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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will 2010 be the Perfect Storm?

From the American Thinker:

Seven different indicators suggest that 2010 will be a very tough year for the Obama Administration's plans to turn America into a Socialist People's Republic. If some of these indicators pointed one way and others pointed the other way, projections might be murkier. But all the winds seem to be blowing in the same direction and the result may be for Republicans the Perfect Storm. What are these seven different indicators?......1) Public opinion polls, led by the very accurate Rasmussen Poll, have shown in the summer a clear line in the "strong approve" and "strongly disapprove" of Obama. Although the figures waggle day to day, the trend is very clear: not only is Obama less and less popular, but the intensity of support for and against Obama, which will be critical in the low turnout mid-term elections, shows a huge negative gap for Obama....

Read Here:Will 2010 be the Perfect Storm?

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