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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Guiding Light or Golden Calf - Why we follow Instead of Lead the Debate Part 2 - Tell me what I need to know to be happy – what IS the truth?

This is part 2 in a 5 part series about why we would rather follow then lead in the debate for our country's future...(part 1 Part 1 The Intro to our Demise found here

Part 2 - Tell me what I need to know to be happy – what IS the truth?

On this day and age of instantaneous access to information most of us tend to get overwhelmed at times with the sheer volume of data we consume on a daily basis and how the slant of that information can alter are decision making process immediately. With Drudge, Google, Facebook, MySpace, talk radio and cable news barking out the daily news at us it seems everyone is an expert and has the “correct” opinion of what we should believe while never acknowledging the bias that the information being spewed is filtered through before we digest it. The left complains about Fox News and talk radio and the blogosphere at the same time the right is rallying against slanted views of CNBC, The Washington Post, ABC and the blogosphere. So how are we suppose to know what is correct (fact) and not just conjuncture of some slanted whacko? One thing is for sure if you’re relying on the blogosphere for your information you need to browse the same issue across multiple, and conflicting, sources to ensure accuracy (or at least a varied opinion base.) On second thought every topic we get information on, we need to start looking at multiple sources, even among once trusted sources, before forming an opinion of what is true and what is pure rubbish. For every example of Obama being the savior of American there an opposing example that he will cause it’s downfall or the Apocalypse (the same can be said for “W”, Jefferson, Clinton or Madison for that matter.) Why? Because the media has turned from reporting facts, to that of validating the motivation behind the actions so we in turn judge each action of political leaders as right or wrong, depending on our viewpoint, as oppose to a different view of how to accomplish the same goal, making the United States better that when we found it. If we only could get everyone to admit that they have bias when reporting a "fact" to others than it would be easy but the media (everyone I’ve meant actually) constantly professes nonbias and neutrality when the truth is we all have differing world view, prejudices and ideas that can do nothing but slant how we both view the world, as well as, report on and about it to the world at large..whether it's talking at the water cooler or an Anchor on Television.

Here are some examples of bias in the media from the Business &; Media Institute http:// and how to glean the truth from even these slanted reports:
This is an example of how to use a slanted poll to foster an agenda…
The poll was a joint effort of Time magazine and the Rockefeller Foundation, an organization Stengel characterized as “on a mission themselves to help the American worker and find out about the economy.”,,, There is an “appetite of the American electorate for the federal government to take action,” Stengel said. “There’s 85 or 88 percent of people support public works projects.”…The interview touched on several aspects of the poll, including the finding that 85 percent of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track economically. That statistic is covered in the current issue of Time…A few questions included in the poll that were not discussed on the show may have led Stengel to his “big government” conclusion:
  •  “Are state and local governments helping you a great deal in achieving economic security, helping somewhat, hurting somewhat, hurting a great deal, or not having much effect one way or another?”
  •  “How much are each of the following a part of achieving the American dream in your mind?” Respondents were asked to rate a group of statements, including the following:
  • “Being economically secure and not having to worry about being able to afford things.”
  • “Having the time to enjoy the good things in life without having to work too many hours.”
  • “Being able to feed myself and my family.”
  • “Reducing the effects of global warming.”
  • “Do you agree or disagree with this statement? ‘The social contract of the 20th century has been broken and needs to be rewritten to reflect the current realities of life today.
Obviously, the way the questions are worded in the poll if you answered in the negative it shows a socialistic view when other polls show that most in America don’t have that view, they’re just answering the question as asked.
Below is an example of omission from Newsbusters
  • Media's Pro-Choice Darling Called Humans 'Ecotumors'. To liberal media outlets, Warren Hern, one of the few late-term abortion providers in the country, has been worthy of praise as a doctor who boldly stands up for his beliefs in the face of intimidation — a lonely humanitarian braving violent death for the sake of his patients. That's the picture painted by TV and other media. What's missing from the portrait is Hern's belief that humans are "malignant ecotumors," his refusal to be called an abortionist, and his strident denunciations of the pro-life movement.
Below is inserting a theory or opinion as fact when it really isn’t
  • From Media Research Center - The Left's Climategate: A Scandal for Journalism, Too
  • MRC’s Free Market Project found that between January 1993 and October 1997 — a period leading up to the Kyoto conference that December — just 5% of global warming stories on the ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC evening newscasts mentioned the arguments of skeptical scientists, and 85% of stories did not even acknowledge the existence of scientific skeptics.

So what do we need to do? Always view the news and people claiming to be experts with skepticism and validate everything you here, from the water cooler, radio, cable and network television all the way down to the local news with multiple sources before we actually believe it is true…anything else is just perpetuating the problem. And yes, in writing this I’m sure you all can see my own bias so it looks like you all have some research to do the verify if there even IS bias in the media.

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