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Monday, September 21, 2009

Washington Post: 63% of Virginia Voters Run Away from a CREIGH "KAINE" DEEDS Administration

Posted by MAXIMUS

Among others, the two questions appearing below were asked of respondents in the recently released Washington Post poll of Virginia voters regarding the 2009 Virginia Gubernatorial Election:

[Do you want] “a governor who can get the state going in a new direction” or
[Do you want] “a governor who can keep the state moving in the same direction we're going.”

A strong majority, 63 percent, said “new direction” while only 35 percent said “same direction.”

What does Creigh Deeds want? What direction does he want the state moving in? Deeds wants to keep moving Virginia moving in the same direction as DNC Chairman, and part-time Governor, Timothy Kaine. Creigh Deeds said he wants to continue the policies of outgoing Governor Timothy Kaine. Net, net: Virginia voters are not bullish on a Creigh Kaine Deeds Administration. The Washington Post says so--it must be true.

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