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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Wildcard Newcomer to Shake Things Up – Jason King Throws His Hat into the Ring for the Vacant 27th District GA seat

It looks like a crowded field on the GOP side of things (to fill the 27th legislative district seat, in the Virginia House of Delegates, recently vacated by Sam Nixon, as he became the new head of VITA) in the upcoming special election just became even more crowded by one candidate today with addition of Jason King. Although, the TCC will not be endorsing any candidates (taking my time since I actually live in the 66th legislative district for the Virginia House of Delegates) officially until all candidates come to light and are vetted, we will give a synopsis of all their qualifications and thoughts on each as they emerge...and maybe some advice on how they can win……and then endorse.

Jason King has just come on the scene and thrown in his hat to be the next delegate in the 27th district. Jason has been serving with the State Department CIVPOL mission, serving and providing High Risk Environment casualty care for American Law Enforcement Officers spending a total of 4 years in Iraq, working mostly in Baghdad, but also Mosule, Sulaymaniyah, and Tallil, returning home in December of 2009. Jason looks to be running an issue driven campaign (mostly with national issues and not state specific legislative issues although we all know these tend to overlap) and his beliefs, as stated in his Facebook page, seem to be straight down the TCC playbook so to speak: A 2nd Amendment advocate, Pro-life, Fiscal responsibility, tort reform and Freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion.

As I did with Sherman Litton, Roxann Robinson and Brian Sullivan here are three things RJaosn has going for him and then one (or two) things he will need to overcome to win this election.
1. Jason’s participation in the Tea party and “patriot” groups in Chesterfield and Richmond will go along way in showing that he is running for office for the right reasons and to represent the people of his district not to pad his ego. This street "cred" should get people excited about this new candidate.
2. As with Roxann, Jason also has the unique ability to triangulate above the other candidates and stay out of the political fray, so to speak, as a fresh faced “newbie” outside of the “business-as-usual” politics that so many distrust now days. Again, I would suggest that Jason, Roxann and Brian lobby for a debate with all candidates so they will be able to distinguish themselves from the front runner, Sherman Litton. By distinguishing themselves as individuals and not a group of “other” candidates, these three can show their unique qualities and why they should win the Canvass on May 10th.
3. Jason is on the right side of the issues (no pun intended…well maybe a little pun) for the country but will need to move the general “big” conservative stances to apply more to local and state problems and legislation to gain ground on the candidates that have been more involved in state politics. The 2nd Amendment, freedom of religion and Pro-life stances are very important but are more “global” issues. Jason needs to start talking about bringing more jobs to Virginia and Chesterfield, Transportation, balancing the state budget and the like to get the voters to elect him to the General Assembly...Once he’s there and runs for Congress or the U.S. Senate then the global issues will come into play more for that campaign than this one...all politics are local as the saying goes.
In Jason’s case the “outsider” view of the candidate is really a great advantage and could go a long way to helping him win the Canvass, which will be his greatest test, in this shortened time frame of a “special” election. Jason needs to work hard to get his name in front of voters prior to the Republican Canvass and special election and should look to established groups (CCRC, Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce etc.) as well as the many Tea-Party and patriot groups to get voters to turn out and vote his way. As I’ve stated earlier Roxann’s, Brian’s and Jason’s biggest hurdle will be the Republican Canvass more than the election due the Sherman Litton’s long standing in the community, in a political context.

If Jason can use his platform to get existing voters excited to support a new new candidate as well as new voters to turn out and support him, his late start in this shortened special election timeframe will be negated and Jason has a shot at winning,.
I’ll echo all my posts regarding this special election...if Jason King is the caliber of candidates that the GOP will continue to field (with more to come) as Governor McDonnell begins to raid our County’s talent pool for his administration then the CDC and Independent candidates are going to have a tough time even fielding a candidate let along winning the special election because Jason is a genuine and quality candidate for the 27th district.


Anonymous said...

I agree that he needs to get local. I don't really care about his thoughts on immigration reform in Arizona. I want to hear about what he is going to do for the 27th district in VA.

Heidi said...

Thank you for this article. Mr. King truly is the genuine, quality canidate for the 27th district. I had the oppourtunity to meet him recently and I was very impressed. He is a man who is willing to stand strong for what he believes. He will be a major proponent of the 10th amendment and will work hard to keep Virginia fiscally secure. He is also concerned with the state of Chesterfield's education system. Mr. King will work hard for us and for what he knows is right. I will be proud to have him as my next delegate.

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