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Friday, December 28, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson can't endorse anybody, it's in his Contract?

Victor Davis Hanson cannot endorse a candidate since his employment contract says he can’t, but he comes pretty close in a new article on Pajama Media he assesses the top candidates on both sides of the equation and is pretty fair to all the candidates though he seems, understandably, more knowledgeable of the Republican candidates and more cliché’ with the DEMS (I think there more to the Obama fascination that described in the article for example.) I do think it is weird that a political commentator and conservative pundit would sign an employment contract that prohibits him from stating a favorite for something as important as the Presidential election; obviously that contract was with Tribune Media Services and not the national review. If you read this article, I think you get a pretty good idea who Hanson favors so I guess it is all in the delivery.

The Iowa Caucus keeps getting more interesting

In another example how serious Iowans are taking the caucus this year (and how the importance of the caucus nationally may no longer just be hype) new poll fluctuations have moved John Edwards into a statistical tie with Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

A new Strategic Vision poll released Friday finds that Edwards has the support of 28 percent of likely Democratic cacucusgoers, his best standing in Iowa over the past six months. Edwards now trails Clinton by only one point and Obama by two points, well within the poll’s margin of error of 4.5 percent.

As I have written in the past the Iowa caucuses I have attended were very deliberate and everyone makes great strides not to pick the wrong candidate, thus leading to a fluctuation in polling numbers prior to the event. Depending on who has the strongest advocates and the individual Caucus precincts this time around it looks to be anyone caucus to win on both the DEM and REP side.

Some interesting quotes from the artlicle:

Unlike Mike Huckabee in the Republican field, Edwards’ rise in Iowa has been
gradual and not wholly unexpected. He has been on the heels of Obama and Clinton
for months. Yet as those within the Edwards campaign know, much can shift in the
coming days.

Irrespective of the weather, Edwards may also benefit
from the second stage of the caucuses. After the first round, supporters of
those candidates who did not meet a 15 percent threshold move to other viable
candidates. While polls conflict, Edwards campaign believes it is best
positioned in this second round.

Read article here:

Stem cell research and Huckabee

New reports out that drug-maker Novo Nordisk, which engages in stem cell research, the Public Health Institute, which works to expand access to “morning after” contraception and Grant Makers in Health, which is seeking to steer funding to studies of gun have paid Huckabee to speak on the profitable speaking circuit.
Bill Lauderback, executive vice president of the American Conservative Union.“It raises questions as to his philosophical positions,” Lauderback asserted, “if he is accepting very lucrative speaking fees from special interest groups who have a markedly different perspective on certain social issues from what he is projecting as a candidate.” Read more here:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Biden actually thinks he is going to WIN! Hahahahaha

In what has to be the ravings of a madman, to much Rogaine or an ego the size of well Delaware Joe Biden actually thinks he will win the Democrat nomination for President. This leads me to the question do irrelevant people know there irrelevant or does it happen do gradually that they don’t realize it until they have spent million of dollars of other people’s money to run for a office they should have ran for say a couple of decades ago. Oh he did run in 1988 and what happened he plagiarized a speech and dropped out of the race, which leads me to the best quote of the week, ““I am not being a wiseass,” he tells me, nudging my arm for emphasis. “I am not joking. The guy with the most money and the woman with the biggest buzz, beaten by the man with the right message! Who people think is honest!” Who people think is honest? If Joe Biden is what the DEMS think is an honest person then they have a short memory. Other interesting quotes from article:

At Starbucks, Biden says: “I tell my contributors - - the few we have - - and I
tell my staff, ‘I cannot show you anything until Jan. 3.’ Then you guys (i.e.
the media) will cover me and I will finally get to the front page of the New
York Times, as reluctant as they are to do that.” To Biden it is just a matter
of getting in front of enough people. “I am confident in my message and I am
confident in breaking through and the only thing I am not confident about is
have I been to enough places?” he asks with a shake of his head and then
immediately brightens. “But I promise you, I am totally, completely at peace
with the way I have done it.”

Article here:

Ron Paul offers voters nothing

An interesting article on Politico about the campaign of Ron Paul and how it defies the usual “campaign promise for money” type of campaigning that we have seen for President. Since Paul is against most government welfare programs (e.g. farm subsidies, free health care, $2,000 savings bonds for babies etc.) he isn’t promising to give donors anything but his vision of how he would be president, which is refreshing and hasn’t hurt his fundraising one bit.
Interesting quotes from the article:

Difficult as it may be to believe in an era of resurgent liberalism and
compassionate conservatism, for many Americans, being free from the government
is more attractive than getting something free from the government. To them, the
promise of liberty isn't just worth $6 million; it's priceless

Even James Brown is quoted:

The late soul singer James Brown said it better: “I don't want nobody to give me
nothing/Open up the door; I'll get it myself.”
Promise nothing, get elected President, I’m beginning to like Ron Paul more everyday.

No Victory Prediction from Clinton Campaign

Hillary has given word to the Iowa campaign staff not to predict a victory in the Iowa caucus to the press or supporters. This is probably a set-up by the Clinton campaign to begin to lower expectations and downplay a second place finish in Iowa and position her as the underdog (a place she has never been) going into new Hampshire. Some interesting quotes from the article by Roger Simon.

In interviews with top Clinton staffers, who did not wish to be quoted directly,
I was told that Clinton could survive a second-place finish in Iowa and that the state was not do-or-die for her. The strong pitch made to me and others not that long ago was that we had to be for Hillary, because Hillary was going to be the inevitable winner,” Fischer told me. “They have come a long way if they now think Iowa is just survivable.”

And the top campaigns have been organizing on a level never seen before in the history of the state. “Four years ago, John Kerry had the best organization,” Fischer said, “and I think his organization would be blown away by all the advances made by the campaigns this time. The level of sophistication, the micro-targeting, the staff and the field offices, they are not just a little bigger, but a lot bigger.” For the major campaigns, the Iowa caucus is now a highly professionalized contest

Read Article here:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Retail Sales UP 3.6% this year Whoopeee!

The Q and O blog has a excellent and insightful take on the reporting of sales figures for the holiday’s this year. Even though there was an increase, it was reported as a “bleak” sales season. Read it here:

Christmas Dinner and Politics

Mike Allen at politico ( made a keen observation (or referenced one) that the First Iowa caucus happened yesterday around the Christmas dinner table and the second Caucus will take place on January 8th. Since I am lone wolf in my mostly Democrat family it will be interesting to hear who my uncle, aunts, sister and grandmother are voting for (calling them today.) Of course the Boston Globe has to put a pessimistic spin on this:

"The Boston Globe's "Living Arts" section labored to put a negative spin on this
by positing that the races threatened "to add a new strain a holiday
gatherings," and even got a quote from some dude saying that a Hillary-Mitt
argument "brought a lot of tension" to an early Christmas dinner.”

…Like you can put more strain on a family gathering by introducing politics…well they may have a point here.

Why do People think she is Qualified?

“From on High” has a good post about the lack of responsibility Hillary had during Bill’s Presidency and thus lack of experience. It is a security breech and illegal to discuss security matters with people that do not have a security clearance so if they had pillow talk and Hillary didn’t have clearance, I think we have found another little no no by the Clinton family while in office. When you are briefed on getting a Security Clearance they specifically tell you not to discuss top secret things with spouses and family members (maybe I had a more thorough FBI guy talk to me than the President…but I highly doubt it)


Another article about the Iowa Caucus poses the question, “Will First-Time Caucus Goers Show Up?” and I have a simple answer so no need to really read the article……..YES... If my mom and are going to go, everyone is going to go! Thanks for reading..

