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Monday, June 30, 2008

Can Secretary of Defense Robert Gates make the right decision?

Posted by MAXIMUS

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has been a success. Since he took over at DOD, things have definitely turned around in Iraq.

However, Gates now has a problem, a big problem. How so? Read this announcement from the DOD:

Navy Names New Amphibious Assault Ship America

The Navy's newest class of large-deck amphibious assault ship, LHA 6, will bear
the name USS America, Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter announced while speaking at the USS America Carrier Veterans Association reunion in Jacksonville, Fla.

This ship will inherit a proud tradition, explained Winter. From the American
Revolution through the first Gulf War, three warships have sailed with the name
America .

"To serve in a ship named after our country adds to the pride one feels in being part of the Navy, and adds to the feeling that when America pulls into port, there is no more powerful symbol of the power, the ideals, and the greatness of the United States of America," said Winter.

LHA 6 will be the fourth U.S. Navy ship to bear the name America . The first America, a 74-gun ship-of-the-line, was the first built for use by the Continental Navy. However, before having a chance to serve the fledgling U.S. Navy, the ship was presented as a gift to the king of France to show appreciation for his country's service to the new nation. The second USS America
(ID-3006) was later the name given to a troop transport used during World War I. The third was a Kitty-Hawk class aircraft carrier (CV 66) in commission from 1965 to 1996. Among other notable accomplishments, the carrier America made three deployments to Vietnam and launched air strikes on Iraq during the opening days of Operation Desert Storm.

The newest America will provide presence and power projection as an integral part of joint and multinational maritime expeditionary forces. The ship will
support Marine Corps aviation requirements across a wide spectrum of operations, from small-scale contingency operations as the centerpiece of a forward-deployed expeditionary strike group, to forcible entry missions in a major theater war.

LHA 6 will replace the aging Tarawa-class and represents a conscious decision to increase the aviation capacity of future big deck amphibious ships in order to
maximize the Navy's investment in future aircraft.

LHA 6 will have an extended hangar deck with two higher hangar bay areas, each fitted with an overhead crane for aircraft maintenance. LHA 6 will also provide increased aviation fuel capacity, stowage for aviation parts and support equipment. LHA 6 will be able to embark and launch the MV-22 Osprey
tilt-rotor aircraft, cargo and attack helicopters, the AV-8B Harrier and the
short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) variant F-35B Lightning II Strike

Winter explained the importance of the new America-class amphibious assault ship and the tremendous capability she will bring to the fleet. "USS America is a wise investment in our nation's security," Winter said, "It will be a ship worthy of her illustrious namesake, and it will continue America 's long tradition of peace through strength."

Winter also announced that the sponsor of the ship will be Lynne Pace, wife of former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace. America
is currently under contract at Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding in Pascagoula ,
Miss. , and is expected to be delivered to the Navy in 2012."

I am happy to see the America name will live on in Naval service. However, why did they downgrade the America name by attaching it to an Amphib--a Marine platform--instead of placing the America name on another Carrier where it should be?

Placing the U.S.S. America name on an Amphib after its been on a Aircraft Carrier is like naming your bathroom the Clinton Presidential Library just because you occasionally read a book in there. Secretary Gates, make the right decision and fix this egrigious naming error--ASAP.

CCRC News - Call for next meeting (Monday, June 30, 2008 at 7:00 PM) and Agenda‏

Chesterfield County Republican Committee
Regular Business Meeting
Monday, June 30, 2008 at 7:00 PM
The Thomas Fulghum Center
4003 Cogbill Road
Richmond, Virginia 23234

I, Donald C. Williams, Chair of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee, do hereby issue this call for a meeting of the Committee to take place on Monday, June 30, 2008, beginning at 7 PM, at the Thomas Fulghum Center located at 4003 Cogbill Road; Richmond, VA 23234.

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance and the Republican Creed
Approval of Minutes from last meeting
Reports from Standing Committees and Campaigns
Treasurer’s Report
Vice Chairs’ Reports for Organization, Special Projects & Finance
Report of Proxy Committee
Report from the Fourth District and Seventh District Representatives
Reports from RPV & State Central Representatives
Reports from VFRW, HRWC and other Organizations
Reports from Campaigns
Report & Program Overview-Membership Growth Initiative-Bakeer Al Mateen
Old Business
Election of New Members, duly nominated at previous meetings
Other Old Business
New Business
Report of Bylaws Review Committee/Executive Committee Recommendation
Consider Amending Membership Process – Article VI; CRCC Bylaws
Nominations of New Members
Other New Business
Upcoming meetings, events and activities

Any questions regarding CCRC News or Press Releases please contact:
Jody Wilcox
Director of Media and Public Affairs‏
Chesterfield County Republican Committee

Dude, make up your mind.....your ideals can't be so fleeting!

From the AP:

The man running a longshot Democratic campaign against South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham was on his county Republican Party's roster until just before he won his primary election this month....Bob Conley, 42, an engineer from North Myrtle Beach, had acknowledged some past involvement in the Republican Party, including an ill-fated run for the Indiana Legislature in 2000....In May, during his primary campaign, Conley told The Associated Press that he had voted for Republican Ron Paul in the January presidential primary but had walked away from the GOP in 2000 or 2001...."And it was because of trade, it was because of immigration, it was because of the sellout of the American worker and the sellout of American sovereignty for the benefit of the multinational corporations," he said. "I walked away and said that party can go to the devil."

Read Here:

How could any GOP'er back boggles the MIND!!

...and they lie about Gilmore's record to boot...somone must have some dirt on these guys...From the AP:

Two Republicans who last year headed state government's budget-writing committees endorsed Democrat Mark Warner for Senate on Monday....Former Del. Vincent F. Callahan and former state Sen. John H. Chichester said in a conference call they're backing Warner because of how he handled a state budget crisis six years ago....They said the Republican nominee, former Gov. Jim Gilmore, led the state into a fiscal crisis by presenting rosy economic forecasts as Virginia slid into a recession in 2001.Callahan and Chichester praised Warner, who was Gilmore's successor as governor, for his handling of the budget shortfall that eventually grew to nearly $6 billion.

Read Here:

RPV Picks Allison Coccia as new executive director

From the Times Dispatch:

Allison Coccia, formerly executive director of the New York Republican State Committee, has been named executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia....Party chairman Jeffrey M. Frederick said Coccia "offers us a proven record at improving fundraising, communications and building the grass roots."...In an appeal for funds last week, Frederick said the party has run a deficit in each of the past three months....Coccia was political director and acting finance director of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania during 2006....In Virginia, she succeeds Charles Judd....Since being elected chairman in late May, Frederick has reorganized management in the state party. Walter Curt, a Harrisonburg businessman, has been named finance chairman, and Cleta Mitchell has been named general counsel....Frederick has named a new director of communications, Gerry Scimeca, and a veteran of Virginia campaigns, Tom Bunnell, as campaign director.

Read Here:

McCain campaign names Mike Reynold Va. director

From the Times Dispatch:

Mike Reynold has taken a five-month leave of absence from Attorney General Bob McDonnell's campaign for governor to direct Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign in Virginia....Reynold will work out of the state headquarters in Arlington County....McCain, who will be nominated as the Republican Party's presidential candidate in September, also named Nick Meads as Virginia Victory 2008 director. He also will work out of the Arlington office....Virginia Victory 2008 will coordinate the McCain campaign with congressional campaigns and the U.S. Senate campaign....Meads was campaign manager for Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, R-11th, in his successful bid for re-election to the House of Representatives in 2006....The campaign plans to deploy eight field staffers to five regional offices in Virginia...The Richmond regional office will be at 2819 N. Parham Road in Henrico County

Read Here:

NAACP believes poll changes in Chesterfield would result in civil rights infringement

The Chesterfield County branch of the NAACP filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice that proposed changes in some polling places be rejected....From the Richmond Times Dispatch:

The civil-rights complaint says hundreds of Chesterfield residents were deprived of the right to vote in the Feb. 12 presidential primary, primarily in precincts with the largest black populations, and claims changes approved by the county's Board of Supervisors last month could cause a repeat of problems in November, according to Jerome Seldon, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's Chesterfield chapter.Justice Department spokesman Jamie Hais confirmed the complaint had been received and would be reviewed.

Read Here:

Job Hazzard - Manure thief slips in the stuff

I am not making this up!!! From Reuters:

A woman trying to make "manure bombs" using stockings, slipped into a slurry tank and fled the scene naked, German police said Friday....Two women entered a farm in the northern village of Eberholzen Wednesday evening and started to fill the stockings with manure..."One of them slipped into the manure tank, right into the cow muck," said a spokesman for local police. "The other one helped her out. We found their clothes in a field. One seems to have run off completely naked, the other in her underwear."...Police said it was unclear what the women had intended to do with the "manure bombs," but added the incident could be linked to victory celebrations surrounding the Euro 2008 semi-finals on Wednesday evening, when Germany beat Turkey 3-2...."The women can get their clothes back from the local police station -- unwashed," the spokesman added.

