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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obama disappoints even lowered expectations

From Thw Washington Examiner: The second phase of the great American disillusionment with Barack Obama is complete....The president fell to Earth a year ago after his stratospheric rise because Americans came to see that he was like other politicians....But there was some solace to be taken for disenchanted voters from the fact that the largely unknown man thrust into the Oval Office by his graceful ways and an amazing concatenation of events was more or less like the other ambitious people with elastic relationships with the truth who seek high office...The fall came when Obama proved to be rankly partisan and surprisingly graceless when dealing with his opponents....As he famously told Republicans who asked why people who don't pay income taxes were to get income tax refunds under his stimulus plan: "I won."...And so it went for the start of his term. Obama and his band of egghead pirates swashbuckled through Washington like a think tank empowered with letters of marque. Companies were seized, the government printed money so fast that it seemed we might run out of green ink and the government operated in a perpetual crisis mode.

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