Why?

Who is Julian Bond? He is presently the Chairman of the NAACP and he is a history professor at the University of Virginia. What bigoted statement did Julian Bond say about his fellow Americans who happen to be of a different political persuasion?

On February 1, 2006, Bond made the following statement at the Fayetteville State University in North Carolina: "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side." Link to the story here:

A Bigot is defined as a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Julian Bond is a bigot who, at the invitation of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, is going to speak at a State sanctioned event in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 21, 2008. Governor Kaine sent out the below email to state employees inviting them to attend an event with where Julian Bond has a role as a Honorary Co-Chairman. This is unacceptable. But as Tim Kaine would say, "What are you going to do about it?"

Obama's National Campaign Co-Chairman is actively dividing Virginian's with the inclusion of Julian Bond at today's state sanctioned event. Is this change we can believe in? Tim Kaine is encouraging state employees to listen to a bigoted speaker. Pathetic. Read this email from the Governor himself:

July 18, 2007

Dear Valued State Employee:

The Commonwealth of Virginia has played a pivotal role in our nation's history. From the birth of our country over 400 years ago, Virginians have always been in the forefront. Virginia's contributions are illustrated throughout history, and the fight for integration in the schools has left an indelible mark on our nation.

It is time we honor the Virginians who were committed to this fight for civil rights. On Monday, July 21st at 10:30 a.m. at the northeast corner of the Capitol grounds in Richmond, you will have the opportunity to be part of history as we unveil and dedicate the Civil Rights Memorial.

I hope you will join me and the Honorary Co-Chairs Julian Bond, Chairman of the NAACP; Nikki Giovanni, acclaimed poet and distinguished professor; Blair Underwood, actor, director, and producer; and members of the legislature as we honor Virginia's civil rights pioneers.

I encourage you to attend this historic occasion.

Timothy M. Kaine

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bolling on Obama

From the Richmond Times Dispatch Editorial Page By Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling

Barack Obama's campaign has asked voters to ignore their candidate's brief and inconsistent record and listen instead to the "value" in his words. Yet on the campaign trail, Barack Obama has been saying one thing and doing another on a number of important economic issues....Last week, John McCain proposed a "Jobs for America" economic plan to get our economy back on track. He rolled out a comprehensive economic plan that will create millions of good American jobs, ensure our nation's energy security, get the government's budget and spending practices in order, and bring relief to American consumers....On the other hand, the release of Obama's economic plan last week has left many wondering what he will do to stimulate the economy. One thing remains clear, under an Obama presidency hard-working Americans and small business owners will see their taxes rise, job creation and exports suffer, and government spending skyrocket when they can least afford it.....During the Democratic primary Obama pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class, saying, "I not only have pledged not to raise their taxes, I've been the first candidate in this race to specifically say I would cut their taxes."....But Obama’s voting record this year shows that when it was time for action, he broke his word. Obama voted twice in favor of the Democrats' fiscal 2009 budget resolution that would raise taxes on individuals earning as little as $31,850. In addition, a review of his record indicates that he has voted at least 94 times for higher taxes while in the U.S. Senate -- amounting to a vote for a tax increase once every five days that Congress has been in session.....Another economic flip-flop we've seen as Obama moves from a Democratic primary candidate to presumptive Democratic nominee is his stance on trade. In May, a Wall Street Journal Asia editorial cast Obama as "the most protectionist U.S. presidential candidate in decades," reflecting his then-opposition to NAFTA, CAFTA, the South Korea and Colombia free-trade agreements, and normal trade relations with China.....But now, Obama says he believes in free trade and has recoiled from his pledge to reopen NAFTA, admitting his primary rhetoric was "overheated and amplified" -- a sharp turn coming from the same man who said, less than six months ago, "I don't think NAFTA has been good for America -- and I never have."...The American economy can't afford Obama's back-and-forth on taxes and trade, and the American taxpayer can't afford the same back-and-forth from Obama on government spending....It's easy to question Barack Obama's commitment to fiscal responsibility. All one has to do is look at the more than $930 million in pork-barrel spending projects Obama has requested in his three years in the U.S. Senate. By comparison, in more than 20 years in the Senate, John McCain has requested exactly zero dollars in pork......Likewise, while Obama has said he would account for every dollar of new spending he proposes, he hasn't said where the money will come from. Despite failing to outline how he will fund his plans, he continues to propose increases in spending and expanded government programs.....While Obama won't tell American voters how he will pay for increased spending, his record on voting to support tax hikes and his past pork project requests make clear that the money will come out of the pocket of hard-working Americans. Obama's tax-and-spend policies will support the bloated bureaucracy he's planning and the cost will fall to average American taxpayers....If Barack Obama is already backing away from the promises he made during the primaries, what can Americans expect from him after November? Will he break the promises he's making on the campaign trail now?....Actions speak louder than words, and on the issues that matter most to Americans it's clear that Barack Obama has no credibility. He lacks both the experience and judgment to move America forward, and as he continues to "refine" his message voters are left wondering how much Obama's words matter -- even to him......Fortunately, voters have an opportunity this November to elect John McCain. McCain will get our economy back on track by cutting taxes, spurring investment and innovation, and ending wasteful spending in Washington. McCain has proven he has the experience, judgment, and character to lead this country forward.

