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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abortion may Derail Healthcare Bill among Democrats

From Reuters:

Democrats in the House of Representatives scrambled on Wednesday to iron out lingering concerns over abortion in a healthcare reform bill that was headed to a close and potentially historic weekend debate....House Democratic leaders planned a Saturday vote on the sweeping overhaul, which would launch the biggest changes to the U.S. healthcare system since the creation of the Medicare health program for the elderly in 1965...."We are on the verge of doing something great," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, told reporters....Democratic leaders hoped to defuse a potential uprising by moderates within the party who want stronger language to ensure federal funds are not used to pay for abortions under the bill...."My goal is to ensure that federal taxpayer dollars are not going to abortions, but we aren't there yet," he told reporters. "I think it's still pretty much up in the air."...Ellsworth's amendment has been attacked by some anti-abortion Democrats and the National Right to Life Committee, which called it "a political fig leaf" and urged Democrats to vote down any rule that included it....The group prefers a proposal by Representative Bart Stupak, who leads about 40 moderate Democrats vowing to oppose the bill unless it is changed to their satisfaction on abortion....Stupak wants to bar any federally subsidized insurance plan from paying for abortions, including government-run public plans created to compete with private insurers..

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