This looks promising - Feds probe S.F.'s migrant-offender shield

From the S.F. Chronicle:

San Francisco juvenile probation officials - citing the city's immigrant sanctuary status - are protecting Honduran youths caught dealing crack cocaine from possible federal deportation and have given some offenders a city-paid flight home with carte blanche to return....The city's practices recently prompted a federal criminal investigation into whether San Francisco has been systematically circumventing U.S. immigration law, according to officials with knowledge of the matter....City officials say they are trying to balance their obligations under federal and state law with local court orders and San Francisco's policies aimed at protecting the rights of the young immigrants, who they say are often victims of exploitation. ...Federal authorities counter that drug kingpins are indeed exploiting the immigrants, but that the city's stance allows them to get away with "gaming the system."...San Francisco juvenile authorities have been grappling for several years with an influx of young Honduran immigrants dealing crack in the Mission District and Tenderloin. ...Those who are arrested routinely say they are minors, but police suspect that many are actually adults, living communally in Oakland and other cities at the behest of drug traffickers who claim to be their relatives.

Read Here:

To much ego, not enough sunstance

The Olbermann-O'Reilly feud is effecting their parent companies... I usually would ignore stupid stories like these especially when it is obvious they author like Olberman but it just goes to show that these two have egos so big they would would rather argue with each other than help solve the problems at hand....From Variety:

After recapping the five-year-old Keith Olbermann-Bill O'Reilly feud that has spilled over to other assets of their respective employers GE and News Corp., the gossip site Gawker cheerily noted: "The real winners, as always: us!"...Indeed, anyone with a taste for mud wrestling or a pissing match has to enjoy the back-and-forth that has sprung from MSNBC host Olbermann's fateful decision to "punch up" at O'Reilly, Fox News' top-rated personality and his time-period rival. As for whether viewers or something so quaint as journalistic standards are "winning" in the eye-poking Three Stooges act that has ensued -- maybe not so much....The convoluted affair has begun to resemble "Weapons of Mass Distraction," an HBO satire written by Larry Gelbart, in which two dueling media moguls bring their various holdings to bear in an escalating war to ruin each other. Yet what passed for satirical farce in 1997 seems almost restrained by comparison now....For those who have somehow ignored this food fight, Olbermann started it by regularly jabbing at O'Reilly and naming him the "Worst Person in the World," a nightly segment on his MSNBC talker....Thin-skinned in his best days, O'Reilly has grown especially sensitive to criticism (or as he's prone to call it, "vicious personal attacks," emanating from "vile left-wing smear sites") since the embarrassment of having a sexual-harassment suit filed against him in 2004. That irritation has rather transparently led him to retaliate against NBC higher-ups, including NBC News and even parent General Electric, going so far as to have a producer ambush GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, stretching to accuse him of shady dealings with Iran and, this week, of personally despoiling the Hudson River....All of this has been fodder for Olbermann, who has gone public...

Read Here:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wants action on Zimbabwe

For those of you that don't know of the atrocitities happening in Zimbabwe, it is not good...From Reuters:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Monday pressed China and African powers to back international action on Zimbabwe, while also raising hopes of fresh nuclear talks soon with North Korea....U.S. President George W. Bush has said he would ask for U.N. action against what he called Zimbabwe's illegitimate government following President Robert Mugabe's re-election in a poll widely criticized for violence and intimidation....China and leading African powers have so far shied away from endorsing such steps. And following meetings with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and then President Hu Jintao, Rice told reporters that she wanted "not just another statement" from the United Nations.

Read Here:

Political Suicide - Challenging John McCain's military record

From Politico and Politico's Ben Smith, 'Some on left target McCain's war record' article:

'McCain's campaign Sunday issued a pair of outraged statements after retired general and Barack Obama supporter Wesley Clark said he didn't think that McCain's service as a fighter pilot and prisoner of war was relevant to running the country. Obama has consistently praised McCain's service, and called him 'a genuine American hero.' ...'But farther to the left-and among some of McCain's conservative enemies as well-harsher attacks are circulating. Critics have accused McCain of war crimes for bombing targets in Hanoi in the 1960s. Sunday, a widely read liberal blog accused McCain of 'disloyalty' during his captivity in Vietnam for his coerced participation in propaganda films and interviews after he'd been tortured. ... McCain's camp responded sharply to the Americablog posting Sunday night. 'The American people know that John McCain's record of service and sacrifice is not a matter of debate. He has written about and discussed his service as a POW extensively-often in excruciating and painful detail,' said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers. 'The American people will judge harshly anyone who demeans or attacks that service.' '


Posted by MAXIMUS

What I am about to tell you will will shock some but it will not surprise most of you. I have said for nearly five years that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are solely about neither. Together, they are about the encirclement of Iran--a classic military siege is underway.

Iran is surrounded on the east by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Iran is surrounded on the west by U.S. Forces in Iraq. Iran is surrounded by air power from several American Air Craft Carriers and our Air Force assets in the region. Iran can be quickly surrounded by the Israeli air force as well. The end game in Iraq and Afghanistan is about the beginning of another--the destruction of the terrorist infested Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since Vietnam, what national government is responsible for the deaths of more American civilians than any other? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Since the invasion and occupation of Iraq, what national government is responsible for aiding, abetting, sabatoging, harboring, supplying, infiltrating, and killing members of the United States Armed Forces operating in Iraq? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

What nation has sent in the elite Al-Quds Force and the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard into Iraq to kill, blow up, capture or otherwise maim members of the Armed Forces of the United States as they conduct operations in that country? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

What nation is harboring, training, mentoring, funding, and supplying the terrorist entity known as Hezbollah? The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Who were the Israeli's fighting in Lebanon a few years ago? Hezbollah.

Folks, the current end game in the middle east is Iran. More specifically, our main purpose in the Middle East right now is the removal of the theocratic, fascist form of government that is currently in charge of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You don't have to like it. You don't have to agree with it. However, you must recognize this. You must.

I, for one, have grown very leery of the Bush Administration's failure to coherently and directly articulate the end game here--I may add that it's their end game, I don't necessarily endorse it or oppose it at this point. However, since Iran IS without question the end game for the Bush Administration's policy in the Middle East, is it appropriate to now call a duck a duck?

Can't our government openly say we are already fighting (and killing) Iranians inside of Iran?

Can't we say that Iran has been killing our troops in Iraq?

Can't we say that Iranian manufactured IED's (roadside bombs) have been killing Americans in Iraq?

Can't we say that the Shia theocracy of Iran has been arming, training, supplying, and funding the Shia Mahdi Army in Iraq to kill Americans serving in Iraq?

Can't we release the interrogation reports gleaned from captured members of the Iranian Al-Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and the Iranian backed Mahdi Army? Can't we say that the Mahdi Army operating in Iraq is akin to Hezbollah operating in Lebanon and the West Bank?

Can't we say that the Iranian government is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than any other nation since Vietnam? Can't we say that most of these deaths came happened upon the victims in the form of terrorisim instead of direct classical head to head military conflict?

Folks, Iraq was never solely about Iraq. Afghanistan was never solely about Afghanistan. When put together, they ARE solely about being the book-end blocks that form the siege and encirclement of Iran. The military trains you to never discern the intention of an enemy by listening to their rhetoric or diplomatic fiat. The military trains you to look at ground, air, and naval orders of battle--to pinpoint where they're at. Think of it this way, if you have a tank at your front door and and a tank at your back door, somebody is sending you one of two messages: 1). We are prepared to come in, or 2.) We are coming in. Apply this logic to what the "Blue" forces are doing in the Middle East (that's us)--where are our troops positioned and why are they positioned there? The destruction of the Iranian nuclear threat is and will be the final military initiative of the Bush Administration.

American Special Forces (JSOC), American CIA Officers, American DIA Officers, American NSA Officers, and American CIA paramilitary forces (among others), are in IRAN preparing the battlefield for the coming conflict. Link to the story here--long but worth reading every word:

American forces are in IRAN clandestinely targeting the Iranian nuclear facilities. Link to this video clip:

The Democratic controlled Congress recently approved spending over 400 million dollars to fund our clandestine efforts inside of Iran. The end game is near folks. You would think someone in the government of the United States would start articulating this. They will, but when? Don't say you weren't told BEFORE this happened. War with Iran?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wow, elections do make strange bed fellows

Obama likes the Clintons now..REALLY HE DOES!!! hahahahahaaa

From the Obama campaign:

'Barack Obama has admired Senator Clinton as a leader, learned from her as a candidate, is proud to call her his friend, and knows how much they'll need both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as a party and a country in the months and years to come. He and Senator Clinton may have started with separate goals in this campaign, but they have made history together. Together, they attracted millions of Americans who cast their ballot for the very first time. ...'Together, they inspired a record number of women, and African-Americans, and Latinos, and young people to participate in their democracy. Together, in this campaign, in 2008, they shattered barriers that have stood firm since the founding of this nation. Because of this campaign, and because of the campaign waged by Hillary Clinton, our daughters will forever know that what they look like and who they are is no barrier to who they can be in the United States of America.' ...

