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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Contemporary Conservative is Six years old today - a few thoughts

On the sixth year anniversary of this incarnation of the TCC, I thought I republish a rant from the fourth year anniversary and state that TCC is back in full swing so look for more controversary from stating the truth about the current state of Politics in Virginia, this country and the world with no topic off limits..... although this was two years ago it seems to still apply

"I have some random thoughts on the state of politics in American, political blogging and putting your thoughts out on the web for all to read (and the consequences.) Think of it as a stream of consciousness rambling from a non-stream of consciousness guy.

The political landscape and the dissemination of information and tools that candidates must shuffle in the U.S. now-a-days is getting faster and faster and thus there is less room for errors (both past and present.) The need to “cover all bases” for even a local candidate is a two sided coin – on one side getting your message to the people faster and unfiltered (e.g. social media vs. standard newspaper, internet shows, cable, YouTube vs. network news) can only help you but on the other side the cost of campaigns has grown (even on the local level) exponentially so it is becoming that most middle to lower middle class potential candidates are finding it hard to raise the money to run for office.

People are still looking for the ‘perfect’ candidate although we all know that as humans, by nature, we are flawed beings. So, by default, every candidate we pick will let us down in the end because the expectation has become that they can never do anything that contradicts what we think they should do (even though we probably have never even talked to them on a personal level) and the grace period we allow them before making this decision has grown exponentially shorter as a result. We ask to much of politicians because we have become to dependent on government and what they can do for us….if we look to ourselves, a higher power, and our neighbors to assist us in our trials in tribulations then our dependence on the government and thus the politician lessens and we do not look for a savior, but look for a competent administrator to carry out the tasks delegated then from the masses

Political discourse has come down to a level of he said/she said with the politicians seemly not really knowing the ‘whys” of what they believe or at the very least not being able to articulate them very well. The “R” versus “D” argument is growing tired the lined gets blurred with promises and rhetoric that does not back the actions of those running for office or that the debate is more about the parties than about the candidates which in the end is who the voters should be voting for in the first place. The key to many of our best political figures, orators, teachers and preachers is that they can take complex issues, beliefs and creeds boil them down to the kernel of truth that matters and then explain them in a way that makes sense to us all…only when people feel comfortable with an idea, wrestle with it ad discern if it rings true to them can they take it to there hearts and believe in it, this is level at which we should engage the American people with conservatism and personal responsibility.

Blogging can be hazardous to you health – I blog under my own name (why wouldn’t I) because I practice what I preach and so I should be responsible for what I think or what I say but with that being said, there have been a few occasions when 1. I have felt very uncomfortable with people that oppose the TCC and the opinions of all the writers 2. I have felt very very uncomfortable with people that oppose the TCC and the opinions of all the writers and 3. there are some whackos in the immediate area that need to get a life and stop harassing bloggers they disagree with……and you all know who you are!!

The future is changing; it’s about time that this blogger start putting more actions behind his words (and criticisms) to help his community. One of the issues that I have with talk radio and most of the well known personalities is that it is very easy to criticize actions (i.e. Monday quarterbacking) that people take when there is nothing at stake but ratings and ad revenue. Putting your money where your mouth is, is the best way to live your convictions and battle through the consequences of those beliefs. It is one thing to write about what you believe, it is another thing to live if in service to others and I think that is the next step for The Contemporary Conservative. So see you all on the flip side and I’ll keep writing, if you all keep reading."

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