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Friday, November 20, 2009

GOP Sees 2010 Window, Gloat That Dems Who Opposed Health Care Will Take Dual Heat

From TPMDC: :

Much like Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Sen. Ben Nelson, looks like the 39 Democrats voting against the House health care bill Saturday are getting squeezed from both sides....We've been writing about all the left-leaning campaigns going after Democrats on health care, and plenty of efforts to hit Republicans as party of "no."..TPMDC has been chatting with Republicans who want to pick off vulnerable House Democrats in 2010 and they (not surprisingly) are pleased as punch by the internal warfare....The GOP believes the Stupak amendment on abortion really has potential to blow up the health care negotiations permanently, so they are holding their powder to see what happens. (And of course there's the robust v. opt out public option fight to return to.)...Even though they were glad for the support, Republicans have no plans to thank the Democrats who opposed the bill Saturday since that could help the members back home. Instead, they will exploit Democratic divisions.

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