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Friday, August 28, 2009

Virginia Beach Sheriff's Race: DEMOCRAT JOHN BELL HAS NO ISSUES

Posted by MAXIMUS

John Bell is the Democrat candidate for the Office of Sheriff for the City of Virignia Beach. He is a good man and a fine public servant. However, he has no issues. How so? As a candidate for the Office of Virginia Beach Sheriff, how is it that a self admitted 35 year veteran of the Virginia Beach Police Department has no issues to run on? Let me explain:

On the home page of John Bell's website, he states: " I would simply ask you to explore my website, inform yourself about the issues..." Link here:

Fair enough. However, when you click on the "Issues" link under Navigation box in the upper left hand corner of the webpage for John L. Bell for Sheriff, you get the above screen capture. Link here to see for yourself:
How can a self described legitimate candidate for Sheriff of the City of Virginia Beach invite you to inform yourself about the issues in the campaign by exploring his website when he simultaneously fails to list issues on his website? This clearly passes for competency in the Virginia Beach Democratic Party, but not for the citizens of Virginia Beach. No wonder why Ken Stolle wins this race in a walk.


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