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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tolerance, Acceptance and the 1st Amendment

Whether it is book burning or trying to silence outspoken Tea Party patriots, the hypocrisy in the First Amendment debate continues to escalate with each side defending their view of the freedom to express themselves while condemning those things that they view as egregious or offensive as not worthy of such protection. In our continuing PC country we need to ensure that we all have the right to express ourselves, as defined in the Constitution, or we will become a country more divided than ever and unwillingly or unable to reach a common direction that is not defined and redefined by who or whom is currently in Washington. We all should determine how our country acts as a collective to avoid that direction changing on a whim of a few with no impact from the people. The language itself of this civil liberty “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”, almost guarantees that someone is going to be offended by what another American is going to say and thus should be protected by all who hold our freedoms dear. This is where the hypocrisy of the current state of the debate comes into play and why it is so dangerous where this might lead our country in the future. If we truly want the first amendment to mean any thing that we need to be willing to be offended at the subject matter but tolerate it’s expression in order to be able to express ourselves when the time comes and not be suppress by those that oppose us and our views….it’s a two sided coin of cause and effect.

The first thing we need to concede is the difference between tolerance and acceptance and that they are neither mutually exclusive nor synonymous. The sheer nature of this country means we need to tolerate a lot for the larger good: a car blaring offensive music, a preacher on the street corner yelling to the unsaved, a politician in office that we didn’t support at election time, a viewpoint we can neither understand nor believe in. These are all things that we need to tolerate, whether we think they are right or note, since we are members of a free society but we do not (or should not) necessarily accept these things and constantly be changes our inner convictions at every idea that comes down the pike thus we become a society of no conviction or faith. We also need to realize that the people we meet or more than likely tolerating us more that accepting us and that that is okay… the saying you can lead a horse to water but you cannot scream at him to make him drink. I continually find the irony in the argument of people who want to change the world to view things their way but are not open to hearing an idea that may actually help their cause because they’re to busy talking. There is nothing more annoying than a person that believe they have all the answers (both liberal and conservative) or what I call the Oracles….they are just a little more annoying than those people who have no conviction, no nothing of what is going on and are unwilling to make up their own minds - the “Mamby-pambies.” So, between the Oracles and the “Mamby-pambies” is where most of us sit having convictions and wanted the stimulation of debating and discussing those ideal with those who may oppose or agree with us and if we come to a common understanding great, if we only agree to disagree that is okay as well and let’s share a beer and be grateful that non of us got killed in the process. This scenario has been the catalyst of the great experiment that is the United States, fifty separate states united by one common goal, but is also over the last two decades the thing that has most suffered as we continue to hang with our crew that agrees with us and only reaching across the aisle to slap the hand of those that oppose us to detriment of all. Do I think President Obama wants to harm American and make it a worse country than before he took office? Definitely not. Do I think what he has implemented, his policies, his administration and his allies in Congress are good for America? Definitely not as well. I had Problem with “W” big government plans I’m definitely going to have more issue with the current president but then again you don’t have to accept my view but for the good of the country you do need to tolerate them and not demonize me for having an opposing view….why, because you believe in the First Amendment for your views so you believe in the first Amendment for mine as well…not to would be hypocritical and you’re no hypocrite are you?

If we only defend the First Amendment to protect our personal point of view and set out to destroy the opposing viewpoint then we can rest assure that when that opposing viewpoint is able to they will do everything to retaliate and then our right our infringed like a candle burning at both ends and we cease to become a society of free expression any longer.

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