If it looks like BS and smells like BS then?

ICE attorney taking bribes....unbelievable

This is NOT what we need the people of ICE doing..... From the AP:

An attorney for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and his wife were arrested on suspicion of accepting thousands of dollars from both legal and illegal immigrants in exchange for immigration benefits, authorities said....ICE Assistant Chief Counsel Constantine Peter Kallas, 38, and wife Maria Kallas, 39, both of Alta Loma, were arrested Thursday at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, where authorities believed they were accepting such a bribe, U.S. Attorney spokesman Thom Mrozek said in a statement....A search warrant affidavit said the couple, using a pair of companies they had set up, filed false employment petitions with federal authorities for 45 illegal immigrants and two legal permanent residents...."The egregious acts of corruption alleged in this case are extremely disturbing to those of us who have sworn to serve the United States," U.S. Attorney Thomas P. O'Brien said in a written statement. "As a law enforcement official, Mr. Kallas abused his position in the Department of Homeland Security simply to line his own pockets."

Read Here:

Senate Passes Gas Tax Increase - RPV response

Below is the response from the RPV about the Gas Tax increase by the Senate....Nice response by Del. Frederick in letting the grassroots of the party know who did what and who voted how so we, the voters, can respond to those Senators who are not voting as their constituents want them to - Bold, New Leadership indeed

"Senate OKs gas tax increase"

That was the headline in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch. As you likely have read in various news reports, the Democratic-led Senate of Virginia made their views on gas prices loud and clear yesterday: "you're not paying enough"....Legislation sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D-Fairfax) proposes to hike gas taxes 6-cents per gallon statewide; a 5% increase statewide in the sales tax; and increases the sales tax on new car purchases...That's not all! Saslaw's bill also includes additional tax hikes on hardworking Northern Virginia families -- including even higher sales taxes and increasing the taxes for the privilege to sell your home (we aren't making this stuff up). It is worth noting that this NoVA sales tax hike is the very same one voters rejected in referendum in 2002 by a strong 55-45% vote....First you have Governor Tim Kaine traveling the Commonwealth attempting to sell the citizens of Virginia on his $1.1 billion tax increase plan, and now you have the Senate Democratic leader upping the ante....But wait... what ever happened to the Governor's plan? Here's what the Washington Post had to say:
"After a day of fierce partisanship and escalating rhetoric, Senate Democrats ignored a proposal by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), approving a plan that would raise the gas tax over the next six years, increase the statewide sales tax by 0.25 percent and boost the tax on vehicle purchases by 0.5 percent."
With the Governor's mansion and Senate both controlled by Democrats, one would think that they could come together and unify behind some sort of plan to address Virginia's transportation challenges. Guess not....Democrats have little to offer other than the same tired approach of calling for more of your hard-earned money every time government faces a challenge. Raising taxes is the only solution Democrats seem to ever have....I wonder if Virginia taxpayers can go to their bosses every time they face tight times? Probably not....Democrats just don't get it....At a time when Virginians all across the Commonwealth are paying record, wallet-flattening prices at the gas pump, higher food prices, and also trying to negotiate the uncertainty of an economic slowdown, Democrats in Richmond want you to cut your family budget because government refuses to better prioritize it's budget....The good news is that your General Assembly Republicans are united in opposing these taxes. Not a single Republican Senator supported the Democrat's tax-and-spend plan....Most people in Virginia believe that when your state budget doubles in 10 years, there are opportunities to find efficiencies and innovations that can make government serve the people’s needs without always resorting to higher taxes as a solution -- and this is exactly what Republicans in Richmond are working to do to meaningfully address transportation over the long term.

Republican Party of Virginia
Jeffrey M. Frederick, Chairman
Bold, new leadership. Now is the time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

SLACKER DELEGATE BRIAN MORAN falls asleep during Transportation Committee Meeting

Posted by MAXIMUS

A picture says a thousand words. That's Delegate Brian Moran on the left. Who is he? The Democratic front runner for Governor. What's he doing? Multiple Choice here:
A. Recuperating from a long night at the Tobacco Company by sleeping through a committee meeting on Transportation?
B. Conjuring up a Jedi Mind trick to make Senators vote down Creigh Deeds' Transportation bills?
C. Wishing Tim Kaine would just go away instead of searching for a
transportation legacy?
Want a successful Democratic Transportation Plan? Don't lose sleep waiting for Democrat Governor Tim Kaine, Majority Democrats in the Senate and House Democrats to agree on a plan. Delegate Brian Moran sure isn't. Classic!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why is a lock box for regional transportation funds bad...NoVa wouldn't get our money

.....Bacon Rebellion has a post and some great comments about the recent proposal by Ken Stolle, R-Virginia Beach to create a lock box for regional transportation funds that was recently voted down...some of the comments I found interesting and I quote (which is signafied by the quotation marks)

"Groveton, I would expect that you would support something like a constitutional lockbox on regional levies -- anything to ensure that RoVa politicians don't get their mitts on money raised by NoVa. It certainly makes sense to me. Now tell me, do you really trust the Ds any more than you trust the Rs? If so, maybe I could interest you buying in a piece of property over there in London. It's called the London Tower..."
"With direct democracy at the Cluster scale and representative democracy at the level of each of the organic components of settlement above the Cluster -- Neighborhood, Village, Community, Regional, etc., -- the most important elected position would be your Cluster representitive on the Neighborhood Board, not someone beholden to a party platform or winning the next election by .5% based on costly misleading ads.".

Read Bacon's Rebellion Here....these guys are good

I new I like Bill Bolling for a reason..

..that reason is that he is a consistant conservative as well as a principled politician (yeah your heard that right)...SWAC girl has the response Bolling has to the DEMS that rejected two proposals about off-shore drilling that would only help the Commonwealth in the long run...and as usual his right on target.

Read SWAC Girl Here

More addition to Bloggers 4 Gilmore

Conervative Viewpoints, Jim Riley, Nick Howard - Jefferson Mammouth, & the Northern Virginia Conservative have all been added...Click here to see

They keep trying to find the "missing link" but never quite do

Inter species evolution, just plain evolution or even intra-species evolution ...the recent discovery of the fossil to the most primitive 4-legged creature ever found which somehow helps them in the eveolution myth....but not really, they even say so at the end of the article for god's sake. From the AP:

Scientists unearthed a skull of the most primitive four-legged creature in Earth's history, which should help them better understand the evolution of fish to advanced animals that walk on land. The 365 million-year-old fossil skull, shoulders and part of the pelvis of the water-dweller, Ventastega curonica, were found in Latvia, researchers report in a study published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. Even though Ventastega is likely an evolutionary dead-end, the finding sheds new details on the evolutionary transition from fish to tetrapods. Tetrapods are animals with four limbs and include such descendants as amphibians, birds and mammals.

Supreme court outlaws capital Punishment for baby rapers

From the AP --

The Supreme Court on Wednesday outlawed executions of people convicted of raping a child. In a 5-4 vote, the court said the Louisiana law allowing the death penalty to be imposed in such cases violates the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

.....on this one, I'm speechless (since I believe the only cruel and unusual punishment being dealt in regards to these offenses are to the children involved)

The AP actually publishes a positive poll for McCain...sort of

From the AP: AP:

'A strong majority of Americans oppose [the Iraq war] and believe it was wrong in the first place, but more find McCain better suited to handle Iraq than his Democratic presidential rival, Barack Obama. ... Unlike the 2004 presidential contest, this is not shaping up as a national security election. Neither the war nor terrorism is foremost in the public's mind. The economy and energy prices are the pre-eminent issues of the day. And on those, Obama has the edge. ... Respondents said McCain would do a better job in Iraq than Obama by a margin of 39 percent to 33 percent. Undergirding that response is a strong sentiment that McCain would be a better leader of the military than Obama.'

Saying that "this is not shaping up as a national security election" and that people aren't concerned with the war on terror and it being so are two very different things...I love the use of the word "pre-emenent" like the author of this articlw was ordained to decide what the most important issue of the day are...

Obama, the cause of the moment

At the BET awards there was a cause that was a fire...OBAMA '08! Usually awards shows have a cause whether it be red, white, yellow, pink or blue ribbons on lapels or a standing ovation to a lying, overweight, unwashed, hack, stupid documentary film maker(yes that is a lame insult to Mr. Moore) for a film the majority of the attendees didn't even see....but I can't remember an awards show where everything from the fashion to the lame acceptance speeches all resolved around a political candidate (or second coming as it were.) "Obama or Die!" give me a break or at least something a little more original P. Diddy..COME ON!!

Read Here:

Make a bad decision, get a Government check

If your credit is too risky to get a standard loan (or refinance a loan)in the firstplace, should the government really secure money to you....lord knows the guys in Washington haven't been all that good at the finances of this country, have you seen the debt the country is in lately...Anyway, I feel explaining to people that sometimes haveing to take your lumps for bad decision is a losing cause soooo have fun when your taxes go up to help pay for loans that will probably default in the end. From the AP:

A mortgage aid plan is on track for passage in the Senate as soon as today. The massive foreclosure rescue bill cleared a key Senate test yesterday by an overwhelming margin, with Democrats and Republicans both eager to claim election-year credit for helping hard-pressed homeowners....The mortgage aid plan would let the Federal Housing Administration back $300 billion in new, cheaper home loans for an estimated 400,000 distressed borrowers who otherwise would be considered too financially risky to qualify for government-insured, fixed-rate loans....An 83-9 vote put the plan on track for Senate passage as early as Wednesday, but President Bush is threatening a veto, and Democrats are fighting each other over key details. Those challenges will probably delay any final deal until mid-July.

Read Here:

The State of the News Media 2008 Report "how can news empower me!"

Interesting, very interesting... : Click Here

GOP is frustrated with lack of "Cooperation" from reitiring REPS in D.C.

Politico has a story about how retiring reps in Congress (including Virginia's own Tom Davis) by not just going along party lines and throwing their votes away to the party line. Looking at the Reps listed and their voting records I think the GOP is being a little niave since done of this people seem to have ever been the "go along, to get along" types. Personally, whether I agree or disagree with them, I want a Congressman in D.C. who fights until the day the boxes comes to their office and they turn in their security badge....we elect representives to represent us not to be "yes" men.

From Politico

:"It's not helpful," said a frustrated Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), "and you can use that quote."...Insiders and members of Congress say there are many reasons that independent-minded Republicans might continue to buck their party on the way out the door. Some members may want to show that they can work across the aisle — a useful résumé-builder for those looking for jobs lobbying a Democrat-controlled Congress. Others — particularly those who represent swing districts — may think that they can help a potential Republican successor by straying from the party line now and then. ...Whatever the reasons, the defectors seem to have no regrets....
Indeed, some — such as Walsh — say they're enjoying the freedom...."Some people come up [during votes], and they'll put their arm around my shoulders and smile and say, 'How's it feel?'" Walsh said. "When there's a tough vote up, I say, 'It feels pretty good....
Read the whole thing here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why IS Randy Forbes all alone?

I have the answer...Randy Forbes is a man of integrity that got into
politics for the right reasons... to make a positive impact on his community, state and country. We, the voters, need to continually tell our representatives in Congress to put partisan politics on the back burner for a while and start looking out for the betterment of this great country; only then will we get the kind of government we want and deserve.

We also need to stop putting Nuclear with War and start putting Nuclear with power;Nuclear power is our best chance, in the long term, to break away from our dependence on foreign oil....short term fix, drill in ANWR today. From the Wall Street Journal:

America's True Energy Crisis:
Political Timidity as Prices Soar
June 24, 2008

Why is Rep. Randy Forbes all alone out there?

Rep. Forbes is an earnest Republican congressman from Virginia who has distinguished himself by calling for a "Manhattan Project" to fully end the U.S.'s dependence on foreign energy within 20 years. The Manhattan Project label harks back to the government's crash project to develop and field a nuclear weapon within just a few years to prevail in World War II......The implication is that the country's fate is no less at stake now that its economy is being held hostage by a world oil market so out of control that even Saudi Arabia is watching helplessly. The surprise here lies not in Rep. Forbes's proposal, though it is an interesting call for mandated higher auto fuel efficiency and expanded use of biofuels and nuclear and solar power, overseen by a new national science commission and fueled by big cash prizes dangled before scientists to conjure up solutions....The surprising thing is that there aren't 100 Randy Forbes out there, issuing similar calls to arms to seize this moment and finally cure the country's oil addiction. As it happens, Rep. Forbes says he went roaming the Capitol looking for partners -- and found no takers...."We scoured the halls of Congress because we wanted to join up with somebody else who's thought about these issues and who's come up with some ideas, and we kept coming up empty," he says....Here, then, is the real energy shortage in America. The stunning part of Washington's reaction to $4-a-gallon gasoline is that there has been so little reaction at all. This is as close as the country has been to a genuine energy crisis in 30 years, yet there has been no unifying cry to mount the ramparts as a nation, to rally together to rid America of the curse of oil addiction, to rise to this challenge as America has to others in its history....INSTEAD, the energy "debate" that has emerged is mostly a lame repeat of 20-year-old arguments over the virtues of offshore oil drilling and a series of congressional hearings on the role speculators have in driving up the price of oil that have nothing to do with actually increasing the production of energy. As presidential candidates, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama are at least trying to rally the country -- Sen. McCain by devoting virtually two whole weeks of his campaign to the topic -- but the effort has served mostly to highlight their differences.....There are several possible explanations for this meekness in the face of challenge, but the most likely, and the most distressing, is this: America and its political leaders, after two decades of failing to come together to solve big problems, seem to have lost faith in their ability to do so. A political system that expects failure doesn't try very hard to produce anything else. If you wonder why voters have made "change" the catchword of this campaign year, that's a pretty good explanation....This timidity in the face of challenge troubles Rep. Forbes. "Maybe one of the reasons we've developed some of the mediocrity we have is that we aren't thinking bigger," he says. "I really hope for once we can lay aside the partisan bickering, and we can lay aside the posturing."...THE PROBLEM, of course, is that there is little sign that Washington, in its current state of gridlock and partisan paralysis, is capable of doing that. When President Clinton tried to overhaul the health-care system, he couldn't get even a committee vote on his plan in a Congress his party controlled. When President George W. Bush tried to revamp Social Security, he couldn't get even a committee vote on his plan in a Congress his party controlled....Last year's effort to overhaul the U.S.'s deeply flawed immigration system collapsed what once looked like a rare bipartisan success. President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" education program has become a partisan football. An energy bill that passed after much effort earlier in this Congress now seems limp when compared with the threat that energy prices suddenly pose to the American economy....Washington, in short, has no recent track record in solving big problems. That hardly means the only route for such solutions is big-government programs. Rep. Forbes, for example, is hardly a wild-eyed liberal proposing a bureaucratic solution on energy. He's a conservative Republican who in 2006 won a 100% rating from the Chamber of Commerce for his voting record.....He doesn't argue that government can or should solve the problem for Americans watching in horror as the dollars add up at the gas pump. "Government won't do it for them," he says. "Government can't. But we're saying we can lay the challenge out for the American people."...What he proposes, in short, is that government lead by providing inspiration and incentive. A bill he has introduced lists seven areas where America needs to do more -- gas mileage, energy efficiency, solar power, biofuels, clean coal, nuclear-waste storage and nuclear fusion -- and proposes that government form a national science commission and offer cash incentives to prod academics and private scientists to solve the problems blocking progress in each area. It may not be the perfect answer, but its author hopes it's at least an inspirational start....

Does it really matter who has the idea, if it is a good one?

John McCain and Barrack Obama have differing views on how to solve the county’s ills on just about all the problems we face, except for one….they say they don’t care where the idea comes from as long as it is a good idea. As many readers to this blog know, I am a conservative through and through and find many liberal ideas, to solve our country’s problem, ineffective and dangerous to the long term stability of this great country…BUT…I am also willing to listen to anyone who has an opinion, idea or brainstorm (in both my business and in politics) if it will get us one step closer to resolution…so I guess I also have some in common with Obama (YIKES! I hope that scare McCain as much as that realization just scared me!)

The real difference in the candidates on this is I think while they both have stated that “ they will work toward a non-partisan approach to government only one candidate really mean it…John McCain (McCain’s record proves this to be fact while Obama’s ego seem far to grand for him not to come up with the solutions on his own.) In his Speech in Arlington on May 15th (yes still catching up from the mission trip to Sudan) McCain got it right when he stated,

“For too long, now, Washington has been consumed by a hyper-partisanship that treats every serious challenge facing us as an opportunity to trade insults; disparage each other's motives; and fight about the next election. For all the problems we face, if you ask Americans what frustrates them most about Washington, they will tell you they don't think we're capable of serving the public interest before our personal and partisan ambitions; that we fight for ourselves and not for them. Americans are sick of it, and they have every right to be. They are sick of the politics of selfishness, stalemate and delay. They despair when every election -- no matter who wins -- always seems to produce four more years of unkept promises and a government that is just a battleground for the next election. Their patience is at an end for politicians who value ambition over principle, and for partisanship that is less a contest of ideas as than an uncivil brawl over the spoils of power. They want to change not only the policies and institutions that have failed the American people, but the political culture that produced them. They want to move this country forward and stake our claim on this century as we did in the last. And they want their government to care more about them than preserving the privileges of the powerful.”

I truly feel that the American people are less concerned with the “R” and “D” and more concerned with practical and effective solutions to problems…that’s a conservative ideal to the core, even if a liberal takes it to heart.

