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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Burnt Out or Waiting to Make a Real Difference

Over the last 14 days my wife and I have had 11 events to attend in the evening (between church, political, civic and other) not including my Birthday celebration this past Saturday. For some of you that’s child play, for other that is 10 to many but when do we spread ourselves to thin in trying to help the world and people around us and in turn help no one? I believe that the best way to be a citizen of this great country is to give of your time and money to causes and people trying to further God’s golden rule (That’s “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” for you heathens. I respect a person I disagree with, who is active in trying to promote their ideas, far more than one I agree with who sits in front of the TV day and night yelling at the screen but never doing anything to help the cause. I think we are best served when we our servant leaders, giving of ourselves to show that our actions bring about lasting change not just our words but sometimes it is overwhelming to know where to begin or where to focus. Famine, War, the economy, illiteracy, hunger, disease, religious persecution, the environment, taxes, opposing political views getting the upper hand (local, state and national politics) are just a few of the things we can get involved with and the more we get involved the more angst we see and want to stop. We must prevent the becoming a person that is “against” things and become a person that is “for” the betterment of our country and world.

The one thing we all should agree on is that no matter what philosophy we aspire too, we all want to make the world a better place; it is the way we go about it that causes us so much anger against each other.

But I digress…. When does the point come in trying to invoke change that you become burnt out and on the verge of cashing it in and eating a bag of Doritos and a cold beer in front of “The Office” worry about what is going on around you? Can one person really make a difference? Do you need to focus on only one thing? Virginia has an election every year for instance and they’re ALL important. Is spending a quarter of your time on 10 things (I know the math doesn’t add up. 

For those of you involved in a multitude of differing causes, how do you prevent burn out and meet commitments for everyone? Just curious…

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