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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GOP Youngguns, the GOPs future and 'W'

Stating that we conservatives loved everything "W" did is plan wrong and if towing the party line means saying we did than we have a problem....changing the GOP for the better means taking a look at the past...what worked and what didn't and not just relying on the opposition to fail and then instituting the Status Quo... of retread candidates and retread Ideas. We need to move America forward with real substantive conservative principles starting with the economy, spending and job creation.....From ther Telegraph:

The Young Guns book recognises "high profile ethics lapses" and "an
inability to rein in spending or even slow the growth of government" led to a
breakdown in trust in the party. ..."The fact is, we had our chance, and we blew
it," wrote co-author Eric Cantor, the party's chief whip....The Young Guns
programme run by Mr Cantor and his colleagues and co-authors Kevin McCarthy and
Paul Ryan is designed to find new, reliable conservative candidates

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Anonymous said...

I would love for the Young Guns to find new, young , conservative voices and maybe they should start with the 7th and find one to replace Eric Cantor afterall.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Since Cantor is a "Young Gun" I doubt that will happen.....although I don't agree with replacing Cantor, I do think the GOP from dog catcher to President needs to find new and fresh voices conservative voices and finally put to bed so many retreads and RINOs that litter the Republican landscape now a days....a new blood infusion is needed to keep the GOP red...

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