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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Candidate to Fill Nixon's Shoes Emerges - Dr. Roxann Robinson

It looks to be a crowded field on the GOP side of things to fill the 27th legislative district seat, in the Virginia House of Delegates, recently vacated by Sam Nixon (as he became the new head of VITA) in the upcoming special election. Although, the TCC will not be endorsing any candidates (taking my time since I actually live in the 66th legislative district for the Virginia House of Delegates) officially until all candidates come to light and are vetted, we will give a synopsis of all their qualifications and thoughts on each as they emerge...and maybe some advice on how they can win……and then endorse.

Met Brian Sullivan and Roxann Robinson Monday night and they look to be more examples of the extraordinary talent the 27th District has to offer the voters…so I flipped a coin and yesterday I reviewed Brian Sullivan so today it will be Roxann Robinson’s turn.
Roxann runs a successful optometry practice in Virginia, has served as President of the Virginia Optometric Association and is the Immediate-past President of the Virginia Academy of Optometry. In 1999, she was appointed by Governor Gilmore to the Virginia Board of Optometry and was recognized as the Virginia Optometrist of the Year. Roxann has testified in front of the General Assembly regarding Optometric issues and has the support of several of our representatives in her bid to run for Delegate. Roxann is a community leader (although not necessarily in the local political arena) and her core conservative values seem to be the main focus of her campaign. As I did with Sherman Litton and Brian Sullivan here are three things Roxann has going for her and then one (or two) things she will need to overcome to win this election.
1. In this time when more and more voters distrust the government, a fresh face to any political race needs to be looked at seriously by all; Roxann’s successful practice also helps since she has practical business experience in meeting deadlines, managing expectation and people as well as budgeting and those things that one must do to become a successful business person. 2. Roxann also has the unique ability to triangulate above the other two candidates and stay out of the political fray, so to speak, and poise herself as a fresh faced “newbie” outside of the “business-as-usual” politics that so many distrust. I would also advise Roxann (as I did Brian) to lobby for a debate to show where they all fall on the political spectrum and define their candidacies. 3. Roxann looks to have some heavyweight backing, namely in Senator Steve Martin, as well as several other local political heavyweights (Judy Worthington to name just one) and she should use Martin and others quickly and effectively to jumpstart her name recognition and fund raising in the 27th District to combat Sherman Litton’s inherent advantage in name recognition during this short special election timeframe.
In Roxann’s case the “outsider” view of the candidate is really a great advantage and could go a long way to helping her but the timeframe of a “special” election will work against her if she is not able to get her name in front of voters prior to the Republican Canvass and special election. Roxann’s biggest hurdle (as well as Brian Sullivan’s) will be the Republican Canvass more than the election due the Sherman Litton’s long standing in the community in a political context.

As with Brian, Roxann will needs to use her platform to get existing voters excited to support a new candidate as well as new voters to turn out and support her.
I’ll echo my last two posts…if Dr. Roxann Robinson is the caliber of candidates that the GOP will continue to field (with more to come) as Governor McDonnell begins to raid our County’s talent pool for his administration then the CDC and Independent candidates are going to have a tough time even fielding a candidate let along winning the special election because Roxann is a genuine and quality candidate for the 27th district.


Anonymous said...

If you had me at "hello" with the Dr. you made me say "good-bye" with the endorsement of Steve Martin. Its probably not fair to her until she debates, but Martin represents the ultra right wing of the Virginia GOP and sees every issue through the prism of religious conviction. While that may be all well in good in ones persoanl life when we are talking mainstream politics the masses are moving away from it and the younger vote as written about recently around town is becoming less and less "faith" tied. Fact is moderate Republicans/independents reject Martin and will look elsewhere and thats a challenge for Robinson; Obama won the 27th in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Amazing comment... why bother with actually finding out anything about Dr. Robinson? If you ever meet one of her patients (yes, I'm a patient), you'll quite likely find that she's one of the most caring individuals you'll ever meet not to mention a provider of exceptional eye healthcare. She's been a small business person for more than 20 years and very well understands the challenges faced by employers and employees today. And she actually employs people! Yep, those are real jobs, not statistics. And she relates well to people of all ages, too. Just a thought - take the time to take a good look at what Roxann brings to the table and I expect you'll develop a far more positive perspective (unless, of course, you just happen to be supporting one of the other folks interested in the seat).

Anonymous said...

From what I can see here, as did the commenter above, the main thing I see is, for lack of a better term, a puppet. Ms. Robinson has been hand picked by Senator Martin to do his bidding in the House of Delegates. I wouldn't expect less than for Martin to throw his political swagger and resources behind this candidate in the next week which, I feel, does the entire process an injustice.

And since when does running a small business translate into good political and legal interpretation skills? I understand she runs a successful practice but having spoken to the lady, I think she knows little of what she's getting herself into with her recent bedfellows. She's a self-proclaimed "newbie" and that doesn't bode well for us citizens of the 27th that have had a strong and able leader like Nixon for over a decade.

I just hope and pray that GOP voters in the 27th see through this political guise and choose a fresher, more experienced, and less manipulated candidate next Monday.

Anonymous said...

I hate to repeat the comments of the previous posts but they are right. Sam Nixon was a strong leader who upheld common sense conservative values. We need someone who will continue to work for the 27th district, not someone who has no government experience and was hand picked by extreme conservatives like Senator Martin who is radically off track. I have yet to hear from Roxann or receive any communication about the type of candidate she claims to be, while I have heard from both of her opponents. She won't be getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she is a wonderful caring
individual, but that does not make her delegate material. She has no experience. That's why Steve Martin wanted her. I think he views this as his opportunity to control the seat Sam Nixon wouldn't give him.
Also, since when did Art Warren climb into the political bed with Martin? Please, they make me so sick.
I think Martin and Warren need to go.
If we want strength and experience in the 27th, vote for Sherman Litton!!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! I knew "Anonymous" would eventually fess up as a supporter for one of the other candidates. Is Mr. Nixon supporting Mr. Litton? Nope.

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