Press Still doesn’t understand Caucuses, Conservatives or Iowa

In an article about the upcoming Iowa Caucus, “Many Iowa Conservatives Still Undecided” The reported goes through the typical story about how Huckabee hasn’t closed the deal, Romney is outspending everyone but slipping and Thompson is under-performing to come to the conclusion that Conservatives are undecided on who to vote for. This article fails to take into account the Caucus structure, the diversity of Conservatives and Iowans in general. First, the caucus, unlike a primary or general election, is a “gathering” where the candidates “proxies” and supporters rally support from all attendees and then come up with a winner (obviously this is a very simplified explanation) for each precinct. The Caucus mechanism does not lend itself to being predicted by polling, as a primary or general election does, because participants can be swayed during the caucus process thus invalidating the answers they would have given a pollster prior to entering. Also, the article depicts “conservatives” as social or religious conservatives and fails to point out fiscal conservative, libertarians, neoconservatesism or paleoconservates etc. and that even religious conservative tend to vote for the candidate with the best agenda and not solely on the religious conviction. Finally, the people in the state of Iowa are misunderstood in most of the press coverage; Iowans both take the responsibility of being the first Presidential test and couple it with the fear that if they screw it up they will be superseded by another state and loose this privilege forever to make their decision. This dichotomy of conflicting feelings lends the state to be very deliberate (giveing all candidates their say and day in the sun) in its choices and lends itself to a fluctuation in polling number between the frontrunners as Caucus day looms closer. The polling numbers tend to show that Iowans have a grasp on the national scene as well as the needs of the state leading up to the caucus and this will cause both the frontrunner and dark horses to spike/descend depending on who is polled and at what time the poll takes place. In the end, the Iowa Caucuses tends to deliver a winner that has a viable chance of winning the National nomination (usually the front-runner at the time of the Caucus) for each party and the runner up title(or third) to the dark horses. This outcome usually has the Caucus aligning with the nation parties/other states and not being the exception which could invalidate the state as an important yardstick in the election cycle. Having participated in several Iowa Caucuses, it is imperative to all that participate that the two choices coming out of Iowa (one DEM, one REP) be able to when the nomination and Presidency to show that Iowans know what they are doing and should always be first in the nation….the pressure is always there not to pick an outsider that has no choice thus validating other states position that they know better and should be first

Monday, December 24, 2007

Documentary Proves the World Really just wants to be American...(They know it; we know it so just admit it)

Deviating from politics for a second since I’m in such a festive mood with Jesus’s birthday coming and all, I perhaps watched the greatest documentary yesterday ever made in the free world, Air Guitar Nation. If you have never seen this movie about the US and World Air Guitar Championships you must see it now (rent it for Christmas day watching) since it highlights probably the weirdest, funniest and downright scariest group of people since “Trekkies.” The exception to this scary rule is that you have to actually look at Michael Moore’s ugly mug when watching his pseudo-documentaries causing retinal damage and nightmares for all. But I digress…..this movie is about the formation of the US national Air guitar championship, since we have never competed in the World competition in Oulu Finland, that’s right the home of Air Guitar is in Finland (is anyone reading this laughing yet? will) and they take it quite seriously with seminars, boot camps and advice to the air guitar impresarios.
The majority of the documentary is spent on the US national Competitions (one in New York and one in Los Angeles) and the rivalry of David "C-Diddy" Jung and Dan "Bjorn Turoque" Crane (Bjorn Turoque is pronounced Born-to-rock, get it!!)…and their ultimate “airness” which is an official category for the judges to judge. I have never seen such a collection of guys that will never get laid, without money exchanging hands, in my life. These guys prance around, talk trash and try be to be as cool as one can be playing a non-existent instrument and acting like they were at the forum instead of in front of other guys that will talk of there coolness when they were dungeons master’s back in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I could not stop watching these pseudo rock gods play their imaginary guitars for all they were worth. The "airness" of the film really starts taking off when the eventual winner and runner up C-Diddy and Bojorn make the trek to Finland for the nationals. This brings me to the point of the article, no matter what we hear in the news around the world, everyone wants to be an American because even in the world as depraved as the Air Guitar battles, we’re just plain cool. When these American’s walk around you can almost physically see the other contestants bravado deflate into defeat as they talk big about the "over-hyped" Americans. It is obvious to all that the American contingent is brimming full of “airness” and they even beat a naked guy speaking some language we’ll never know….I’m serious. During the documentary (filmed in 2003) there is a seething undercurrent of the IRAQ war and the American contingent is worried about the reception they will receive once there, but when Bjorn Turoque gets a perfect score in a preliminary round and the US Champ ends up winning it, even the legends of Air Guitar cannot deny that by having an American champion it legitimizes this true art form. The Air guitar Organization even has a motto, “Make Air, not War” yes it is that lame and they believe the motto…oh did I forget to mention the ‘C-Diddy” wears a Hello Kitty Breastplate, I kid you not.

Are Anti-Endorsements the Thing of the Future now ?

As the Presidential candidate begin to gather up endorsements from prominent places in Iowa and New Hampshire (State and local politicians, Newpapers, Talk Show host and the like) the The Concord Monitor has given an “anti-endorsement” to Mitt Romney. Although I seriously doubt that the Concord Monitor negative endorsement, if you will, will have a big impact on the Romney campaign as a whole it begs the question has the “news” just turned negative about everything. I can tell you why I vote the way I vote without telling you how terrible and crazy the other side is and I believe everyone that votes should be able to do that in turn. Although, democracy and the voting principle in general lends itself to voting out a bad law or leader; I think, as a country, we focus on voting against something and not voting FOR anything and the main culprit is the media and the Mainstream media at that. When the American people are constantly barraged with the media trying to show every candidate (both DEM and REP) in a negative light and not the substance of their ideas, the election turns into who do we like best based on surface things and not who resonates with us on the substantive issues of the day. I have a dreadful feeling that this is not the last we’ll see of the “anti-endorsement” and as we have seen with negative political ads, it will probably work in swaying some of the readers of the Concord Monitor thus it will be used from now on as a political tactic in elections. Some interesting quotes from the article:

In a scathing anti-endorsement that called Romney a "disquieting figure," the New Hampshire newspaper's editorial board said he looks and acts like a presidential contender but "surely must be stopped" because he lacks the core philosophical beliefs to be a trustworthy president

"The Monitor's editorial board is regarded as a liberal one on many issues, so it is not surprising that they would criticize Governor Romney for his conservative views and platform," said Romney spokesman Kevin Madden. "Governor Romney has taken firm positions that are at odds with the board's support for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, their position against school choice and their advocacy for taking 'Under God' out of the Pledge of Allegiance. The governor happens to disagree with the editorial board on all those issues."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Huckabee: The Anti-Conservative's Conservative

Michelle Malkin has a great post about Mike Huckabee’s worst mistake thus far, casting Rush Limbaugh as the bad guy for comments that the talk show host has made about Huckabee. Limbaugh has scrutinized all the GOP candidates pretty fairly thus far and has not picked a favorite (as far as I can tell)…so he seems to be better than the MSM. Here are some crazy quotes from Huckabee attack on EL Rushbo:

"Honestly, because Rush doesn’t think for himself. That’s not necessarily a slap
because he’s not paid to be a thinker—he’s an entertainer. I can’t remember the
last time that he has veered from the talking points from the DC/Manhattan
chattering class. If they were praising Huckabee, he would be too."
"Also, I have to think that he’s dying to have Hillary in the White House. Bill Clinton
made Rush a megastar. Having another Clinton back in power would make him the
Leading Voice of the Opposition once again."
How does one obliterate their own campaign just when they’re making headway: attack the most listened to talk show host in the free world two weeks before a close caucus. I think Mike really Huck it up on this one.

Here is Rush’s response as reported from the Campaign Spot on National Review Online :
“These people are coming after me personally, something I have not done.
They’re coming after me personally the way the libs do."

Rush, discussing how he differs from the NY-DC media axis, lists off Harriet Miers, Dubai Ports World, Republican spending abuses, illegal immigration…On the argument that he secretly wants Hillary to win, to make him a bigger star: “I became a megastar long before the Clintons got into the White House.”

“I really am uncomfortable with this, I was hoping it wasn’t going to come to
“I’ve never called him a Huckster, I’ve called his fans Hucksters.”

Rush points out Rollins ran the Christie Todd Whitman campaign, calling him the “DC-Manhattan Axis campaign manager.”

“I’m part of the Cape Girardeau-Middle America Axis.”
“Stop with this Clintonian spin.”
“McCain’s starting to look better to than this guy, and
that’s saying something.”
“The Huckabee campaign is trying to dumb down
conservatism in order to get it to conform with his record.”
The Anti- Conservative Conservative, that’s a new political strategy that’s bound to fail

You Think You Know Politics

Time to prove you know the political landscape and have fun in the process. At the suggestion of PajamasXpress blogger Ron Rosenbaum - who was the first to throw down the challenge - PJM is running an election contest. Guess the top three finishers in Iowa and New Hampshire in order and win an iPhone or 16 GB iPod Touch from Pajamas Media! Click here to read the rules and compete now! So I’ll put my picks out there for all to scrutinize:

Dem - Obama, Clinton, Edwards
Rep - Romney, Huckabee, McCain

New Hampshire:
Dem - Clinton, Obama, Edwards
Rep - Romney, Guiliani, Huckabee

Pajamas Media began in 2005 as an affiliation of 90 of the most influential weblogs on the Internet. They were linked together as an advertising network, but the intention was to provide a significant alternative to mainstream media. Two years later PJM has expanded its reach. Besides adding to its blog network, through its portal, PJM now provides exclusive news and opinion 24/7 in text, video and podcast from correspondents in over forty countries. Pajamas Media also has its own weekly show on XM satellite radio - PJM Political - and syndicates its original material like a news agency.

