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Monday, November 30, 2009

Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2010

"As the most prominent national GOP gathering until the 2012 Convention you can expect the top conservative leaders in the Country to be at the conference. All speakers are listed as invited."

Tim Pawlenty
Sonny Perdue
Governor Rick Perry
Governor Bob Riley
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor Sarah Palin
Governor, Haley Barbour
Newt Gingrich
Sean Hannity
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
Governor Bobby Jindal
Rush Limbaugh
Chuck Norris

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Anonymous said...

You people in the South, are us Yankees best friends, as it turns out.
Go ahead, vote the public option down!...How's that going to hurt us Yankees, where Big Insurance makes it's home....Thanks guys!....Because of you, my property values will continue to rise, and life up here is Grand! ...Keep up the stellar work!...Up here many have great Health coverage, because most work for big companies, but many of you have to carry your own insurance!...Lol!!...Good luck with all that!!!Thanks again, for insuring me, and my family, a very merry Christmas, indeed!...Good luck with the 166% rise in premiums in the next ten years!....Good for us Yankees though, Huh?!

Anonymous said...

Insurance companies and the tyranny they exert over anyone who owns a home or car or job or is concerned about the health and welfare of themselves or his or her family now or in the future are an unspeakable demonstration of how human beings can become evil incarnate.