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Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama resumes golf game, friend's child is ok | Reuters

Read Here: Obama resumes golf game, friend's child is ok | Reuters:

"President Barack Obama interrupted a golf game on Monday and sped back to his holiday house after the child of friends was hurt in a beach accident...The boy, identified by the White House as the son of Obama's friends Eric and Cheryl Whitaker, is now well, an official said...'Eric and Cheryl Whitaker's son was examined and released from the hospital. He is home playing with his friends and just fine,' said White House spokesman Bill Burton.
Eric Whitaker had been in the president's golfing party when word reached them that the boy had been injured. The presidential motorcade raced back to Obama's vacation house, followed shortly thereafter by an ambulance.
The ambulance later drove off with lights flashing and Obama returned to the golf course to play"

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