Reverse Logic: Using the bad Economy to RAISE taxes

Seems kind of counter intuitive to me, but that is what several states are priming the pump to do (as well as on certain Presidential canidate.) Since we always have the evil unknown "rich" or bad for you things (like cigarettes) to tax, people will just let it happen without realizing that the middle class definition is ever shrinking so we're all going to be taxed more (in a time when we need relief the most)and the goods that are deemed "bad" for you will increase as well (Meat for instance) as revenue is deemed that at a certain point in time (and not that far away) the government will, in essence, through taxcation tell us, the american people, how to act as oppose to us telling th government how they should act....From the AP:

With a new fiscal year beginning in most states next week, budget cuts are about to bite. That means less money for school children in Florida, the end of help with utility bills for poor Rhode Islanders and a good chance tuition will increase at Auburn University in Alabama...."Everything is rising and you have to wonder - when is it going to stop?" said Lauren Hayes, an Auburn senior. She's expecting a tuition hike, after state lawmakers reduced higher education funding by $157 million and the university responded by proposing a $660 increase for in-state students....Overall, the state fiscal picture is gloomy and the pain from reductions - many of which take effect July 1 - will be widespread:....-In Florida, basic spending on schoolchildren will drop by $131 per student. And bonuses for schools that earn top grades from the state will shrink to $85 per student from $100....-In California, with the nation's biggest anticipated deficit at $17 billion, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed deep cuts in Medi-Cal, the state's health insurance program for poor families and children....-In New Jersey, lawmakers have proposed eliminating free state police patrols for rural communities that lack police departments. Under the plan, those communities would pay a combined $12 million for the service, the first time they're being charged a fee....The fee doesn't sit well in Shamong Township, a 46-square mile municipality with a budget of less than $3 million and several state-owned properties, including a park and state forest...."The state really is our biggest resident, and now they're going to charge us to police themselves," township administrator Sue Onorato said....A midyear survey of state finances by the nation's state budget officers showed state spending nationally will grow by just 1 percent in the new fiscal year. That's down from average growth of 6.7 percent over the last three decades....The survey also found that 18 states reported their upcoming budgets will be smaller than spending plans for the current year.....If all the states cut budgets or raise taxes....

Read Here:

The "Nuclear Power is Dangerous" rhetoric about to heat up as gas prices continue to rise...

...and we look for alternate sources of power. Even though there is no credible evidence of any ill effects in the U.S. as a result of nuclear power (yes that includes 3 mile island)plants being in operation here, trust me the press will begin to step up their fear mongering reporting to make sure there is doom and gloom to report and worse case scenarios are reported to make the American people scared of nuclear technology once again....this report from the AP is only one of many more opening volleys to come. Soooo. from the AP: Officials say five out of 167 sirens failed in a test of the warning system at a nuclear power plant in New York City's heavily populated northern suburbs....Entergy Nuclear spokeswoman Robyn Bentley says the failures in the Indian Point sirens were due to an amplifier problem....All of the sirens were tested at full volume Monday for four minutes. The test was held in the evening so residents would be home to hear the sirens....The sirens would warn people within 10 miles of the plant to any emergency. Indian Point is just 35 miles north of New York City....The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has fined Entergy $780,000 for missing deadlines to install the new siren system. Its next deadline is mid-August.

Yes that was 5 out of this news? It probably just needed a new battery (like when 1 of my 10 fire alarms don't work)...I think 162 sirens might just be enough to warn people of any danger...danger that has yet to occur...

Monday, June 23, 2008

HELL FREEZES OVER...Senator Ken Stolle and Delegate Sam Nixon fight together against Tim Kaine's Tax Increase

Posted by MAXIMUS

Ken "Darth Vader" Stolle and Sam "Bruce Wayne" Nixon are fighting together against Governor Tim Kaine's tax increase. The Republican Caucus in the Senate and House apparently are working together to make Tim Kaine honor his promise not to raise taxes.

Hell has frozen over now that Senate and House Republicans are working together. The perfect storm has formed. Thank you Governor No Legacy for accomplishing what no other Republicans could do---unite the House and Senate R's.

Read the below excerpt from Bearing Drift's coverage of today's Special Session on Transportation:

“As a candidate, Tim Kaine repeatedly pledged not to raise taxes,” recalled Delegate Nixon. “Then, just six days after his inauguration he unveiled his first proposal for a billion-dollar tax hike. That effort failed. Now, he is back again with basically the same proposal. Never mind the severe economic stress now on working family finances. Never mind the fact that the historic statewide funding plan for transportation approved just last year remains largely intact. Governor Kaine insists on hiking taxes during a period of economic uncertainty. You have to ask yourself why he would make this proposal again now. It makes no sense until you consider that his real consuming passion this year is not governing, it’s vice-presidential politics. Unfortunately for Virginia taxpayers, Governor Kaine has spent more time out-of-state campaigning for the Obama ticket than he has spent in-state trying to garner support among Senate Democrats to introduce and pass his transportation proposal.”

“We have been listening to our constituents, and they do not want higher statewide taxes, especially in the middle of a severe economic downturn, with pocketbooks already pinched by high gas and food prices,” observed Senator Stolle. “They tell us that higher taxes now would only add insult to injury.”

Senator Stolle has proposed placing tolls on interstate highways to provide the $500 million of interstate maintenance costs and dedicating a portion of growing future revenues generated by the Port of Virginia to Hampton Roads projects. Link to the full Bearing Drift coverage here:

Delegate Sam Nixon talks about the Special Session on Transportation

Posted by MAXIMUS

Listen to Delegate Sam Nixon (R-Chesterfield) discuss today's special session on transportation from this morning's Jimmy Barrett show on WRVA in Richmond, VA.

Link here:

Lesson #1 Don't take pictures of the Military in Sudan....More Pictures from Africa...

Here are some more pictures from Sudan..been busy trying to catch up since we got back but will be posting about the incredible trip and the awesome work Hope for Humanity is doing there. The smiling brunette is the awesome and ever vivacious Mrs. Contemporary Conservative (never could imagine the joy a single matchbox car could give a child)doing what she does best, huggin' the kiddies and giving them toys...yes she's similar to Santa but a heck of a lot better looking and no facial hair..oh, trust me if you're ever in Sudan (around Akot or Rumbek) do not and I repeat DO NOT take pictures of the military (this includes any one dressed in green of any kind with a red beret on their head)...just sayin'. More to come!!

BREAKING...Kids may actually have to walk to school.. related news child obesity rates still on rise, know one knows how to fix the problem. The Washington Post has a story that rising fuel costs may make some students walk to school even though we don't know what the cost of fuel will be come fall...OOOh our poor children will have to WALK TO SCHOOL!! Come one..they may have to walk a mile maybe two? I was just in Sudan where students walk up to 4 hours to school each morning, they don't get any lunch or barely any lunch, then walk the 4 hours back home after school and we're complaining? Story Here:

School officials generally think of fuel as a fixed cost. But it's really not, Weast reminded board members June 10 in Rockville. Should prices continue to rise, the school system could save money by raising maximum walking distances for students, because more walkers means fewer buses. Currently, elementary school students walk up to a mile, middle school students 1.5 miles and high school students two miles...."You may have to come to a very delicate decision that you'll have to make sometime during the next year if the costs continue to go up," Weast said during a discussion of transportation policy. "A million [dollar] cost in fuel is about 16 1/2 teaching slots."...With the proposed rule change, Weast said he was "sending a very strong signal" about the dire state of the school system's $2 billion budget over the coming year. The proposal would allow him to adjust walking distances after "expedited" public comment, possibly a few days rather than a month. Despite that, school officials stress that they don't anticipate actually asking anyone to walk farther to school in the 2008-09 academic year....Board members are scheduled to consider the policy revision today. How they vote might depend on public outcry. The board last changed walking distances in 1996, voting to extend the maximum high-school trek from 1.75 miles to two. Dozens of parents called school officials in protest. The change effectively eliminated three bus runs per high school, for a savings of $250,000 a year. Nearly 2,000 students lost their ride.

besides, I used to love walking to school...take a trip to Africa, trust me we do not know how good we have it and seem to do everything in our power to complain and just give it away...

Whole article here:

Being Shy is a bad thing?

My wife is shy, my cat is shy and my mom is shy and they're all incredibly wonderful people that I would never try to "cure" but some feel that shyness is in need of curing and have developed a wonder drug (oxytocin) to do just that. From the AP:

It can turn anything from job interviews to the most routine of family gatherings into a sweat-inducing ordeal....But a 'love drug' produced naturally by the body during sex and childbirth could offer hope to the millions of people blighted by shyness, scientists have said....Investigators believe oxytocin - a natural hormone that assists childbirth and helps mothers bond with newborn babies - could become a wonder drug for overcoming shyness...Produced naturally in the brain during social interactions, it promotes romantic feelings, helps mothers bond with babies and makes people more sociable....Oxytocin is released during orgasm and is also the key birthing hormone that enables the cervix to open and the contractions to work. Where labour has to be induced, it is often given to the mother intravenously to kick-start contractions....Professor Zak said: 'We've seen that it makes you care about the other person. It also increases your generosity towards that person. That's why (the hormone) facilitates social interaction.'

