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Saturday, November 28, 2009

White House Party Crashers Cause a Hangover -

Read Here: White House Party Crashers Cause a Hangover -

"President Barack Obama asked for a full review of how a Virginia couple vying for a spot in the cast of a reality-TV show was able to crash Tuesday's state dinner for the prime minister of India, a White House official said Friday.
Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan issued a rare apology, saying the service took full responsibility for the episode and was 'deeply concerned and embarrassed.'
White House aides added a new wrinkle Friday, saying the couple was photographed with Mr. Obama on the receiving line. They also had their pictures taken with Vice President Joe Biden"

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Peggy McGilligan said...

Anyone remember Monica Lewinsky? Monica was labeled a stalker by the Clinton administration, but that's not the half of it. She wasn't just any old stalker. Monica was billed as, a stalker, in, the White House! That's right, Monica was accused of stalking the president––in his very White House. Fortunately for Monica, she happened to have a blue dress that said otherwise. So, a couple of yuppies come uninvited to a state dinner, and suddenly it's a national security issue. Well maybe ... but there are also those in the Obama administration who will have us believe just about anything: