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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Solidarity or New Path: What is Next in the Tea Party Movement

Reposted from 3/3/2010
No one likes to be a spoiler, we all want to be part of a winning team and this is why, at least in America, the third party has been thus far unsuccessful in overtaking the big two. I know my history and all about the Whigs, Federalists (anti-Federalists) etc. but today we have two major parties (one could argue two factions of one party... but I digress) that we are compelled to funnel our beliefs through and elect people to represent us in our Country’s government. The dilemma that the active Tea party movement will need to address, now that they have become a legitimate political force, is should they try to reform the party they most closely resemble or create a third party from scratch….whether it be called GOOH! (Get Out Of Our House), Tea-Party, Patriot Party or a hybrid of the numerous already established third parties (Constitution Party, Libertarian, Green.) The next two years will be critical for this movement to make the changes they see as vital to our country. As the movement moves from being against taxes and radical liberal policies and for various policies they will need to search out effective platforms and candidates to share their ideas with the voters.

The Tea Party movement, no matter what any one says, is a conservative movement (I support the Tea parties full heartedly) and the Conservative movement, at the present time, is best served by the GOP. Despite all it’s faults inherited from the last term of the Bush Administration and the McCain Campaign that left Conservatives, who wanting smaller Federal government and responsible debt management, with a bad taste in their mouth the GOP still has the best chance to foster positive (and conservative) change in American, we just need to work to make that happen. Change is best gained by an organized effort at the grassroots level, state level and national level and the GOP has been doing that longer than anyone of use have been alive so to abandon that in a time of turmoil seems like political suicide for those wanting to make real effective change. I am a big believer in trying to effect change from within an organization rather that leaving for the simple reason that in the time it takes for a new organization to get going the damage inflicted by what you left can become insurmountable. If you have a problem with the GOP, RNC or DNC, for that matter, get involved, work to change it from within so that reflects the values of the community….. as those currently involved in the local political scene and political process in Chesterfield, Richmond and Virginia right now. Our local political organizations are a collection of political activists that are driven by a common understanding of what is best for our city, county and state and we must work through are differences to promote real change that is for the best long term success we all can enjoy. Do Republicans promote Republican candidates even though we may not be happy with them a 100%, obviously, but that is because we see the Republican ideal as the best way to achieve a better America. The GOP IS part of the movement of change in this country and was a major reason for the McDonnell victory (the stats don’t lie) this past election and will be just as effective in 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond. To think you will find a “perfect” candidate, as in one that agrees with you 100% of the time is not as reality since we all have different experiences that shape our decisions….we can only hope to get a candidate that has believes in conservative values (the Republican Creed), integrity, insight and will work for the long term success of this country. We should all hold our elected officials accountable and let them know when we are both pleased and displeased with their actions to constantly second guess every decision of every elected official after the fact is overkill….since few of us have read every bill presented and at most go by the title, what the news states about it or a summary provided by a website or blog.

Whether it is the Tea Parties, Patriot or Republican we must all work together at the grassroots level to fight the dangerous policies that are currently being implemented and elect those candidates (as do people across the isle) that best reflect our beliefs. Only then can we be effective in implementing change and not split the vote allowing yet another group of radical liberals guide this country down a path we neither need nor want.

More detail and suggestions to come….

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