Bloomberg and Merrill parting ways

N.Y. Times:

'After more than two decades, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and one of his earliest business partners, Merrill Lynch, are parting company in a deal that places a public value on the mayor's private company, Bloomberg L.P. That figure: At least $22.5 billion. Mr. Bloomberg is expected to buy Merrill Lynch's 20 percent stake ... for about $4.5 billion ... It is part of Merrill Lynch's efforts to shore up its capital base, as it continues to suffer from bad mortgage bets that have led to billions of dollars in losses.'

Does the number of Campaign offices make that much difference

In a recent article in the RTD, it seems a iappropriate emphasis was put on the number (20) of offices the Barrack Obama campaign was opening her in Virginia. Does the number of offices really make that much different or is it the work that those volunteers IN the offices make the difference? I don't know many people that vote for a candidate based on their proximity to a candidates campaign office, it not like we're looking for subway or hamburger...well maybe it is becoming that way given the candidates running for President. From the RTD:

Virginia has not supported a Democratic candidate for president since President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964....But Obama's financial edge over Sen. John McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, gives him the latitude to take a shot in traditionally Republican states where he senses opportunity....For example, Obama campaigned yesterday in Indiana, another state that has not backed a Democrat for president in 44 years....Virginia Democrats note their success in recent statewide elections for governor in 2001 and 2005 and for the U.S. Senate in 2006....The Obama campaign will open the 20 offices in these localities: Blacksburg, Bristol, Castlewood, Charlottesville, Danville, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Hampton, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Martinsville, Newport News, Norfolk, Petersburg, Richmond, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Winchester and Woodbridge....Del. Christopher B. Saxman, R-Staunton, a co-chairman of McCain's Virginia campaign, told The Washington Post that Obama's efforts "sound like a tremendous waste of money."..."They could be a lot more effective with probably half that number," Saxman said. "It is being done to create this image of momentum and enthusiasm that frankly is just not out there."

Read Here:

McCain needs to ignite a fire under evangelicals... win in November. From

Stirring her morning coffee, lifelong Republican Grace Droog voiced her doubts _ and those of many evangelical voters _ about what she isn't hearing from John McCain in this year's presidential election...."I look for something about his faith," she said. "It's very important, it's what our nation was founded on."....Her pal Joan Rens nodded; she, too, wants McCain to talk about his religious beliefs. "I wish he would so we would know how he stands on his religious views and where his faith lies," she said....In this part of the country _ halfway between Sioux City, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, S.D., _ separating religion from politics is folly. Religious conservatives here were energized by President Bush's public declaration of faith and handed him a landslide in 2004. With growing sway in the state GOP, they recently captured a prominent party leadership post...."When they get on fire, it's Katie bar the door," said Rock Rapids businessman George Schneiderman, who worries that McCain isn't generating that excitement

Read Here:

Rev. Jackson Also used the N-word in his comments about Obama...

