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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Healthcare bill faces first Senate test | Politics | Reuters

From Reuters:

Healthcare bill faces first Senate test "The U.S. Senate will cast its first crucial test vote on healthcare reform on Saturday, with Democrats close to reaching the 60 votes needed to overcome Republican opposition and open debate...Senators will vote at 8 p.m. EST on whether to start debate on Democratic leader Harry Reid's plan to overhaul the $2.5 trillion healthcare system -- the first procedural hurdle for the 2,074-page bill...Democrats need 60 votes to approve the motion in the 100-member Senate and have no margin for error -- they control exactly 60 votes and Republicans are united in opposition."

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1 comment:

Reaganite Republican said...

Look, most people don't want this bill- and they're starting to get pretty mad about the power-drunk Dems' continued rampage.

The Democrats face a bloodbath next year... some are saying they could lose over 100 seats.

And by 2012?

The GOP could take forty states running Gilbert Gottfried, lol

Hope-n-Change = Train Wreck