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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alter of Freedom: The Real Issue Facing Republicans?

Alter of Freedom, a great blog taking on the tough issues facing us all discusses what is ailing the GOP. Quite a lively discussion about conviction, party affiliation and a new term, a "liberal" conservative, thrown in for good measure. As we are seeing in NY is there a time for conservatives to break away from GOP loyalty, take back the party or do we need to go for a big tent philosophy….oh, and did someone in the comments actually suggest that Reagan was a liberal? here to read:
Alter of Freedom: The Real Issue Facing Republicans?

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Tom White said...

As one who came under attack for supporting Dr. O'Bannon (R-Henrico) over Democrat Tom Shields in the 73rd House race, I honestly thought Alter and his side kick Williams were two Progressives. Shields was Bobby Scott's LA for almost 5 years and is as liberal as the day is long. I was totally shocked to find out that these people claim to be Republicans.

As I said, Alter of Freedom is named correctly. With views like their's, our Freedom is surely sacrificed.

There was nothing but repetitive comments after the first 10 or so, I got bored with it.