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Monday, November 30, 2009

Stopping ObamaCare: Who Has The Courage?

From Big Hollywood:

Last Saturday night, in what was mostly a procedural vote, the Senate approved
moving forward with debate on the health-care reform bill. The vote was
60-39, the barest minimum necessary for debate to start in the Chamber. To
listen to Harry Reid and his cohorts after the vote, you would think the Senate
had just accomplished the greatest feat since the creation of man. What
they really did was nothing . . . . . yet. (I’m sorry, maybe they did do
something. It appears they bought the vote of Senator Mary Landrieu from
Louisiana with a staggering amount of pork.)
Sometime after Thanksgiving, true debate in the Senate will begin. The pros and cons of
Mr. Reid’s bill will finally be debated in front of the American public.
But, will it be a true debate at all? Or, will it just be a front in which
enough pork will be put into the bill to get the votes of Joe Lieberman, Mary
Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, and Ben Nelson; the four Democrats who must be swayed
into Harry Reid’s pack of wolves. The same pack of wolves whose intent is
ruining America under the guise of health care reform.
Each of these four has told Mr. Reid, in no uncertain terms, they are not going to close
debate now that it has opened, unless a few specific issues in the bill are
dealt with to their satisfaction. Three of these mavericks come from right
leaning states and are, frankly, worried about their jobs. One comes from
a far left state: Lieberman, the distinguished Senator from Connecticut,
who seems to be the only Democrat left in the Senate with any balls and
brains. The Republicans are ready to make their stand in the
Senate. It seems they have been successful already in killing “Cap and
Trade” there. Now, it is up to them and any one of these four rogue
Democrats to succeed in destroying this nightmare health care legislation in the
Senate. We only need one of them. Who from these four will be the
savior of the country? I am reminded of the famous book written by John
F. Kennedy entitled “Profiles in Courage.” That book, written in the
mid-1950’s, told the story of eight senators throughout history, who defied
their party and/or public opinion, to do what was right and in the best
interests of the country. Among those stories, is that of Senator Edmund
G. Ross from Kansas who defied his party and voted for the acquittal of Andrew
Johnson in his impeachment trial thereby preserving the integrity of the

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