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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Liberal Logic 101


Anonymous said...

neither one of them are sluts. Though, if you examine their family values, how do you describe the Palins' chastity record. Sarah gives birth to her first child less than 9 mos. after marriage, Bristol has a child out of wedlock, Track's child is born less than 9 mos. after his marriage. a pattern?

Anonymous said...

What???? I'm a conservative and this is beyond offensive. I've been taking birth control for four years now. It's expensive, and I go broke as well trying to pay for it. You pay one time per month, not per time you have sex! Who the heck taught you people about basic sex ed? Do you realize how many women are taking birth control? And they're synthetic hormones. Many times women take them as virgins to help with acne or PMS. Are they sluts too just because it's called "birth control?" dear goodness get an education!!!!