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Friday, March 19, 2010

President Reagan: Government is the Problem


Kyle said...

I think that Reagan was a good president for the times he faced but most conservatives have a poor memory of what he actually did. If Reagan thought government was THE problem why did government spending nearly double over his eight years in office?

Yes, he lead the final fight against communism, but his tax cuts and increased spending was the start of the borrow and spend mentality of the GOP that continued under GWB. How is it conservative that the Federal Debt increased 70% under Reagan?

Robert said...

Kyle. The Congress spends the money. Reagan had a Democrat controlled Congress to deal with. Political give and take dictated that he had to give in to some of their costly demands in order to get any of his initiatives accomplished. Military buildup was something expensive that Reagan pushed for, but it was sorely needed, and it resulted in our winning the cold war. That, the huge economic boom, and his patriotic, ethical, and moral leadership made him the greatest president since Washington.