...showing how he truely feels about the people he says he is helping. From Fox News:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson used the N-word during a break in a TV interview where he criticized presidential candidate Barack Obama, Fox News confirmed Wednesday....The longtime civil rights leader already came under fire this month for crude off-air comments he made against Obama in what he thought was a private conversation during a taping of a "Fox & Friends" news show....In additional comments from that same conversation, first reported by TVNewser, Jackson is reported to have said Obama was "talking down to black people," and referred to blacks with the N-word when he said Obama was telling them "how to behave."...Though a Fox spokesman confirmed the TVNewer's account to The Associated Press, the network declined to release the full transcript of the July 6 show and did not air the comments....Jackson who is traveling in Spain apologized in a statement Wednesday for "hurtful words" but didn't offer specifics.

Read Here:

Novak and the Price of Cronyism

Robert Novak has an interesting article about the price of cronyism...:

s financial storm signals appeared the last 18 months, there were Bush officials who urged drastic reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But, according to internal government sources, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson objected because it would look "too political." The Republican administration kept hands off the government-backed mortgage companies that are closely tied to the Democratic establishment. ...Paulson is a Republican, but as head of the Goldman Sachs investment bank, he had close ties with Democratic-dominated Fannie Mae. After prominent Democrat James A. Johnson left Fannie after eight years as chairman and CEO and joined the ZymoGenetics biopharmaceutical firm, he was named head of Goldman Sachs' compensation committee, helping set Paulson's abundant salary there. ...That connection clearly was not enough for Paulson to consider recusing himself from dealing with the crisis threatening Fannie, Freddie and the whole American economy. He structured the bailout and was on the phone last weekend encouraging leading investment bankers to buy Freddie Mac bonds. Financial consultant Lawrence Lindsey, President George W. Bush's former national economic director, told clients Sunday, "Surely things are somewhat amiss when a country's finance minister plays bond salesman for a supposedly privately owned company." ...Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday, Paulson stressed there would be a federal purchase of assets only if necessary. But relying on investment bankers could be awkward for Paulson because of indiscreet jubilation from his old company. "This is our bailout," a senior Goldman Sachs official told a Wall Street colleague this week, suggesting the firm will be cherry-picking for mortgage bargains.

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Can Obama shift anymore to the center and keep his base?

..obviously that assumes he is shifting his positions to the center...From the Evans-Novak Report:

The irritation by the Congressional Black Caucus over Obama's pivot to the right is genuine but not significant. Congressional blacks are truly irritated that Obama is not buying into their left-wing agenda, but they have no place to go. Jesse Jackson's unintended outburst is reflective of CBC irritation and probably a net political gain for Obama. Contrast with Jackson helps Obama with white voters

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought he was a candidate of Change

Obama candidacy not closing race gap

(UPI/NYT 0CBS Poll --

Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy for U.S. president isn't bridging the racial divide between black and white voters, a New York Times-CBS News poll indicates....More than 80 percent of African-American voters said they had a favorable opinion of Obama, D-Ill., compared with about 30 percent of white voters, results from the poll released Wednesday indicated....The results suggested that while Obama's candidacy is generating high enthusiasm among black voters, they don't see it as an improvement in race relations, pollsters said....Among black voters Obama draws support from 89 percent, compared with 2 percent for his likely Republican challenger, Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Among whites, McCain has 46 percent support to Obama's 37 percent....Obama leads McCain 62 percent to 23 percent among Hispanics....The poll indicated Obama leading McCain 45 percent to 39 percent among all registered voters....The New York Times-CBS telephone poll was conducted July 7-14 with 1,796 adults and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points. To measure views of different races, the survey included larger-than-usual minority samples, 297 blacks and 246 Hispanics, with a margin error of 6 percentage points for each subgroup.

Putin/Medvedev what's the difference

From the UPI --

A foreign policy strategy unveiled by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev this week maintains the tough stance adopted by Vladimir Putin, analysts say....Under the guidelines delivered Tuesday by Medvedev to the country's senior diplomatic corps, former president and now Prime Minister Putin's strategy of drawing a hard line against NATO expansion and staking out Russia's position as a major player in multipolar world has been maintained, the Moscow Times reported Wednesday....In fact, the prime minister's foreign policy role has been expanded under the new guidelines, with certain powers formerly handled only by the Russian president being transferred. This goes against statements made by Medvedev shortly after his March election that presidential powers wouldn't be weakened with Putin moving to the prime minister's office, the newspaper said....A Kremlin spokesman wouldn't comment on the realignment of foreign policy powers..."The vague and somewhat incomprehensible expectations that there might be some kind of liberalization in foreign policy" under Medvedev have proven unfounded, Dmitry Trenin, political analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Center, told the Times.

U.S. will attend talks on Iran's nukes

From the UPI:

U.S. President George Bush authorized sending a top State Department official to talks in Switzerland on Iran's nuclear program, an administration source said....The decision to sit at the table with Iran represents the most significant U.S. diplomatic contact with Iran since 1979's Islamic Revolution and appears to run counter to the administration's pledge not to negotiate with Iran unless the country stopped its enrichment program, The New York Times reported Wednesday

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Bush speaks, Oil Drops

Being the Leader of THE Free World has its advantages...Bush urges US drilling and lifts the Presidential Drilling ban and oil drops 9$ a barrell...nice From the National Review Online:

In a dramatic move yesterday President Bush removed the executive-branch moratorium on offshore drilling. Today, at a news conference, Bush repeated his new position, and slammed the Democratic Congress for not removing the congressional moratorium on the Outer Continental Shelf and elsewhere. Crude-oil futures for August delivery plunged $9.26, or 6.3 percent, almost immediately as Bush was speaking, bringing the barrel price down to $136.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McDonnell + most cash of Gov. Candidates = More confidence in McDonnell as Governor

Posted by MAXIMUS

Team McDonnell is once again pulling off a hat trick. they are well ahead of all of the other candidates running for Governor. McDonnell is the first candidate to cross the $1 million cash on hand threshold--this is a huge accomplishment this early.

Look what a unified GOP has done in the three months that McDonnell has been the presumed Gubernatorial nominee--more cash on hand than the Democratic candidates in a state trending "blue." This will only improve moving forward. As the McDonnell team puts on the war paint and fills up the combat treasury, they will be ready to carpet bomb the eventual broke, tired, and beaten down opponent that emerges from the Democrat nomination fight next June 5, 2009.

McDonnell's report, the first Gubernatorial candidate to have over $1 million on hand, shows that Virginians are ready for change at the Governor's Mansion, and that McDonnell's record as AG is resonating. $1 million on hand and its only July, 2008. Clearly, McDonnell's campaign is going to be ready for next year. Governor Kaine, get ready to move out of Bob McDonnell's House--just leave the letter "M" on all of the keyboards.

Be heard voice an opinion today on the Chesterfield County service plan

From the RTD:

If schools would be too crowded, should a new housing development be approved?...Today's the day to weigh in on that question at a meeting of the Chesterfield County Planning Commission. A public hearing on a proposed countywide level of service for schools will be part of the 6:30 p.m. meeting at the Chesterfield County Administration Building....If adopted as part of the county's comprehensive plan, the new level of service requirement would consider school capacity in residential rezoning cases. Rezoning for new housing could be denied if new students would cause schools to exceed 110 percent of capacity.

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6 percent increase for HSD

From Washinton Technology:

The House Appropriations Committee’s Homeland Security Subcommittee has approved a 6 percent increase for the Homeland Security Department in fiscal 2009 — $2.3 billion more than the Bush administration requested, said the committee’s chairman, Rep. David Price (D-N.C.)....Discretionary spending totals $39.9 billion in the bill. The Coast Guard’s Deepwater asset modernization program would get $933 million, about $57 million less than requested.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cox sets the record straight on Warner

From Delegate Kirk Cox n OP-ED piece that appeared in the Progress-Index

Money can’t change the facts about Warner’s record
By Delegate Kirk Cox

Mark Warner has raised a lot of money and is using it to bombard TV screens trying to rewrite history. His message – you can depend on him for good fiscal management because I turned a budget deficit I inherited from my predecessor into a budget surplus and saved Virginia! Send me to Washington, where I will do the same! – doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

I served on the House Appropriations Committee during Mark Warner’s term as governor. Here are the facts he would like you to forget.