Do we really need a drug for shyness (or most society interaction disorders)in people? Except in the rare case of extreme interaction phobias, do people really need medication to solve their ills where just having someone to talk too could do the trick...the quick fix in our current society is ever increasing our depends on drugs (whether legal or illegal) and we are not learning to deal with life's struggles through our inner copping skils but through "wonder drigs" that will have unknown side effects and consiquences down the road.

Read Here:'cure'+shyness/

Do People in the Press ever take time to self-reflect

There is a story about all the tragedy going on and that things aren't getting better....but the AP reports (ALAN FRAM and EILEEN PUTMAN) just don't get ever think that maybe the press, in its quest for rating and the sensationalism is over dramatizing the events of the world so people are making links that are not necessarily there? Fran and Putman's article is here....doom and gloom for everyone!! Is everything spinning out of control? ...

Midwestern levees are bursting. Polar bears are adrift. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Home values are abysmal. Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable. Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism....Horatio Alger, twist in your grave....the can-do, bootstrap approach embedded in the American psyche is under assault. Eroding it is a dour powerlessness that is chipping away at the country's sturdy conviction that destiny can be commanded with sheer courage and perseverance....The sense of helplessness is even reflected in this year's presidential election. Each contender offers a sense of order — and hope. Republican John McCain promises an experienced hand in a frightening time. Democrat Barack Obama promises bright and shiny change, and his large crowds believe his exhortation, "Yes, we can."...Even so, a battered public seems discouraged by the onslaught of dispiriting things. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll says a barrel-scraping 17 percent of people surveyed believe the country is moving in the right direction. That is the lowest reading since the survey began in 2003.

Read the article here:

Supreme Court says no to Enviromental groups regarding fence fasttrack

From the AP

The Supreme Court has turned down a plea by environmental groups to rein in the Bush administration's power to waive laws and regulations to speed construction of a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. Homeland Security Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has used authority given to him by Congress in 2005 to ignore environmental and other laws and regulations to move forward with hundreds of miles of fencing in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

'U.S. Religious Landscape Survey out today

The soon to be release (in about an hour or so ) The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life's second part of its landmark 'U.S. Religious Landscape Survey.' The 294-pager is based on interviews in English and Spanish with 35,000 adults in the U.S. That sample is large enough to provide rare reliable data on smaller religious traditions -- including Mormons, who are off the charts in every measure of devotion in the survey. There's a news-making revelation about Americans' view of heaven and hell. And which state prays the most (Deep South), and goes to church the least (New England)? The details of this report is always very interesting on how people define and re-define faith in the U.S.

Obamamania has reached new heights (or lows as it were)

From the AP:

'Donatella Versace dedicated her Spring-Summer 2009 collection presented Saturday evening to Obama, creating a style she said was designed for 'a relaxed man who doesn't need to flex muscles to show he has power.' ... The new Versace suit has a structured jacket softened by a double lapel or no lapel at all and slim trousers with slick techno-fabric sheen. Crazy zigzags break up the monotony of pinstripes and checks, while the pastel palette gives the collection a warm summer feel.'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

DEUCE MARTINEZ -- The American Hero from Virginia that you've never heard of

Posted by MAXIMUS

Virginia is known as the home of Presidents. She is also known as having a close proximity to DC; beaches and mountains are all within a days drive; there is strong military presence here; Virginia has excellent public Universities; We have historical icons such as Yorktown, Jamestown, and the Appomattox Courthouse. Virginia is the birthplace of leaders of men, leaders such as Washington, Jefferson, and Madison. You know this.

Here is what you may not know, Deuce Martinez is also a Virginia native. According to the International Herald Tribune, Martinez is the son of a CIA employee who followed in his fathers footsteps in the Company's employment. Deuce Martinez is also new hero from Virginia, and the nation.

For years, Martinez worked at the CIA as a Narcotics Analyst who tracked international drug players and their products. Martinez's job changed after September 11, 2001. He became a tracker of terrorists. The CIA reasoned that tracking drug kingpins is really no different from tracking terrorists, the same elements and techniques apply to both. Martinez then transitioned to the position of master interrogator. Without resorting to knuckle dragging tactics, Martinez was able to elicit critical information from the most infamous terrorist in U.S. custody who was also credited as being the master mind of 9/11 attacks.

Who did Deuce Martinez track and interrogate? What infamous 9/11 terrorist leader did he locate? What terrorist talked to Martinez after all other efforts failed?
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Who knew?

The International Herald Tribune has a fascinating account detailing how Martinez pulled it off. The Commonwealth of Virginia has given birth to yet another modern hero. Read the account here:

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

I've been thinking a long time about this. Who can help McCain excite and motivate the conservative base in this year's Presidential election? Who understands how important it is to have a balanced budget WITHOUT congressional earmarks for pork barrel projects? Who understands the complexities, challenges, and opportunities that Middle East presents to the United States? Whose world view includes maintaining the United States position as an economic and military Superpower? Whose world view includes the refusal to have the United States regulated into a submissive subject of Communist China? Whose positions best comport with McCain's on fighting the global war on terrorism? Who has the ability to raise $500 million for a Presidential campaign? Who has the ability to selflessly campaign for candidates to ensure that we return the Congress to CONSERVATIVE majority? Who has the temerity to stand up, articulate, and fight for the American vision of freedom and prosperity to nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, China, the European Union, and Russia on the global geopolitical front? Who has the cajones to reform Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security so that they will remain solvent for NOT ONLY THE BABY BOOMERS, but for also for later generations like the Gen X'ers, the Echo Boomers, and the Gen Y'ers?

Who has the trans-formative vision to understand that we need a wholesale comprehensive review of our public educational systems to better position our children for opportunities in the competitive global marketplace? Who will fight tooth and nail to keep our military the best equipped and prepared fighting force in the world? Who understands that we need an economy that is based on renewable energy instead of one based on oil?

Who is pro life, pro God, pro guns, pro traditional marriage, pro family, and pro protecting our borders from the onslaught of illegal immigrantion? Who is the man for the future of the GOP? More importantly, who is the leader of the future American Conservative Movement? Who can help keep Virginia's 13 electoral votes in Republican hands? Who can make electoral inroads for Republicans in places like Florida, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts, while running up the score in places like Alabama, North Carolina, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma?

Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor for Vice-President.
McCain/Cantor 2008. The future is now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kaine Vows Veto Of Taxes For Roads; Only General Fund, Surplus Would Pay For Transportation--June 25, 2005

Posted by MAXIMUS what if the Washington Post wrote the below article almost three years ago. Fitting that we run it again today--on THE day that Tim Kaine is poised to break yet another campaign promise as he rolls out his heralded "Transportation Tax Increase Plan. "

As a grown man who wants truth and justice in the MSM, I have but one request....Will the Washington Post please reprint this story tomorrow?

June 24, 2005 Friday, SECTION: Metro; B01

Kaine Vows Veto Of Taxes For Roads; Only General Fund, Surplus Would Pay For Transportation

Michael D. Shear and Michael Alison Chandler, Washington Post Staff Writers

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Timothy M. Kaine promised yesterday to veto any new tax or fee for transportation or any increase in existing levies until at least 2009, when a constitutional amendment to lock up the state's road fund could become law. Kaine said the only new money for roads, bridges and trains on his watch would come from budget surpluses, if they materialize, and from a transfer of existing general fund taxes that would provide about $40 million a year for Northern Virginia. "Any tax increase or any kind of fee increase -- or if we can think of a word that's a synonym for fees -- any revenue increase that's proposed into a transportation system, a trust fund, that's not locked up and protected wil l be vetoed," Kaine told reporters after a speech to business leaders in Herndon. That promise is the furthest Kaine has gone to counter accusations by his Republican opponent, Jerry W. Kilgore, that he would be a tax-and-spend governor. Kaine has also proposed allowing local governments to cut homeowner taxes by 20 percent beginning in 2009. The veto threat reflects the continuing power of the tax issue to shape elections in Virginia in the wake of the 2004 legislative battle over taxes. That session ended after nearly six months with a budget deal to raise taxes by $1.5 billion over two years. Kaine supported that compromise. Kilgore opposed it. Kaine's plan focuses on improving the coordination between state and local governments as they plan for new roads, homes and office buildings. Kaine said he would order his transportation secretary to recommend changes within the first 100 days of his administration. "We'r e at a crisis," Kaine told a room full of business people and transportation planners at the Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel. The sound of clattering silverware subsided as members of the Loudoun and Greater Reston chambers of commerce and the Committee for Dulles looked up from their dessert plates and coffee to hear him roll out his transportation plan. He told them, "2006 will be the year to begin to fix the problem." Kaine's speech, which included a pledge to hold transportation summits across the state and find ways to partner with private companies to build roads, was well received by the audience of about 100. "He was saying things that I think this group wanted to hear," said John M. Harris, president of a community planning organization based in Purcellville. "Our economic engine here is driving the state, and he recognizes that." The Virginia League of Conservation Voters issued a statement thanking Kaine for offering a "bold vision to tackle these challenges [that] goes bey ond just increasing transportation funding for asphalt." Kilgore has a competing plan that includes the creation of regional transportation authorities that could hold referendums to raise taxes. Sen. H. Russell Potts (R-Winchester), who is running for governor as an independent, has said he will create a commission to develop solutions and call a special session to implement them. Kilgore's press secretary, Tim Murtaugh, called Kaine's plan "purely a campaign smoke screen. This accomplishes nothing." Longtime advocates for improved transportation in Northern Virginia assailed Kaine for refusing to acknowledge the need to raise more money for such projects as expanding rail to Dulles, widening the Beltway and improving Interstate 66. John T. "Til" Hazel, a developer and frequent critic of both Kaine and Kilgore, said Kaine's pledge to veto new transportation taxes is "political baloney." "That is such a nothing plan, it's hard for me to even think or comment," said Hazel, who is supporting Potts. " That's as bad as Kilgore saying we are going to have a bunch of regional authorities. What . . . do you need a governor for if you are going to do that?" Michael Anzilotti, co-chairman of the transportation committee for the Greater Washington Board of Trade, said Kaine is "not owning up to the problem" of traffic congestion in the region. "It's another plan that falls short," he said. "It may get you elected, but it's not going to solve the problem."


