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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steve Shannon can't name the Divisions in the Attorney General's Office

Posted by MAXIMUS

MANASSAS, VA -- In a lively debate focusing on criminal justice, economic and illegal immigration issues, it was the answer NOT given that defined the outcome of this debate. In the candidate-to-candidate question portion of the debate between Attorney General Candidates Steve Shannon and Senator Ken Cuccinelli, Cuccinelli asked Steve Shannon a simple two-part question addressing the basics of the Attorney General's office: "How many divisions are there in the Attorney General's office? Please name each one, and explain briefly what each one does." Having a full three minutes to respond, Shannon's non-answer demonstrated clearly that he does not know the structure or operation of the Attorney General's office.

After Shannon went on not answering for some time, Senator Cuccinelli got back up, interrupting, and said to the moderator "if this were a courtroom, I'd be objecting to the witness not answering the question." The moderator shrugged, and let Shannon ramble without ever answering the question (though he did complain about the question during his non-answer).

In post-debate comments, Senator Cuccinelli said "this race is a job interview with Virginia's voters. I know the job I'm applying for and I'm prepared to manage every aspect of it. Steve Shannon failed his job interview with flying colors."

In a debate where Cuccinelli hammered away at Shannon's open hostility to Virginia's right to work law, his massive big labor donations - emphasized by the orange t-shirt clad union members shouting for Shannon in the room, and his refusal to stand up to the Obama administration to protect Virginia against collective bargaining - such as that found in the notorious "card check" legislation now pending in the U.S. Senate. Senator Cuccinelli made it clear that if he gets elected, he will use the 10th Amendment to protect Virginia from federal attacks on Virginia's right to work laws.

For the first time in three debates, the subject of illegal immigration was raised and a lively discussion ensued when Ken Cuccinelli exposed Steve Shannon's consistent support of allowing illegal aliens in Virginia's public Universities.

While emphasizing that public safety is Governments first responsibility, Senator Cuccinelli further noted "As Attorney General, I will bring a wide breadth of experience to the office, including years in public safety and constitutional law. The Attorney General's office is a multi-dimensional law firm representing the Commonwealth of Virginia. The fact that Steve Shannon not only doesn't know the job, or its responsibilities, clearly demonstrates his lack of preparation for the office he seeks," concluded Cuccinelli.


john said...

Cut the crap, my elematary school son knows the AG oversees Virginias legal affairs, too bad cuccinelli wasted time looking for answers on how the mechanism works. Shannon made it clear protecting the citizens from, predator lenders (which coochh whole heartedly endorses)child predators,consumer rip offs, criminals. cuccinelli wants to illiminate laws to save the state money, while denying Virginia citizens due process.cuccinelli agrees all his running mates endorse Steve Shannon , Cuccinelli again defended Hamilton,but worries over how he will "judge" him, when all the AG does is make an opinion in the matter. Probably a federal (felony) offense don't you think? cuccinelli still believes its all right to steal tax payer dollars. Outside of the angry mob cooch brought with him(tea party) which by the way I feel they should have gone through metal detectors.Steve Shannon wrecked cuccinelli.good time.

ccMAXIMUS said...


Did you see the video? Everyone going on a job interview knows something about the corporation or business they seek to join. Most folks make it a point to learn about the organization BEFORE the interview. Everyone that is but Steve Shannon. He failed the biggest job interview in his life. If Steve Shannon doesn't know about the office, how can he run it?

john said...


Trouble with this theory of yours is Cuccinelli will need to be interviewed by Steve Shannon. I was there Cuccinelli was called crooked, with no defense, Cuccinelli defending Hamiltons alleged felonies,typical of the cooch. Maybe you should try to listen carefuly to what cooch said or didnt say