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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE CONSPIRACY THEORY OF THE MONTH - Capricorn One or We never Landed on the Moon

Starting a new feature on The Contemporary Conservative called “The Conspiracy Theory of the Month.” Why? I recently had a little debate with a “truther” on the implausibility of the 911 attacks being a “Black Op” or "staged" event by our own government and how the bigger a conspiracy plot needs to be to take place the more unlikely it is to have occurred... (i.e. the plot depends on a 200 people acting in accordance at a given time, in a given way no questions asked) especially us Americans who never do what we’re told. Since I have more important things to worry about than stupid conspiracy theories that distract from real issues we all should be concerned with and conspiracies rarely, if ever, hold up once give the true test of logic, I thought I’d let my smart and sane readers decide if these theories are real or not...Why don’t I believe in conspiracies? I’ve been in boardrooms where the only thing being decided was what to get for lunch and no one could agree so I think world domination is definitely out of the picture...
Starting off slow and simple…here is December’s Conspiracy: We never landed on the moon OR what I like to call ” I like O.J. Simpson in that Capricorn One movie so much I think it was real.” Trust me we're going to get a lot more wacky than this next year!!

I just love this video because it's BANNED IN AMERICA!!! :)

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