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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hypocrisy in Politics: The RNC provides Insurance to staff for Abortions? Not any longer...

Well I find this a little hypocritical...if the GOP is the pro-life (or more to the point anti-abortion) party we claim to be, we should demand that our party leaders and staff live by that platform, if not we should remove abortion from our GOP platform. We cannot create change and fight the inclusion of abortion in the Healthcare bill if we are unable to keep our own house in-line. From the AP:

A chagrined GOP Chairman Michael Steele has told Republican National Committee staff to immediately stop providing RNC employees with insurance for elective abortions — an option that Republicans strongly oppose as Democrats try to pass a health care overhaul bill...."Money from our loyal donors should not be used for this purpose," Steele said in a statement late Thursday after learning of the abortion coverage from a news report. "I don't know why this policy existed in the past, but it will not exist under my administration. Consider this issue settled."...Steele instructed staff to inform the insurance carrier that the RNC wanted to opt out of elective abortion coverage, RNC spokeswoman Gail Gitcho said. She said the policy has been in effect since 1991....A memo earlier from RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay to the organization's members said Steele was taking the matter very seriously and "has been engaged by phone on this issue."...The GOP platform traditionally includes strong anti-abortion language. All House Republicans, except one, voted for an amendment imposing restrictions of coverage for abortions in the health care bill that passed the House last Saturday. Inclusion of the abortion restrictions prompted an angry backlash from liberal House Democrats, and some are now threatening to vote against a final bill if the curbs stay in.

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bondwooley said...

Poor Michael Steele is scrambling and backtracking again.

Good thing he's got a good coach: