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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Undettered by loses on Tuesday, Pelosi pushes Healthcare bill forward

From Bloomberg:

House Democratic leaders, undeterred by delays in the Senate or this week’s Republican electoral triumphs, plan to call a vote Saturday on the most sweeping overhaul of U.S. health-care policy in four decades. ...The House will move on the $1.05 trillion legislation that would cover 36 million uninsured people and create a government plan to compete with private insurers even after the election of Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia. President Barack Obama will go to Capitol Hill tomorrow to meet with House Democrats, as they seek the 218 votes they need to pass the bill, a Democratic leadership aide said....Party leaders signaled they’re ready for a debate on the legislation and a vote on its final passage by filing a 42-page amendment that made last-minute changes to the bill. The Nov. 3 filing triggered a 72-hour waiting period that Democrats pledged to give Republicans before a vote....“We are on the verge of doing something great,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters yesterday after meeting with lawmakers in Washington. “From my perspective, we won” on Election Day, she said, pointing to Democratic wins in two House races to fill vacancies in California and New York.

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