Power Play already for new Chesterfield B.O.S

The new Chesterfield Board of Supervisors hasn’t even been sworn in yet and already the political power plays are beginning. There was an interesting letter to the editor, by Bob Herndon, in the Chesterfield Observer this week calling for Marleen Durfee to be named Vice Chair of the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors when they take over next month. The letter makes the case that because Ms. Durfee had a strong election turnout and won a four person race that this makes her qualified to be Vice Chair (the letter grudgingly concedes the Chair position to Art Warren who is the only remaining incumbent left) of the new Board. I really don’t know what Mr. Herndon is smoking or the relationship he has with Ms. Durfee (and don’t really care) but it takes more than vote tallies to be able to actually affect real change within government as a whole and Chesterfield County specifically once IN office; it takes knowledge of the current issues and doing what is best for all constituents. I concede that Ms. Durfee ran a great campaign and although I didn’t agree with all the tactics used, she won by a comfortable margin while being out spent so my hats off to her. I think being named vice chair on her campaign turn out seems a stretch when the current Chairmen of the Planning Commissioners, Dan Gecker, has also been voted to the Board. Mr. Gecker knows the current zoning cases intimately and can help, along with Mr. Warren, this new board get up to speed fast and be effective sooner rather than later, which is what the citizen’s want and need. Personally, I am no fan of Mr. Gecker and think Don Sowder’s leadership was a better direction of Chesterfield County but there is no doubting that Mr.Gecker’s knowledge of these zoning cases can only help this Board make sound decisions since the other members are new. Elections are not about ego boosts for those voted into office and their cronies but about effecting real change that benefits us all. If this is any indication on how the new Board of Supervisor’s will act, then we’re all in for a self centered “I know best for you” government for the next four years that is more concerned with getting individual power than it is in running the county successfully for us all.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Contemporary Conservative is for Gilmore

The Contemporary Conservative is proud and humbled to join “Bloggers 4 Gilmore” today and to support former Governor Gilmore in his bid to retain the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Warner. Bloggers 4 Gilmore is a collection of the most influential and accomplished political mind in Virginia and like these bloggers, Jim Gilmore, is the voice of our times and for our times. As a fiscal Conservative, Jim Gilmore’s record on taxes and common sense spending is a big reason why the Contemporary Conservative endorses his run for Senate. While Governor, Jim Gilmore cut 16 different taxes totaling $1.5 billion and championed effective spending by our state legislature over the course of his governorship and will bring this same fiscal responsibility to the Senate. Jim Gilmore will be an instant influence on Washington and will bring some direction to an obviously chaotic time in Congress with real solutions for real issues that are facing our country and state.

Here Piggy Piggy! OINK, OINK

Growing up in Iowa, I know something about pork and will concede that Earmarks are a funny thing; a congressman (or woman) can point to them as doing something for their constituents directly and yet can add millions and millions of dollars in unnecessary cost to any bill. If our elected officials were building homeless shelters, hospitals and soup kitchens then that is one thing but check out some of these great causes being supported by taxpayer’s money. Here are some facts from Taxpayers for Common Sense (, please check out the sight to investigate the complete Earmarks list:

    • From the House Transportation Bill Rep. Olver (D-MA)receives 16 earmarks worth a total of $16.24 million, including $275,000 for the private Barrington Stage Company to renovate the Berkshire Music Hall and Octagon House and $100,000 for a Massachusetts Landscape Connectivity Study, $100,000 for the Wakely Lodge Resort, a golf course, for renovation of the Wakely Lodge in Hamilton, NY, secured by Rep. John McHugh (R-NY) Love to golf don’t think taxpayers should pay for it·
    • Rep. Baird (D-WA) Rep. Dicks (D-WA) Rep. McDermott (D-WA) Rep. Reichert (R-WA) are sponsoring $1,000,000 to Outdoor Research for Extended Cold Weather Clothing System Hand Protection System (isn't this "system" called gloves) in the Defense Bill, also in the defense bill: $1.5M for the Revolutionary 1.5 Volt Alkaline Battery, $2 million for Alcohol breath detectors made by WNCK, Inc. of The Woodlands, TX, and $1.95M ONYX OPTICS - Advanced Bonded Diamond for Optical Applications - Onyx Optics is located in Dublin, CA
    • Charles Rangel (D-NY) has earmarked $2,000,000 for City College of New York, NY for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service to prepare individuals for careers in public service, which includes establishing an endowment, library and archives for such center” this library and archives will store all Charles Rangel memorabilia and papers in the House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill, for 2008….nice creating your own museum at our expense, someone has a biiig ego
    • We also have earmark’s that have classified amounts that we cannot even know, so it could be $1 or $5,000,000.00. A few of those are: Rep Jerry Lewis (R-CA) for "Classified" Amount to University of Redlands for Geospatial Intelligence Analysis Education” , Classified Amount to Multiple Recipients for China Geospatial Data Project sponsored by Rep. Boustany (R-LA) Rep. Everett (R-AL) Rep. Jindal(R-LA)
The following is a written statement by Ryan Alexander, President of Taxpayers for Common Sense about the Appropriations Bill and Earmarks:

“The Consolidated Appropriations Bill is a perfect example of haste making waste. The House Rules Committee is currently meeting to lay the groundwork for considering the 3,565 page omnibus containing $517 billion in spending tonight. The bill will have been available for less than 24 hours – so no member of Congress can honestly say that they will have read the bill before they vote tonight. Over the next several months, we are going to find all sorts of buried
treasure for special interests littered throughout the bill. We’ve already found an early Christmas present for Big Energy, an expansion of the energy loan guarantee program, putting taxpayers on the hook to underwrite billions in risky loans, including $20 billion for the nuclear power industry and $8 billion for coal. We also have found 8,983 earmarks worth $7.4 billion, and as we scrutinize the bill further, more will come to light. When you add that to the 2,161 earmarks worth $7.9 billion in the already defense spending bill you come up with 11,144 earmarks worth $15.3 billion. This represents a reduction over previous years; this is a good start for taxpayers, but Congress still has a long, long way to go before earmarks get to manageable levels.The nation would be far better served if Congress slowed down and allowed the bill to be scrutinized, evaluated and vetted before moving forward. If Congress can’t slow down, they should pass a continuing resolution until January and pick up when they are less harried and cooler heads can prevail.”
It is amazing how much we could save on all appropriations and spending bills if the process was more transparent,. If Congressmen and women were required to read the complete bill before voting on it (Read the Bill Act Coalition .) We as taxpayers need to stop letting these politicians spend our money without any regard the how and how much, this isn’t their money they are only stewards of it while in office.

Lame Duck Prez ?... Lame Congress is more like it

From the US News and World Report Political Bulletin, there is an article about just how lame the Democrat controlled congress has performed and that the President seems to be getting the upper hand in political battles being fought. With the passage of the spending bill ($555 billion) President Bush seems to be getting his way even to the point of pushing through the funds needed for our troops (against the very public opposition by the DEMS in Congress.) In an article referenced from McCatchy “after a year in power, their 'mission accomplished' list is thin”. And from Roll Call "majority party signaled that they would shift their top focus from trying to cut off funding for the Iraq War to the economy and health care in the new year, acknowledging that Senate Republicans and...Bush likely will continue to prevent them from forcing any real changes in troop levels or war strategy."
We also are getting reports on the vast earmarks that DEMS are sticking in every bill possible and that this is blowing up in their faces. ABC World News is reporting that there are "$14 billion in new earmarks." In the new spending bill and that DEMSs "put in hundreds of thousands of dollars to help members facing re-election. Tom Schatz, president, Citizens Against Govt. Waste: "Members of Congress have said, we're going to use the taxpayers' money, to help our majority stay in power." The New York Times reports, "Despite an intense campaign by critics in and out of Congress against home-state projects, the year-end budget sent to President Bush on Wednesday was stuffed with almost 9,000 of them."

I will have more on the crazy earmarks some of our legislators stuck in bills, Like the Earmark by Charles Rangel for the Charles Rangel (D- New York) Museum (I kid you knot) Way to help all those constituents in Harlem Charles

Read article here:

Spread out the Primaries and maybe we’ll choose a better President

Karl Rove has a great article in the Wall Street Journal about the madness that is the primary season has become and how it should be spread out to allow the candidates more time to get their message out to voters. Some examples he gives as to the extended campaign being a very recent phenomenon

“…Bill Clinton announced for president on Oct. 3, 1991. At this point in the 1992 presidential contest, he'd been a candidate for 10 weeks. George W. Bush made his first campaign speech on June 12, 1999. At this point in the 2000 race, he'd been a candidate for just over five months.”


“In 2008 voting will also begin earlier than ever. In 2000, the Iowa caucuses were held Jan. 24. This time, they'll be Jan. 3. For the first time, some New Year's partygoers will still be nursing hangovers when they caucus.”

The season starting so early this time around was caused by several factor: Other states infringing on Iowa “first in the nation” status, the crowded field on both side and the general politicalization of everyday life in America (through blogs, talk radio, endless TV news coverage etc.) As we speed up our daily lives for instant gratification so is our political voting process speeding up and that leads to the fact that few candidates that may be slower to get and organization funded, get their message across and build a grassroots following have less time to get it done before they are voted out of contention.

“In the presidential 2000 race, 25% of the delegates were selected by March 7, 50% by March 14, and 75% of the Democratic delegates by April 4 and 75% of the Republican delegates by May 2. This time around, the 25% and 50% thresholds will be crossed on Feb. 5, and by March 4 over 75% of the delegates will be selected.”

Read article here:

Clinton Foundation Donors Influence Extend Beyond Charity

From the New York Times, there is some questions regarding former President Clinton’s Foundation the aptly titled, Clinton Foundation, and the details to how its coffers have amassed $500 million in raised contributions. Since the New York Times is usually falling over its self to praise the Clintons, I found this article’s attempt at “real” non biased reporting startling (I’m sure the reporters are being waterboarded right now for their trangressions.) The gist of the article is that the identity of the donors to the Clinton Foundation that will allow him to build his “Temple of Clinton” in Little Rock are beng kept very confidential and for good reason. The foundation could also be used as a loop hole in the current campaign laws for contributions to Hillary’s campaign. Some interesting quotes from the article that show that Clinton’s foundation is not funded by a bunch of pals who contributed out of the goodness of their hearts to make the Clinton Presidential library grand.

The New York Times has compiled the first comprehensive list of 97 donors who gave or pledged a total of $69 million for the Clinton presidential library in the final years of the Clinton administration. The examination found that while some $1 million contributors were longtime Clinton friends, others were seeking policy changes from the administration. Two pledged $1 million each while they or their companies were under investigation by the Justice Department.
Other donations came from supporters who had been ensnared in campaign finance scandals surrounding Mr. Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign.

Some of the distinguished donors

Bernard L. Schwartz, chief executive of Loral Space and Communications, gave $250,000 and pledged $750,000 more in 2000. At the time, investigators were trying to determine if Loral had improperly provided satellite technology to China. Under the Bush administration, Loral agreed to pay a civil fine of $14 million to settle the case. Mr. Schwartz, who is now also a Hillraiser, said that his donations were unconnected to Loral’s troubles and added that he had contributed to other presidential libraries.
Dr. Richard Machado Gonzalez and Miguel D. Lausell, were lobbying the president to increase
Medicare reimbursements to hospitals in Puerto Rico, like the one owned by Dr. Machado. Mr. Lausell pledged $1 million to the library in 1999, eight months before Mr. Clinton proposed increasing Medicare payments to Puerto Rico for the second time
in his administration. Dr. Machado gave the foundation $100,000 about six months later.
A fledgling telecommunications company, NextWave Wireless, was battling the
Federal Communications Commission when library fund-raisers tapped its chief executive and a major investor. NextWave had promised to pay $4.74 billion for cellphone licenses, but when it declared bankruptcy before completing its payments, the F.C.C. threatened to put the licenses up for public auction, which would have ruined NextWave.
And on, and on, and on it goes…… It will be interesting to see how Hillary and Bill get themselves out of this one; they will no doubt walk away unscathed, they always do. Please explain to me the appeal of these people, they do not care about the average citizen and continually live above the law.
Read article here:

New Edwards Ad Draws Ire in Iowa

There is an article in my hometown paper back in Iowa, the Quad City Times, about a new ad praising John Edwards by Working 4 Working Americans. This ad fails to show the role that Fortress Investment Group, where Edwards was an adviser, had in closing Maytag’s Newton Iowa plant. Fortress is a stock owner in Whirlpool, the company that acquired Maytag and eventually shut down the company. Interesting quotes that contradict that he cared about Maytag workers and that fact that Edward advised the hedge fund and was heavily invested in it but had no input as an Advisor:
From the Richardson Campaign:

“John Edwards was paid nearly half a million dollars by the same hedge fund at the time the Maytag plant was shuttered, and he had $16 million of his own fortune invested there,” Becker said in a statement. “Can John Edwards be a champion for jobs in Newton, Iowa, when he works for and invests in a hedge fund that helped eliminate those same jobs? If anything, Edwards probably owes those families an explanation.”

And from the Edwards Campaign
“No one has been stronger in standing up for Maytag workers than John Edwards, which is why so many of them are supporting him,” Leistikow said. “As president, he will never sign trade deals like NAFTA that put the profits of corporations ahead of the interests of workers like those who lost their jobs in Newton.”

Obviously the NAFTA comment was meant as a dig to Hillary since her husband signed the agreement but seems to be political buzz word talking since it doesn’t apply to refuting the Allegations against Edwards that he new about the Maytag takeover. In the world of “politics causes strange bed fellows. Max Tipton, a Newton resident and retired United Auto Workers who is supporting Edwards is quoted as saying.“Everybody that has a dollar or two has some stock in some company,” Tipton said. “I do, you know, and so it’s really, I think, asinine for any candidate to suggest that John Edwards in any shape or form had anything to do with the closing of Maytag.”

This is true Mr. Tipton but a 16 million dollars investment gets you more pull in a company that a dollar or two investent and Edwards should have used that influence to help the workers he claims to care about are say he didn't really care about the Maytag workers and suffer the consiquences.

You can read the Article here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Global Warming amongst Record Cool Temps = No Global Warming.. Comprende’

David Deming has a really good article [commentary] on the cold temperatures that a being recorded worldwide while the myth of Global Warming trudges along unabated. Deming states:

“Al Gore says global warming is a planetary emergency. It is difficult to see how this can be so when record low temperatures are being set all over the world. In 2007, hundreds of people died, not from global warming, but from cold weather hazards.”

The Global Warming contingent has positioned itself that no matter what changes or patterns the weather shows us, manmade emissions it the culprit. So if the planet gets warmer, colder, more hurricanes occur or fewer hurricanes happen, it is all wrapped up into this neat little package called global warming. Since their leader has won the Nobel Peace prize there is no use arguing with that Global Warming exists…even though the facts (like with evolution) have never been proven that human carbon emissions are causing an increase in Global temperatures. Deming states some compelling facts on the temperatures the world is currently experiencing and why these facts will never dissuade Global Warming pundits:

“Since the mid-19th century, the mean global temperature has increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. This slight warming is not unusual, and lies well within the range of natural variation. Carbon dioxide continues to build in the atmosphere, but the mean planetary temperature hasn't increased significantly for nearly nine years. Antarctica is getting colder. Neither the intensity nor the frequency of hurricanes has increased. The 2007 season was the third-quietest since 1966. In 2006 not a single hurricane made landfall in the U.S...”


“If you think any of the preceding facts can falsify global warming, you're hopelessly naive. Nothing creates cognitive dissonance in the mind of a true believer. In 2005, a Canadian Greenpeace representative explained “global warming can mean colder, it can mean drier, it can mean wetter.” In other words, all weather variations are evidence for global warming.”
I could care less what some environmental zealot think except when it effects by wallet and the teaching of our children. Sure enough when Global warming ceases to become a theory and is reported and taught as fact then that is when the policies to curb it with mean the ultimate outcome from our government, higher taxes and our children learning a theory as fact by people that do not understand the subtleties involved in the climatologist arena.

