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Monday, October 26, 2009

Eric Cantor shows us it's a matter of priorities and 1st Amendment rights

 Rep. Eric Cantor nails it in article:

Under fire for its management of a wave of problems, the Obama administration has reached into its bag of tricks and pulled out a new bogeyman: Fox News….Given the seriousness of the challenges our nation faces, the administration’s ploy to delegitimize Fox is nothing more than a distraction. On Sunday, the White House communications director charged that Fox is not a real “news network.” Why? Because the White House says so…..The administration repeatedly accuses Fox of lies and has urged the rest of the media not to treat it like a news organization. The White House is so angry that it has tried to “punish” the network by not doing any interviews on Fox at least until 2010…..This episode is about much more than just Fox News. Today, the administration’s target is Fox; tomorrow, it could be someone else. The administration apparently feels entitled to receive friendly (or what it subjectively deems “balanced”) news coverage at a time when it is making monumental decisions that will have sweeping consequences for years to come. Its heavy-handed treatment of Fox is unseemly in a democracy that depends on the free flow of information. Even commentators and journalists from other rival networks have expressed alarm.
Read Here: A Matter of Priorities - Eric Cantor - The Corner on National Review Online

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