Posted by MAXIMUS

"We can take care of terrorists within the constraints of the constitution"
--- Barack Hussein Obama

This is one of THE major problems with Obama's candidacy. Stopping terrorists is not a legal matter. Stopping terrorists is not a lawyer matter. Stopping terrorists is not an equal justice under the law matter. Stopping terrorists is not a civil rights matter. Stopping terrorists is not a stopping matter at all.

Stopping terrorists is a matter of THE ELIMINATION OF A THREAT. The threat may or may not be removed from the battlefield. If the terrorist is removed from the battlefield alive, Barack Hussein Obama wants to afford these murderers with the rights you and I enjoy under our Constitution. Giving terrorists rights under the Constitution is akin to removing half a cancerous tumor from your body--that which is allowed to live WILL come back to kill you. It is that simple.

One caveat here: The elimination of terrorists should only happen AFTER they have given up all their useful intelligence---speaking freely to those wonderful third world interrogators that we've contracted to perform this function as our vendors. It ain't pretty, none of this is pretty, but it is a job that must be done if free countries are to remain free.

Have you ever wondered why terror suspects or enemy combatants sometimes break free from a "prison" and are never heard from again or they are never recaptured? When they "escape" they are no longer "prisoners," rather they again revert to the title of "active battlefield participant" and the rules of engagement are suddenly changed on how to deal with the threat. An active battlefield participant is a different legal animal from a prisoner. Dig what I'm shoveling? Does 0ur military, or other functions of our government that are charged with holding terrorists, fire warning shots over the head of escapee or do they fire shots directly at an enemy combatant that is an active battlefield participant? If you are aware of any instance where the military has fired a warning shot, please cite a specific example.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FALL FROM GRACE...How Ben Tribbett and Lowell Feld become Ineffective Bloggers

Posted by MAXIMUS

Ben Tribbett (of Not Larry Sabato fame) and Lowell Feld (of Raising Kaine fame) put all their chips on the table in the recent Democratic primary in Virginia's 11th Congressional District. They bet on Leslie Byrne--a perpetual candidate for any and every office in Virginia--and lost. They took on Governor Kaine, and lost. They took on George Burke, Chairman of the 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee, and lost. They took on the Fairfax business community, and lost. They took on commonsense Democrats, and lost. They took on Gerry Conolly, and lost. They put their "progressive reputations" on the line, and lost. They tried to grow their political influence by supporting Byrne for Congress, and lost.

Not Larry Sabato and Lowell Feld found out that grassroots activists in NOVA really don't march to their tune. Their lack of effectiveness is only eclipsed by a hollow liberal agenda that Leslie Byrne rode to victory in the 11th Congressional District's Democrat Primary. Oops.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is 4th District Democratic Candidate Andrea Miller SMARTER THAN A 5th GRADER?

Posted by MAXIMUS

I think not. A few months ago, your beloved MAXIMUS put the smack down on (MS.) Andrea Miller for stating on her website that the village of Bon Air is in the 4th District when in fact its in the 7th District portion of Chesterfield County. She doesn't know her own District folks. It now gets better....

Stupid is as stupid does--Forest Gump Miller is at it again. Her campaign website lists that she will be at the annual Chicken Festival tomorrow in [sic] Crew, VA. The problem? You spell Crewe with an E, not just Crew. Link to Andrea Miller's website snafu here:

This situation can best be summed up with a hybrid quote from the late Biggy Smalls (aka Big Papa) and Jeff Foxworthy, to wit: "You go call your crew, I'll go call my crew, we can rendez- vous and ask the question, "ANDREA, ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5th GRADER?" Nope. She ain't. Why? Because if you are a real resident of the 4th Congressional District, you (along with thousands of 5th Graders) know how to spell the town of CREWE with an E stuck on the end of it.

Congressman J. Randy Forbes wins re-election by a 3:1 margin. Virginia Democrats are crowing and bragging about running Congressional candidates in all of Virginia's 11 Congressional Districts this year? Keep running Forest Gump Miller, keep running!

Governor Tim Kaine and Bud Light....The untold story

Posted by MAXIMUS

Real men of genius. You've worked hard all day, restoring the rights of felons who have swindled, stolen, suckered, and sullied the citizens of your state. It's quitting time now, and what do you want? A nice clean cold Bud Light. Well Governor Kaine, you've earned it.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, THE National Campaign Co-Chairman for Barrack Hussein Obama's Presidential campaign, has been working under the radar restoring the rights of convicted felons so that they can vote in this year's Presidential elections. The Washington Post broke the story h/t to Tim Craig.

So here's to you, Mr. Give 'em back their undeserving right to vote Mr. Governor Guy. You've earned your Bud Light. Link to the story here:

Democratic Unity in Virginia's 4th Congressional District

Posted by MAXIMUS

Houston, Liberals have a problem in Virginia's 4th Congressional District. Andrea Miller secured the Democrat nomination for run for the VA-4 seat about a month ago.

Since then, she has failed to secure the endorsements of any moderate Democrats in this Congressional District. She has failed to secure the endorsements of any conservative Democrats in this Congressional District. She has failed to secure the endorsements of any independents in this Congressional District.

All Andrea has supporting her are three Uber liberals who are elected officials in the Virginia General Assembly--two of the three don't even live in the 4th Congressional District. Just who are these folks that are supporting the former head of Dennis Kucinich's short lived Presidential campaign in VA?

State Senator Louise Lucas, State Senator Henry Marsh, and Delegate Roslyn Tyler. Of these three liberals, only Tyler lives in the District. Link to this list of endorsements here:

Liberal Democrats have a HUGE problem running in the 4th Congressional District. The major obstacles for Liberal Democrats in this District isn't necessarily Republicans--incredibly enough, their obstacles are the moderate Democrats and conservative Democrats within their own party, to wit:

During the 4th District Democratic Convention where Andrea Miller secured the nomination, a motion was put on the floor to NOT nominate a candidate to run against incumbent Congressman J. Randy Forbes. That motion barely failed. Then, a no-name challenger from Emporia decided to stand up and run against Andrea Miller for the nomination. This challenger did not campaign for the nomination and he only lost it by a few votes. Contrast that with the fact that Andrea Miller started campaigning for this nomination back at the beginning of this year.

You know a candidate is bad when liberal Governor Tim Kaine refuses to endorse their candidacy. How's that for Democratic Unity? With infighting like this, Republicans will carry the District for McCain and they will easily re-elect Congressman J. Randy Forbes to another term of responsible representation.


Posted by MAXIMUS

Last night, Governor Tim Kaine held a tax increase town hall meeting in Hopewell, VA to gather support for his nefarious plan to give future Central Virginia road money to NOVA. Link here:

Governor Kaine has refused to accept any of the eight personal invitations he received to attend events at nearby Fort Lee, including those events heralding the gain of 10, 000 new jobs at this post through the BRAC process.

How is it that a sitting Governor of Virginia can find the time to promote tax increases in Hopewell while he consistently fails to find time to welcome new troops and 10,000 new military related jobs at nearby Fort Lee? This is the biggest economic expansion in the history of Central Virginia and Governor Kaine is too busy to walk from Hopewell into neighboring Fort Lee to see what's going down on the job creation front?

This just in....Governor Kaine will show up and support the new troops as long as they support his new tax increases. Tim Kaine is using transportation improvement projects in and around the Fort Lee area as leverage to get the local Republican Delegates and Senators to support his tax increases. Taxes over Troops. What a welcome mat. Should we expect anything less from a key supporter of Barrack Hussein Obama for President?