Article is here

Teacher teaches “Try legal Immigration and you’ll be denied”

In another example of indoctrination in the public school system and the perpetuation of myths in the immigration debate the Columbus Dispatch reports of a teacher that makes her students act like an illegal immigrant to gain “insight” into their plight. The Dispatch reports that Erica of Olentangy Liberty High School has her students fill out all the legal paper work then writes (in red ink no less) DENIED then has her students go the illegal method. Since the denial of immigrants is not a random act by the US, there is no discussion of why the legal way didn’t work, why they must no try illegal methods (as oppose trying again) and why these “immigrants must get into the US so desperately that they must break the law to do it. There are more options to a potential immigrant then are presented in this teaching exercise and it is nothing more than indoctrinating them into feeling sorry for illegal immigrants thus helping mold these young minds into thinking that there should be no restrictions on people wanted to gain access to the US. Per the article there is no mention of the drain these illegal will have on tax payers, that there are specific reasons why immigration is denied and that just because you want something and are denied doesn’t mean you should break the law. Some interesting quotes:

The students had to go to real businesses and ask for Spanish-language job
applications. They had to visit a bank and ask for new-account documents
written in Spanish.
Vieyra promised them that the process -- even in
make-believe -- would frustrate them. But they would gain, she hoped, an
understanding of what is one of the most important political and
humanitarian issues facing the U.S. government today.

If you can’t change the minds of the adults making the
decisions, go after the children it is as simple as that. By making the
alternative view seem harsh and wrong, a teacher can influence a child to think
as they do. My point is made for me in the teachers final quote of the

"These kids will become our leaders, maybe even the people who make the laws,"
she said. "At the very least, they'll certainly be the people who vote on them.
Shouldn't they learn something about it all now?"

……and agree with her point-of-view on the issue no less. What grade do you think a student would have gotten if they refused to be an illegal?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Blamed for Lieberman backing of McCain

Bob Beckel of FOX News is blaming for Sen. Joe Lieberman's recent backing of John McCain for president. 'This is the Democrats pay for and others, who drove Joe Lieberman out of the party,' Beckel is reported to have said on Fox. 'They campaigned against him actively and raised money against him and he was beaten in the Democratic primary. ... Now we're paying the price and all I can say is 'a pox on their house.' The Raw Story blog states ( 'Many blogs have criticized Beckel, a former campaign manager for Walter Mondale and Robert F. Kennedy, since he began making regular appearances on Fox over the summer.' If these liberal blogs hate FOX so much you think they would be ecstatic that one of there own is appearing, I know I’m glad Glen Beck in on CNN. The Lieberman situation should show several things to the Democrat leadership 1.) The blogoshere is only going to grow in both money generation, influence and the exertion of that influence. 2.) That we cannot appease those most radical by given in half way or they’ll find away t oust you 3.) The “” crowd is way more radical than the Democrat base but is much smaller in votes to have the policy influence they continually are being given 4) You can’t please all the people all the time, 5) Joe Lieberman currently has more power than once thought and can bring McCain back into the forefront of the Presidential election and 6.) could not destroy Lieberman’s career, as they sought to do, the voters still elected him; which proves that they do not currently represent the mainstream ”middle of the road” Democrat. The base Democrat should be the target of the Democratic party and that they need to move to the right (center) to gain the over votes they need to win elections.
While the right or conservative blogs tend to more accurately represent the republican base, they liberal or ultra liberal blogs tend to be to far to the left to be considered a representation of the Democrat populous as a hole to be given as much power as they have. While the liberal often points to their virtue of “open mindedness” The Joe Lieberman situation should be a stark reminder of what can happen to those that don’t tow the “liberal” line, on issues important to a small and influential special interest group and how to overcome them.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Governor Kaine is going to Raise Something

Using the VT tragedy as the catalyst and higher DMV costs, Governor Kaine is proposing an increase in renewal fees for driver licenses. Kaine states that there will be no increase in taxes but will propose that Virginian’s get their cars inspected every two years, instead of annually and changing the amount from $15 to $20. Kaine also wants to use the rainy day fund to balance the budget but hopefully the House of Delegates will stick to its guns and not use it and the GOP Senators can convince enough DEMS to hold it off there as well. All the fireworks in the General assembly with begin on January 9th 2008.
Using the VT tragedy as the catalyst and higher DMV costs, Governor Kaine is proposing an increase in renewal fees for driver licenses. Kaine states that there will be no increase in taxes but will propose that Virginian’s get their cars inspected every two years, instead of annually and changing the amount from $15 to $20. Kaine also wants to use the rainy day fund to balance the budget but hopefully the House of Delegates will stick to its guns and not use it and the GOP Senators can convince enough DEMS to hold it off there as well. All the fireworks in the General assembly with begin on January 9th 2008.

Campaign Spending and Votes

In what I believe is a nonsensical and inaccurate article in the Times Dispatch today, they make the claim that money cannot buy an election by using a mathematical formula that in essence states: Total Money spent Divided by number of votes received equals dollars spent per vote. This may appear on the surface to be an accurate formula (ex. Mark D. spent $108,978 on his campaign and collected 3,123 votes. That means he spent what amounted to $34.90 per vote.) Although I agree in principle that sheer spending of enormous amounts of cash doesn’t and shouldn’t buy elections if it is to be an effective way to select our leaders, I think the way this article come to that conclusion is erroneous. Then the article implies that since Tubbs spent the most money overall of any of the Candidates running for supervisor in Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico and lost that you don’t need a war chest to win an election and that the overall spending can be tied to each individual vote; this which is a false assumption. This article is misleading in a couple areas: 1. It does not take in consideration “effective” spending in a campaign as oppose to just throwing money at the election Willy Nilly. Effective spending can be as simple as making sure you are targeting all potential voters you need to reach and not spending too much money recruiting those that are already willing to vote for you or just spending to much with a particular printer when there are cheaper alternatives around. An effectively run campaign that has a good war chest should beat an ineffective campaign with a war chest or an effective campaign with little money. There are many variables as to the amount spent in a campaign and the return the campaign sees. 2. The attitude of the election will dictate what you need to spend to win. Chesterfield’s past election was a weird one for many reasons (detailed in previous posts) that caused several candidates to spend more than in past elections to combat misconceptions, innuendo, and new media introductions. When combating negative attacks the “effective” spending concept is diminished since the amount spent does not always yield good returns since the one attacked will be seen as defensive (and will never convince all that the accusations were false.)
To simplify the money per vote equation to all money spent Divided by number of votes receives leaves a lot of variables out of the picture that have enormous impacts on the results of the election. Read the article here:

More detailed commentary on this coming later in the week.

The Fake Christmas Tree is a Contributor to Global Warming?

To makethe case that everything has turned political in the US and with the panic over Global warming, concerns of China made anything and the real Christmas tree lobby Lawmakers are starting to look at the artificial tree industry as both bad for the environment and potentially dangerous (most artificial trees are made with PVC) to our health. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), requested that the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigate potentially high lead levels in Chinese imported trees. Quoted as saying, ““By taking an ax to imported, lead-tainted Christmas trees, we protect our families against a toxic hazard while boosting our homegrown Christmas tree producers.”

The real tree industry once lambasted by environmental groups as evil is now being seen as the safe alternative (unless the dog drinks all the water the tree is in and your house burns down) to the fake ones. “We’re just watching the environmental and health groups going after lead and PVC,” said National Christmas Tree Association spokesman Rick Dungey. “It’s kind of ironic. These are the same people who have attacked real trees for years.”
Merry Christmas!
Read article here:

Immagration Biggest Concern in Iowa and New Hampshire

In a poll reported on by the AP and conducted by Pew Research Center, both Iowan Republicans and New Hampshire Republicans name Immigration as the most important issues by a very wide margin (18 an 17 percent respectively) over IRAQ. Immigration issues impact our daily lives but most of the potential Presidential candidates (on both side) just don’t get it. Huckabee for instance is quoted in the article as stating, : "In all due respect, we are a better country than to punish children for what their parents did," and Huckabee recently released his own immigration plan, which takes a tough stance similar to those taken by Romney and other GOP rivals. But Huckabee has been more forgiving in the past of some here illegally: As Arkansas governor, he attempted to make children of illegal immigrants eligible for scholarships and in-state college tuition. McCain can be quoted as "They are God's children. They are human beings. Many of them come just because they need a job. And I think many of them, as you know, are badly exploited and mistreated by these coyotes and others," he said. "So I think we ought to be sure we look at the humanitarian side of this issue to try to make sure that all human beings are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, whether they are citizens of this country or not." True they are God’s children but we or a sovereign nation that cannot taken in and give social benefits to those not willing to abide by the law, assimilate into America follow the path to citizenship. The interesting part of this article is that Huckabee is both running a campaign that is leading and running contrary to the data…only time will this will hold true. Some interesting quotes from the article:

