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Friday, November 20, 2009

Lonewolf Diaries: Church, State, Jesus and Obama.

From Big Hollywood - Steve Crowder :

It’s no secret that the term “Separation of Church and State” has been bastardized beyond recognition by today’s post-ACLU era. Of course the toolbags of Hollywood have always done their very best to warp its meaning into something more lop-sided than Gary Busy’s left eye-socket. If Thomas Jefferson had known that his private letter would have been the fulcrum to the arguments of liberal propagandists for centuries to come, I doubt that he would have written it....Poll after poll, the United States ranks as the most “God-fearing” nation on the planet. Good on us! Whether you believe in God or not, it’s tough to deny the reality of Christian principles being an intricate part of our country’s historical fabric....One has to ask themselves however, as arguably the last “Christian nation” around, why were our Founders so adamant about keeping the Feds grimy paws out of our churches?..Most of Europe upheld state religions, yet only 52 percent of its citizens maintain a belief in God...My home province of Quebec force-fed its people their state-enforced brand of Catholicism for years, yet it now enjoys the title of being the single most un-churched population of the industrialized world. Compare these statistics to the well-over 80% of Americans who believe in God and one can’t help but notice a pattern there.

Read Here: Lonewolf Diaries: Church, State, Jesus and Obama.

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