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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm a rebel, I'm a conservative?

The new rebellion movement in the U.S. seems to be the re-emergence, for lack of a better work, of the defiant conservative voice into our national debate. Since the inception of this country it has been drummed into American pop culture that the anti-establishment little man versus big man was something we should all aspire to as the the independent revolutionary we all think we are. With the election of Barrack Obama and the aging liberals controlling Congress this paradigm is beginning to change toward something unexpected, a conservative re-birth. With a recent Gallup poll showing self-identified conservatives hovering around 40%, it’s not so much that the belief that has changed (I always will assert that for more citizens in the U.S. are of a conservative mind than identify as such) but that the outward self-identifying has changed in reaction to the current state of Federal politics in our country. This change, as evident in the Tea party movement, is due to  the rebellion factor as much as it is to the often used reasons of frustration, conviction and anger. The vocal revolt of the current administration through increased viewership of conservative leaning T.V., readership of conservative leaning articles and the listenership in conservative leaning radio is as much a reclaiming of one’s convictions as it is a response to fight against the establishment in charge. This is the problem facing a group, that has always defined themselves as “anti” establishment but have now have become the establishment in charge….how does a perceived underdog get support when they are in charge. I believe this vocal “underdog” opposition to the Obama administration by the Tea party movement and conservatives in general is the main problem the this administration and Congress will face going forward since they have rarely, if ever, have had to deal with being the “establishment.”

This rebellious attitude is almost ingrained into the DNA of every Americans since we were founded on rebellion and look to those that go against the grain as heroes and icons. Tapping into the “maverick” lexicon (whether real or implied) has made more than one persons career (Rocky, Rambo, JLK, Reagan, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood to name a few.) We are seeing it now on the right as “conservatism” seems to be becoming a four letter word in the mainstream media and as the Obama administration takes on all that oppose them in ideology and policy. From Fox News to Rush Limbaugh to Glen Beck to the Tea parties; and locally with Doc Thompson, the Lee brothers and The Contemporary Conservative, all our audiences have grown exponentially due to the fact that we are now speaking out against the “establishment”…the funny thing is the “establishment” was once the “anti-establishment” and is failing in the leadership role they have so desperately rallied against for so many years. It is easy to criticize someone else when you have nothing to loose (Monday quarterback, backseat driver, movie critic.) We all do it to a degree but once the power shifts from the person being criticized to the critic, that critic better know what needs to be done, be effective in executive and not misjudge the support that they have less they be judge by their own past words.

But I digress, the point is that as long as there is a government that seems hell bent on dictating what the citizens should do, penalizing those that disagree and defining dissension as a matter of right and wrong then we, as American citizens, will revolt because that is who we are as Americans. Right now, there is a growing revolt against the uber liberal ideas of Congress and the Obama administration, last election it was a revolt against President Bush…the one thing that America can never loose is this rebellious spirit since that is what moves us forward as a country….more to come on this in the future.

-Jody L. Wilcox

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