"I just think it's not fair to all the people who came here legally and went
through the process and now all the illegals, you're just gonna give 'em
citizenship?" she said. "That's not fair." ….and

"It's costing those of
us who work and pay taxes millions and millions of dollars to support these
people who shouldn't be here in the first place," she said. "They're getting
free health care, they're getting schooling for their children. Yes, they're
working, but they're not paying taxes. They're here, and being a drain more than
they're producing


Read article here:

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gore blames Bush for Global Warming…Also Blames Bush for his Receding Hairline

In speaking to a bunch of self important “Jet-set” environmentalist in Bali of all places, Gore lambasted the Bush administration with ““My country is principally responsible for obstructing progress here in Bali.” Gore then alluded to the fact that things will change in two years once Bush leaves office in and a like-minded person takes over. With global warming mythologies from Gore’s little movie (commercial) being contradicting by many prominent scientist, climatologists and researchers and the many, many mistakes and half truths in the Global Warming Theory as a whole I hope things do change in the next two years….so actually I agree with Gore, things will be different in two years, we’ll know you’ll full of half baked science and maybe they ask for the Nobel Peace prize make for making false assertions to make one feel important.

Article here:

Clinton Campaign continues to Implode

Bill Shaheen has resigned (probably fired) as the campaign co-chair from the Clinton campaign for his comments about drugs and Obama (Lord knows, the Clinton campaign should be weary of delving into the ethical qualifications of the DEM candidates for fear of it turning around on her.) With the disaster that has hit the Clinton campaign in recent months with one misstep after another, this was inevitable but seems ill advised considering how close it is to the Iowa caucus. We all know that the Clinton campaign is too arrogant to look inward at Clinton herself and see what needs to change in order to do better, so Mr. Shaheen looks to be a sacrificial lamb here. At least he got to give a statement (probably written by someone else no doubt) that he is resigning and Hillary is still the best candidate. Yeah that’s what I want an endorsement from someone I fired for running a terrible campaign and helped lose a huge lead to a lackluster DEM candidate pool. I really hope Hillary looses in first three contests so we can really see her really go ballistic and fire everyone and run the whole thing herself….she can always blame her lose on Bill in the end so her ego should remain intact when she crashes and burns.

"Statement from Bill Shaheen:
decision to step down as Clinton campaign Co-Chair“I would like to reiterate
that I deeply regret my comments yesterday and say again that they were in no
way authorized by Senator Clinton or the Clinton campaign. Senator Clinton has
been running a positive campaign focused on the issues that matter to America’s
families. She is the best qualified to be the next President of the United
States because she can lead starting on day one. I made a mistake and in light
of what happened, I have made the personal decision that I will step down as the
Co-Chair of the Hillary for President campaign. This election is too important
and we must all get back to electing the best qualified candidate who has the
record of making change happen in this country. That candidate is Hillary

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Change in the Conservative Paradigm

As the recent elections here in Virginia has shown, there is no safe place for conservatives if they are not steadfast in following the conservative ideal in their daily actions; and that there is a shift in the paradigm of conservative politics. Although some of the change in our state Senate can be attributed cyclical politics and influx of liberals in Northern Virginia, it is only a symptom of a greater problem that the Virginia GOP and the GOP nationally is facing… the GOP should not only talking the talk of the conservative but walking the walk once they are in power. The Virginia GOP and the GOP as a hole should always use an approach of inclusiveness, for both moderates and conservatives, but the conservative values of lower taxes; free enterprise, strong state government and fiscal responsibility should always be at the forefront of our platform. There is a difference in standing up for the values that you deem sacred, compromise and rigidness and this is the balance that the conservative needs to constantly remind themselves of when making decisions contrary to their instinctive feeling. Compromise isn’t a bad thing but making deals with the devil just too past, at best, lukewarm legislation by always being the one moving to the left is lacking in integrity to the Republican motto and conservative principles. With a Presidential election fast approaching and all the candidates trying to take the “Reagan” mantel, it will be interesting to see which Republican candidate morphs into a total package Conservative candidate; then see what that candidate does in office if they are elected are next Presidents. The American public today lives a conservative lifestyle whether they vote republican or democrat and the candidate tapping into this ideal will do far better than the liberal media would have us believe. The “common-sense” approach inherent in the principles of lower-taxes, managed spending, strong defense, securing the borders, strong local government are the most efficient ways to achieve what every American wants, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. The majority of American do not think that it is the job of the federal government is to take care of each citizen from cradle to grave…we are self reliant and expect others to be so as well. With that being said, most understand that we should help those less fortunate and are not against programs that accomplish this through acts of kindness, efficiently run government programs, and donations to those non-profit groups that do so much to help those around us. “Absolutes” in today’s society and strict ideological rhetoric don’t always work and we should work to ensure that the solution that is implemented is fair, cost efficient and not duplicated else where. The American people understand that every program the government enacts is funded by our tax dollars and that the government should be more careful stewards of our money (and not boast that America can’t afford them as President) than they have been in the past since they are representing us with every vote they cast.

Pelosi is Doing a Good Job so Far……NOT!

There is an article about Speaker Pelosi on Politico that is actually, and with a straight face, suggesting that she is doing a good job as House Speaker. Where do they get these guys? This Congress has been a wreck this year, nothing has gotten accomplished, none of the promises DEMS gave during their campaigns have come to fruition and they’re the most elitist, self serving, lying, ineffective group to ever run Congress (at that is saying something) For God’s sakes we’re talking about this Congress being filled with the worse POLITICIANS in history……breath in and out slowly then take a second and think about that one. Two interesting quotes from the article”
“She has run a highly disciplined operation, keeping a potentially fractious caucus unified on tough issues.”
“And she has restrained some of her own instincts representing one of the nation’s most liberal districts.”
That’s right, it states that she has restrained from her own liberal instinct’s…NO, her instincts are extremely liberal and ineffective because the US citizens do not think that way. She is trying to get a liberal agenda passed in Congress but cannot pull it off.
Read article here:

Another Screw-up from the Clinton Campaign

The Clinton campaign (as well as the Dodd Campaign) is receiving a backlash when they stated that non-Iowan citizen University students should not be able to participate in the Iowa caucus. Why would Clinton suggest this when younger people tend to be liberal and vote Democrat? Because these young liberal Democrats are not voting for Hillary, they’re voting for Obama and will hand Iowa to him at Clinton’s expense. At a time when young voter turn out is at an all-time low, the caucus is a great way to get involved in the political process (it worked for me personally when I was a teenager going up in Iowa.) Read story here:
Some interesting quotes from the article:

“I’m very worried about the caucus-day implications of this,” Acker said, concerned that discouraging students from caucusing will make an existing problem worse. “Students are disenfranchised at higher rates to begin with.”

Rock the Vote issued a statement encouraging students from out of state to vote. Student PIRGs Young Voters Project put out a release from a number of its student leaders in Iowa saying, “We live here in Iowa for the majority of the year. … To say that students who didn’t grow up in Iowa, but who now live here, shouldn’t have the choice to participate in the caucuses is blatant voter disenfranchisement.”

They going to vote in the general election, they currently live in Iowa and it’s legal…one more example of Hillary trying to manipulate the vote to win instead of just coming up with great ideas to earn the vote.

Knight Rider attacking IRAQ…You Have to be Kidding

In a remake of one of the most banal action shows since BJ and the Bear, Knight Rider, one of my favorites (Come on when you only have three channels to surf and your 13, Knight Rider, The A-Team and Buck Rodgers didn’t look all that bad) is being remade and they are making the “Michael Knight” character a depressed and jaded IRAQ veteran…Will these people never learn; the American people support their troops and it is way to soon to turn the brave veterans of the IRAQ conflict into Vietnam Veteran characters from “Born on the Fourth of July.” Let’s have some fun TV with a freaking talking car and forget the Political rhetoric for awhile. If I want my political info, I watch Fox News, so Hollywood really needs to shut up on the political stuff and make some interesting entertainment we can watch.

