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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Politico: DEMS Nervous

From Politico:

Democratic Rep. John Murtha — just back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan — said Monday that he never got a clear definition
of what constitutes an “achievable victory” for the United States and fears that
American commanders are assuming more time for the war effort than voters at
home will allow.
“I am still very nervous about this whole thing,” Murtha
told POLITICO. “If you had 10 years, it might work; if you had five, you could
make a difference. But you don’t have that long.” ...A top Democrat on military
matters, the Pennsylvania lawmaker captures the skepticism facing the White
House as President Barack Obama prepares to commit up to 35,000 more
troops to the war effort. Obama has chosen a military forum, West Point, for his
nationally televised speech Tuesday night, but Congress is the real test and a
better reflection of the unease among everyday Americans.

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