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Sunday, February 28, 2010

College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy

Read Here:College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy:

"In the lobby of the University of Texas at San Antonio's humanities building, a hand-drawn poster announces, 'Free porn: Just trade in your holy books (Bible, Koran, Vedas) for porn.'
A student group at the university called The Atheist Agenda is reviving its Bibles-for-porn program, called 'Smut for Smut,' for three days beginning March 1, according to a report from San Antonio's KENS-TV....'The idea is that religious texts are so appalling,' said Atheist Agenda group member Brian Talker in a 2006 interview with UTSA student publication The Independent. 'They are so full of genocide, misogyny and ludicrous ideas that far overshadow any banal common-sense platitudes like loving thy neighbor, that you are better off having porn, which isn't nearly as smutty.'"


Tim said...

love it!

Jody L. Wilcox said...

I believe the point may have been missed here

Anonymous said...

Sad, so many are being misled by a small manority that refuse to belive the truth in God's word. One day EVERY knee will bow - but it may be too late for some.