Max says no to Pressure allegations

Max Mayfield, the former Hurricane Center Director stated that there was no political pressure for him to change his testimony about global warming and Katrina. So is that the end of the issue? Not by a long shot, global warming is too important an issue for the DEMS to let it go so easily. We cannot even discuss the cylical nature of weather of that the global warming experts here stating we’ll have an ice age due to emission on several decades ago. Article here:

Some quotes from Robert Novak

On Human Events Online today, Robert Novak has some interesting insights about the Presidential Election, Congress and the Senate. A few interesting insights:

” Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has come out in front in Iowa on four
different recent polls, including double-digit leads in the Rasmussen, Newsweek,
and Mason-Dixon polls. This surge is for real.
Interestingly, most surveys
don't show a huge decline for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who hovers
around 20 to 25 percent in most polls, not far off his peak. Huckabee's big jump
comes at the expense of former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.) and former New York
Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Iowa's caucuses, however, are famously difficult to
poll. It's very possible Romney could win in Iowa in three weeks, despite
Huckabee's big leads. “
As I stated previously polls mean little in the caucus process since the voters don’t go into a voting booth and cast a vote then go home. The caucus process is much more interactive and opinions and voting preferences can change at the end of the day.
And this:
“Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) still has a huge national lead for the Democratic
presidential nomination, but it is deceptive. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) has not
only moved ahead of her in the opening Iowa caucuses but has pulled even in the
subsequent primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina. The panic felt by the
Clinton camp explains the attacks on Obama, which so far have proved
counterproductive. Democratic insiders who not long ago viewed Clinton's
nomination as inevitable now see it as only a slightly better than even
In a general election, I fear Barrack Obama more than Hillary Clinton, since Clinton has way more negative’s to overall voter’s than Obama. I think the Republican candidates are way more qualified across the board than either the DEM frontrunners but we have a lot of negative attitudes to overcome to gain those all important “undecided” voter’s.Read Article here”

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just Admit it, Congress Sucks

In an article about the low low approval numbers of congress (26% in the quoted Gallup poll) and then goes on to explain that even though Congress is now controlled by the DEMS it is the Republican that have everything to worry about…..HUH? How anyone can say that this Congress is not the most ineffective and ideological in the history of the place is beyond me. While Pelosi is busy spending 16K on flowers, this congress has not accomplish anything of substance (whether it liberal initiatives or not) and continue to implode as a supposedly “unified group. The most priceless quote for the article is this one attributed to Don Wolfensberger, director of the Congress Project for the Woodrow Wilson International Center, ““People are down on Congress, and Democratic leaders are nervous,” said Don Wolfensberger, director of the Congress Project for the Woodrow Wilson International Center. “But voters are more down on Republicans than Democrats in Congress. ... It was an unrealistic expectation that Congress could change war policy.” Does this statement make any sense since Congress is controlled by DEMS. Our the American people just that ignorant of how Congress works or is the statement trying to cover all bases since it is given from a liberal think tank participant?...I think the later. This quote is followed by the contradictory statement, “Democrats never really achieved a very strong approval rating in the first place.
The Democratic Congress peaked at 37 percent in its first month, and its approval ratings have lingered between 20 percent and 30 percent for most of the year, according to Gallup polls.” Looks to me like everyone pretty much think the DEMS in Congress suck and have always sucked….Read article here,”


With 22 days until the Iowa Caucus, the Republican nominees debate it out for the voters in Iowa. With Huckabee land Romney battling for the caucus win, the debate was not the fireworks display I was expecting. Huckabee has taken the lead in surveys of likely Iowa caucus goers but anyone that knows anything about the caucus process knows that polls do not tell the story for caucuses as oppose to the primary. For those of you unfamiliar with the Caucus process, the Iowa caucus operates very differently from the more common primary election used by most other states. The caucus is generally defined as a "gathering of neighbors". Rather than going to polls and casting ballots, Iowans gather at a set location in each of Iowa's 1,784 precincts. Typically, these meetings occur in schools, churches, or libraries. The caucuses are held every two years, but the ones that receive national attention are the Presidential preference caucuses held every four years. In addition to the voting, caucus attendees propose planks for their party's platform, select members of the county committees, and discuss issues important to their local organizations.The Iowa caucus does not result directly in national delegates for each candidate, like the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary. Instead, caucus-goers elect delegates to county conventions, who elect delegates to district and state conventions where the national convention delegates are selected.The Republicans and Democrats each hold their own set of caucuses subject to their own particular rules that change from time to time. Participants in each party's caucuses must be registered with that party. Participants can change their registration at the caucus location. Additionally, 17-year-olds can participate, as long as they will be 18 years of age by the date of the general election. Observers are allowed to attend, as long as they do not become actively involved in the debate and voting process. With these unique mechanisms in place Caucus goers can be influenced to change their vote for a number of reasons so just because a voters goes into the caucus with their mind made up, it ultimately ends up after vigorous debate to be something not so concrete

The Chesterfield County School Board has an approved Six-year plan

In what should be a good sign that the Chesterfield political machine is ready to listen to the voter the Chesterfield School board voted to approve of a new 6-year plan for after in put from voters. Read story here:
Interesting quotes from article,” School officials said the plan includes examples of all school-improvement models, though specific references to the High Schools That Work no-zero policy has been taken out.
On the honors-courses issue, parents such as Julia Torres-Barden said Chesterfield is experiencing a change in demographics, and that diversity means the school division should expand its options for students, not eliminate them.
"You cannot understand what it's like for minority students until you are one," she said.”

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Jim Gilmore needs to be our next Senator

Plain and simple, Jim Gilmore needs to be Virginia’s next Senator come next November. We need Jim Gilmore because we need to bring a strong conservative voice to our nation’s political debate in a time when there seems to be few conservative voices left in Congress. Jim Gilmore has the influence, knowledge and conscious to be that voice. When Jim Gilmore was Attorney General he investigated fraud and governmental waste and as Governor signed multiple tax cuts for the citizens of Virginia. Governor Gilmore fought many battles with “tax and spend” politicians and each time stood his ground and won. As many of you know the Contemporary Conservative ideal is built upon financial responsibility to form our political methodology and Gilmore is the Fiscal Conservative for Virginia. We contemporary conservatives tend to be pragmatic educated thinkers that see that the “common-sense” approach inherent in the principles of lower-taxes, managed spending, strong defense, securing the borders, strong local government are the most efficient ways to achieve what every American wants, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. We do not think that it is the job of the federal government is to take care of each citizen from cradle to grave…we are self reliant and expect others to be so as well. Mark Warner’s first idea (and only idea) is to tax now and then work out the details later; this will not fly anymore in this day and age where we need to look to new and vibrant solution to our country’s needs. The Contemporary Conservative endorses Jim Gilmore for US senate because he is ma best candidate for the job and for both Virginia’s and the United States future.

The 3rd sign of the Apocalypse has Occurred…Gore accepts Nobel Peace Prize

In what is surely the 3rd sign that the End Days has started and the Apocalypse has begun, the UN and former Vice President Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for I think a new category, Tomfoolery, and they excepted with the usual amount of gracefulness by telling us about the grave consequences of are supposedly evil ways. Some interesting quotes: “ It is time to make peace with the planet" and if that wasn’t priceless enough there was this gem "We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency - a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here," Wow sounds like Gore would be fun at a cocktail party.
Read article her:

Clinton campaign continues to Implode

Hillary’s campaign continues to implode as her campaign has requested another volunteer resign in the e-mail from the campaign about Barrack Obama being Muslim and having possible intentions on destroying the United States. This e-mail is being labeled a “hoax” that was only forwarded on by the volunteer staff but I have a feeling it was done with the intention of undermining Obama and it just blew up in their face…again. This e-mail about Obama being Muslim IS ridiculous since he isn’t and there are many other reasons not to vote for him anyway. These campaign’s are only going to get nastier especially on the DEM side where they are all as liberal as the next guy and have not original ideas to give to the American people. Story here:

Friday, December 7, 2007

All Crimes are Hate Crimes/Opinions are Opinions

Do people hurt those they like? Someone really needs to explain to me why we continually pass hate crime legislation when it is obvious to all that if I hurt you, I hate you. This is the perfect example of liberal “feel good” short-sighted gobbly gook bills that this “new” Democrat controlled congress keeps trying to pass to appease their looney liberal base. In America no one should be harassed for their particular color, creed, religion or sexual orientation… that is a crime, plain and simple, it is called ASSAULT. Assault, is a crime with punishments that are in accordance committing that crime, so we don’t need to add anything to it depending on the victim’s particular color, creed, religion or sexual orientation since no American citizen should be assaulted in the first place….like my circular logic here? Read article here: and some interesting quotes:

“At the same time, some conservative Democrats and Republicans said they would oppose it — either because they say existing laws already protect anyone from being attacked or because they don't think the issue should be tied to a bill for the troops.”
“The Senate had voted in September to include the hate crimes measure in the bill. The House version of the defense authorization bill, approved in May by a 397-27 vote, did not include Mr. Kennedy's proposal. The House passed a similar hate crimes measure as a stand-alone bill this year”
Live and let Live is what I was taught. Agreeing and accepting is way beyond tolerance and if my religious conviction leads me to a place that say homosexuality is wrong that is not a hate crime that is my opinion and free speech. A crime is punishable by laws of our nation, an opinion is protected by those founding laws as well and the two should never mix. If we only have free speech for those things we agree with the freedom and democracy we hold so dear as Americans goes away and we become slaves to an ideology and a fascist belief system that id not the ideal of the United States.

