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Friday, November 13, 2009

McDonalds advertises for staff to work at Guantanamo Bay

From the Telegraph: (McDonald's)The burger chain is looking to hire an assistant manager for its outlet at the military base on Cuba where the US holds foreign terrorist suspects.....The sole McDonald's branch on the communist island has featured in news reports about the controversial prison, with interrogators allegedly buying Big Macs and fries in an attempt to make captives more amenable....The restaurant is located within the perimeter of the naval base on the southern coast of Cuba and caters for the 6,000 people – sailors, guards and their families – who call it home. ...Despite the sensitive work carried out at the camp the advert does not demand that applicants have security clearance. In fact it does not mention Guantánamo Bay by name at all...."We are searching for an Assistant Manager for our McDonald's restaurant located on the United Stated Naval base in Cuba," reads the posting on one of the chain's job websites.

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