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Sunday, December 27, 2009

What was that you said Senator Reid? | Reuters

Read Here: What was that you said Senator Reid? Reuters: "For months, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid exhorted his fellow senators to vote yes on healthcare reform. But when the big moment came on Thursday, he momentarily voted no -- by mistake.
Reid, who has spent weeks in round-the-clock negotiations over the massive legislation, threw up his arms, bowed his head and quickly corrected his mistake, voting yes for the overhaul that is a top priority for President Barack Obama.
'I spent a very restless night last night trying to figure out how I could show some bipartisanship. And I think I was able to accomplish that for a few minutes today,' Reid quipped at a news conference after majority Democrats passed the bill over solid Republican opposition. The vote was 60-39, along strict party lines."

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