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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online

From NRO:

One of the great frustrations of the libertarian-minded Right is how Republicans got stuck being “the party of big business.”..The quotation marks around the term are at least somewhat necessary, because in many respects, it’s not true...The notion that big business is “right wing” has always been more sloppy agitprop than serious analysis. It’s true that historically, big business is against socialism and Communism — and understandably so. Socialism and Communism were once close to synonymous with expropriation of wealth and the nationalization of industry. What businessman or industrialist wouldn’t be against that? But many of those same industrialists saw nothing wrong with cutting deals with statist regimes. For example, the Swope Plan, put forward by Gerard Swope, president of General Electric, laid out the infrastructure for much of the early New Deal.

Read Here: Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online

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