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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Exemption Class: Why Woody Allen Would Say Something so Stupid

To quote Woody Allen, "It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Why would this normally sane actor (insert tongue in cheek) say such an idiotic thing about a country that is the last great bastion of democracy?Simple, he is under the impression that he obviously would be exempted from any oppressive rules, laws or loss of freedoms usually associated with the various dictators that litter human history…..he feels he is part of the “exemption class” (also see past posts about the new “ruling class” since they are quite similar.)
The problem with the “exemption class” is that due to their wealth, power or celebrity, they feel that no one would have the audacity to apply the trappings of a dictatorship to them personally. Since the “exemption class” have such a distain for the general populous they tend to feel they know what is best for the commoners (to borrow euphemism)and tend to view the general population as a “them” that have been put on the planet to worship the “exemption class” as some demigods hanging on every word, on any topic whether it actually makes sense or not. They come up with all sorts of ignorant rantings (please see about quote) like we should be happy to pay more taxes, Che Guevara was a “nice” Marxist or socialism is a great way to run a country because everyone is the same and happy. All these theories and believes stem from the fact that those spewing them are not afraid that they will have to live by them.
A person that makes 5 million to appear in a movie has no concept of the money they have received after a certain point when they have bought all the toys of wealth over and over again; it just becomes a number with a lot of zeros. They have no connection to the meaning OF money itself since they have to do nothing to get the things it buys (assistants do that for them) or have the risk of the basic needs not being met… you see this in the films all the time where a mechanic lives in a stylish loft on the Upper East Side of Manhattan….they have no idea what real Americans make, what they can afford and why this country is the best hope for us all to turn our life around and live the American dream no matter our current situation and that no other form of government offers that. That bucks the here are few stories of a person living in a dictatorship or Communist country bucking the odds and rising out of poverty to build a company, become a Senator (or President) , Doctor or Missionary….in these countries a select few dictate who becomes these things.

Similarly to Scrooge in a Christmas Carol, the “Exemption Class”, think believe that the government should take care of those less fortunate and that they should have no personal investment in helping others so they would rather pay more taxes on an amount of money they have no concept of then to actually just stretch out a personal hand to help……which leads be to the most controversial statement a conservative could ever utter…….Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism work better than Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism……..for those that don’t have to live under the rules of Dictatorships, Socialism, Marxism and Communism. For the rest of us, Democracy, Free Enterprise and Capitalism is the best way to break the chains of the chaste system to forge a life and pursuit of happiness....more on this later since this can be applied to people from Woody Allen to the rich guy down the street since egos dictate we all THINK we'll be exempted when the "you-know-what" hits the fan...but enough from me, the read more of Woody Allen's great insight to the awesomeness that would be a Obama Dictatorship, Woo Hoo...

More of Woody’s musings here:

The notorious and formerly funny movie director Woody Allen is apparently frustrated with the cumbersome operations of American democracy too….The one-time-father-now-husband-of-his-daughter tells the Spanish-language magazine La Vanguardia that the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief could accomplish a whole lot more from his White House if he didn't have so many disorderly, annoying people objecting, distracting and criticizing him all the time….Such social messiness has been known to occur in functioning democracies, even cinematic ones, although less often on celebrity-strewn movie sets under the direction of a dictatorial director…."It would be good...if (Obama) could be dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly," Allen is quoted as saying....Allen is also said to have said: I am pleased with Obama. I think he is brilliant. The Republican Party should get out of his way and stop trying to hurt him

Top political strategist Woody Allen thinks Obama would get much more done as dictator; No, really

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