Monday, June 16, 2008

If SWAC Girl says Drill Now and pay less who am I to argue!! Just sign the damn petition

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less
Swac Girl:
American Solution petition:

Is personal compromise a bad thing

President Bush has stated, " I want to be said about George W. Bush that when he finishes his Presidency, he looked in a mirror as a man who did not compromise his core principles for the sake of politics or the Gallup Poll or the latest, you know, whatever. You can't lead in this world if you are chasing something as temporary as a popularity poll."
I agree about the opinion poll thing but were his core principles and what is best for this country always the same thing every time? I am a person of conviction myself and respect President Bush for his unwavering leadership in the war on terror but when you are leading sometimes compromise for the betterment of the cause (or country) is the most heroic thing a person can do. There is a fine line between being a stubborn egotistical mule and a man sticking to his guns for an unwavering principle...So is compromise a bad thing in and of itself? Can you compromise a little or is it more like being half pregnant? I have to say that there are certain things (we all have them) that are black and white with me as you can tell by my posts here but in other cases it seems we need work with all sides to actually accomplish something. I've always thought that the biggest problem with the liberal outlook is that it does not work in the real world of America since Democracy and personal freedom (thus the conservative mindset)go hand and hand so people in American whether they want to believe it or not live a conservative, as defined here, lifestyle. So if Conservatism is more practical and "real world" than opposing political viewpoints because we tend to insert personal mindset (wanting to keep more of your paycheck and not pay more taxes, less intrusion from the government, free enterprise etc.) then is there room to incorporate other views into our philosophies and the work we need to do to make this country a beacon of hope and prosperity for all the world as it once was .....don't worry I'm not going off my rocker and will be shouting about the value of conservatism until the final second before I am off to the pearly gates but I think it is a interesting topic to the mindset "I'm right, your wrong" more important now than actually accomplishing something for the greater good.

Gallup poll shows close race and it is only going to get closer

For all the hype, Obama can't seem to shake McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, 44 percent of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42 percent backing McCain. Obama had led by as many as seven percentage points following Hillary Clinton's departure from the race. ... 15 percent do not favor either major-party candidate. This includes 7 percent are undecided and 8 percent who will not vote for either candidate ... As a result, the percentages of Americans now supporting Obama and McCain are near the lowest seen for either candidate since Gallup Poll Daily tracking on the Obama-McCain matchup started in early March.

My home state is in a bad way

36,000 Iowans homeless as floodwaters being to recede....Truckers driving through a being delaysed as Interstate 80 is closed (and several other high traffic roads).....Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Iowa City downtowns are a mess....etc etc. please keep the good people of Iowa in your prayers as they work through the flooding of the four main rivers in the state, they'll appreciate it.

Still committed to Iraq

From Bloomberg:

President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Gordon Brown said at a news conference after talks at No. 10 Downing Street they remain committed to success in Iraq and Afghanistan and agree that tougher sanctions are needed on Iran if it ignores demands to suspend uranium enrichment. On troop withdrawals in Iraq, Bush said, 'the plan is bring them home based on success. That's what we expect the British prime minister to do. That's what I'm doing.'

Do scientists really KNOW anything - now we may have caused an ice age not a warming

From Onenewnow:

The absence of sunspots has left some scientists scratching their heads about what could be next....Extremely low sunspot activity and extended periods of no sunspot activity have some scientists wondering how this could affect the weather on Earth. Noted environmentalist and author Lawrence Solomon says there is a vast historical record dating back hundreds of years that could provide some insight to this phenomenon. "There has been a coincidence over the centuries of an absence of sunspots correlating with very cold temperatures, and a presence of sunspots corresponding to warm periods," he explains....Solomon notes that over 1,000 years ago during the medieval warm period there was increased sunspot activity, and then that activity slowed down as Earth entered the Little Ice Age of the late 1700s to mid-1800s. He also says that, during the last century, the sun had increased sunspot activity, which correlated with a period of warming...."After the current warming that we had in the 1900s, the sunspots have diminished. And that's one reason that scientists think that we may be entering a little ice age. There are other reasons as well," Solomon contends....Those other reasons are that in the last decade temperatures have leveled off, and Solomon says in the last year they dropped. He says temperatures have dropped by more than a half a degree centigrade, which is equivalent to more than a century's worth of warming.

Read Here:

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Posted by MAXIMUS

Well, is this change we can believe in? Is this the change that's on its way? Today in Virginia Beach, Thousands of prominent Virginia Democrats, at least 2,500 in all, BOOED Prisoner of War John McCain. Link here:

In the most military concentrated section of Virginia, if not the nation, Virginia Democrats express their gratitude to a POW by booing his service to our country? That's a sure fire way to win the votes of veterans and active duty military personnel.

McCain is the man who actually had the temerity and the audacity to volunteer to serve his country, even though it wasn't the popular thing to do as they cheered the name of Hussein Obama who was otherwise too engaged to serve in the United States military.

Is it the members of the Democrat Party in Virgina that go around saying that they support the veterans and the troops but not necessarily the mission?

Is this how retired Navy Capitan Joe Bouchard turned Delegate Bouchard allows a Prisoner of War to be treated in Bouchard's home of Virginia Beach? This changes that equation doesn't it! Liberals gone wild indeed.

Affirmative Action: Obama Proposes as McCain disposes

Posted by MAXIMUS

John McCain on Affirmative Action:

From McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds: "affirmative action plans and quotas that give weight to one group of Americans at the expense of another...plans that result in quotas, where such plans have not been judicially created to remedy a specific, proven act of discrimination, only result in more discrimination and violate the concept of equality of opportunity."

Barack Hussein Obama on Affirmative Action:

Obama has repeatedly gone on record as a supporter of affirmative action. Once recent comment includes this: "There are a lot of African American kids who are still struggling, that even those who are in the middle class may be first-generation as opposed to fifth- or sixth-generation college attendees, and that we all have an interest in bringing as many people together to help build this country."

Of late, Obama is on record as supporting that Affirmative Action become class based, i.e. underprivileged whites should have preferential treatment as well as minorities. Thus, Obama is committed to EXPANDING Affirmative Action. How about making hiring decisions and college admittance decisions that are based on plain old qualifications? Do away with all preferences and focus on qualifications, interview results, or test scores for selecting the best employee for your company or the best student for your college.

The Washington Post sums it up with, "Obama graduated from Columbia; his wife, Michelle, from Princeton. This means that at those two Ivy League schools, their daughters will be "legacy" applicants, just like George W. Bush was at Yale and legions of Kennedy's have been at Harvard."

How can other folks compete with the Obama's on college admissions when the Obama's can legitimately claim legacy admittance while concurrently claiming admittance based on affirmative action? Is the playing field fair for everybody in America? Ask yourself that question, and ask Obama for his answer.


Posted by MAXIMUS

Barack Hussein Obama's meteoric rise to the Democratic nomination for President of the United States is proof that our similarities are stronger than our differences. Finally, that question is resolved. The American people should be congratulated for finally achieveing "liberty and justice for all."

With that said, I have two questions for you answer...and I welcome your comments. With leadership comes the responsibility to right a matter who was wronged.

1.) Does Obama's candidacy for President of the United States represent the end of Afirmative Action--where preferential consideration for employment and college admission is granted when color is the only criteria applied? WHY OR WHY NOT?

2.) Is Obama's candidacy proof positive that the Federal Voting Rights Act should be repealed? WHY OR WHY NOT? Remember that during the Democratic nomination for President, Barrack Hussein Obama won several states under the authority of this Act to include Virginia and North Carolina. This is the federal law where we subject states have to get approval from the federal Justice Dept. for such mundane things as to move a voting location.

Link here to read a story about this issue in today's Wall Street Journal:

Friday, June 13, 2008


And I don't mean Pabst Blue Ribbon...The Professional Bull Riders are coming to Richmond and the wife and I are in the first row by the shoots!!! The Professional Bull Riders Tour is not your fathers bull riding or county fair rodeo..they have fire works rock music and shining belt buckles!!! ..At least in Colorado they did, we'll have to see how it is here in Virginia. I don't own a pickup, have rarely rode a horse or worn a cowboy hat and don't like country music but there is something very cool about watching a man ride a 1100 lbs bull and not get mutilated...t begins at 8 on Friday and Saturday night. Tickets range from $16 to $62 and are available at the Coliseum as well as Ticketmaster outlets, or by calling (804) 262-8100. Tonight is "Family Night," with $5 tickets for children younger than 12.


Who thinks leaving a child in a hot car is a good idea...please explain this one to me. The gene pool just seems to be getting mor mucked up and the me first attitude that a lot of parents seem to now have is only going to effect the children they are rearing....From the Times Dispatch:

Richmond woman who left two young children in a broiling car Tuesday is begging the community -- and her family -- for forgiveness, saying she was wrong and heartbroken...."I made a terrible mistake in judgment and I was wrong. But I would never do anything to harm them," said Fredrika Michele Simpson, who said her own 16-year-old son has asked her the unanswerable "Why?"...Simpson, 40, is the great aunt of the two children. She said she was gone from her car for as long as 20 minutes when she noticed police and rescue workers near the vehicle and rushed out of a department store at Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

Read Here: