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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The GOP - A Church Divided?

From Politico: Establishment Republicans are recoiling at a draft proposal before the Republican National Committee that would bar party financial support for candidates who fail to meet eight of 10 issue tests. ...The resolution, the latest skirmish in the GOP’s ongoing internal ideological battle, would require candidates to meet a purity test on fiscal and social issues or risk being denied direct and coordinated spending from the national committee.
But numerous top party officials say that imposing such a conservative litmus test would only spur intra-party bickering at a time when Republicans are poised to make significant gains in next year’s mid-term elections.
“We’re becoming a church that would rather chase away heretics than welcome converts and that’s no way to become a majority party,” complained former Rep. Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican who served as National Republican Congressional Committee chairman. “This makes no sense for those of us who are interested in winning elections.”

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