Virginia is a balanced budget state. The General Assembly must pass and the governor must sign a balanced budget. Warner’s predecessor, Gov. Jim Gilmore, submitted a final budget that was balanced as required by Virginia’s Constitution.

It was only two years later that Mark Warner decided he needed to raise taxes because he did not have enough taxpayers’ money to spend.

A recent Warner TV commercial claims he cut spending, but state budgets rose 24.7 percent during his term. State spending in the Gilmore years rose at a much slower pace.

Mark Warner was able to manage spending increases by raising taxes, while Gov. Gilmore worked to reduce your car tax by 70 percent. Mark Warner actually promised to get rid of the car tax completely while governor. Just another fact he tries to keep from voters.

Mark Warner does have one true claim to fame – he raised our taxes $1.3 billion, the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

While running for governor, Mark Warner repeatedly promised Virginians there would be NO tax increases. Many times he said, “I will not raise taxes; I will not raise taxes!”

Based on his record in Richmond, Virginians now know we can depend on Mark Warner to help raise taxes if he gets to Washington.

Mark Warner also talks a lot about his ability to manage Virginia’s finances. He “managed” by raising our taxes and spending more. The facts show that administrative inaccuracies and misrepresentations by his administration went hand-in hand with his tax hikes.

In early 2004, he claimed there was a huge budget shortfall – as much as $1 billion. But by May, it was obvious Gov. Warner was rushing the General Assembly to enact his tax hike before his administration released new numbers showing large state revenue increases. Less than two months after his tax increase budget passed, Virginia ended fiscal year 2004 with a $324 million surplus!

Facts don’t lie.

By June 2005, the Commonwealth finished fiscal year 2005 with another surplus of $545 million. In December 2005, Gov. Warner yet again revised the 2004-2006 revenue forecast by adding another $1.4 billion.

The cumulative increase over Warner’s original budget forecast (excluding his $1.3 billion tax increase) was $2.8 billion in revenue growth.

In June 2006, the Commonwealth completed fiscal year 2006 with another surplus of $147 million.

In total, between 2004 and 2006 state revenues grew by $3.8 billion – or 211% over the original Warner (mis)forecast of December 2003.

His “good” management forecast – being off by a whopping 211 percent – laid the foundation for his $1.3 billion tax increase so he could increase spending by 24.7 percent during his term as Governor.

Because of this “inconvenient truth,” Mark Warner has raised lots of money from those who benefited from tax increases and is now investing those dollars in TV ads that try to change the facts. His pledge to go to Washington to work in a bipartisan manner will likely be as valid as his broken promise, “I will not raise taxes!”

No matter his claims, he will have constant pressure from the far left to do away with the Bush tax cuts and support government-run universal health care. The first vote Mark Warner would cast as a senator would be for Harry Reid or worse as Senate Majority Leader. He also would support every big-government, high-spending Democrat chairman from Barbara Boxer and Robert Byrd on down.

Jim Gilmore kept his word as governor as he fought to reduce our taxes. Jim Gilmore will do what he promises.

Send Jim Gilmore to Washington to put his tax cutting and strong national security background to work for the people of Virginia.

Kirk Cox is a Virginia Delegate from the 66th District, which includes Colonial Heights. He is also a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Step up Governor, life's not a sitcom buddy!!!

Read this on the empirically excellent blog The Right Side of My Brain
and thought it worth the link..Cosmo Kaine needs to start a bus tour (archaic Seinfeld reference) and stop governing like NEEEWWWMAN...

