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Sunday, February 28, 2010

State takes custody of 7-year-old over homeschooling

Read Here: State takes custody of 7-year-old over homeschooling:

"Social workers have been visiting a Swedish couple whose son was 'abducted' by government agents last year because he was being homeschooled, but that's not necessarily a good sign, and now two major rights organizations are exploring options to reunite the family....The Home School Legal Defense Association and members of the Alliance Defense Fund have been advising Christer and Annie Johansson on the 'state-napping' of their son, Dominic, 7, from an airliner as the family was preparing to move to India last year....'HSLDA and the Alliance Defense Fund are jointly advising the family and exploring all available avenues to help reunite Dominic with his family,' the HSLDA said in a published statement"

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