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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Will it be a crowded GOP field to fill Nixon’s vacancy? A look at Sherman Litton – the first serious candidate to emerge…

It looks to be a crowded field on the GOP side of things to fill the 27th legislative district seat, in the Virginia House of Delegates, recently vacated by Sam Nixon (as he became the new head of VITA) in the upcoming special election. Although, the TCC will not be endorsing any candidates (taking my time since I actually live in the 66th legislative district for the Virginia House of Delegates) officially until all candidates come to light and are vetted, we will give a synopsis of all their qualifications and thoughts on each as they emerge...and maybe some advice on how they can win……and then endorse.

The first serious candidate to emerge is former planning commissioner and Chairman of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee, Sherman Litton. Sherman is a great candidate for the 27th legislative district as his standing in the county will bode well for his campaigning prospects in the shortened timeframe that is part of any special election. Although, I wasn’t invited to Sherman’s kickoff breakfast today I won’t hold that against him as he has many positives that would serve him well for our county if he were to represents the 27th.
1. In his tenure as CCRC Chair and Planning Commissioner, as well as, all the other positions big and small Mr. Litton has com in contact with many other General Assemblymen and women he will be working with and will likely make the transition a smooth one from newbie to contributing member.
2. Sherman is a stout conservative and in my limited interaction with Mr. Litton he is a man of business that can get the things accomplished that he sets out to accomplish. Sherman is currently a project manager/civil engineer with Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, a Chesterfield engineering firm, a detailed and results oriented position, that will serve this “non-lawyer” well in the General Assembly.
3. Sherman is a natural politician and an effective speaker in front of a group and his "get what you see" demeanor will come across well in this time when people’s skepticism of Politicians is at an all time high.

Does Sherman have a weakness?

Although in this case I see Sherman’s experience as a positive in filling the shoes of such a senior member of the House, some may view him as an “establishment” candidate and this would seem to be his only weakness going into the special election at this point. Sherman should take special head to reach out to the local Tea-party, and patriot groups to ensure that they know his conservative credentials are solid and run deep.

If Sherman Litton is the caliber of candidate that the GOP will be fielding (with more to come) as Governor McDonnell begins to raid our County’s talent pool for his administration then the CDC and Independent candidates are going to have a tough time even fielding a candidate let along winning the special election because Sherman is a genuine and quality candidate for the 27th district.