Jackson and Obama, a generational gap or two sides of the same coin

Interesting....From the Hill:

Rev. Jesse Jackson's crude remark directed at Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) represents a larger, generational shift from civil rights era politicians to a black man who could be president. ...Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) said that the difference between Obama's and Jackson's remarks "demonstrates a mastery of our political acumen, as far as speaking to the entire country."...He said that Obama has been able to attract broader audiences, far beyond the reach of past African American candidates, including Rev. Al Sharpton, Shirley Chisholm and Jackson, all of whom weren’t able to secure their party’s nomination. ..."I think yesterday marked the official changing of the guard in African American politics, with a new generation of African American leaders rising to the top," said Clay, an early supporter of Obama's presidential bid, in an interview with The Hill

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Drilling in US picking up steam

From the Hill:

The House is going to have its own “gang” of Republicans and Democrats who want to push for more drilling to relieve gas prices. ...The Democrats in the group, led by Rep. Neal Abercrombie (D-Hawaii), will be bucking Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who earlier Thursday called efforts to open up new areas to drilling “a hoax.”...Abercrombie announced late Thursday that he and Rep. John Peterson (R-Pa.), one of the loudest voices for more drilling, will form a bipartisan working group to discuss energy issues....In an interview this week about his work with Peterson, Abercrombie said the Democratic message on energy is not working....“Simply standing up and saying, you can’t drill your way out of this doesn’t work,” Abercrombie said. “The people are standing up and saying, ‘Yes, we can.’”...There are to be 20 members of the working group – 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans. The members will be announced Tuesday. ...“In order for us to remain competitive and rescue ourselves from a second ‘great depression’, Washington needs to put the politics aside and address the crisis,” Peterson said in a statement announcing the working group....Peterson and Abercrombie are already co-sponsors of a bill that would remove restrictions on offshore natural gas drilling. The royalty money would go to the states, the federal treasury, and to renewable energy and environmental programs. The bill has 170 co-sponsors, and Abercrombie spokesman Dave Helfert said it would be part of the group’s effort.

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You know gangs are getting outta control when....

...they have a gang problem on Catalina Island.. Drive by shooting in golf carts? Like to see that police pursuit .From AP and Yahoo News:

It seems even 22 miles of open ocean might not be keeping gangs off Catalina Island, a mist-shrouded outpost of Los Angeles County best known for its Hollywood history and crystal-clear harbors. ...Deputies on the isle say a fledgling gang called the Brown Pride Locos has gotten a foothold among the beaches, coves and tourist shops. A stabbing, burglaries and graffiti are being blamed on the gang, and deputies last month surprised teenagers practicing moves with knives on a dark bluff above Avalon's crescent-shaped bay....A swift crackdown has netted at least six arrests and led to a pair of police raids — but it has also caused an uproar in the tiny community, where residents leave their doors unlocked and putt around in golf carts....Locals insist that LA's corrupting influences could never penetrate their paradise, where the stars of Hollywood's golden age frolicked and where dozens of classics, such as "Mutiny on the Bounty" and parts of "Jaws," were filmed.

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Darn, No Dog steaks at Olympics this year

From the AP:

Canine cuisine is being sent to the doghouse during next month's Beijing Olympic Games. Dog meat has been struck from the menus of officially designated Olympic restaurants, and Beijing tourism officials are telling other outlets to discourage consumers from ordering dishes made from dogs, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Friday.

...And PETA protests KFC

daring spacewalk for Astronauts

From the AP --

In a daring spacewalk, two space station astronauts cut into the insulation of their descent capsule Thursday and removed an explosive bolt that could have blown off their hands with firecracker force. Spacewalkers Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko managed, in the end, to safely disconnect the bolt from the Soyuz capsule that will be their ride home this fall. They immediately slid it into a blast-proof container.

US Soilders bodies found in Iraq

From the AP --

For more than a year, Gordon Dibler held out hope that his stepson, Army Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, would return home from Iraq. Then military officials delivered the grim news that the body of Fouty and another soldier captured during an ambush south of Baghdad had been found. "Every day that he's been missing has been a day of `what could have been' ... but after hearing the news ... I'm still in shock," Dibler said Thursday, after military officials came to his Oxford home and told him his stepson's body was one of two discovered in the Iraqi village of Jurf as Sakhr.