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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Enter the Race to Fill Nixon’s Shoes – Two New Faces Enter the Race: A Look at Candidate Brian Sullivan

It looks to be a crowded field on the GOP side of things to fill the 27th legislative district seat, in the Virginia House of Delegates, recently vacated by Sam Nixon (as he became the new head of VITA) in the upcoming special election. Although, the TCC will not be endorsing any candidates (taking my time since I actually live in the 66th legislative district for the Virginia House of Delegates) officially until all candidates come to light and are vetted, we will give a synopsis of all their qualifications and thoughts on each as they emerge...and maybe some advice on how they can win……and then endorse.
Met Brian Sullivan and Roxanne Robinson last night and they look to be more examples of the extraordinary talent the 27th District has to offer the voters…so I flipped a coin and today I’ll review Brian Sullivan and then tomorrow Roxanne’s moves up to the plate.

Brian attended Virginia Commonwealth University graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Business and a focus in Economics. In 2008, Brian served as a full-time volunteer for the McCain for President Campaign., East Central Regional Political Coordinator and interim Virginia State Director for Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential bid, Project Director of the Republican Party of Virginia’s 2006 Victory campaign, Assistant Field Director and RPV Volunteer Coordinator for Jerry Kilgore For Governor and was an intern for Delegate Chris Saxman and served as his Legislative.
Brian’s main focus seems to be the economy and bringing jobs to Virginia, Chesterfield and the 27th district which is much needed for the people of the 27th district. As I did with Sherman Litton here are three things Brian has going for him and then one (or two) things he will need to overcome to win this election.
1. Brian has worked for many campaigns, politicians and in the General Assembly so he knows the ropes and how to get things done in the political arena. As with Sherman he already knows the players and is a man that seems to be poised enough to fill Sam Nixon’s big shoes and hit the ground running if elected.
2. Brian is a natural politician and public speaker with strong conservative credentials (besides the fact that he worked on the McCain campaign :) and the ability to get voters excited to participate in the voting process which is always difficult in a special election. With the short timeframe of the special election, Brian looks to be able to tap into some of the 27th District’s power brokers for a boost to his campaign.
3. Brian’s focused message of the economy, job creation and bringing business to Chesterfield is a good one and will register well with voters from the Tea partiers and Republican’s as well as any independents that switch over to Republican status due to the disaster on the national scene.
Brian Sullivan seems to be the antithesis to Sherman Litton’s campaign, both are extremely qualified in Virginian politics but Sherman has instant name recognition in the 27th District. Brian needs to use his campaigning ability to get existing voters excited to support a new candidate as well as new voters to turn out and support him. Brian will need to take advantage of this contrast to win the Republican canvass, to be the Republican nominee, and should lobby for a debate with all candidates to show where they all fall on the political spectrum. I have to be frank, I had not heard a lot about Brian before he announced and in this short voting period for a special election Brian’s major issue to overcome is name recognition and contrasting Sherman Litton’s long standing in the community.
I’ll echo my last post…if Brian Sullivan is the caliber of candidates that the GOP will be fielding (with more to come) as Governor McDonnell begins to raid our County’s talent pool for his administration then the CDC and Independent candidates are going to have a tough time even fielding a candidate let along winning the special election because Brian is a genuine and quality candidate for the 27th district.