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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Thrill is Gone
The problem with being a celebrity President is that the press treats you more like a celebrity than a President. The press is very fickle, as any movie star or rock star would tell you, and as the President’s poll numbers dip and his agenda get’s bogged down and the press gets frustrated look for more critical stories on the President. I think there has never been a President so reliant of polling numbers and public support as the Obama Administration is for success. The midterm elections will really be a good benchmark on the disenchantment of the President thus far or the dip in popularity as just a blip in his term. From the Washington Examiner: Before White House press secretary Robert Gibbs left town, he tried to clarify President Barack Obama’s comment that “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.” Gibbs explained to reporters that what the president meant was that they were a bunch of bed wetters who made too much out of the implosion of the White House health care strategy……Gibbs has grown more sardonic and patronizing as the summer wears on and Obama’s poll numbers wilt……The press secretary has lectured reporters on the nature of their jobs — apparently to defend the administration against “misinformation” rather than asking impertinent questions like “How will you pay for it?”….. Reporters who traveled with the Obama campaign tell horror stories about the organization — dishonesty, rudeness and abysmal access. But those reporters still served up the glowing coverage…..Obama was the hottest news story of their generation. Rather than covering the long-shot freshman senator who would be crushed in February, Obama campaign reporters experienced the reflected glory of being along for a historic journey. There was plenty of motivation to keep that journey going….Conversely, Obama making a hash out of health care provides plenty of good copy for the White House press corps. And because Obama fatigue has set in with the reading and viewing public, skeptical stories match the national mood.

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