Ah Ha, The real reason for the Sub-Prime Rate Freeze

The stock market rallied yesterday upon hearing news of President Bush’s Proposal to help those about to be foreclosed on due getting a Sub-prime ARP crappy loan for a house that they couldn’t afford. I do not think it is the Governments role to bail people out of bad decisions (when you wine that you lost 50 bucks at the roulette table , the casino doesn’t give it back) but with the total of loans to be foreclosed on is approaching 1.2 million, we have to look at the damaging consequences this will have on the Nation’s economy. Many are saying this freeze will give these borrowers a chance to refinance…with WHAT! If they were in a sub-prime market before, trust me they’re in a subprime market now. Do we give them fixed interest rates that their credit rating doesn’t deserve or do we roll them into another APR that we’ll have to bail them out of in another three years. Once again everyone is offering simple solutions to difficult/complex problems and it is up to us Contemporary Conservative to come up with REAL solutions to the long term issue that these loans defaults represent. Interesting Quotes from the article:

"This reeks of moral hazard," said Mark Kiesel, a portfolio manager at Pacific
Investment Management Co., the world's largest bond fund. "A government bailout
which alters contractual interest payments to bondholders will fuel moral hazard
problems and raise mortgage rates for future borrowers and home buyers."
administration plan comes as the Mortgage Bankers Association announced that
delinquencies on adjustable-rate loans taken out by subprime borrowers jumped to
18.81 percent in the third quarter from 16.95 percent in the second quarter.
Nearly half of foreclosures on prime loans and about a third of foreclosures on
subprime loans are concentrated in California and Florida, the group said, but
foreclosures are on the rise everywhere.”

Read Story here:

Is everything Partisan Now! With Iran is shouldn’t be!

With the NIE report on Iran being released, there are those that are accusing the authors of that report of bias and anti-bush partisanship. Read article here: this country is being ripped apart by partisan slants and the manipulation of data on everything from scientific studies to effective legislation to fit the cause at hand. There are facts that we need to know here: is Iran nuclear capable, is their nuclear program operational or really shut down, what non-military actions can we take first and finally what are our military options if it they become necessary to enact. Bush did not cause the crisis we have with Iran (if anything Carter did during his Presidency) but as with everything great or small in the US, he is being blamed for all anti-American sentiment that will always exist due to our status as a beacon of freedom and the sole superpower. Some interesting quotes from the article regarding the authors of the NIE report
"Mr. Bolton wrote in his recent memoir that Mr. Brill repeatedly undermined
efforts to get the IAEA to refer Iran to the U.N.
Security Council in 2003. Another official said that Mr. Brill was "known not
just for resisting his instruction cables but also for making political comments
criticizing officials at State and Bush policy to his staff. He was quite
“Mr. Brill, the U.S. ambassador to the International Atomic
Energy Agency from 2001 to 2004, was described by one official as "extremely
close" to the head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, who is viewed by many in the
U.S. government as an apologist for Iran”
“Mr. Fingar, meanwhile, was described as a "smooth operator" as the deputy in charge of intelligence and research. Mr. Fingar was just as averse as Mr. Van Diepen was in pursuing a tough line on proliferation, officials said, but he avoided intra-agency confrontation.”
To quote a famous detective, “Just the facts mam!”…Please, our national security is a terrible thing to waste.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Review of Romney's "faith" speech

Well done Mitt, this was a great speech on a difficult subject; best quote of speeach in my opinion,"There are some who may feel that religion is not a matter to be seriously considered in the context of the weighty threats that face us. If so, they are at odds with the nation's founders, for they, when our nation faced its greatest peril, sought the blessings of the Creator. And further, they discovered the essential connection between the survival of a free land and the protection of religious freedom. In John Adams’ words: 'We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion... Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people." read it here:

New Republican Conference chairman named

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) has won the Republican Conference chairman, over Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) Read Story here:

Bad Decision/Bad Consequences

The Department of Treasury has put forth a freeze on sub-prime loans made between 2005 through 2007 for people that have less than 3% equity, in their homes, will be unable to pay mortgage once rates increases along with other qualifying measures. I feel for these people since they shouldn't have been given a loan in the first place and have a lot of problems with the sub-prime market in general(trust me sub-prime auto loans are next) but when will we as a country stop looking to the government to bail us out of bad decisions. The real reason this is being done (the DEMS want to take it even further with a foreclosure moratorium) is the effect these foreclosures will have on the overall US economy. We are teaching our children that they are not responsible for their actions when these measure are put forth and the government needs to stop legislating what is “good” for the population as a whole…for every action the government takes to “help us” we citizens give them a little more of our freedom. Story here:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This is Why Eric Cantor has the Pulse of us All

As I have stated here before there are several essential things that one needs to fit into what this blog is all about, the Contemporary Conservative ( ). One of the current crop of Contemporary Conservatives now in Congress that exemplifies this ideal is Eric Cantor, Chief Deputy Republican Whip in the House of Representatives. The one key element that needs to happen to reshape the political landscape is that politicians need to begin to foster solutions to our country’s issues from the very people they serve regardless of the particular ideology of that constituent and not believe they have all the answers. We as a country need to stop being Republicans and Democrats and start being problem solvers and thinkers. To this end Eric Cantor’s Solutions Factory is proving to be a goldmine in idea generation in solving our society’s ills. Can we (or should we) implement all the ideas as stated on the website?...I don’t think so, but as with any brainstorming activity these ideas can be honed and merged and streamlined to come up with viable solutions that can be enacted to benefit us all in the long term. The conservative mind always thinks about the most viable solution that will benefit the masses in the long term as oppose to the liberal who looks for feel good short term solutions that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside but leaves little in terms of actual solutions. Eric Cantor’s Solution factory, as well as his blog and website in general, is leading the way to bringing the power back to the people to solve our own issues and not looking to the government to solve them for us. The preamble of the constitution states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America” We the people created the government, we should manage the government and we should finally give the ideas that fix the government (and Country.) Eric Cantor’s new Solution Factory goes a long way in fulfilling this ideal

Chesterfield Successes = Racism?

Michael Paul Williams had a piece in the Times Dispatch about schools where he makes the statement that since Chesterfield is replacing a 34 year old school and the newest Richmond school is 40 years old that there is a racist element at play. To quote “Racial segregation has been replaced by economic apartheid, as Richmond -- with its dwindling population and stagnant tax base -- cannot provide school buildings on par with its more affluent suburban neighbors.” Economic apartheid? Mr. Williams has to be joking or oversimplifying the issue for dramatic effect because in reading the definition of apartheid, “1. (in the Republic of South Africa) a rigid policy of segregation of the nonwhite population. 2. Any system or practice that separates people according to race, caste, etc. I fail to see how Chesterfield County school by building a new school to replace an old one is enacting a system to keep a certain section of the population down, there are children benefitting from these new Chesterfield Schools of all races and creeds. Chesterfield School system is responsible for Chesterfield children of all races, creeds and castes but is not responsible for Richmond’s youth since I think they have their own school board to handle that issue. What solutions are offered in this article: ZERO!! As Theodore Roosevelt said, “It is not the critic who counts . . . who points out how the strong man stumbled. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again . . . who, at the best, knows in the end the triumphs of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails . . . his place will never be with those timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” Chesterfield has a great school system and a great school board that is trying to keep up with growth, built great facilities and educates all of Chesterfield’s children, maybe Mr. Williams should organize a forum with Richmond Henrico, Hanover and Chesterfield educator’s to find solutions instead of pointing fingers issues that are not present to stir the pot. In reading the comments that accompanied the story it also strikes me that the first solution is that the government step in and give money. Which government? Local, State, Federal? There is no arguing that children need good facilities to learn in but how about getting private enterprise involved and creating some innovative solutions instead of always looking for the government to bail out a crisis. Article can be read here: